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AWoC: Episode 23 - Because Renny Harlin

Happy Birthday to us! We've been doing this podcast for a year and in this extra super special episode we reveal the secret origins behind why we call our podcast The Atomic Weight of Cheese. It has to do, strangely enough, with the 2004 Renny Harlin slasher flick, "Mindhunters" (one word), being punchy on a road trip and making fun of something using a terrible German accent. I'd like to tell you it will all make sense but after a year, you know what's coming at you. Sincerely, we want...


AWoC: Episode 22 - Was that pudding???

On this episode of the Atomic Weight of Cheese we put the "random asides and long winded explanations" into "Rapid Fire" as we tackle the October No Horror Challenge. For each day in October we are asked a (mostly cult) film-related question and it turned out surprisingly well and diverse. Mike only mentioned "Starship Troopers" once! Mike and Chad also review the latest remake of Halloween and Mike should be beaten for his take on the theme music. We'd love to hear your takes on any and...


AWoC: Episode 21 - It's up to you, New York

How do you like your New York? Dark and grimy with terrible things happening down every alley? Bright and sunny, where love can blossom and everyone's your friend? With a giant monkey in it climbing on that big building over there? Whatever your experiences, we talk about The Big Apple and the movies that it has inspired in this week's episode. What are your favorite flicks set in and around NYC? Let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter,...


AWoC: Episode 20 - Alternative Reality Power Hour

What if JFK had survived Oswald’s bullet? What if Hitler had gotten accepted to art school? What if Tom Selleck had played Indiana Jones? It’s that last question that most interests us here at the Atomic Weight of Cheese and it’s a great jumping off point for some cult cinema alternative realities. We come up with those casting choices that would have strangled a franchise, those moments that would have changed careers and, of course, how Jackie Chan and Elvis could have ended up...


AWoC: Episode 19 - We're gonna get weird

This week...well this week things are getting weird. Inspired by a party question, we dive into the strange and stranger questions that we have floating around in our noggins. With no advanced notice to our compatriots, we just throw them out there and, well, you’ll hear it for yourself. Look, we’re not going to lie. We’re not sure exactly what’s happening this week either but we had a lot of fun and actually got some discussion in there so WE’RE PUTTING IT OUT THERE, BABY! Follow us at...


AWoC: Episode 18 - The Spoils of Spoilers

In this episode, you learn that Steph, Chad and Mike were actually clones who were related, dead the entire time, secret agents of the Russian government and killed when Thanos snapped his fingers. That’s the long way of saying we’re talking about spoilers, one of the most fraught and debated topics in all of cult cinema. Our three podcasters have different takes, different experiences and different things that get deep under their skin about spoilers and how they effect the experience of...


AWoC: Episode 17 - The Last Drive-In Redux

From the depths of the past, it’s hell on 4 wheels. It’s lurid, it’s graphic and it’s in living color. It’s THE DRIVE-IN! This week The Atomic Weight of Cheese talks about the beauty of the drive-in theater, the films it produced and the guides on TV who kept it alive. Jumping off from the recent triumphant return of Joe Bob Briggs, join us at the Drive-In! Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall down Chad’s movie hole at and find him on...


AWoC: Episode 16 - 555-Wilhelm

The Wilhelm Scream. If you don’t know it, trust us, you know it and if you do know it, nothing can pull you out of a movie faster. In this episode, Steph, Chad and Mike talk about the origins of the Wilhelm Scream and talk about other little ticks, blurps and peccadilloes that pull us right out of our favorite movies. We’d love to hear from you about what pulls you out of a movie. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall down Chad’s movie hole at...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 15, So You Say You Don't Like Musicals...

The word “musical” conjures images of high stepping pretty boys and high note-nailing beauties in a gauzy, technicolor haze. But musicals put the “cult” in “cult cinema” unlike any other genre. In this episode, Steph, Chad and Mike break down their favorite mainstream and definitely not so mainstream musical favorites (ever seen porn star socialites sing after their faces slide off?), go waaaaay off the beaten path for some forgotten classics (Hellzapoppin'!) and weave a pretty little...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 14, Strange Cargo: An Old and New Zombie Discussion

We are years, I’m talking YEARS into this whole “zombie” thing and artists are still making smart, diverse and interesting flicks like the new Netflix film “Cargo” to keep the conversation going. In this, the...what...10th year or so of zombies being a “thing” we discuss the enduring interest in the shambling (or running) ravenous former humans, where they came from and where they go from here. Plus, Steph thinks Martin Freeman is a DILF. ALSO: SPOILERS FOR CARGO ARE IN THIS EPISODE....


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 13, Vincent Price, Superstar!

Darkness falls across the land Our three cheesy hosts are close at hand To talk about all sin and vice For a podcast about Vincent Price His birthday is a few weeks passed And we talk about him. It was a blast! So stand and face the hounds of hell We cover it all, far as we can tell The demons squeal in sheer delight At our favorite horror acolyte His early career and much much more Comes creeping through the cheese bunker door Tell us about your favorite fright On social...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 12, Peace and Not So Quiet: The Decline of Western Moviegoing

If they hear you, they hunt you. And by “they” we mean Steph, Mike and Chad during this episode of TAWOC where we talk about the recent horror hit ‘A Quiet Place’ and our worst theater experiences. The things that bother us probably bother you. Or not. Let us know in the comments or @AWOCPodcast on Twitter and on Facebook. Tell us your stories and thanks for listening. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall down Chad’s movie hole at and find...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 11, And Where Were You When it All Ended?

Cheeseketeers, Assemble! SPOILERS ABOUND as we talk Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s culmination of 10 years of superhero flicks that ends in one wild, wacko and wonderful finale (or half of one). We talk our favorite character moments, the moments that broke our hearts and, of course, what we think will happen next. Tell us what you thought on Twitter (@awocpodcast), our Facebook page or use your own personal Infinity Stone to bend reality. Either way, thanks for listening! Follow us at...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 10, Formative Films

What was the movie that did it? That made your brain expand and contract into a new shape? That started your love (or ate least brief, bitter affair) with cult cinema? In this episode of The Atomic Weight of Cheese our three hosts run through movies that made sweet, sweet love to their brains and turned them into the film nerds they are today. We’d love to hear what movies did it for to you! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and tell your friends about us. We appreciate it. Follow us at...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese, MINI EPISODE! Mike's Best Film Experience

In this mini episode, Mike talks about the best film experience he's ever had. It was 1996, and it involved Jackie Chan and it's great :) We'll be releasing our next full episode on April 16th where the three cheesekateers discuss formative film experiences. Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall down Chad’s movie hole at and find him on Twitter (@chocomeundies), find Mike (@mikebockoven) at Our email is...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 9, Cult Cinema Time Machine

You stumble through a junkyard and come across a metal box. There’s a rusted label that reads “time machine.” You get in and immediately see this is the genuine article and one question floats across your mind - where do I go? In this week’s Atomic Weight of Cheese we answer that question when it comes to cult cinema. Would we hang out with Vincent Price in the basement of a wax museum? Would Elvis wiggle his hips in our face? What audience would you want to be part of? Tune in to this...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 8, Of COURSE they're cannibals!

Will the world end in fire? Will the world end in blood? Or will the world choke itself with too many books, TV shows and movies about the END OF THE WORLD? In this episode, Chad, Mike and Steph talk about cult cinema about the end of all things and what happens after. From giant mechanized mayhem to Vincent Price burning dozens of vampire bodies to our favorite dystopias (there’s an oxymoron for ya) this episode is a fun trip through all the ways our society could eat itself and...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 7, Look! Up in the sky!

In honor of the release of Black Panther the Atomic Weight of Cheese focuses on the superhero genre in comics and movies, diving deep into our own personal origin stories, moments that supercharged our imaginations and where we want things to go in the future. Power up and give it a listen! And hey, please leave us a review on the podcatcher of your choice! Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall down Chad’s movie hole at and find him on...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 6, Be My Not Valentine

Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us (did you know there was a second “holiday” that didn’t take?) and we here at the Atomic Weight of Cheese are celebrating by NOT talking about love. Instead, we’re talking about our favorite non-romantic couples throughout cult cinema. We list our top 3 best buds, work friends or couple who need each other just that. How do they stack up to yours? Let us know on our Facebook page and thanks to each and every one of you for listening! Remember to...


The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 5, I love the smell of nerdfunk in the morning. This. Is. BFEST!

Strap in, cheeseketeers because we’re hitting the road to the one and only B-Fest! Well, not hitting the road exactly as we missed it this year but we spend the hour reminiscing about A&O Films 24 hour B-movie marathon held every January in Evanston, Illinois. From a dangerous lack of sleep to jokes that can only be called legendary to the fondest memories of friends to the answer “what’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen,” we go through 15 years of B-Fests past and, who knows, might help...