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That Guy From Queer Eye

After 10 minutes of dickin’ around, the guys of TAP do a deep dive on a massive marijuana bust, shooting guns, and Skyler Jay’s fight for equal healthcare for the transgender community. What’s on TAP? Pale Ale by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: 4orTheLocals Special shoutout to: Buckhead Quickshot, Coco, & Lil’ Duval


The Piedmont Park Expanse

In this episode the guys of TAP talk about the Piedmont Park expansion and affordable housing on the beltline. What’s On TAP? “Red Headed Haley” by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: DeAndre Bembry of the Atlanta Hawks


Sportsball: Diary of A Mad Black Atlanta Fan

In this sports filled episode, the guys of TAP talk about Atlanta Hawks and their Draft Pick Tre Young, Myron’s Golden State Gripes, Atlanta Falcons and the restructoring of Julio Jones’ contract, the new “National Anthem” policy in the NFL, Atlanta United fandom and the growing popularity of soccer… or futbol… in the country. What’s on TAP? “The A” by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: Austin Gaggero and the Gaggero Family


Book of Brandon: A Junkfood Episode w/ Brandon Dee

The guys of TAP sit down with comedian/actor Brandon Dee George and talk the Atlanta comedy scene, sports, music (Drake album), religion, fatherhood, and manogamy. What’s on TAP? “Kolsch” by Eventide Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Tyler (Trapkevious Widener) aka @TylerChronicles


Underground Atlanta Gentrification

The guys of TAP discuss efforts to give back to the community, the Underground Atlanta “Revival” food and culture, a crooked lunch lady, and an entrepreneur selling “high” end snacks. The FINAL Ticket Giveaway to “The Black Nerd” by Dad’s Garage! What’s on TAP? “Don’t Call It Hotlanta” by Monday Night Brewing “Over and Over and Over” by Orpheus Brewing


A Link to Momocon

FINALLY the Momocon episode is HERE! The guys of TAP discuss their experiences at Momocon, and a Ticket Giveaway to “The Black Nerd” by Dad’s Garage. What’s on TAP? “Triforce IPA” by Second Self Beer Company #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Cosplay Queen & Social Media Magic Girl Renee FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE


Push God: A Junkfood Episode

In this junk food episode we discuss the no holds barred falls count anywhere match that’s happening right now with Drake and Pusha T. We also talk about Childish Gambino, Nas & Kelis, and somehow Justin Timberlake keeps poppin’ up. What’s on TAP? “Southernality IPA” by Slow Pour Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: BProcksIT FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE


Snap Ya’ Fingaz: The Avengers JunkFood Episode

In this junkfood episode, the guys deep dive into Avengers: Infinity War and give their opinions on it. #ATLSalute this episode goes to: To Infinity Podcast FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE Apple Podcasts Google Play Music


This Is America (Red State Remix)

In this junk food episode, the homies at The Atlanta Podcast discuss how they feel about the video “This Is America”… oh, and getting old and Justin’s awful choice in women. What’s on TAP? “Unseasonal Lager” by Arches Brewery #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Jen Price of @ATLBeerBoutique FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE


Fashioned + Fried: A Fried Chicken Kickback

The guys get to sit down with Fashioned + Fried to talk about their donuts and fried chicken that literally creates lines hanging outside of buildings. Oh, and they get to try some, too… along with Jonathan’s Booker’s! What’s on TAP? “POG Basement IPA” by Scofflaw Brewery #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Shop Subscribe for FREE on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe for FREE on GooglePlay Music:...


Rowdy Waves: The Official Pomade of Atlanta United FC

Atlanta United FC, FX’s Atlanta, Bakin’ the waves, The Falcons, and Tessa Thompson’s new movie on a local legend. Oh and a gross surgery story. What’s on TAP? “Rowdy & Proud” by Three Taverns Brewery #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Hank aka HDawgArt Subscribe for FREE on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe for FREE on GooglePlay Music: Like us on Facebook:...


The Hangout with Dwyane Williams

TAP follows up on Black Panther, shady bookers, and learns alot about the black gay male community from guest Dwyane Williams of What’s on TAP? “No New Friends” and “Penguin Pale Ale” by Red Brick Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Deon Hedge Pretty Much Sisters Improv Show Paige Culliver Subscribe for FREE on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe for FREE on GooglePlay Music:...


A TAP Classic: Schoolhouse Scandal

Due to the hype of Black Panther & Christian’s bitchass-ness, we decided to dust of a classic from 8 months back where the guys TAP into the Black Panther hype early, and do a deep dive into the next project for Director Ryan Coogler and Actor Michael B. Jordan that is set in the ATL. What’s on TAP? “1Up IPA” by Southern Sky Brewing Subscribe for FREE on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe for FREE on GooglePlay Music:...


Black History Month TAP Takeover: Down Home Brewing

TAP concludes Black History Month with a TAP Takeover by the first black owned craft brew in Atlanta, “Down Home Brewing”, and they discuss the business and their amazing story. What’s on TAP? “Georgia Hooch IPA” and “T-Pom Pomegranate Wheat Ale” by Down Home Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Chef Leslie Gordon @Penelahpes High Gravity Hip Hop Ale Sharpton Uncap Everything Mentions: Square Pub, Soundtable, Graveyard, Tomatillo, Dallas Cowboys, Blue Tarp Brewing Co., and Growler...


The Blackest Episode Ever featuring Ale Sharpton & Fabian “Occasional Superstar” Williams

In the 1st Black History Month episode, the guys welcome ATL legends Ale Sharpton & Fabian “Occasional Superstar” Williams with Justin’s terrible prostitute story. After the nonsense, Ale and Fabian proceed to drop some knowledge on relationships, beer, and society in the city. They also gift us with some dope stories, and cool events hosted by The Woke One himself PERFECT for your Black History Month. Enjoy. What’s on TAP? Beyond The Clouds Bret IPA by Monday Night Brewing Coffee...


GoT Spoilers?

The guys take a second to do a deep dive into their inner nerd and make a visit to the brewery for Geek Culture, “Southern Sky Brewing Company”, for a Game of Thrones Cosplay party where they engage in good conversation with cosplayer Brittany and talk about the brewery, Game of Thrones predictions, Harry Potter, and Westworld. What’s on TAP?: “Red Wedding Invitation”, & “Grog Nosel” from Southern Sky Brewing Company Subscribe for FREE on iTunes:...


Mass Collective: A Fried Chicken Kickback Episode

After 20 minutes of breaking bread and having conversation with local artist Doran Hickey and COO of Mass Collective, Mike Mooney, the conversation on this episode goes from local food and art in the community to society, gentrification, and the very dope Mass Collective. What’s on TAP?: “Storey-Time IPA”, “Nap Time IPA”, “Alpen Glow IPA”, & “Tatanka Coffee Stout” from Good Word Brewing & Public House #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Miya Bailey Notch 8 Gallery Loveless Melvin City of...


Tap Takeover: 3 Taverns with 3 Kings

The guys are still celebrating the holidays by having a crash course in Three Taverns Beer and diving into Myron’s new year’s resolution, interracial relationships, handwriting, and Three Kings Day! What’s on TAP?: “Inceptus” Georgia Wild Ale, “A Night On Ponce” American IPA, & “CRAVE” Double IPA by Three Taverns Brewery Subscribe for FREE on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe for FREE on GooglePlay Music:...


New Year. New Beer.

Ringing in the new year, the boyz of TAP tackle the brand spankin’ new mega-brewery, “New Realm Brewing Company”, and give a brief overview of their private tour of the facility and their delicious beer. Also discussed is the Peach Drop and Falcons & Georgia Football (of course). What’s on TAP?: “Hoplandia IPA” and “The Commissioner Golden Ale” by New Realm Brewing Company #ATLSalute goes to Lennox McCaskill local author of the epic trilogy “Colossal”. Subscribe for FREE on iTunes:...


Christmas -n- Atlanta

The guys of TAP are feelin’ merry and wanted to share with you all the Christmas cheer that’s going on in the city of Atlanta this season, starting with the Christmas themed pop-up bar titled Miracle on Monroe, Lenox Square’s Pink Pig, the Center for Puppetry Arts, and the Botanical Gardens. In TAP fashion, side journeys takes the conversation to Sesame Street, the Grammy nominees, Rich’s Department Store, and Marvel Superhero movie talk. What’s on TAP?: “Bourbon Barrel-Aged Drafty Kilt” by...