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The Atomic Weight of Cheese Podcast! Hosted by Chad Plambeck, Mike Bockoven & Steph Romanski. We talk about movies, movie culture, pop culture, and nostalgia.

The Atomic Weight of Cheese Podcast! Hosted by Chad Plambeck, Mike Bockoven & Steph Romanski. We talk about movies, movie culture, pop culture, and nostalgia.


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The Atomic Weight of Cheese Podcast! Hosted by Chad Plambeck, Mike Bockoven & Steph Romanski. We talk about movies, movie culture, pop culture, and nostalgia.






AWOC: Another round on us!

Welcome to our third ever “questions” podcast. The rules are simple: Each host gets three questions which have been kept secret from the other hosts. The reactions are real, raw and ill thought out, which is most of the fun! Some involve movies and streaming shows. Some involve modern conundrums. Others are just goofs, but it’s all right off the top of our heads. Enjoy! Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down Chad’s movie hole at...


AWOC: Cleaning out the CheeseBunker. Happy Hubrisween!

As we clean out our vaults and close up 2020, we find this episode focusing on a harrowing feat of strength and endurance for the dumbest of all reasons...Hubrisween. Invented by friend of the pod Tim Lehner (who makes an impromptu guest appearance), we talk about Chad’s adventure with creating 26 horror movie reviews in 26 days, one for each letter of the alphabet. How do you plan for this? What movies do you choose? What about the letters U and X? Listen for all these answers and more....


AWOC: Thank goodness!

The turkey is gone...hell, the left overs are gone, but The Atomic Weight of Cheese is back from a brief pause and Thanksgiving ain’t over yet! In this episode we are discussing gratitude in a cultural setting which is a fancy way of saying “we’re thankful for stuff”. It’s a hang out episode, but a good one. We’d love to hear what you’re thankful for and what you think of our podcast. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down Chad’s movie...


AWOC: Boba Fett? Where?!

This is the way. Not that way. That way is definitely not the way and that other might go that way but you won’t like where it ends up. This way, this is the way and this way features gooey monsters and badass heroes and the Season 2 of the Mandalorian, our favorite Star Wars property! Join us as we go through the first episode of season 2, figure out where this pastiche fits in the wide world of Star Wars and complain about black lightsabers. Plus Baby Yoda is so cute! Follow...


AWOC: They Did What Now?!?

Holding a grudge is no fun BUT there are those certain times, those specific decisions that don’t just stick in your craw, they build a summer home there. On this episode we go off on what’s been bugging us recently and over the past few years when it comes to movies, TV and what not. Yes, we could forgive and forget but WHAT FUN WOULD THAT BE!?!? Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down Chad’s movie hole at and find...

AWOC: Hear ye, hear ye! Court is now in order!

In honor of our good friend Chad’s recent stint in the jury box, we take a look at the courtroom and the great pieces of cult cinema that have come from it. Listen to the evidence, be thrilled by our closing statement and please rate and review our podcast and tell your movie fan friends about it. We’ll be back in a few weeks when this whole COURT will be out of order! Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down Chad’s movie hole at...


AWOC: I drank the drug blood and then did a podcast.

Chad the Relentless, a doll with the soul of Steph, and Jackie Daytona super fan Mike take on one of the best shows going - What We Do In The Shadows! From it’s humble beginnings as a slightly edgier film to the end of the second season of this banger comedy TV show, we take a rare diversion into one show, talk about what works and why three vampires and their loserly familiar captured our hearts. Not now Guillermo! Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a...


AWOC:Do You Hear What I Hear?

When a small town’s switchboard and radio station start picking up weird radio signals of unknown origin, the DJ and the telephone operator spend a harrowing night getting to the truth of what’s behind all of this unearthly interference -- stress on the 'unearthly'. Well, Mike, Steph and Chad also spent the night with Everett, Faye, and first time director Andrew Patterson’s The Vast of Night (2019), and in this episode we discuss whether you should tune into this surreal, faux one-take...


AWOC: Does this look infected to you?

What’s worse than a cotton swab tickling your brain? All sorts of things! In this episode our Cheesekateers tackle body horror in response to a couple of horrible things happening to our bodies. Well, Chad and Mike’s, but that’s a story for the podcast. Stay tuned for a quick discussion on The Snyder Cut and why it’s kind of toxic. Superman...toxic, who’d have thought! As always, we value your feedback and your download. Talk to us on our FB page, twitter or wherever. Follow us at...


AWOC: 50th Episode with the Fiasco Family Watch A Movie!

We’re celebrating 50 of these things by bringing on our favorites from the Fiasco Family Watch a Movie podcast and our discussion is a doozie. Imagine you’ve been invited to a party, which is hard to imagine in self isolation, I know. Then imagine you are tasked with bringing a movie. Which one is going to make you friends? Which one is going to make you a pariah? We spill the beans on this fun question and give everyone sincere thanks for giving us a listen. Fifty episodes ain’t...


AWOC: I am the resurrection. Or am I....

What does a shark, a soap opera twin and Jesus have in common? Resurrections, my friend. They’re back from the dead one really thought this through. In this episode, our holy trinity discuss the worst resurrections in cult cinema and television, running the gamut from the stupid to the just plain bizarre. Second life awaits! As always, tell us your least favorite on screen resurrections on Twitter, Facebook or wherever you can criticize podcasts. Thanks for...


AWOC: Is this a sore throat? Is this just allergies?

How are you? Good? Staying inside? Self isolating? Us too, but we took some time from our busy lives of looking for toilet paper and freaking the F out to record a podcast about...well, [gestures around]. There are some recommendations and some movie talk but, mostly, it’s three people in their individual homes acting like humans. We’ll get back to more focused content later. Thanks for taking the trip with us, friends. Stay safe (and stay home if you are able!) Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on...


AWOC: The Air-Speed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow

Hey, Gang. Seriously, the last few days have been a little rough, so we’re trying to take the edge off with a little on edge, random seeming, tangent embracing, semi serious questions about life, the Universe and everything to take our minds off the current crisis and the help us deal. It’s a randomness episode but at the same time you’ll get the Atomic Weight of Cheese crew at our most introspective. What marathons bring us comfort? Will we go into a movie theater any time soon? What does...


AWOC: Requiem for a Hack: Part Two: Pour one out.

Welcome back, my friends. You are interested in the cult cinema. The oddities. That is why you are here. And that is why we are offering to you the truth of what happened to 3B Theater, the blog that our co-host Chad Plambeck ran for more than 20 years. The facts. The events. My friends we cannot keep this a secret any longer. Can your heart stand part 2 of The Atomic Weight of Cheese’s “Requiem for 3B Theater”? As always, if you wish to pour one out for our man Chad or tell us what his...


AWOC: Requiem for a Hack: Part One: Wysiwyg is what you get new moon rising

Over 20 years ago, a young, fresh faced Chad Plambeck started 3B Theater, one of the original and insightful places for B-Movie reviews on the web. This year, he put 3B Theater to bed, never to awaken again. What happened in those 20 years is the subject of this two part podcast where Chad recounts the early days of blogging about B-Movies, the friends, contacts and heroes he met and everything in between. The second part is coming in a few weeks. 3B Theater is still up and full of...


AWOC: Stream a little Stream with Me, Dammit

In this episode, we frolic in the the stream of seemingly endless creative content, joyfully playing and singing as...ugh, that half eaten fish carcass is kind of ruining the vibe. And that old shoe and dirty water bottle. Wait a second...this streaming landscape is full of garbage! While we’re not going to fix the problem, boy do we have thoughts on how to improve the streaming landscape, how you can avoid paying for every single service out there and how maybe, just maybe, curated content...


AWOC: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker. We have some thoughts.

Episode 43: Rise of the Shit Talker It is a time of war. Some believe iconography and powerful storytelling have created a third trilogy destined for the ages. Others thought “The Rise of Skywalker” sucked so hard there’s no coming back. And everyone loves Baby Yoda. Join us on this epic quest as we unpack the last episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, and give our thoughts on everything happening in a galaxy far, far away. Which is a lot. As always, please let...


AWOC: What Got Us Through 2019; The Thankful Show

Gather around the hearth, you good and faithful friends, as we reflect on what is good. What is righteous. What has reached into our souls and given us the strength to continue. Yes, it’s a “what we’re thankful for” podcast because it’s better to be grateful for what you have than to think about some of the turdburgers we’ve had to sit through this year. Grab a mug of cocoa and, as always, let us know what you think in all the various ways you do such things. And as always, we’re thankful...


AWOC - Put your WEIGHT on it!

The Atomic Weight of Cheese is hot and tight Talkin’ bout that bad mother f’er named Dolemite Eddie Murphy’s flick is streaming now And that bad mutha should take a bow. But that flick ain’t all we got in store We’re big f’in fans of Rudy Ray Moore We go on and on about the dude Then give our recs with some attitude So excuse our tech issues and please Enjoy this episode of...well, you know. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down...


AWOC - STAB! I'm out.

What do you get when you take three movie fans, 2,000 miles, one big screen and no fewer than THREE Paul Naschy movies? It’s our first of two episodes on Super MonsterRama, a two night B-movie festival in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. We traveled far, stayed up late and are here to report on vampires, werewolves, vampire and werewolf fights, naked Italian ladies and one really unexpected stabbing. As always, if you want to defend Paul Naschy or any of the other movies we talk about, check...