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Girls, Girls, Girls

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we discuss some upcoming kicks including the latest take on the Air Max 180 and why Jordan brand is trying to steal from Vans. Plus we talk about Steph Curry expanding his sneaker line, Kawhi joining New Balance and how we can help the WNBA grow. We compare some of our favorite sneakers of all time to some of our favorite women of all time so we hope you enjoy this episode!


We’re Already Famous!

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we had back Jay Already Famous as he discussed some of his new ventures and the various blessings he has been receiving since last being on our podcast. We also discuss Rapsody being apart of Puma and what is it gonna take for her to be universally recognized as dope. Plus SolefulMike goes on a rant about the latest Andeerson Paak album!!


Honest Conversations

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we get into Cardi joining Reebok, us being over ComplexCon and we have an honest conversation about James Brown and his legacy. Plus we bring up Michael Jackson and his LA gear line and we have real conversations about some tracks on thriller! Subscribe to the YouTube channel and our Spotify playlist!


Culture Talk!!

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we have Blakkxxcellence from the Culture Talk podcast on and we discuss a bevy of topics. From kicks to and how we have to help people with big feet to music and is R Kelly better than Michael Jackson??


Nba Preview ft Jay Already Famous

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we give our predictions on the upcoming nab season. Who’s gonna have the best record,mvp and seeding in the nba playoffs. Plus we interview Jay Already Famous and we get into his life, how he got his start, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future


Last of the Sole Serchians ft Loso Del Fresco

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we were fortunate to have Loso Del Fresco of the Last of the Solehicans podcast on to rock with us! We were able to discuss the DMV scene musically and what there fashion is like and how it compares and differs to the scene in NYC. We discuss what’s wrong with NYC hip hop how and how to potentially fix it and we get to know Loso and his thoughts on the culture!


BX represent!

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we put on for the BX and some of the best young rappers on the scene. We have on Otto Rocket wit da dread flow, and ASR’s Ichiro and Omar i$ Lord. We get into sneaker talk, rappers with dope style and some with trash styles. We also interview these fellas and they give us a dope freestyle at the end!


Two years in!

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we celebrate two years of podcast recording! We give you our trials and tribulations behind getting you guys the podcast and our overall journey of the podcast and how it came about. Plus on random thoughts things get a little heated about wack content and we have a real discussion on NYC hip hop and a Rooster on trial??! Like always thanks for listening and continue to stay tuned for more amazing things



On the latest episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we get into our creative bag!!! We discuss some of the best cross branding examples ever and we offer up some of our ideas. All we ask is we get our credit when these ideas come to fruition!


Money Makin Mitch

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we discuss everything that has happened in sneakers from Kapernick to new Yeezy’s and Childish Gambino joining Adidas! We also decide to break down the CULT CLASSIC Paid in full! We discuss what made this movie so impactful and how it still holds value til this day! Also on the random thoughts segment we let the guys redeem themselves from a past historical mistake and let them test their knowledge.


Look up in the rafters!!

This episode of the Sole Searching Podcast is all about jerseys!!!! We get into our favorite jerseys of all time and some of the ugliest jerseys of all time. We get into some underrated jerseys and if the 90’s is undefeated when it comes to jerseys. We also get into a wild random thought where Joey has to be talked down on his standards for women


It’s time to celebrate!!!!!

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we discuss our favorite holidays and the sneakers that are associated with it. We also get into some underrated holidays and a genius marketing plan takes place and we need our credit! Good looking to Angel for pulling up this episode!


Top 5 In Game Dunkers All Time

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we get into the top 5 in game dunkers of all time. Does Kobe make the list???? Where is Michael Jordan placed?? Who takes home the number one spot? We also get into whether Jordan Brand will get there fire back after a few dud releases?


Let’s make a movie featuring Bobbito Garcia

On this episode we discuss who in the sneaker community is worthy of a biopic or documentary and who deserves to have their story told. We were privileged to have Bobbito Garcia joint the podcast to discuss his latest movie Rock, Rubber and 45’s! He discusses some of his trials and tribulations along with his thoughts of the shoe game now and NBA street 2! Go and stream the Rock, Rubber and 45’s movie now on all platforms!


NBA top 50 all time

We’re giving you something different this time around top 50 greatest NBA players of all time. We get rid of some undeserving people and add some new players who deserve to be there an we give you our personal top 10 players ever all time! This was a good one for sure!


Houston we don’t have a problem! Featuring Cassidy Edwards of CNK Daily

On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we have the wonderful Cassidy Edwards from CNK Daily on to discuss kicks and the amazing city of Houston! We discuss why guys are taking all of the womens sneakers how we can continue this women’s revolution we’re seeing in sneakers and Cassidy tells her story on how she got into sneakers and what being a sneaker head in Houston is like. And SolefulMike is back at it again with his conspiracy theories and this time it’s Kwame Brown is Michael...


The future is upon us!! (Is Joey Tyga?)

This time on the Sole Searching podcast its Solefulmike and JoeyGold 24k talking about the future of the NBA and the new deals that are being signed. We discuss Puma getting back into the basketball realm, what Jay-Z will provide for them. We also make some draft predictions about the players. In the random thoughts section MIke breaks up with his celebrity crush and Joey comes to a realization about Tyga and how they may ne related. We also give our honest opinions on the Nas album and give...


Holy Trinity

Episode Description- On this episode we discuss the sneaker trinity: Nike, Adidas and Jordan. These three brands run the shoe game and we discuss the best shoes in their entire history and what are our favorite shoes are from these brands. Joey decides to go in on Carmelo and compare him to T-Mac and we discuss who we would put in our rap trinity all time. We also discuss who we would take into a rap battle for us and represent us..


Let's learn Solecial Studies! Ft Sean "Paper Chasr" Williams

This episode of the Sole Searching is special as we talk with one of the creators of the Sneaker podcast Sean Williams!!! We get a lot of gems from talking GR releases, the Pensole academy, how to help boutiques out and the new generation of sneakerheads. We hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed giving it to you!


King Push!

On the latest episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we discuss one of the best rappers in the game.... Pusha T!!! We get into his sneaker collabs and is he underrated when it comes to sneakers and fashion. We also talk Pusha vs Drake. This was recorded May 25th so you get our first reactions to Duppy by Drake