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A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.

A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.
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A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.




Episode 191: To Tell the Young of Ends

In the process of growing up, we learn a great deal about the world and the people around us. Common in all of our experiences are the truths of mortality - our abilities, our frailties and the reality of demise. But we don’t all encounter or sit with this truth at the same moment in life. This week, Dan Farina joins us to discuss the prospect of sharing this fact with a young person. How does this knowledge affect people and their relative innocence? How do we view our time in life...


Episode 190: The Painted Walkway

“”Though we all share public spaces and avenues, we navigate and perceive it in distinct ways. Some notice the ground, some rarely use the sidewalk and others could tell you about every safe place to lock a bike. This week, we’re discussing a particular circumstance tied to Allston, Massachusetts and a footbridge which, previously covered in striking graffiti, has now been painted over with a mural. How do spaces like this designate ownership or artistic intent for a public? How does...


Episode 189: Voids for the Networkers

At every stage of life, our communities provide us with shelter, guidance, support and friendship. For millennials in particular, communities, their definitions and boundaries appear to be shifting. Young professionals away from their hometowns and looking to establish connections might resort to recreational sports leagues, book clubs or similar means of creating communities in contrast to "natural" communities. This week, we welcome Callum Melrose to discuss the phenomenon and its...


Episode 188: Talent or Hard Work

In the pursuit of success, safety, fulfillment and various other achievements besides, people make use of their particular advantages, circumstances and tools at their disposal. Whether they are born with certain talents or seek to improve their lives through sheer effort and will, self-advancement is a relevant topic for all of us. This week, we want to examine the distinctions between talent and hard work as two, oft-compared means of achieving a goal. Does society prefer one over the...


Episode 187: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff IV

This week, we return to the tradition of reacting to a book of insights entitled "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". In particular, we look at chapters encouraging us to let others be right most of the time, to imagine those around us as infants and as hundred-year-olds and to tell someone everyday something we like, appreciate or admire about them. How do these perspectives encourage empathy, thoughtfulness and creative approaches to social interaction? How to they define kindness in new...


Episode 185: Between These Eyes of Ink II

“”This week, we return to "Between These Eyes of Ink," a series which dissects and considers quotations and the insights they contain. For our second episode, we're looking at the words of Oscar Wilde, who said "I am the only person in the world I should like to know thoroughly". What pressures, personal or external, might exist behind the phrasing of "should like"? Is it even possible to know another thoroughly? Does Wilde imply that this condition is an achievable one? If you enjoy the...


Episode 184: Headline Culture

Despite its essential role in our lives and agency as citizens, many of us consume journalistic works minimally or inefficiently. In particular, study after study in the past decade have shown that 40 to 80 percent of would-be readers only actually consider headlines before sharing posts or moving on. This week, we consider the effects of doing so and the danger posed by "headline culture". How do consumers influence the headlines that journalists will craft and consequently inform...


Episode 183: Calling Out, Preserved

As podcasts have demonstrated for years now, sound and the human voice have a deep and intimate capacity to affect and inspire listeners. Audio continues to inform, entertain and challenge people around the world. What about a precursor of sorts, the voicemail? Though many roll their eyes at the concept, it maintains a certain charm. This week, Tim Robinson joins us to explore the experience of leaving, receiving and considering voicemails as gifts. How do they allow us to share precious...


Episode 177: "Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?"

Alongside the meteoric rise, popularity and societal influence of smartphones, many have voiced concern about their impact - especially on younger users. This week, we examine and respond to a September 2017 article in The Atlantic by Jean M. Twenge which looks at several topics surrounding the smartphone's cultural ramifications. In particular, she pursues issues tied to teenage smartphone users. How might today's teens be less social, more risk-averse and less independent than those of...


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