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AWOC: Requiem for a Hack: Part One: Wysiwyg is what you get new moon rising

Over 20 years ago, a young, fresh faced Chad Plambeck started 3B Theater, one of the original and insightful places for B-Movie reviews on the web. This year, he put 3B Theater to bed, never to awaken again. What happened in those 20 years is the subject of this two part podcast where Chad recounts the early days of blogging about B-Movies, the friends, contacts and heroes he met and everything in between. The second part is coming in a few weeks. 3B Theater is still up and full of...


AWOC: Stream a little Stream with Me, Dammit

In this episode, we frolic in the the stream of seemingly endless creative content, joyfully playing and singing as...ugh, that half eaten fish carcass is kind of ruining the vibe. And that old shoe and dirty water bottle. Wait a second...this streaming landscape is full of garbage! While we’re not going to fix the problem, boy do we have thoughts on how to improve the streaming landscape, how you can avoid paying for every single service out there and how maybe, just maybe, curated content...


AWOC: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker. We have some thoughts.

Episode 43: Rise of the Shit Talker It is a time of war. Some believe iconography and powerful storytelling have created a third trilogy destined for the ages. Others thought “The Rise of Skywalker” sucked so hard there’s no coming back. And everyone loves Baby Yoda. Join us on this epic quest as we unpack the last episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, and give our thoughts on everything happening in a galaxy far, far away. Which is a lot. As always, please let...


AWOC: What Got Us Through 2019; The Thankful Show

Gather around the hearth, you good and faithful friends, as we reflect on what is good. What is righteous. What has reached into our souls and given us the strength to continue. Yes, it’s a “what we’re thankful for” podcast because it’s better to be grateful for what you have than to think about some of the turdburgers we’ve had to sit through this year. Grab a mug of cocoa and, as always, let us know what you think in all the various ways you do such things. And as always, we’re thankful...


AWOC - Put your WEIGHT on it!

The Atomic Weight of Cheese is hot and tight Talkin’ bout that bad mother f’er named Dolemite Eddie Murphy’s flick is streaming now And that bad mutha should take a bow. But that flick ain’t all we got in store We’re big f’in fans of Rudy Ray Moore We go on and on about the dude Then give our recs with some attitude So excuse our tech issues and please Enjoy this episode of...well, you know. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down...


AWOC - STAB! I'm out.

What do you get when you take three movie fans, 2,000 miles, one big screen and no fewer than THREE Paul Naschy movies? It’s our first of two episodes on Super MonsterRama, a two night B-movie festival in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. We traveled far, stayed up late and are here to report on vampires, werewolves, vampire and werewolf fights, naked Italian ladies and one really unexpected stabbing. As always, if you want to defend Paul Naschy or any of the other movies we talk about, check...


AWOC - Threading the Needle

Goin’ down the highway doin’ 79. I’m a twin pipe papa and I’m feeling fine. Hey, man. Dig that. Is that a voice recorder on your phone? Then let’s record an episode! On this edition of The Atomic Weigh of Cheese, we’re jacked up on caffeine, on the road for 11 hours and ready to talk about the journey, man. From long roads to travels inward, join us for a low audio quality tour of the great American open road. As always, we’d love to hear your favorite movies about “the journey.” Follow...



Say it with me...IT’S NOT THAT HARD! We’re feeling vexed. Surly. Maybe even a bit aggrieved. Independent of each other, our three hosts came to the podcasting table with gripes and in this episode we turn on the mics and let ‘er rip. Do we sound like old people? Maybe, but really, REALLY angry old people. We’ll be back to our somewhat normal selves next episode, we promise. If you have had a burr in your saddle recently, we’d love to hear about it. Or just yell really loud and we’ll...

AWOC - In which money, reality and time are no object

[Party horn noise] It’s movie party time at the Atomic Weight of Cheese! Grab your cone hats with the uncomfortable thin rubber band and a piece of cake with way too much frosting as we here at the AWOC tackle the sort of “movie parties” we would want to throw. We start off realistic, get a little unrealistic and then get REALLY unrealistic, which was a lot of fun. If you want to join in the fun, no gift required. Just jump on our Facebook page or hit us up on Twitter about the sort of...


AWOC - MST3K: Riffing On or Ripping Off

For 30 years, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been a staple of cult cinema culture. Who can resist a riffing dude and his two cute riffing robots? The answer is famed director Joe Dante. His recent rant about why he hates the show has inspired us to dedicate the entire episode to MST3K, its value in the cult cinema landscape and whether or not Dante has a point. Is it time for the Satellite of Love to come down to Earth? Listen and find out! We would love to hear your thoughts on this...


AWOC - Starry, Starry Heist

Our summer travels are just about done and we're back in the Cheese Bunker talking travel, art and world renown pieces of visual art so beautiful you just want to RIP THEM OFF THE WALLS AND HANG THEM IN YOUR BATHROOM! Yes, friends, it's art heists, artists behaving badly and art in cult cinema on this episode of TAWOC. If you haven't cut off more than one of your ears, give it a listen and let us know your favorite art heists from cult cinema. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us...


AWOC - Avengers. The Now, and the Then

Join us for this spoiler-filled episode as the boys chatter like excited kids over the amazing-ness that was Avengers: Endgame :) Did I mention there will be spoilers? Just wanted to make sure you're aware they do not hold back as they discuss their favorite bits from the movie and it's been, what, a few weeks since the release? If you haven't seen it by now, then I guess, don't listen to this episode because the banter between the boys is FULL OF SPOILERS. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on...


AWOC - Why did you have to go there?

Look, we all have episodes where things go sideways. During this episode, it doesn’t take long as we discuss small aspects of cult cinema and beyond that bother the ever loving hell out of us. Man, these things bug us and will probably bug you too, once we point them out. Be warned, but it’s still a good time, particularly when Mike can’t keep it clean. Good luck, cheesekateers! Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down Chad’s movie hole at...


AWOC - Oh Captain, My Captain

And here she finally is, Carol Danvers, the last piece of the puzzle as Avengers: Endgame is nigh and our heroes on the brink rally to take down that Big, Purple, Finger-Snapping Hemorrhoid once and for all. We hope! (Or at least we hope the Flerken eats him, and then pukes that jerk back up.) And like a photon-blast to the face, Mike, Stephanie, and Chad tackle Captain Marvel and, well, marvel how Marvel Studios has once again spun gold out of yet another C-List hero and make what...


AWoC: A Cult of One

Ya know, sometimes a movie just sticks with you. And as a fanatical film viewer we sometimes latch onto said movie no one else seems to talk about, like, or have casually discarded as junk, and therefore consider it yours and yours alone. A film that you really dug but slipped through the cracks, or failed to light any nostalgia firestorms, while similar films from the same genre and time-frame have reached full conflagration. But that's okay, as you simply put the film in your pocket for...


AWoC: Episode 30 - Hey it's Bigfoot and Hitler in one movie!

We’re no slouches (we have our very own podcast after all!) but our accomplishments are mere specks of dust compared to this week’s over achiever. In our 30th episode we take a look at the film "The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot" starring Sam Elliot and Aidan Turner, and use the opportunity to talk about our favorite depictions of our favorite big-assed cryptid and our least favorite diminutive genocidal fascist. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave...


AWoC: Episode 29 - Cinematic Cranium Crunching

We might have never been head of the class, or the head of a major corporation, but we do know some good noggin trauma when we see it. In this episode we talk about our favorite instances of melon smashing, bean bouncing, noodle knuckling and good old fashion head smashing in our favorite pieces of cult cinema. Join us for some terrible things happening to the human head and join along if there’s anything we’ve missed. There’s more than one way to smash a head, after all. Follow us at...


AWoC: Episode 28 - Random Questions No. 2: The Questioninginatormatron

You thought the randomness was gone. You thought the fart gun was forever silent. You thought The Atomic Weight of Cheese would come up with a more structured idea and not resort to a second podcast full of random cult movie questions, each more odd than the last. YOU WERE WRONG!!!! Well, except for the fart gun. Mike forgot it at home. In this episode of The Atomic Weight of Cheese, each of our hosts bring three random cult movie questions to the table. No one knows the questions before...


AWoC: Episode 27 - All about the acting

We've all done it. The trailer looks bad, the story seems tired but it's got that ONE ACTOR! You know the one. The one you've followed for years. That one you think is so cool. That one that did that one thing with that guy in that one movie that was so great. In this week's episode the hosts talk about artists we would follow anywhere...and have. From the understandable to the embarrassing to the somewhat salacious, we talk about what makes someone "follow-able" and how that contributes to...


AWoC: Episode 26 - 2018: The Year That Was

Happy New Year, Cheeseketeers! In this episode we go through the good, the head and the ugly of the year that was, pausing for a few tangents and asides along the way. Some of this material is taken from our recommendations over the course of the year and some is the stuff that really stuck with us. We’d love to hear what stuck with you this year, and what you think of our picks. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall down Chad’s movie hole at