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Frank Garza interviews people from San Francisco about their lives, careers, and what they love most about the city.

Frank Garza interviews people from San Francisco about their lives, careers, and what they love most about the city.
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San Francisco, CA


Frank Garza interviews people from San Francisco about their lives, careers, and what they love most about the city.




#25 - 1 Year Anniversary Show with Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter is back to help me celebrate a very special show. It's the 25th episode and 1 year anniversary of San Francisco People. Rob was my first guest back on episode 1. On today's show, Rob catches us up on the past year. Then, I answer some of the most common questions I get asked about San Francisco People. Why did I start the podcast? How many people are listening? What is the most listened to episode? And finally.....What is the future of San Francisco People? I make a special...


#24 - Daisy Barringer's Rocky Relationship With The 49ers

Daisy Barringer is a freelance writer who loves the 49ers. Well......most of the time she loves them. They can also make her quite mad. You can follow along with @Daisy every Sunday on Twitter as she shares most of her thoughts during the game. That's how I found her. And I'm glad I did. Reading through Daisy's Twitter rants became one of my favorite Sunday traditions last season. On today's show, she shares how she became such a big 49ers fan and her prediction for the upcoming season....


#23 - Broke-Ass Stuart is Running for Mayor

Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, is a travel writer, TV host, and poet. His work has been published in Lonely Planet, Conde Nast Traveler, 7x7, and he's hosted a travel show on IFC. Stuart's website,, has become one of the premiere arts and culture destinations for San Francisco and New York. On today's show, he talks about his early days as a travel writer, how he became Broke-Ass Stuart, and what inspired some of his most popular poems and stories. Stuart is...


#21 - Lark Miller on Personal Fitness and Life Coaching

Lark Miller is a personal fitness trainer and founder of Infinite Fitness in downtown SF. He grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and competed at a high level in cross country skiing, mountain biking, and cycling. Lark spent some time as a life coach but found his true calling as a personal fitness trainer. He jump-started his own business by going door-to-door in Noe Valley and inviting his neighbors to work out with him on the street. Once Lark started building clients, he found a...


#16 - Travis Sigley Just Wants to Cuddle

Travis Sigley is the founder of Cuddle Therapy. If you are in need of some cuddling and willing to pay a fee, this is the service for you. The idea for a professional cuddling service came to Travis when he was a stripper in the City. He noticed that most people were not in the club for sexual reasons, but because they were seeking intimacy, touch, and someone to chat with. So Travis started Cuddle Therapy to offer his clients physical touch in a safe, loving, and trusting environment. If...


#15 - Eric Waisman Wants You to Feel Less Socially Awkward

Eric Waisman is the founder of Jaunty, an organization that educates people on social intelligence and people skills. Eric's goal is to teach people to talk to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. He was born in San Francisco but grew up most of his life in Marin County. His parents are from Israel and he spent a lot of time there as a kid. His family in Israel was really open, loud, and comfortable with each other. As a result, Eric became very socially comfortable at a young age. In high...


#14 - Ronnie Goodman is Homeless but he's not Hopeless

Ronnie Goodman is a homeless artist who received a lot of attention recently for running the San Francisco Half Marathon. His story has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Today Show, and he was trailed by ESPN film crews during the run. Ronnie has been through many challenges in his life. He was raised in the projects, dropped out of high school at 17, and was illiterate into his 20's. At one point, Ronnie became a drug addict which eventually led to him spending 8 years in...


Episode 12: Jake Levitas Interview

Jake Levitas is trying to make San Francisco a better place for everyone. He's an urban planner and specializes in a concept called urban prototyping. A few years ago, Jake gave a TedX talk on the subject called "The Revolution will be Prototyped". Jake helps organize urban prototyping festivals where citizens come together and attempt to fix a problem or improve an area within the City. They take their ideas all the way to a built prototype that gets displayed for the public to see, test,...


Episode 10: Bonnie Grant Interview

From patent law to Austin to Tinder, Bonnie Grant and I talk about it all on episode 10! As a patent attorney, Bonnie has worked on a variety of interesting cases including new zipper designs and a Nike versus Adidas battle. She has also successfully defended clients against notorious patent trolls. Bonnie is originally from Austin, Texas and moved to San Francisco two years ago. She compares those two cities and discusses some of the challenges she faced when moving here. Surprisingly,...

Episode 9: Nathan Amy Interview

Nathan Amy brought a gym to the beach. In fact, he can bring a gym anywhere in San Francisco. With his new fitness company Kokoda, Nathan uses a mobile fitness truck to bring a gym to you. The truck is loaded up with tons of fitness equipment. Nathan can pull in to any location, unload his equipment, and set up a fully functional gym in a matter of minutes. Most of the time, his gym is set up at East Beach right next to Crissy Field. He leads classes there six days per week. I recently...

Episode 8: Megan Mokri Interview

Megan Mokri is reinventing the weeknight meal in the suburbs. In September 2014, Megan and her husband Lee launched 180Eats. 180Eats delivers simple, healthy meals "on demand" to homes in Marin County. In the short time since the company launched, they have delivered over 3,000 meals. One of those meals made it across the Golden Gate Bridge to my house. I dig into it "live" during the show as Megan explains the evolution of the meal from farm to my table. Megan didn't come up with the idea...

Episode 7: Blind Wine Tasting with Pete Passaris

In episode 7, Sommelier Pete Passaris put his skills to the test in a blind wine tasting. The rules were simple. I picked out 4 red wines and poured them for Pete. Pete knew nothing about these wines. They could be from anywhere in the world, any grape varietal, and cost anywhere from $2 to $200. Relying only on the sight, smell, and taste of the wine, Pete had to guess the bottle. He had to name the varietal, country & region, vintage, and price. How is this even possible? Pete says it’s...

Episode 6: Supervisor Mark Farrell Interview

In this episode, I went down to City Hall and interviewed Supervisor Mark Farrell who represents District 2 on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Farrell is a native San Franciscan and he absolutely loves this City! He talked about what it was like growing up here including his experience in the 1989 earthquake. I enjoyed hearing his story on why he decided to run for the Board of Supervisors in 2010. At the time, he was a relative unknown to SF political insiders but...

Episode 5: Kimberly Gomes Interview

Kimberly Gomes is a local freelance writer who has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and The Bold Italic. I came across one of her articles in The Bold Italic called “A Guide to SF’s Shittiest Streets”. Yep, it’s about poop. In fact, the article details which blocks in San Francisco have the most of it laying around. And you won’t believe the backlash this article generated in the comments section! This led me to read more of Kimberly’s articles and some of her creative...

Episode 4: 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake Story

Last month marked the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco. How much do you know about the events from October 17, 1989? Until digging into the story, I didn't realize just how close we were to losing the Marina district that day. On today's episode, I talk with three long time SF residents who were here during the earthquake. Peter McKenna, Gail Goldyne, and Frank Blackburn share their amazing story of what it was like in San Francisco when the ground started...

Episode 3: Helena Zaludova Interview

When it comes to the San Francisco real estate market, you should listen to what Helena Zaludova has to say. With over 10 years of experience, she has become one of the top real estate agents in The City. Last year, Helena closed 18 transactions with a total value of $34 million. This puts her in the top 2% of all agents in San Francisco. Helena walks us through the current state of the market and what's driving it. She also gives her insight on whether it's time for you to buy and what...

Episode 1: Rob Hunter Interview

Rob Hunter is a co-founder of Focused Apps whose popular Hit Tennis series has been downloaded by 35 million people. Rob and I talk about his journey from struggling app writer to successful entrepreneur and what he loves about San Francisco.