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For Nerds by Nerds! From Film Reviews, to Comic Books, Horror, Video Games, & Wrestling, We're your Nerd Hub For Pop Culture!

For Nerds by Nerds! From Film Reviews, to Comic Books, Horror, Video Games, & Wrestling, We're your Nerd Hub For Pop Culture!


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For Nerds by Nerds! From Film Reviews, to Comic Books, Horror, Video Games, & Wrestling, We're your Nerd Hub For Pop Culture!




Ep.135 Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review! Nia DaCosta, New Director for Captain Marvel 2?! The Greatest Cartoon Theme Songs? Netflix's Ratched! The End of the Console Wars!? Raw: Underground?!

Strap in folks as the nerds take on Umbrella Academy Season 2! Plus tons of popculture news as the MCU signs on a new director in Nia DaCosta and Disney tries video on demand. Could it be the beginning of major motion pictures releasing at home? They also catch up on Star Wars comics and give you their thoughts on Raw's new segment. Special Thanks this week to Manscaped, Mystified, Talk'n Pops and Myfeed for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! ⦁ Get 20% Off + Free...


Ep.134 Horror film The Rental Reviewed! Comic-Con@Home & the Nerds Takeover the Emmys! Big Star Wars & MCU Rumors! A Witcher Prequel Series! Snyder Cut News! Call of Duty News! & AEW & NXT Reviews!

Get all the news after Comic-Con @ Home and the Emmys 2020. Everything from Snydercut news to Helstrom's first trailer. This episode also marks the return of Comic Book Spotlight as we talk Marvels big event book Empyre. Christian dives into all the Star Citizen drama and talks the leaked info on the next Call of Duty. Plus the boys talk horror with the new Terrifier Trailer and review of The Rental! All this and a whole lot more in episode 134! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped,...


Ep. 133 The Beach House & Netflix's Ju-On Origins Reviewed! Donald Glover to Return as Lando in Star Wars Disney Plus Series!? Chucky Series News, First look at Halo Infinite! & WWE Horror Show!

The Nerds embrace there horror fandoms this week as they review Ju-On: Origins, The Beach house and WWE Extreme Rules Horror show! Not only that but plenty of news as Chucky returns for the small screen and rumours circulate about a possible return to Star Wars in Donald Glover. Get full coverage of the Xbox Games Showcase and more! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! ⦁ Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, when you visit...


Ep.132 Netflix's The Old Guard & the Horror Film Relic Reviewed! We Celebrate the 20 Years of X-Men Films! Star Wars The Bad Batch Gets a Series! The Batman Spin-Off Show!? Ubisoft Forward reactions!

Join The Amazing Nerd Show this week as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of X-men films and give you reviews for 2 new films in Netflix's The Old Guard & IFC's horror movie Relic! We also take a dive into the gaming world and talk Ubisoft forward. And plenty more pop culture news as Star Wars announces a new animated series! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped and outlaw guitarist Jesse Dayton for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! Want to experience the music...


Ep. 131 Warrior Nun Reviewed! Halloween Kills, The Boys, & Umbrella Academy Trailer Reactions! Two New Rumored DC Films on their way! Who's the new Batwoman!? NXT GAB Vs AEW Fyter Fest!

The boys get their binge on this week with Netflix's Warrior Nun! Plus tons of great news coming from the DC camp! Batwoman Constantine Zantana and more! Plus tons of trailer reactions and we review both Great American Bash and Fyter Fest! Time Stamps Our first comics-00:00 The new Batwoman- 06:41 Zantana and Constantine coming to the big screen- 10:08 Wolfman gets its Director!- 14:52 Halloween Kills- 16:21 Umbrella Academy S2- 19:43 The Boys S2- 22:45 Warrior Nun Review-...


Ep. 130 The Best & Worst of TV & Film in 2020 So Far! From Films like Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey & The Invisible Man To T.V. Shows like Star Wars: Clone Wars & Picard. We Pick Our Favorites!

Tune in this week as we break down the entertainment world so far for 2020. Were talking all the shows and movies we loved as well as a couple we didn't. We also announce the final winner in our Jaws 45th anniversary limited edition giveaway. Find out if you won and how to get your copy! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped and Podcorn for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and...


Ep.129 Jaws VS Raiders of the Lost Ark? What's Our Top Spielberg Film of All Time? You Should Have Left Horror Film Review! Micheal Keaton Returns as Batman? MCU Rumors! Cyberpunk: 2077 Reactions!

Spielberg Month comes to a close as we announce two more winners in the Jaws 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Giveaway and countdown the final 2 Spielberg Summer Blockbusters! We also get plenty of movie news as Micheal Keaton looks to dawn the black cape again as batman! As well as more gaming news with Cyberpunk releasing new game play footage. Special Thanks this week to Manscaped and Trubrain for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! Get 20% off the Trubrain...


Ep. 128 Spielberg Month Continues as we Discuss Jurassic Park! Becky & Blood Machines Film Reviews! Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer & Candyman Trailer Reactions! & Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay!

Huge DC event on the horizon! get the latest on the Snyder cut and more this week on the Amazing Nerd Show! We also continue our artist spotlight as we break down another of Spielbergs classic summer block busters. Plus we announce the first 2 winners of the Jaws 45th anniversary limited edition give away! If that's not enough we talk plenty of horror news and review two of our latest horror finds in Becky and Blood Machines. All this and a whole lot more! time stamps Stephen King wants...


Ep. 127 It's Spielberg Month! From Indiana Jones to Jaws we Countdown the Directors Biggest FIlms! Also the PS5 Reveal! A Halloween Kills Rumor! MCU News! Plus Heyman out at WWE!

Summer has kicked it into high gear! This month we present you with our first ever artist spotlight as we count down Steven Spielberg's greatest Summer Blockbusters! We also breakdown the latest in gaming news and MCU news with the latest on Evan Peters and Spider-Man! *Show Note- This episode was recorded over Skype, we apologize for the sound inconsistency. Special Thanks this week to Manscaped and Super Politics for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! Find Super...


Ep. 126 PODCAST BLACKOUT! BLACK LIVES MATTER! This week the Amazing Nerd Show takes a moment to reflect & join other independent podcasters in a Podcast Blackout.

Hear their names. This week the Amazing Nerd Show takes a moment to reflect and joins other independent podcasters in a Podcast Blackout as started by Cult 45 Podcast. Listed bellow are organizations and causes to help make a change in America. #BlackLivesMatter Black Visions Collective Reclaim the Block KNOW YOUR RIGHTS CAMP MINNESOTA FREEDOM...


Ep. 125 The Wretched Movie Review! DC Planning Harley Quinn's Next Movie! Henry Cavill Returns as Superman!? Suicide Squad the Ayer Cut!? & AEW Double or Nothing Review!

Amazing Nerd Show swoops in with more nerd news as Superman himself gets possible cameo appearances in future DCEU films! Plus we get details for Harley Quinn and the potential directors cut of Suicide Squad. Not only that but we have another movie review as this week Damon talks The Wretched! All that and a whole lot more! Time Stamps Saturday Morning Delight- 00:00 The Return of Henry Cavill- 06:14 The Next Harley Quinn Project- 09:06 Suicide Squad: The Ayer Cut- 12:11 Labrynth 2...


Ep. 124 The Star Wars Franchise Ranked! It's the Grand Finale of Star Wars Month, So We're Counting Down All Our Favorites in Tv & Film! Plus The Snyder Cut is Coming to HBO MAX!

The Saga of Star Wars Month comes to a close as we rank almost the entire franchise from worst to best! Plus tons of nerd news this week as the Snyder Cut blows up the internet and Warner Brothers wallets! Get the latest scoop on everything Star Wars, Horror, DC, Marvel and more! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! ⦁ Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, when you visit !! #theshowyouneverknewyouwanted is...


Ep. 123 Boba Fett, Returns! Huge Mandalorian Season 2 Castig News! The Top 5 Star Wars Video Games of All Time! Horror Movie Review for The Lodge! MCU Rumors! & WWE's Money in the Bank Reactions!

From rumor to now confirmation, Boba Fett has survived the sarlac pit! Join us this week as we continue our Star Wars Month Celebration! Were talking the best Star Wars Video Game plus tons of Mandalorian news as more Clone Wars and Rebels stars join Ahsoka this season. But that's not all! We give you our review for the recently released horror film The Lodge and talk WWE's Money in the bank and what the plans might be going into Summer Slam this year! All this and more! Time Stamps Bobba...


Ep. 122 The 10 Best & Worst Star Wars Characters Ranked! Clone Wars The Final Season Reviewed! Taika Waititi to Direct a Star Wars Movie! Ghost Rider, Iron Heart & Becky Lynch Joining the MCU?

Star Wars Month Continues as we breakdown and rank the best Star Wars characters in canon! We also give our full review of the final season of clone wars. Hear our reactions to Ahsoka taking on order 66! but of course theirs plenty of pop culture news this week as MCU rumors continue to fly and new directors join Disney pluses Manalorian! All this and more! Time Stamps Luke Skywalker was Ripped in the 90's- 00:00 Taika Waititi to Direct Star Wars Movie- 06:05 Robert Rodriguez and...


Ep. 121 Our Best & Worst Moments of Star Wars Countdown! We're Celebrating Star Wars Day & The 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back by Discussing All Things Star Wars, All Month Long!

Join Amazing Nerd Show this month for STAR WARS MONTH! Each week we will be bringing you reviews and countdowns focusing on all things Star Wars as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back! Spark up your sabers and get ready for a lightspeed adventure! This week were talking 20 of the greatest moments in star wars history and 5 of the worst! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped and Bespoke Post for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! ⦁ Get 20%...


Ep. 120 Our Top 5 Best & Worst Video Game Movie Countdown! We Draft the New MCU Avengers Team! Big Venom 2 News! A Female Centric Star Wars Series in the Works! & Scorpions Revenge Film Review!

Block Buster News just in as this week the nerds talk the future of the MCU and who they want on the roster of the next avengers film. Plus this weeks movie review for Mortal Kombat Legends and The best and worst video game movies of all time! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped and Bespoke Post for sponsoring this weeks episode of The Amazing Nerd Show! ⦁ Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code NERDSHOW20 at ! ⦁ Get 20% off your first monthly box with Bespoke...


Ep 119 JJ Abrams Brings Justice League Dark & a Shining Series to HBO Max! Horse Girl Reviewed & Pixar's Onward Reviewed! John Krasinski to the MCU? 1st Look at Dune & WWE's Huge Layoff's!

HBO Max is on the horizon and Warner Media is making huge plays to enter the streaming wars enlisting J.J. Abrams Bad Robot! WB puts it's faith in the Return of Dune! Marvel in Talks with John Krasinski! And Spyglass makes Jesus weep with the return of Hellraiser. Plus the nerds catch you up on their recent at home watches with reviews for Onward and Horse Girl! all this and WWE fires your favorite wrestler! Special Thanks this week to Manscaped and American Timelines Podcast for...


Ep.118 The New MCU Release Calendar! Wrestlemania 36 Review! I Am Not Okay With This Netflix's Series Review & a Sonic The Hedgehog Review! Horror News! & An Ahsoka Star Wars Series!?

Wrestlemania Season is officially over! Catch up with our thoughts on the show so big it needed 2 nights! We also breakdown our latest Netflix binge I Am Not OK With This! We dive into horror news and even more rumors about the possible Young Avengers Movie! All this and more! Time Stamps Louisiana Purging- 00:00 MCU Release Dates- 04:12 Ahsoka to be featured in more than just the Mandalorian!?- 07:33 Young Avengers- 09:55 The Others remake- 11:17 Horror Classic Night of the Hunter...


Ep 117 It's Our Greatest Movie Villains Countdown! Who Are the Most Evil Characters in Cinema! Star Trek: Picard Review! Tiger King Discussion! Peninsula Trailer Reaction! & Star Wars Casting News!

Things get crazier than Joe Exotic this week as we talk our Top Cinematic Villains! Plus the latest in potential star wars news and we take a voyage on the CBS series Picard! All this and more in Ep 117. Time Stamps Undertaker Vs Joe Exotic! Who's the real Tiger King!- 00:00 Filoni shares more Mandalorian Character's- 08:43 Mad Max Furiosa!- 12:48 Peninsula Trailer- 14:42 Star Trek: Picard- 17:55 Top Cinematic Villains of All Time!- 30:16 Special Thanks this week to DTFW Podcast...


Ep 116 It's Our Top 10 Cinematic Heroes Countdown! Amazon Prime's Hunters Reviewed! Ahsoka Coming to The Mandalorian! & Will Covid-19 Force Marvel & DC to Team up to Save the Comic Industry?

From Clint Eastwood to Robert Downey Jr. were talking the biggest and best Cinematic Heroes of all time! This list goes far beyond just Marvel and DC! Plus catch our reactions to all the latest in Star Wars news as casting for the Mandalorian drops huge names and hints at the story to come. And of Course don't miss out this weeks review of Amazon Primes Hunters! All this and more! Big thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode of the Amazing Nerd Show! Fellow podcaster's your not...