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Walter’s Army

In this episode the guys do a history dive on the iconic Walter Strauss, oldschool fashion, demographics in the military, and James Gunn. What’s on TAP?: A Tucker Brewing Takeover (Southern Heaven Hefeweizen, TKR Pilsner, & Georgia Red Lager) #ATLSalute goes to: Mama Lorraine & the many Women of the US Military


That Guy From Queer Eye

After 10 minutes of dickin’ around, the guys of TAP do a deep dive on a massive marijuana bust, shooting guns, and Skyler Jay’s fight for equal healthcare for the transgender community. What’s on TAP? Pale Ale by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: 4orTheLocals Special shoutout to: Buckhead Quickshot, Coco, & Lil’ Duval


The Piedmont Park Expanse

In this episode the guys of TAP talk about the Piedmont Park expansion and affordable housing on the beltline. What’s On TAP? “Red Headed Haley” by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: DeAndre Bembry of the Atlanta Hawks


Sportsball: Diary of A Mad Black Atlanta Fan

In this sports filled episode, the guys of TAP talk about Atlanta Hawks and their Draft Pick Tre Young, Myron’s Golden State Gripes, Atlanta Falcons and the restructoring of Julio Jones’ contract, the new “National Anthem” policy in the NFL, Atlanta United fandom and the growing popularity of soccer… or futbol… in the country. What’s on TAP? “The A” by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: Austin Gaggero and the Gaggero Family


Book of Brandon: A Junkfood Episode w/ Brandon Dee

The guys of TAP sit down with comedian/actor Brandon Dee George and talk the Atlanta comedy scene, sports, music (Drake album), religion, fatherhood, and manogamy. What’s on TAP? “Kolsch” by Eventide Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Tyler (Trapkevious Widener) aka @TylerChronicles


Underground Atlanta Gentrification

The guys of TAP discuss efforts to give back to the community, the Underground Atlanta “Revival” food and culture, a crooked lunch lady, and an entrepreneur selling “high” end snacks. The FINAL Ticket Giveaway to “The Black Nerd” by Dad’s Garage! What’s on TAP? “Don’t Call It Hotlanta” by Monday Night Brewing “Over and Over and Over” by Orpheus Brewing


Christmas -n- Atlanta

The guys of TAP are feelin’ merry and wanted to share with you all the Christmas cheer that’s going on in the city of Atlanta this season, starting with the Christmas themed pop-up bar titled Miracle on Monroe, Lenox Square’s Pink Pig, the Center for Puppetry Arts, and the Botanical Gardens. In TAP fashion, side journeys takes the conversation to Sesame Street, the Grammy nominees, Rich’s Department Store, and Marvel Superhero movie talk. What’s on TAP?: “Bourbon Barrel-Aged Drafty Kilt” by...


Jack’s Journey’s: Italy

In the comeback episode of TAP your friendly neighborhood n-words catch up and talk about Myron’s Trip to Italy, UGA Football, the Juicy IPA craze, having chicken wings on the first date, and Justin’s Potato History Lesson. What’s on TAP?: “Midnight Train Porter” by The Southern Brewing Company Subscribe on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe on GooglePlay Music: Facebook:...


Bad & Boozy: The Sweetwater TAP Takeover Fried Chicken Kickback

After 15 solid minutes of dick’n around at the Sweetwater Brewery, the guys of TAP get into Sweetwater’s “Stack a Fish, Stock a Stream” campaign and their annual Second Helping IPA with the 1st ever guest Dani from What’s on TAP?: “Sinner’s Son” by SweetWater’s “The Woodlands Project” This episode’s ATL Salute goes to: The Giving Kitchen Subscribe on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe on GooglePlay Music:...



In this episode of TAP, the hosts discuss the terrible situation with AJ Burgess, the Georgia Dome Implosion, Basil Eleby update, and the “New” West End. What’s on TAP?: “Southernality Session IPA” by Slow Pour Brewing Company This episode’s ATL Salute goes to: Dani @Lushworthy Subscribe on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe on GooglePlay Music: Facebook:...


Fried Chicken Kickback

Grab some fried chicken and break bread with your brethren! On the 20th episode of TAP the guys decide to just kickback and have personal conversation on the NFL and kneeling, injustice, and Jackie Chan while munchin’ back on some good eats. Grab a TAP Tee while you’re at! We finally have some merch for you! Subscribe on iTunes at: Like us on Facebook at:...


Return of the Tex

The boyz of TAP are back and so is the ongoing case of Tex McIver. Myron shares his experience at the last Atlanta United game of the season, Futbol Fandom, and more! What’s on TAP?: “Scavenger” by Second Self Beer Company This episode’s ATL Salute goes to: Cafe 458 Subscribe on iTunes:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe on GooglePlay Music: Facebook:...


Amazon on tha Bluff

This week the guys of TAP chop it up about Amazon potentially having their 2nd headquarters in Atlanta, parking, Christian’s birthday plans for his baby girl, and Myron shares his experience with the “Hot Ones” hot sauce challenge. What’s on TAP?: Second Self’s Mole Porter ATL Salutes To: Fabian and MoreAboutNothin Podcast Subscribe on iTunes at:…d1219586331?mt=2 Subscribe on GooglePlay Music:...


Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman!

The guys of TAP discuss some Black Panther Excitement, Football! Futbol! Football! (Falcons, Atlutd, UGA), a postal service scandal, and transracial Names. Shout out to The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman (1961) What’s on TAP?: “Emergency Drinking Beer” by Wild Heaven Beer Join the conversation on other platforms: iTunes: Google Play Music:...



On TAP: • Gate City Brewing “OTP” This Week’s Menu: • Dr. Pepper Guy •Time Travel • Taking The Country Back • Prescription Thugs - A Netflix Documentary • Hitler: The Artist? • Charlottesville, VA • US History Lessons • 13th: A Netflix Documentary • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks starring Oprah • Lee’s Bakery on Buford HWY • Piedmont Park Statue • Touched By An Angel(’s Pinky Toe) • Spicy Foods • 2 Chainz • Movie Snacks • Stone Mountain • Stacy Adams • Kaepernick •...


Laughing Skulls Holding World Cups (Part 2)

On TAP: • Red Brick Brewery “Whale Shark Wheat” This Week’s Menu: •Culturalism? •EAV Food •The Vortex •Black People Tipping •Christian’s Vegan Diet… again… •Pollo Guisado •Epicurean Cafe •Get Yo’ B Vitamins!! •West Nile Virus in Decatur •Myron’s Conspiracy Hat •ATLien Salute to: Atkins Estimond “Boy Genius” Anson Wong. • Dark Side of the Room at Dad’s Garage Friday, August 25th Subscribe on iTunes at:...


Laughing Skulls Holding World Cups (Part 1)

On TAP: • Red Brick Brewery “Whale Shark Wheat” This Week’s Menu: •Myron’s Long Night makes for a Rough Morning •Illegal Food (actually just closed up and we hope they come back) •Expensive Shoe Habits •Radical’s Port-o-J’s •The Atlanta Falcons(of course) and other Atlanta sports #RiseUp •”Privileged Pizza” at Fellini’s •Matt Ryan (the one reason Christian will shop at Banana Republic) •Julio Jones Gems In Lake Lanier • Justin’s Dragon Con K.O. (revisited) •2026 FIFA World Cup...


Killer Mike Day

With aaaalot of beer, the guys chop it up about Myron’s trip to Costa Rica, Justin doing stand-up at Relapse Theatre, “Michael ‘Killer Mike’ Render Day” (7.17.17), Operation Southern Shield, the Georgia Cyclone, Cricket coming to ATL, if Trans-Racial is a thing?? Also Parenting In America and a campus carry law update. What’s on TAP?: “Desert Dawn” by Southbound Brewing Company, “SPF 50/50″ by Red Hare Brewing, “Nerd Alert” by Monday Night Brewing Join the conversation on other...


Stranger Danger (Part 2)

In this sequel, the TAP squad dives Operation: Spring Cleaning (Massive Child Predator Sting,, ”I Am Jane Doe” Netflix Documentary, Will Smith’s “Concussion” Movie & The Dangers of CTE, and Philips Arena’s $192 Million Renovations. What’s on TAP?: “Invocation” & “White Blackbird” by Wild Heaven Beer Join the conversation on other platforms: iTunes: Google Play Music:...


Stranger Danger (Part 1)

The guys are back from vacation and ready to chill-out with some delicious brews from Wild Heaven! Before they get into some serious Atlanta topics, they recap some vacay time, diet changes, great spots in the metro Area, and Netflix documentaries. What’s on TAP?: “Invocation” & “White Blackbird” by Wild Heaven Beer Join the conversation on other platforms: iTunes: Google Play Music:...