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Snooze & Booze: Ep. 148

Welcome back to another episode of Snooze & Booze! It has been a minute since we've had a chance to give you guys a decent audio copulation so thank you for bearing with us! We are currently clocking in at episode 148! Coming up on episode 150 real soon! This episode is actually two episodes rolled into one. Another earthquake hit while we were recording and had to cut it short. Side A consists of fan favorites Jackie and Tommy joining us to discuss movies and the wonderment of sex and...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 146



Snooze & Booze: Ep. 144

Yo yo yo! Welcome back for another round of Snooze and Booze... ness! This is just a wee mini episode to get us back into the groove and back on schedule. Just a little catching up on what's new and reminiscing on things we thought we forgot. Specifically blackouts and those wonderfully embarrassing details we'd rather not remember. Ain't life grand? Anywho, tune in and in the very near future we'll have plenty more episodes to "Shinshi Shinshi" into your head all nice and deep like. (For...


Snooze & Booze Presents: The Killer Podcast Ep. 3

(A-la Dracula) Good evening. Velcome beck, to anowther epsodoekf ei vpsdjc pefjv. Okay that wasn't Dracula, I just had a mild stroke. Anywho! We have Tom back on the mic for episode 3 of The Killer Podcast! Joining us this evening are Gwen and Snooze & Booze favorite, Jackie! Tonight We're going to be slashing through The Shining among many other ghoulish things... like Jim Carrey. All topped with inside jokes and incessant chuckling. Spooky shit, bro. So tune in!


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 143



Snooze & Booze: Ep. 141

Welcome back vatos to another episode of Snooze y Booze! Clocking it at number 141, we got another old-school mini episode for you guys. We take a look back at 2018 and all the tears, loves, and laughs we experienced; on the show and off. Twas a good one, ladies and gents. It's pretty self explanatory. Happy New Year! Oh and for all the dumb and drunk shit you guys pulled this year, try to raise the stakes in 2019. That way we'll have something to talk about. Nobody want's to hear about...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 140

Welcome back to another episode of Snizzle to the Bizzle (Snooze and Booze to the layperson)! Currently at episode 140, we have on the show once again The RetroConvo's pride and joy, Raul! Also joining us is a huge fan favorite, Jackie! We're always told that she doesn't go on often enough. She's quite the character... when she drinks. If hearing a bunch of marrieds go back and forth about the pros and cons (mostly cons) of marriage, then this is definitely one you won't want to miss. No...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 139

Welcome back, my furry friends! Tis another episode of Snooze & Booze! Sorry it's been awhile since we've uploaded stuff for you guys, but stuff keeps getting in the way Anywho, we got a great one for you. Currently at number 139, we have on once again the very lovely Lucia to grace us with her presence and wisdom and whatnots. This reminds me of one of many of life's simple, yet essential rules: Think before you speak. Rub those brain cells together a minute or two to build...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 138

Welcome back folks to another episode of Snoosh and Boosh! Currently at episode 138, we got an old-school minisode for you guys. It's just Steve and I. Nobody else. Just us. That's it. Don't be so disappointed. Anywho, we're trying to put out as many episodes as possible in between Steve's absences (He's currently employed by an elite government organisation who's hired him to carry out a series of societal-altering-cloak-and-dagger tasks of the top-'secretest' and highest priority... but...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 137

Welcome back vatos to another episode of Esnooze and Booze! It's been awhile indeed, but we're going to try our best to get more episodes out to you guys so just bear with us!


Snooze & Booze Presents: The Killer Podcast Ep. 2

Good evening, unholy minions of the night! Welcome back to episode two of The Killer Podcast! Tommy walks us through the epic slasherness that is Halloween (the movies, not the holiday. Nothing wrong with the holiday, it's just not what we're talking about right now. Relax, damn). So listen in because there's plenty more to bleed about on the show! Steve couldn't join us because he's currently on location in Texas raising awareness for the Mute Kids for Podcasting Foundation. He says it's...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 136

Welcome back kids to another fantubular episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently on episode 136, we welcome back to the stage, Christian. Today we talk about Christians today and Christianity and Christmas. Not really. Wanna know something though? When I was a young'un, there was a kid named Christian in my class and I thought he was like some hardcore Jesus freak. Like,"Who are your parents? Cathy Catholic and Peter Protestant?" Anyway, this one day the teacher went around the class asking...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 135

Hey, What's that over there?! *Points 'over there', whistles awkwardly*


Snooze & Booze Presents: The Killer Podcast Ep. 1

Welcome back, kids! Tonight we are changing gears a bit. We are pleased to announce a brand new podcast with none other than Tommy at the helm. Feast your ears on The Killer Podcast! On the show he goes through all things horror and heinous! Step right up, folks! No movie too slashy. No soundtrack too thrashy (sorry, I got caught up trying to make shit rhyme). If you have a Shudder subscription or just like the rather pleasant thought of guts and gore, then this show will be right up your...


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 133

Hi-dy ho, podcasterinos! Welcome back to another eargasmic episode of Snooze & Booze! Currently at episode 133


Snooze & Booze: Ep. 132

Welcome back folks to another drama-filled episode of A Current Affair - I mean, Snooze & Booze! Clocking in at numero 132'o