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Home of the Most LIT Podcast. Period.

Home of the Most LIT Podcast. Period.
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Brooklyn, NY


Home of the Most LIT Podcast. Period.






Season 2, Episode 4: "Come...Let Me Sit On Your Face" with Sex & The Gritty in NYC

WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW CHILE!!!!!!!!! This episode is by far, the spiciest collaboration known to man. PERIOD. Something LIghT Podcast and Sex & The Gritty in NYC's hosts Kay and Sash, come together to give you raw and unfiltered realness and you're definitely going to need a drink for this one! The ladies sat and discussed dick; all kinds of dick (broke dick, dick with money, public housing dick, big dick, small dick, disappointing dick, jail dick-which split the ladies into teams...but you...


Season 2, Episode 3: "Bxtches Gotta Take A Field Trip To Rikers Now?"

Something LIghT™ graces you with another LIT episode of pure foolishness. Ani Cee and Laysha discuss She's Gotta Have It and the lack of Brooklyn authenticity, Black Mirrors in all its strangeness, and just how fine Jharrel Jerome is, in When They See Us (please make sure to watch the mini-series on Netflix if you have not already). The ladies also get hype about Moksha (a giant Brooklyn "party") and the rapidly approaching summer time vibes. Immerse yourself in that same energy while you...


Season 2, Episode 2: "Wow, I'm In An Uproar!"

Something LIghT™ continues Season 2 being even more problematic! Who would have thought that was possible? Join Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle as they discuss pegging, milking, their sexual limits with men, Young M.A., reparations and jealous mothers. They answer questions like "should we be giving crackheads millions of dollars?" "Does a man's desire for anal play make him less masculine?" Laysha also tells us a bit about her rich axx, scamming axx nxgga and we find out why the ladies don't...


Season 2, Episode 1: "Is This Something LIghT™ or Something Shady?!"

Something LIghT surely started off Season 2 with a bang! Roc (the host) of Unpopular Opinion Podcast and Duce, 1/4 of Cognac Chronicles Podcast, join Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle as they catch up on everything they didn't get to address since last season's, last episode. They lightly touch on the documentaries on R. Kelly, Chris Brown and the allegations made against him, #CancelCulture, Mental Health and give an update on Laysha's work hubby, who may or may not be her boyfriend. Of course...


Episode 19: Entrapment - Battle of the Sexes

Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle were so sure they were going to win this one, but they were no match for the guys' team! Returning guests Dro and Butta, and new guests David and Jah challenge every question that comes their way. It was already an unfair advantage of 4 to 2 but they tried anyway. Get your cup of Henny ready and listen as they try to answer the questions everyone wants to know. Which sex lies more? Which sex lies better? How do you know you're in love? Do you think men and women...


Episode 18: "You Got Alot To Fxcking Say" with King P

King P joins Something LIghT™ as a guest this week and gives Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle some light therapy. That was interesting! They continue to discuss Nicki Minaj's narcissistic ways, recap Ani Cee's birthday party and talk CashApp prostitution...if that's really even a thing. Come on! You know what to do; get your glass of Henny and sit it on down. --- Support this podcast:


Episode 17: "He's A Super Predator and I Love It" with DJ Will Gates

On this second episode since the return from summer break, DJ Will Gates, Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle address it all! From Facebook censorship to explaining exactly how #MenAreTrash and boyyy does it get spicy! They gave us a little something to think about, as they discuss interracial relationships and whether coercion could be considered sexual assault. Grab yourself a glass of Henny too; you might need it. --- Support this podcast:...


Episode 14: "Excuse Me, I'm Not From Brownsville" with Frank McFly

Mr. Frank McFly comes to stir the pot as Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle talk about all things problematic. They get swept up in the debate between Yanny and Laurel, talk Cardi and her haters and point out the rest of the stuff that's been going wrong with the world. Frank doesn't help AT ALL, he only added fuel to the flame! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 13: "Ya'll Really Coonin' For Kanye"

I mean what line wasn't crossed this week?! Ani Cee & Laysha Danyelle try to imagine life without all their sexual needs being met due to DJ Khaled and his announcement, talk Kanye and his current mental state, then dive into the topic of accountability when Bill Cosby comes up and further confirm R. Kelly's cancellation. Do you have to be in a certain tax bracket to make certain demands? Is Kanye losing his damn mind? Can you cancel an artist without canceling ALL of their songs? Let's find...


Episode 12: "Secure the Bag, Secure the Dxck" with @bbwbunniesandons

The organizers of @BBWBunniesAndDons came to take over Something LIghT™ Podcast! Ani Cee, Laysha Danyelle, and their guests talk about Nicki, Khloe's karma (oh yea and the baby too), trying to love BBWs on the low and drunk nights. So grab your Henny and get ready to share some laughs with your hosts with the MOST. --- Support this podcast:


Episode 11: "Umm Why Is Your Dxck Out Sir?"

This episode was you know... Something LIghT™! At least this time there was food with the Henny. There's a whole lot of everything every time there isn't a guest, so prepare for Fabolous and Roseanne all in one episode. Oh, but it doesn't end there because Something LIghT's™ favorite engineer has returned! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 10: "Your Hoeness Never Gets Deleted!" with @bruhmanfromthe5thfloor

So, Something LIghT™ invited @bruhmanfromthe5thfloor, the original viral king himself on as a guest and...he just took over the show! They talked about everything from angry supporters to his very suspicious group chat; Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle are still a little shook about that group chat. So grab yourself a drink and listen while they give you just a bit more spice than usual. --- Support this podcast:...


Episode 9: XXX Amongst Other Things with Super Saiyan Boobs Anyai

Anyai brought the spice right up out of Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle! They sat down with BBW Solo Porn Actress Anyai The Saiyan aka Super Saiyan Boobs and talked about everything from DJ Envy walking out on Desus & Mero to masturbation. Yep, they definitely tried to cover it all. --- Support this podcast:


Episode 8: Just Henny, No Chaser with 303 Bam & Fly High Noni

@303bam & @flyhighnoni get LIT with Ani Cee and Laysha Danyelle...with Just Henny, No Chaser. There's a zodiac sexual compatibility update from Episode 5, banter about what it would be like to be a guy and a lot of bad drinking habits unraveled. Now that Safaree's nudes have leaked there's also a story about a shifting uterus in there and no it's not from giving birth! Get Ready! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 7: Sex Tapes, Mo'Nique & Teachers W/ Guns

A whole lot has gone on since the Valentine's Day Edition Episode! Something LIghT™ gets hella problematic while discussing leaked sex tapes, Mo'nique vs. Netflix and giving teachers guns. Of course with the Henny, there's always more! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 6: Who Wants That Perfect Love Story Anyway? (Valentine's Day Edition Episode)

Yes, Something LIghT™ had some very special guests this week; their significant others: @candidlykami & @slopsshotya ! In celebration of Valentine's Day, they invited their other halves to come talk that talk and boy did they! Gain some insight into their hearts and the strong people that deal with their very strong personalities. --- Support this podcast:


Episode 5: Pretty Little LIghTers

On this week's episode, Something LIghT™ celebrates host Laysha D.'s birthday! Get turnt up and listen to this episode as they have a few of their friends (Pretty Little LIghTers!) join them. They have a lit time and discuss everything under the grab a drink! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 4: Old School, New School, Bottle Girls & Virgins with Big East

Let us be the first to tell you that this is a very mixxy episode! Ani Cee & Laysha sit down with Big Zaddy East as they discuss music (old school and new), NYCHA, bottle girls, virgins and so much more. Once the Henny sets in on this one, it got LIT! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 3: Robo Hoes, Work Husbands & Winning Personalities

Something LIghT™ Podcast feels the nostalgia from Ja Rule and 50 cent's renewed beef while talking sex dolls, the update on Work Hubby and whether personality really can win it all! This week's special guest from the show For Trill Ears Only at, MoMo, makes it all the more hilarious with her witty banter! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 2: Black Clout, Cheating & Preferences with Lono Bristol

Something LIghT™ Podcast talks with artist/producer Lono Bristol as they discuss Black clout, cheating, preferences and so much more. Slops from The ADD Podcast even chimes in with his own perspectives on these topics! --- Support this podcast: