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Snooze & Booze Presents: The Killer Podcast Ep. 2

Good evening, unholy minions of the night! Welcome back to episode two of The Killer Podcast! Tommy walks us through the epic slasherness that is Halloween (the movies, not the holiday. Nothing wrong with the holiday, it's just not what we're talking about right now. Relax, damn). So listen in because there's plenty more to bleed about on the show! Steve couldn't join us because he's currently on location in Texas raising awareness for the Mute Kids for Podcasting Foundation. He says it's...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 136

Welcome back kids to another fantubular episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently on episode 136, we welcome back to the stage, Christian. Today we talk about Christians today and Christianity and Christmas. Not really. Wanna know something though? When I was a young'un, there was a kid named Christian in my class and I thought he was like some hardcore Jesus freak. Like,"Who are your parents? Cathy Catholic and Peter Protestant?" Anyway, this one day the teacher went around the class asking...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 135

Hey, What's that over there?! *Points 'over there', whistles awkwardly*


Snooze & Booze Presents: The Killer Podcast Ep. 1

Welcome back, kids! Tonight we are changing gears a bit. We are pleased to announce a brand new podcast with none other than Tommy at the helm. Feast your ears on The Killer Podcast! On the show he goes through all things horror and heinous! Step right up, folks! No movie too slashy. No soundtrack too thrashy (sorry, I got caught up trying to make shit rhyme). If you have a Shudder subscription or just like the rather pleasant thought of guts and gore, then this show will be right up your...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 133

Hi-dy ho, podcasterinos! Welcome back to another eargasmic episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 133


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 132

Welcome back folks to another drama-filled episode of A Current Affair - I mean, Snooze & Booze! Clocking in at numero 132'o


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 131

Yo yo yo, mic check one-two one-two, welcome back to another episizzy of Snooze and/or Booze! Clocking in at episode 131, we welcome back on the show our fellow podcaster from the RetroConvo Podcast Raul on the show! Tonight we discuss limber strippers, skinny dippers, and Jack Trippers. Fun fact: if you play this episode backwards, you can faintly hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup (*wink*). So tune in, swoon in, and poon in and let us snuggle and cuddle you with our silky...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 130

Yo yo yo! Welcome back folks to another scrumptious episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 130, we have a great one for you guys. We are on location in Eagle Rock, CA at the home of guests Joseph and Matt for this episode. We cover a wide range of topics from the movies to the military. Chompin' down on some very delectable pizza from a local spot and washing it down some Lagunitas. A meal fit for a king. Or 4, rather. If the hospitality doesn't impress you, the conversation and...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 129

Hey hey! Welcome back for another episode of Snooze & Booze! Clocking at episode 129, we welcome back funnyman Ray Larkin and for the first time, hopefully not the last, we have Prion Haiyle! Prion is on the show to promote his new album, so be sure to follow him on the gram @prionmusic to send him lots of lovely dm's and visit his web addy at for music, photos, and interviews. We're also featuring the hit single that all the movie stars are talking about titled, "Kill...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 128

Welcome back to another episode of Snooze & Booze! We're currently on episode 128 and on the show


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 127

Hey hey! Welcome back for another episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 127 we once again welcome back the lovely Lucia. Tonight we get through random rants, religion, and relationships. As time progresses it seems that even the most traditional ideals and prejudices become contemporized. What some would once consider marginalized concepts or groups of people, are now stepping out of the shadows and into the light not as spectacles, but as sanctioned. Gender is breaking out of the...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 126

Hey hey! Welcome back for another episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 126 we welcome back on the show Lizzy to promote the launch of her website VibezSpeak! Also joining us we have once again fan favorites Escobar and Cuadra (so you know it's gonna be good)! We go through a wide range of topics and each more hilarious than the last! These are serious topics, mind you, but these mofos can find a joke in anything. Don't believe me? Your head will be hurting from the stroke you...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 125

Hey hey! Welcome back for another episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 125 we welcome back Retro Convo icon Raul and Sean back on the show and it's a great one! We tackle some hilarious, yet personal tales of life, infidelity, and sexual debacles. You don't wanna miss this one! We seriously cannot write this stuff. Questions and/or comments or if you want to share some less-than-glorious moments in the sack or of the sac, please feel free to slide into our dm's. And no, we won't...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 124

Welcome back motherhumpers to another round of Snooze & Booze! We're currently at episode 124 and we got a great one on deck. On the show we welcome back once again the great... and all-powerful... Gen- I mean, Wolf Rage! *Crowd roars* (The crowd consists of Lions). Be sure to follow them on Instagram @wolfrageca to stay in touch with new music and upcoming tour dates! Also don't be afraid to slide some nudes into their dm's. Wait, did I say nudes? I meant foods. Send some sexy ass foods ;)...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 123

Howdily doodily, neighborinos! Welcome back to another episode of Snooze & Booze. Clocking in at number 123, we got have once again Roberto "The DOC" dropping some F-Bombs in your ear canals.


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 122

Hey hey! Welcome back for another episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 122, we have an epic guest on deck! (triumphant-ass music plays in the background) You've seen him kick ass as a middleweight in the UFC, You've seen him in Dragon Eyes, you've seen him in The Man with the Iron Fists and be sure to catch him in his upcoming film, "Code Name: Dragon", please put your hands together for the one and only, Cung Le!! It's not everyday we get a celebrity of such caliber, so don't...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 121

Hey hey! Welcome back for another episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 121, we have a great one for you. We have joining us a first time guest, but long time listener! Please put your bottles and cans so just clap your hands together for Lizzy! (and all of her peeps that stopped by). Be sure to follow her on Instagram @LizzyVibez_ and her other account @vibez_speak for all of your daily affirmation needs to keep all of the negativity in check. Long day at work? Friends and family...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 120



Snooze & Booze: Ep. 119

Hey hey! Welcome back for another episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 119 we have on once again the very lovely Lucy Sarabia for your listening pleasure. Today we'll conquer pop (culture), politics, and sex-sex-sex. We get all up in what's not taboo and what's NSFW. So tune in for all things kinky and/or stinky!