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Q&A CLOSING OUT SEASON 1 | Jonny McCormick | Season 1 Episode 10

👌🏼✌🙌🏼 A bit of a different one this week to close out Season 1 as I'm joined by...no-one! It's just me. I thought a nice way to close out season 1 would be to answer some of the questions from you, the audience. So I hope you enjoy this brief episode. I'm currently busy in the throes of planning Season 2 and already have 4 interviews booked for the coming weeks. Season 2 will most likely launch later in the year but I'll announce on Instagram closer to the time...


EQUAL PAY & GETTING A SECOND CHANCE | Ryan, Leo & Richard from Loveworks | Season 1 Episode 9

🚲 🍞 🌱 Things are a little different this week. I'm joined by a few guests instead of just one and the podcast is in two parts. In part one I'm joined by Ryan, Leo and Richard. They are from Loveworks Cooperative. Loveworks is a workers cooperative meaning that all the workers are part owners of the business - they all take equal pay, have equal voting rights and the business is based on trust and mutuality. In part one Ryan talks about how Loveworks gave him a second chance after a few...



⚡️🎙⚡️ Ben Mudge is in the hot seat as my guest this week. Ben is a Personal Trainer, Cystic Fibrosis advocate and Instagram legend (www.instagram.com/BenMudge_) from Northern Ireland. You might know Ben as the NI version of Thor because of his uncanny resemblance to the Avengers character. In this show we talk about how Ben sort of unintentionally because an CF advocate and how he's now an inspiration to tens of thousands of people. Ben also shares about some of his self-confessed nerdy...


GETTING STARTED & WORKING FROM WHEREVER | Kyle Gawley | Season 1 Episode 7

🏝🚨⚡️ Kyle Gawley is my guest on the podcast this week. Kyle is the founder of Get Invited (ticketing and events company) and Get Started (business launchpad). Kyle currently lives and works as a digital nomad which means he travels the world while running his business from wherever the place has just touched down. When I catch up with Kyle he's been in Thailand for a few months and runs his businesses remotely from there. In the episode we talk about what it's like being a digital nomad,...


TIME KEEPING, TRADITION & LUXURY WATCHES | Christian Zeron | Season 1 Episode 6

⚡️💯🚨 Christian Zeron from Theo & Harris is in the hot-seat this week. Theo & Harris is a luxury, vintage-watch dealer and watch content producer. You can check out all of Theo & Harris' watches on their website and you should for sure check out their YouTube channel. Christian started Theo & Harris instead of going to law school...much to his parents dismay. Since seeing his success they've come around to the idea a lot more and his dad Rolly even features in one of his regular video...


GROWING UP | Tony Macaulay | Season 1 Episode 5

⚡️👌🏼🚨 Tony Macaulay takes time out from overseeing his life being turned into a legitimate musical to join me on the podcast this week. For those who don't know Tony, he is an author of 4 books which are memoirs documenting his experiences as a child and young adult growing up in North Belfast. In our conversation we talk about the series of events that led to Tony's first book, Paperboy, being turned into a muscial. We talk about some of Tony's most formative memories growing up and...


DINNER WITH STRANGERS | Jess Janz | Season 1 Episode 4

This week we're joined by Jess Janz. Jess is a creative currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Alongside being a talented singer/songwriter and poet, a number of months ago Jess along with her cofounder Ryan started a dinner series called Share Plates (@shareplatestoronto on Insta). Share Plates invites strangers to have dinner, drinks and conversations together. What's the catch? You're not allowed to talk about work...that's it! Share Plates invites people to go past the superficial and...


COMMUNITY BUILDING & TELLING STORIES | Matthew Thompson | Season 1 Episode 3

Matthew Thompson is in the hot-seat as our esteemed guest this week. For those of you who are familiar with Matthew you probably know him from Best of Belfast, which started out as an Instagram account dedicated to showing the hidden beauty in everyday Belfast. Since it's beginnings as an Instagram account it's sprouted wings and taken on a new life as a Podcast and a community that hosts regular gatherings, dragging people from the digital into the tangible. This is Matthew's first time...


SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH | Lyra McKee | Season 1 Episode 2

This week on the show I am joined by Lyra McKee (@lyramckee). Lyra is an award winning investigative journalist, an author who is working on two books due to be published in the next two years, a TEDx speaker (watch it here) and a winner of the Forbes 30 under 30 honour. Lyra and I discuss things like what investigative journalism is, some of the pieces she has investigated, her thoughts on the state of journalism and why some cases or issues don't get attention while others do. According...


LIVING A LIFE OF INTENTION | Mel Wiggins | Season 1 Episode 1

This week on the podcast we sit down with the wonderful Mel Wiggins (@melwiggins on twitter and insta). Mel is the founder of Assembly a community for creative women in Northern Ireland that holds a series of curated events series of curated events. She’s also the co-founder and project leader for Freedom Acts a charity focussed on working with those caught up in human trafficking. We talk a fair bit about that in this episode. As if that wasn’t enough Mel is also a prolific ethical living...


Intro to Spoke | Season 1 Episode 0 | Jonny McCormick

Introduction to my brand new podcast Spoke. Spoke is all about deep conversations with interesting people about subjects that matter. Each week during season 1 we'll bring you a long-form interview with someone interesting and you can learn a little about what makes them tick. Want to keep up to date with when we launch please subscribe and follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@spokepodcast). On our social channels we'll be posting teasers for our upcoming episodes and guests.