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There Is No Plan "B" - A Soulful Conversation with Amiri & Cindy Richardson-Keys

The BATTLEStation is pleased to present a dynamic Husband and Wife team whose Soulful story is sure to inspire and encourage You. As parents, entrepreneurs and life partners Amiri and Cindy's story is one you won't soon forget. Podcast Resources The ARTS Community Center - Email: Support Soulful Conversation with Frank and Sheila at


Grace, Race & Friendship - A Soulful Conversation with Melanie Parker

GRACE, RACE & FRIENDSHIP. Join host Big Frank and Sheila for a Soulful Conversation with our friend and sister Melanie Parker. In this soulful conversation, we discuss the making of friendships, the bond of friendship and what does friendship look like. Friendship is one of life’s most important features and one too often taken for granted. As we always say, eavesdrop on this soulful conversation, download it and share it with a friend! Enjoy!


PSA - Arthur Ashe Boulevard

Join host Frank and Sheila for a Soulful Conversation with David Harris, Jr., nephew of Arthur Ashe Jr. In this soulful conversation, David talks about life with Uncle Arthur and the significance of the proposal to rename the Boulevard after Richmond's tennis great, Arthur Ashe Jr. Proposal Sponsor The Honorable Kimberly B. Gray Councilwoman, Richmond City Council Richmond North Central 2nd Voter District Email: *News Audio Sample - Copyright, ABC 8...


Six Things You Have To Stop Doing To Start Again

What does it mean to be stuck? Feeling stuck is a sign something needs to change in your life. Truthfully, we all get stuck. We get stuck and/or in a rut when our plans don't seem to come together, when we are not reaching our goals, we get stuck in worry, in fear and we STOP. When we get stuck, we often wait for external change to happen. Albert Einstein said: “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.” In this episode, we have a soulful conversation with...


Money, Money, Money, Money! What's Your Money Experience?

Did you know that most people are unaware of how their early experiences with money and influences from family, faith, culture and media have helped to shape their beliefs about money? In the episode, we have a soulful conversation with Certified Financial Coach and Consultant, Salathia Johnson. For more information about Key Financial Solution, visit or email


Shall We Dance? A Soulful Conversation with Walt "Jack Stepper" & Melissa Jackson

Shall We Dance? There is more to dancing than you think. The Soulful Conversation continues with RVA's Walter "Jack Stepper" and Melissa Jackson. Ease drop on a soulful conversation about step dancing, community and the essence of the dance.


Healed Girls Rock - A Soulful Conversation with Dr. Lisa Johnson

Imagine what would happen if you gave yourself permission to take a journey of inner healing. During this soulful conversation with Dr. Lisa Johnson, we have real talk about personal healing and the significance of inner healing. Resources Mentioned In This Episode Healed Girls Rockhealedgirlsrock@gmail.comLegacy Internet RadioThe Mommy and Li Show Other BATTLEStation contacts The Battlestation - IG The BATTLEStation Facebook Page The BATTLEStation YouTube Channel


How To Have A QUICKIE with Your Spouse

The Soulful Conversation about Love & Communication continues. In this episode, we will discuss how to have a quickie with your spouse. We hope these seven (7) tips will help you in your "communication" with your spouse. If you would like to support our podcasting, please visit us at


Love & Marriage

One of the cornerstones of any healthy relationship is communication. Join us for the first installment in our series on Love & Marriage as we discuss how communication is more than verbal and how a little Grace can go a long way. Whether married, single, divorced or widowed there something for you in this episode.


Is God Enough? A Soulful Conversation with Helen Phillips

What is the REAL definition of the blessed life? Join us for a Soulful Conversation with Helen Phillips as she shares her journey from rejection to redemption and from brokenness to being called His Beloved. We’ll cover church hurt, abandonment and how sanity can be restored in the silence. You will want to listen to this one more than once to capture all of the treasures she reveals. Prepare yourself for an Ah-ha moment of your own.


Soulful Conversation with Jay Nova

Do you know that difference between RVA and Richmond? Are you familiar with SSSRVA18 (Seersuckers, Sundresses and Sound)? Join the soulful conversation with Frank, Sheila and Jay Nova to get the answers to these questions and more.


Welcome to the Battlestation!

Welcome to Soulful Conversations with Frank and Sheila Battle. Tune in to hear about what’s going on at The Battle Station and eavesdrop on a Soulful Conversation with our guest of the week. Let’s untangle what matters with a diverse group of friends, on topics that range from secular to sacred subjects. You will laugh, learn and be inspired to engage in a Soulful Conversation of your own.