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Summer Nights with Emma Smith will provide curiosities for the inquisitive mind - from music, film and art, to science, geography and language.

Summer Nights with Emma Smith will provide curiosities for the inquisitive mind - from music, film and art, to science, geography and language.


Wellington, New Zealand


Summer Nights with Emma Smith will provide curiosities for the inquisitive mind - from music, film and art, to science, geography and language.




Jozef Youssef on molecular gastronomy at home

Jozef Youssef is a highly acclaimed restaurant and private dining chef. He started his career working for Michelin-starred chef Hélène Darroze at the Connaught Hotel in London. He has since worked with several other renowned chefs and trained in molecular gastronomy with Heston Blumenthal. He has published the book, Molecular Gastronomy at Home: Taking Culinary Physics Out of the Lab and Into Your Kitchen, and runs the website Kitchen Theory, which looks at how how new findings in food...


Soundtracks for Sunsets

Kirsty in Wainuiomata chose a song by the Pussycat Dolls.


Culture wars

Journalist and reviewer Kim Choe examines the latest movies, art exhibitions, theatre, and other cultural events that are on over summer; and looks back at the best of 2013. This week, Kim reviews the films Long Walk to Freedom, and Her, and previews some highlights of the New Zealand Festival, including the actor Denis O'Hare in An Iliad.


Actors Jed Brophy and Riley Brophy

Father and son duo Jed and Riley Brophy talk about theatre, podcasts, a life in acting, and keeping it in the family for their new two-man play. Jed Brophy will be familiar to fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Minister of Chance - among many others. Riley Brophy has a number of TV and film credits, and this is his theatre debut.


Soundtracks to Sunsets

We want to hear your favourite sunset stories, and the music that accompanies them. Where were you when the sun went down? Who was there? What were you doing? And what would be your ideal soundtrack to that moment? It could be an exotic experience or something incredibly ordinary. It might be last night's sunset or one from 20 years ago. Tonight it's the turn of John Rhodes in Greytown, he has chosen Te Namo by Te Vaka. His choice is on Spotify.


Comfort Food

Laura Vincent is a Wellington cookbook author, food blogger and restaurant reviewer. She blogs at Hungry & Frozen, and her book of the same name was published by Penguin in 2013.


Musical Mystery Tour

Journalist Christopher Gilbert makes links between songs spanning decades, genres and ideas, in a journey of music appreciation. In final part of his tour, Christopher stops off at songs that he considers works of musical genius. His choices are on Spotify.


Stan Taylor on US Intelligence

The history and structure of the US intelligence community, and what repercussions that has had on the global events of recent years. Stan Taylor is an Emeritus Professor at Brigham Young University, a former senior staffer to the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and is currently in Dunedin teaching a summer school paper at Otago University.


Soundtracks for sunsets - Come To My Window

We want to hear your favourite sunset stories, and the music that accompanies them. Former international cricketer, Debbie Hockley, who has recently been inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame, chooses 'Come To My Window' by Melissa Etheridge.


Big issues in 2014: New Zealand politics

Radio New Zealand's political editor, Brent Edwards, gives commentary on how the political landscape looks in 2014, heading into an election year, with lots of new paries.


Author Jaspreet Singh on the ghosts of history

Jaspreet Singh's novel 'Helium' addresses memories of the 1984 pogrom against the Sikhs following Indira Gandhi's assassination. He was a teenager in Delhi at the time, and writing the novel served to process memories he had tried to forget. His earlier novel, 'Chef', is the story of two cooks in the Indian army serving in Kashmir, and explores the India-Pakistan conflict. Singh was born in India and moved to Canada in 1990, where he completed a doctorate in chemical engineering before...


Lili La Scala on life as a vintage pin-up diva

Singer of opera and vintage songs, and burlesque and cabaret performer, Lili La Scala explores the music, aesthetic, and femininity of different eras through her stage shows, always incorporating a healthy dose of vintage glamour.


Late Edition for 14 January 2014

Sue Bradford is appalled that Colin Craig admits to smacking his daughter; Colin Craig replies; and Chatham Islanders at odds over mining phosphate.


Stargazing with Dr Melanie Johnston-Hollitt

We explore the wonders of the night sky and find out what we now know about space. Dr Melanie Johnston-Hollitt is involved in several major international radio astronomy projects, serves on national and international scientific coordination and review panels, and is a senior lecturer in physics at Victoria University, Wellington. She outlines the latest scientific research into why the universe behaves the way it does.


Michael McCullough on the biology of forgiveness

University of Miami psychology professor, Michael E. McCullough, conducts research on the psychology and evolution of moral sentiments, including forgiveness, the desire for revenge, and gratitude.


Author Jack Lasenby

Jack Lasenby (right) is one of New Zealand's most popular children's authors. He talks about the origins of stories, growing up in the shadow of war and the Depression, a childhood in the Waikato, and a life in the great outdoors before he started publishing his books - which include The Lake; Harry Wakatipu; and the Uncle Trev series. Jack has also worked as a teacher and an editor of the School Journal. Jack Lasenby is a guest at the New Zealand Festival's Writer's Week in March.


Music - Hidden Gems of 2013

Wellington musician and writer Matthew Backhouse explores some of music's hidden gems from the past year.


Sports by night - Foosball

We cover the sports that are best played after dark - particularly those that don't require speed or heavy lifting. This week, we speak to professional "foos-caster", and former foosball pro, Jim Stevens.


Scary stories - Chateau Tongariro

We visit some of New Zealand's most reportedly haunted locations to find out the stories behind them. This week, we'll hear about the spooky goings-on at Chateau Tongariro.


Saziah Bashir on Muslim feminism

Saziah Bashir talks about the ways in which society silences and shouts down Muslim women - often in the name of "helping" or "saving" them - without actually asking them what they think. She also discusses what feminism means to her as a Muslim woman.