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A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.

A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.
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A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.




Episode 218: To Trust with Power

In the realm of humanity, our world is often dictated by those who have power and how they wield it around the less-powerful. But are there individuals with whom we can trust power more readily than others? This week, Sam Whipple joins us to explore how the collective places faith or suspicion on those in power. How do we discern and describe moral or just leadership in contrast to people in “wrongful” power? Are individuals who least want power the ones we could most trust to wield it...


Episode 217: Escapism vs. Happiness

In the most basic senses, it is human to move towards pleasure or comfort and away from pain, difficulty and hardship. But where do these impulses and instincts intersect? This week, we welcome Dan Farina to explore the relationship between escapism and happiness. Is it common to conflate or confuse the two? Does a distinction between them require a certain cultural narrative or sense of self? Is one ever a more important focus than the other? Become a Patron!


Episode 216: The Atmosphere of Political Over-Saturation

Of the many topics folks try to avoid in conversation, politics is known to cause fierce debate, discomfort and arguments. But as our society attempts to improve itself and explore conflicting or new ideas, discussions of our circumstances will inevitably delve into the political realm. What does it mean when someone perceives “political over-saturation” in our discourse or culture? This week, we welcome Pete Davis to explore precisely that idea. How do we, as a multitudinous public, forget...


Episode 215: Between These Eyes of Ink III

“”This week, we return to "Between These Eyes of Ink," a series which dissects and considers quotations and the insights they contain. For our third episode, we're looking at the words of Heraclitus, who said "There is nothing permanent except change”. How does this quotation illuminate the human condition? Are the relationships, creations and ideas we seek to make permanent a response to the perpetual tides of change? What does resistance to change cause and how might accepting it affect...


Episode 214: "I'm Not Very Good With Names"

Especially as we grow older, we'll experience countless introductions to peers, leaders, potential friends, partners and other acquaintances. Despite sharing these moments, we don't always recall those we meet and may eventually hear an apology that someone isn't "very good with names". This week, we welcome Ian Fox to explore this comment. Perhaps our mentality and approach to introductions are the issue, not the fault of human memory. Maybe our introductions too closely resemble one...


Episode 213: The Fear of Failure - Learning

As fallible and flawed creatures, human beings are bound to eventual mistakes and errors. For some of us, the fear of failing stops us in our tracks and stops any momentum whatsoever. This week, we welcome Eric Cunningham to explore how the fear of failure relates specifically to learning. What might this fear prevent us from realizing in ourselves? How does fear affect the way we approach learning or new information as we're exposed to different ideas or circumstances? Become a Patron!


Episode 212: The Quicksand of Professionalism

In an effort to preserve our various traits and qualities as people, many of us strive for a work/life balance between our professional and personal selves. But in the larger context of our world and its economy, professional (and associated productive) behavior can be treated as more crucial to one’s value. How can professionally-oriented attitudes cast shadows on the practices (unprofessional or otherwise) of our personal lives. Is truly free and personal time threatened by the demands...


Episode 211: Our Fourth Anniversary

Today (technically two days prior, on the 24th) marks four years of work put into Stride & Saunter. It has been and remains a pleasure to explore the world of humanity and its circumstances with and for all of you. Thank you for all of the listening, reflection and community you provide. I feel a profound sense of honor in producing these conversations to share with all of you. In love, Kip Become a Patron!


Episode 210: "Politicians Don't Need New Ideas"

Earlier this year, Paul Krugman published an op-ed in the New York Times discussing his perspective that “Politicians Don’t Need New Ideas”. Within it, he elaborates that unlike companies which need to produce new and appearing products, the realm of politics should rely on what is best and tested and not necessarily clamor for “the new”. This week, we’re joined by Sam Whipple to discuss the public expectation that politicians bring fresh thoughts and plans to the table. Where do we...


Episode 209: "But My Black Friend Said..."

As issues surrounding race remain painful, complicated and contentious in our society, there are ways in which beliefs and behaviors bubble to the surface, unanticipated. To hone in on a specific topic, this week we’re joined by Charneil Bush to discuss a tendency of referring to one’s black friend and the social pass often presumed within that relationship. How do topics of trust and race manifest in a true friendship? How do pressures or expectations of friendship limit discussions of...


Episode 208: The Chains of Privacy

When we consider the concept of "privacy," we typically imagine what we do or do not share or reveal to the world. But in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, the idea of privacy bears more heavily in communal or mutual spaces than it may have in the past. This week, we welcome Ian Fox to explore how interwoven the idea of privacy has become in modern society. What do recent scandals and revelations teach us about privacy as it relates to courtesy and compassion? What do the...


Episode 207: "Fake It 'Til You Make It"

At various points of uncertainty in our lives, many of us have heard the common encouragement to "Fake it 'til you make it". This week, we wanted to dissect its meaning, intentions and how much wisdom actually lies in these words. Do the pronouns here refer to knowledge, skills, feelings? Perhaps something else is implied? Does false behavior prevent genuine understanding or relationship to one's environment? Become a Patron!


Episode 206: For Non-Gamers — eSports

Since time immemorial, competition and contest have been a cornerstone of recreation, identity and society. Alongside cultural and technological development, sports have also evolved over time. With the rise of the Internet and video games, gaming now offers its own, highly competitive and lucrative arena in eSports. This week, we discuss their perception in the mainstream and how they shine a light on the way we define and interact with traditional sports. Can the definition of a sport...


Episode 205: Canbeam

Language has a clear impact not only on how others perceive and react to us, but on how we treat and see ourselves. What are our internal narratives of who we are and how we live? How do linguistic distinctions affect these perceptions? This week, we welcome Dan Farina to explore one such verbal line: the difference between using "can be" and "am". How do these and associated terms represent a spectrum of being? Where does language fail to capture the nuances and potential within lived...


Episode 204: Silent or Spoken Retrospective

Philosophy and introspection present us with numerous questions, concepts and theories, some of which are far more applicable than others. One such practical question asks "Which is better: To say something and wish you hadn't or say nothing and wish you had?" How do we judge worth in the subjective spaces of conversation and silence? How do social factors judge our speech as we might not? How do different spaces and circumstances treat silence differently? Become a Patron!


Episode 203: Why We Study Art History

Many of us approach the realm of art history with degrees of apprehension, uncertainty and intellectual dread. We treat its topics as pedantic and its concepts as cumbersome, but why? This week, we welcome Tamar Avishai to discuss the study of art history and how it might inform the world beyond the field. What can the subject teach us about storytelling or the detachments of the ivory tower? How do we make art history and other topics unnecessarily distant because of our...


Episode 202: Deepening Our Democracy

Of all that defines America, our history as a democratic nation that places faith in the people is quite possibly our brightest beacon and most ambitious goal. As recent years have shown us, we are often vocally and sharply positioned against one another in discussions of politics and logistics. Despite the clashes and rancor there are those like Pete Davis, this week's guest, who believe wholeheartedly in the mission of democracy. Specifically, we took the opportunity this week to explore...


Episode 201: The Great Lesser, Vulnerability

Although vulnerability and openness offer rich and meaningful connection to the world, mainstream Western culture appears directly opposed to its philosophy. Concerns about appearances, status, and fame treat vulnerability as a weakness and a non-essential element to life. This week, we welcome Kate Krosschell to discuss the dichotomy and cultural divide. How are these perspectives not only different, but in sharp contrast to one another? What can each worldview learn from the other? Become...


Episode 200: Who We Are and How We Share Them

A breadth of paradox: Loss and recollection Light amidst shadow End and origin Sound against silence Many thoughts and one, Peace from pain.


Episode 199: Addressing the Toxic Workplace

For all the time many of us will spend with others in a workplace, circumstances aren't always positive or healthy. Some work environments deteriorate so thoroughly that health, productivity and interpersonal trust collapse as a result. This week, Ina Coveney joins us to share her insights on the topic of toxic workplaces. How to destructive habits become silently interwoven into work culture? How does work culture make it difficult to change problems we observe and experience? Become a...