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029: Anthony Reed: Star Wars--A New Age

FINALLY. #STARWARS is here. Alongside best bud and science fiction aficionado Anthony Reed, SuperTangent takes a ride into the future of most revered sci-fi franchise in history. We focus on all that has happened after Return of the Jedi, the annoyingly overly-sensitive fandom--and how we contribute--and in detail what worked and what didn't work for The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and Solo.



EVERYTHING is making a comeback. Terminator. Robocop. Predator. Alien. Star Wars. Teen Titans. The Walking Dead. Is it a good thing, or should some of these franchises finally give up the ghost and die out with dignity? Let's here my diatribe about it, yeah?


027: Rebecca Deveau--Twitch in a Time of Division

The Twitch community. Spider-Man. Spyro the Dragon. Battlefield V. Star Wars. Bethseda and Sony at E3 2018. Edmonton Twitch gamer and representative Rebecca Deveau goes all in on her thoughts on the pop culture politics of representation in cinema and gaming, what it means to nurture and facilitate a community of nerds, and why we need to be unified more than ever as pop culture becomes more progressive with who it brings into the spotlight.


026: Penultimate Infinity: Avengers 3

Obviously, now I'm depressed. After the gigantic hit Black Panther, it's finally time to take a look at spoilery look at Avengers: Infinity War, contender for one of the best films of the year, and easily the best Avengers film to date. Where did this movie's fully CGI villain work where other fully CGI villains failed miserably? What awaits for the future of the MCU? Why does this movie depress me and all of my friends? Take a listen.


025: Venom

THAT NEW VENOM TRAILER, THOUGH. That provokes me to speak my thoughts on it, how I really feel about a Venom spin-off, and why the Spider-Man films of yesteryear that starred Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire either worked or completely failed. Forgive the poor quality! It won't happen again!


024: Courageous 2--Wakanda Forever

It's a bit of a late start, but it's time to dive into Black Panther--one of the best Marvel movies ever made since the days of Blade and X-Men, and easily one of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taking a deeper look at the black experience, and showcasing an all-star symphony of talent both in front of and behind the screen, let's take a courageous look at Black Panther, how it engages its audience in an incredible experience, exacerbates intelligent social dialog...


023: Courageous

Evangelion. Gundam. The Fast and the Furious. Final Fantasy VII. What do any of these things have in common? What am I learning from them, and how is it defining who I am as a person? Also, come learn why I hate porn. Whatever.


022: Happy Birthday!!! Reflections on Fandom, Fatherhood, and MLK Jr.

I'm proud of this episode. One year ago, my first episode was released. Now, it's time for me to celebrate this birthday-and that of Martin Luther King Jr.--and reflect on my childhood memories of watching anime, deciphering where my obsessions with Gundam and arcade games came from, and who is responsible for my fandoms, my nerdiness, and this very podcast: my...


021: Run/away

We're diving into two Marvel comics properties that are poppin off on streaming service networks right now: Hulu's Runaways, and Netflix's The Punisher. These two shows are fantastic and I'd like to speak on em just for a minute or three. PLUS: Psych the Movie is hilarious fun for the fan of the family-friendly quirky buddy-cop Sherlock Holmes iteration of the modern day. Anything else calling your name? Better run/away.


020--Justice Friends: Ragnarok

Episode 20 is ready for the New Year. As you might have gathered from the title, two of last year's most anticipated superhero films--Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League--are the focus of this episode. IS LOKI IMMORTAL? ARE DC VILLAINS SUCCEEDED WHERE MARVEL VILLAINS ARE NOT? IS JEFF GOLDBLUM THE FUNNIEST MAN ALIVE? It gets a little spoiler-y, so if you haven't seen either film, shame on you, and tread this episode softly.


019: Toben Shelby: Digital vs Physical--Fate of Two Mediums

We're back with 019, and special guest host Toben Shelby of the Cinema Covenant podcast has crashed the party. We give our thoughts on the current state of home media, the memories and importance of its two primary forms--digital and physical--and how it effects the future of music, video games, and most certainly films.


017 Homecoming: Thoughts on Spider-Man

Spider-Man is Justin's favorite superhero. Cliche, right? Well now that the new film is out, Justin takes the time to dive a little bit into why Spidey is his preferred hero, and personal (semi-spoilery) thoughts on the new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming!


016: Mummies, Monarchs, & Mistakes

It all started with the Universal Monsters from the 1920's to the '50s. It all happened again with Marvel Studios in 2008 to present day and beyond. But now with DC, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Spider-Man, Godzilla/Kong, AND Dark Universe all wanting a piece of the shared universe money, it looks like the concept is becoming exploited and the format over-saturated. Calm down, Hollywood. Justin has got plenty to say about...


015: E3: The Mighty Nerds

So what if E3 is over. Justin has some insight on a few of his favorite announcements from the world-renowned video gaming expo, expresses his disappointment at the current state of game developer Capcom, particularly with their upcoming fourth Marvel vs Capcom entry, and some encouragement for entrepreneurs all over to come up chugging along. We all need to hear that sometimes,...


014: Mask Off

After a month-long hiatus, Justin is back with the Season Two re-launch of SuperTangent!! Beginning with episode 014, he catches you up on life and some obstacles that are close to being overcome, a review of Pirates 5, Guardians 2, and his issue with Marvel's superhero posters sucking completely with heroes who, for no reason, always have their masks off. Come check out the Season Two revisions happening at...


013: Breaking Down Gundam

Ya boy is back at in with another episode breaking down media, the SuperTangent way. Now it's about GUNDAM, the great anime of all time (see: IMO). It all started in 1979 on April 7th. Since it's still April, aka. Gundam Month, we're going to dive into the original series from 1979, Mobile Suit Gundam: what it is, what it's about, and breaking it down in terms of values I derive from it and two of its themes: family, and prejudice. In the vain of Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Evangelion,...


012: Race Against Media

Crazy how fast these bad boys are popping out!! Episode 012 goes a few frames deeper as Justin takes a step back and analyzes some trends he sees between American media and race--namely, the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell, the new Power Rangers film, and the comic book series Iron Fist on Netflix.


011: Mighty Morpin' Microsoft

For #podcast episode eleven, Justin dives into whether he should get an #xboxone based off of his previous experiences with company head #mircrosoft and his thoughts on the future #projectscorpio, which he feels he must also commit to purchase if he gets an Xbox! Justin will also be discussing in spoiler-free detail his experience with the #PowerRangers movie, and how it was for a fan of the original 90's Fox Kids show to see this reboot of the classic franchise--a film that revitalizes...


010: SuperTangent X: The Next Level (THIS Time, it's WAR)

YAY. When one of us makes it, we ALL make it! To celebrate the 10th episode of SuperTangent, Justin is here to also celebrate ten of his favorite podcasts currently. These are diverse and fun podcasts, and he HIGHLY recommends that you find these on iTunes and subscribe to them if you're invested in entertainment and entrepreneurship like he is. 10:07 Fan2Fan Podcast 12:26 2 Dope Queens 14:04 Bit Different 15:30 Geek to Geek 17:50 Smart Passive Income 22:03 LaserTime 24:26 PS I...