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A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.

A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.
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A thoughtful and honest discussion to examine a variety of topics, perspectives and ideas.




Episode 230: The Wager




Today marks a unique day for the podcast. With a few exceptions, the show has been weekly for the last four and a half years and I’ve decided to take a break for a few months. The choice was a difficult one to make, because I’ve taken great pride in putting out a consistent and thoroughly-edited show. But as with anything we pour time and effort into, that energy and dedicated moments have to come from somewhere. And as I try to produce a clean, polished and thought-provoking product, I’ve...


Episode 229: Between These Eyes of Ink V

“” This week, we return to "Between These Eyes of Ink," a series which dissects and considers quotations and the insights they contain. For our fifth episode, we welcome Sam Whipple to help explore Plato’s thoughts on how politicians rely upon good guesswork. Do societies expect complete understanding from our leaders? Do we foist it onto them so that we need not pursue the truth? Are leaders who are honest about their ignorance more trustworthy and relatable? Become a Patron!


Episode 228: To Be Truthful

Truth represents a foundational element in human life. Whether religious, personal, psychological or scientific, many of us live our lives in pursuit of or relationship to truths around us. We try to define, contain and create them. But what does it mean to live in a truthful way? Is it as simple as expressing truthful thoughts to others? This week, we’re joined by Dan Farina to reflect upon what it means to be truthful. What do truthful actions look and feel like? Is our society structured...


Episode 227: The Fear of Failure

We are each motivated by a bevy of ideas, instincts and influences around us. Some of us have dreams of changing the world while others want to attempt the impossible and still others hope for happiness and humility first and foremost. But what about the downfalls that we avoid in both thought and action? This week, we welcome Eric Cunningham to examine the fear of failure. How does it prevent us from reaching further? Why does it persist? How do others instill it within us? Become a Patron!


Episode 226: The Struggles of Rural America

Recent years have illuminated many of the divides and differences within American society and culture. In particular, as citizens around the world are predicted to congregate in cities in coming decades, rural populations are worthy of consideration and conversation. This week, we welcome Gabe Brison-Trezise to discuss some of the difficulties facing the inhabitants of rural America. From occupational challenges and shifts in cultural attitudes to birth rates and economic pitfalls, there...


Episode 225: The Wrong Route of Dreaming

In our youth (and often in adulthood), we're asked what we want to be when we grow up. How crucial might "what" be in that framing of our futures and the approach we encourage young people to take? Does it focus primarily on an occupation as a destination rather than a lifestyle or set of values to uphold? This week, we welcome Matt DiBiase to help explore the concept. Do we see this question as a comfortable form of simplicity, easily digestible for young minds? How might these early...


Episode 224: Between These Eyes of Ink IV

“” This week, we return to "Between These Eyes of Ink," a series which dissects and considers quotations and the insights they contain. For our fourth episode, we welcome Ron Levine to help examine the words of the Buddha, who said "O house-builder, you are seen! You will not build this house again. For your rafters are broken and your ridgepole shattered. My mind has reached the Unconditioned; I have attained the destruction of craving”. What can this quotation teach us about self-deception...


Episode 223: Zootopia

Released in 2016 to critical and commercial success, Zootopia tells the story of rabbit Judy Hopps in her evolving dream to police the streets of the the titular animal metropolis. Along the way, she forms a partnership with the cunning fox, Nick Wilde. While the film may have catered to younger audiences in its animation style, the strong, articulate commentary it makes on race and racism remains its most impressive feat. This week, we’re joined by Charneil Bush to discuss and review this...


Episode 222: A Pale Blue Launch I

What would you send into outer space to commemorate Earth and humanity, to a potential audience of alien life? This week, we begin a new interview series to tackle that question. In each entry, we’ll interview someone about the five objects - with a stipulation - they would place in a space capsule to launch into the starry beyond. For our inaugural episode, we spoke with Leland Holcomb about the five objects that he would launch - all of which had to contain glass. Become a Patron!


Episode 221: "You'll Go Far"

When sharing words of encouragement or predictions of future success, people will occasionally tell others “You’ll go far”. While the words are certainly well-intentioned and foretelling good fortune, what do they reveal about the value(s) we see in others? This week, we welcome Sam Leder to dissect the compliment. Does the phrase indicate a minimal understanding of the true dreams and aspirations of those around us? What does the distance implied signify and from what or whom do we move...


Episode 220: Resume vs. Eulogy Traits

At distinct moments in time, our lives are considered and evaluated by figures of authority, sympathy or community. As a result, many of us sculpt our lives to improve the inevitable review process attendant to these moments. So this week, we welcome Richard Pera to compare two of those “documents of self,” one’s resume and their eulogy. How do the traits we associate with each differ? How might a life lived for one’s resume contrast one lived for a more kind eulogy? How do the authors of...


Episode 219: For Non-Gamers — Productivity

The act of playing has shown clear benefits for our moods, social bonding and problem solving abilities. In children, play is an invaluable means of learning about the world. In the realm of video games, play can become an increasingly time-consuming and compulsive activity. This week, we’re joined by Yagmur Ugur to explore the intersection of video games and productivity. Where is the line between reward or relief and addictive pastime? How do we make use of recreation to reinvigorate or...


Episode 218: To Trust with Power

In the realm of humanity, our world is often dictated by those who have power and how they wield it around the less-powerful. But are there individuals with whom we can trust power more readily than others? This week, Sam Whipple joins us to explore how the collective places faith or suspicion on those in power. How do we discern and describe moral or just leadership in contrast to people in “wrongful” power? Are individuals who least want power the ones we could most trust to wield it...


Episode 217: Escapism vs. Happiness

In the most basic senses, it is human to move towards pleasure or comfort and away from pain, difficulty and hardship. But where do these impulses and instincts intersect? This week, we welcome Dan Farina to explore the relationship between escapism and happiness. Is it common to conflate or confuse the two? Does a distinction between them require a certain cultural narrative or sense of self? Is one ever a more important focus than the other? Become a Patron!


Episode 216: The Atmosphere of Political Over-Saturation

Of the many topics folks try to avoid in conversation, politics is known to cause fierce debate, discomfort and arguments. But as our society attempts to improve itself and explore conflicting or new ideas, discussions of our circumstances will inevitably delve into the political realm. What does it mean when someone perceives “political over-saturation” in our discourse or culture? This week, we welcome Pete Davis to explore precisely that idea. How do we, as a multitudinous public, forget...


Episode 215: Between These Eyes of Ink III

“” This week, we return to "Between These Eyes of Ink," a series which dissects and considers quotations and the insights they contain. For our third episode, we're looking at the words of Heraclitus, who said "There is nothing permanent except change”. How does this quotation illuminate the human condition? Are the relationships, creations and ideas we seek to make permanent a response to the perpetual tides of change? What does resistance to change cause and how might accepting it affect...


Episode 214: "I'm Not Very Good With Names"

Especially as we grow older, we'll experience countless introductions to peers, leaders, potential friends, partners and other acquaintances. Despite sharing these moments, we don't always recall those we meet and may eventually hear an apology that someone isn't "very good with names". This week, we welcome Ian Fox to explore this comment. Perhaps our mentality and approach to introductions are the issue, not the fault of human memory. Maybe our introductions too closely resemble one...


Episode 213: The Fear of Failure - Learning

As fallible and flawed creatures, human beings are bound to eventual mistakes and errors. For some of us, the fear of failing stops us in our tracks and stops any momentum whatsoever. This week, we welcome Eric Cunningham to explore how the fear of failure relates specifically to learning. What might this fear prevent us from realizing in ourselves? How does fear affect the way we approach learning or new information as we're exposed to different ideas or circumstances? Become a Patron!


Episode 212: The Quicksand of Professionalism

In an effort to preserve our various traits and qualities as people, many of us strive for a work/life balance between our professional and personal selves. But in the larger context of our world and its economy, professional (and associated productive) behavior can be treated as more crucial to one’s value. How can professionally-oriented attitudes cast shadows on the practices (unprofessional or otherwise) of our personal lives. Is truly free and personal time threatened by the demands of...