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The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty, randomness and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting, authentic guests who speak honestly and openly, and have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools

The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty, randomness and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting, authentic guests who speak honestly and openly, and have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools
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The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty, randomness and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting, authentic guests who speak honestly and openly, and have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools






Ep. 85: Matthew Del Negro - Perseverance and "10,000 Nos"

We often think of outcomes as binary – either they happen, or they don’t. Think about something you want to happen – this could be a career, relationship or personal goal. Now imagine that at some point in the future, you will learn about the outcome of that objective. You get to that future point, and the outcome is a “no”. Now imagine that you can do something about that – but that this requires you to run a type of weird marathon. At every kilometre marker, you once again get to learn...


Ep. 84: Stephanie Harris - How Death Expands Us

This is a wonderful conversation under the banner of “resilience”. My guest is Stephanie Harris. Stephanie is an author and a self growth and progress coach. She is a South African based in New Zealand and specialises in supporting those experiencing grief – that could be grief caused by the death of a loved one, friend or pet – but it also could be caused by a major setback. Stephanie book Death Expands Us is based on her personal experience dealing with the sudden loss of her brother....


Ep. 83: Keith Furst - Philosophy to Finance, and a lot in between

In our previous episode with Justin Recla on cryptocurrencies, we mentioned that we were going to broaden out the conversation on finance, the global economy, technology and how all of that is changing us. This is exactly what we do in this episode – and then some. My guest is Keith Furst. Keith runs a firm called Data Derivatives, which focuses on implementing financial crime systems. He is an expert in anti-money laundering, fraud and financial abuse. However, Keith also has a...


Ep. 82: Justin Recla - Navigating the Cryptocurrency Wild West

Sometimes, certain iconic film scenes serve as appropriate metaphors for phenomena in real life. In this episode, we talk about the world of cryptocurrencies. In searching for the appropriate comparative movie scene, I first considered the Matrix’s red pill / blue pill scene. Depending on what you think about cryptocurrencies, you might have varying viewpoints on whether they represent the red pill – emancipation from an artificial reality or the blue pill – a blissful, yet false...


Ep. 81: Adam Connors - Rediscover the Lost Art of Networking

This conversation will completely change the way you think about networking. Yes, we all know networking is important. But it isn’t about how many LinkedIn connections you have or about attending so-called “networking events”. True networking is about developing authentic connections with others and starting these from the vantage point of giving, not taking. It’s also an art that is increasingly being lost. Fortunately, Adam Connors is bringing it back. Adam is a master networker and the...


Ep. 80: Howard Bareham - Entrepreneurism, Advertising, the Media, and a Packet of Polos

This episode is a conversation about the media and advertising in our digital age as much as it is about entrepreneurism, risk-taking and decision-making. My guest is Howard Bareham. Howard is a long-time media, advertising and sales expert who has worked for and with some of the biggest names in the business – for instance Saatchi and Saatchi and WPP. Howard has had an extraordinary career starting from the ground floor of the industry and working his way up. Recently however, Howard...


Ep. 79: Srdja Popovic - How to Topple a Dictator

Dictatorships and “strong man” leadership is on the rise across the globe. In addition, and particularly in the West, entrenched special interests are very prominent. Indeed, it appears that democracy is in retreat. How can dictators, with their stranglehold on power through military force, control of media and financial clout be toppled? How can entrenched special interests be overcome? In fact, how can any kind of civic change happen – be that improvements with your local rubbish...


Ep. 78: Oscar Scafidi - Kayaking the Kwanza

Adventure is about much more than excitement and novelty. It is also about facing challenges and solving problems. It is about venturing into the unknown. It is about moving forward following setbacks. It is about making decisions, and dealing with risk. And yes, adventure can be about wonderful, curious, and frustrating things in far-off lands. This episode is about all of those things and more. My guest is adventurer, teacher, writer and political risk consultant Oscar Scafidi. In 2016,...


Ep. 77: Kyrre Lien - Understanding the "Internet Warriors"

Have you ever scrolled through the comments section of an article or a Twitter thread and wondered – “where do these ‘trolls’ come from?” If you’ve ever wondered that causes these often hateful, toxic and often mis-informed opinions, you are not alone. My guest this week wondered the same thing. In fact, he made a book and documentary film about this phenomenon. Meet Kyrre Lien, a 27-year old Norwegian journalist and documentarist. Last year, Forbes magazine named Kyrre one of the 30...


Ep. 76: Gleb Tsipursky - How to Seek Truth

This is a conversation that emphasises a number of positive things we can do in the face of fake news, lying politicians, disagreements and decision-making. My guest is Gleb Tsipursky and if that name sounds familiar, it might be because he was our guest in episode 45. Gleb is a professor, a science communicator, the co-founder of Intentional Insights, a non-profit that seeks to promote science-based truth-seeking, meaning and purpose. He is also the co-founder of something called the...


Ep. 75: Paula McGuire - Adventures in Anxiety, and a Big, Mad Swim Around Britain

Imagine that you suffer from social anxiety that is so acute that you struggle to answer the phone, open the door to your home if someone knocks, or to go outside. Now imagine that in spite of this, you’ve become an adventurer, a speaker and writer. Now imagine that in two short months, you will start a journey to be the first person to swim around Great Britain. Meet Paula McGuire – our guest on Episode 75. Paula hails from Glasgow and for many years has suffered from acute social...


Ep. 74: Nathan Freier - How Warfare is Changing, and Why the US is "At Its Own Peril"

Threats to democracy, the changing nature of military conflict, cyber threats, bots, China, Russia and disruptive change created by hyper connectivity – what does all of this mean? How should military organisations assess and manage risk? What lessons can we learn that are applicable elsewhere? Today, we dive into these topics. This is both and important and informative “big picture” risk conversation. It is also highly enjoyable. In this episode, we discuss the USA’s military power,...


Ep. 73: Joshua Phillip - China, Tongs, Triads and Geopolitics

Today, we talk China and its complex relationship with The United States and the West. My guest is Joshua Phillip, an award-winning journalist at the Epoch Times. He specialises in covering national security in the United States in relation to China and is an expert in China’s roles and approaches to espionage, organised crime, and unconventional warfare. We get into all of that and go down a few rabbit holes in this one – each more fascinating than the previous. Of course, Joshua...


Ep. 72: Ji-Hyun Park and Michael Glendinning - Inside, and Escape From, North Korea

When we hear about North Korea in the news, it is often about missile tests, diplomatic negotiations, cyber attacks, the threat of war, or even what former pro basketballer Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un are discussing. But, what is going on behind all of this? What is life really like in North Korea? For a country that makes owning a business illegal, a quiet revolution rumbles on as the infiltration of illegal commerce grows. North Koreans are taking more risks to serve...


Ep. 71: Gary Noesner - Hostage Negotiations, and Why Listening is More Important Than You Realise

How often do you get to listen to an hour’s worth of wisdom from the from the FBI’s former chief hostage negotiator? Well, today we get that chance. Meet Gary Noesner, who led the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit until his retirement in 2003. Gary is now a consultant, speaker and author of the book Stalling for Time, part of which forms the basis of a new miniseries on the Paramount Network called “Waco”. Yes, Gary was involved in negotiations with Branch Davidians in the lead up to the...


Ep. 70 - "The Best" of 2017

This is our second annual “best of” episode which is a compilation of what I and some of you have considered to be your favourite excerpts from our episodes in the past year. It’s always difficult to leave things out, and we had an amazing set of guests and conversations in 2017. The clips that didn’t make it are in no way “lesser” than those that did – the selection process was not highly “scientific”. However, we had to exclude more than we could include. This year’s compilation...


Ep. 69: Daniel Wagner - A Look Back at the Big Picture in 2017 and Forward to 2018

Today, we look back at “big picture” events of 2017 and forward to risks that may not be on people’s radar for 2018 with 4-time guest of the podcast Daniel Wagner. Those of you who have caught my previous episodes with Daniel know that he is a geo-political risk expert, CEO of Country Risk Solutions, regular media commentator, and author of many articles and books – most recently “Virtual Terror”. Daniel’s views are often contrarian and always insightful. We talk US politics, climate...


Ep. 68: The Extremes of Animal and Human Physiology

What can we learn about ocean animals that can tell us about the environment? What happens to birds when they take their physiologies to their limits? How close are we to seeing a sub-two hour marathon? This is a somewhat different episode of the podcast in which I talk to three speakers from this year’s Humanature conference. The conference brings together experts from a number of fields to explore the links between extreme life and human performance and health. I was fortunate enough...


Ep. 67: Eldor Arbel - Security From the Inside Out

How does Israel’s approach to public security differ from that of the USA and Western Europe? What can we learn? Today, we explore public security, terrorism, body language, mindset and more. My guest is Eldor Arbel. Eldor is the CEO of Arbel Consulting and Training. He brings a unique perspective to security – “security from the inside out”. This isn’t surprising considering Eldor is an Israeli national living in London, spend four years in the Israeli Defence Forces and has worked for...


Ep. 66: Monika Sattler - Adventure Cycling and Listening to Your Heart

Today, we talk cycling, making decisions and taking risks with Monika Sattler. Monika is an adventure cyclist, writer and vlogger. Monika competed in this year’s Haute Route Alps. In fact, she actually completed the Haute Route Triple Crown – completing 21 days across the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites! Monika is currently based in Griona, Spain – one of the world’s best cycling destinations. Girona is perfect for what Monika does – adventure cycling and inspiring others, especially...