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The Before The Cyborgs Podcast is your one-stop hub for everything movies, pop culture, and sports from the Network of Podcasts

The Before The Cyborgs Podcast is your one-stop hub for everything movies, pop culture, and sports from the Network of Podcasts


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The Before The Cyborgs Podcast is your one-stop hub for everything movies, pop culture, and sports from the Network of Podcasts






Let's Get Down To Business | Mulan (1998) | Cinema Cyborgs

This week we go back and look at the animated edition of Mulan from 1998 ahead of its live action retelling later this year (hopefully).


The Rock Through The Ages | Cinema Cyborgs

In honour of Wrestlemania this weekend, Two Jabronis decided to cook up a n episode looking at the career of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Why has he managed to make the transition from wrestler to movie star where others have failed? Will he ever escape typecast? Is he the last true movie star? All this and more this week on The Before The Cyborgs podcast.


Social Distancing At The Movies | Cinema Cyborgs

On today's episode, we break down the effects the global pandemic has had and will continue to have on the movie industry then we select some movies available for streaming during these dark times. Hope everyone is safe out there!


Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker | Cinema Cyborgs

With the world in social distancing lockdown we examine Star Wars Episode 9: Rise Of Skywalker and the modern trilogy


Avengers Disassemble: Spider-Man's Streaming War | Cinema Cyborgs

On this episode of Cinema Cyborgs we discuss the curious battle for Spider-Man's rights between Disney and Sony. Also, the streaming wars sees a new player in the mix with Disney + and finally we touch on The Irishman's reported lengthy runtime


The Mask Of Zorro | Cinema Cyborgs

In honor of Antonio Banderas' upcoming role in the acclaimed film Pain & Glory, We go back and look at one of his most prominent roles in The Mask Of Zorro.


Dr. Feetlove (Or How I Stopped Worrying About Ratings And Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) | Cinema Cyborgs

We go into Quentin Tarantino's polarizing fairy tale 1969 in a breakdown of Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood (34:00 onwards) but first we look at star ratings and how those affect perceptions of movies and art.


Tarantino's Legacy & Inglorious Basterds | Cinema Cyborgs

On this episode we discuss the legacy of Quentin Tarantino and look back on his 2009 film Inglorious Basterds ahead of his most recent release Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.


Summer Movie Draft | Cinema Cyborgs

Nate sits down with Before The Cyborgs contributor Michael Vecchio to conduct the first annual summer movie draft. 2 teams, Five movies each. Highest total box office gross / Tomatometer score wins.


Post Traumatic Oscars Syndrome | Cinema Cyborgs

On this episode, we react to everything that happened on Oscars night from the surprising Green Book win to Lady Gaga stealing the show and celebrate surviving yet another awards season


Oscar Voter Anonymous | Cinema Cyborgs

On this episode we breakdown the anonymous Oscar Voter article and talk Will Smith's Genie and Frozen 2


Movie For My Valentine | Cinema Cyborgs S1E2

On this episode of The Before The Cyborgs Podcast Nate, James & Shannon discuss Valentine's Day and the romcoms we love to watch. Stick around for a rousing game of "Where Does James Know This Celebrity" and please email us your playlists and Shannon's future husband applications to


Oscars 2019 Preview | Cinema Cyborgs

On this episode, Nate is joined by fellow Before The Cyborgs contributor Michael to discuss the 2019 Oscar nominations and the races heading into the show. Best Picture / general thoughts (3:34), Best Director (21:08), Best Actor (26:06), Best Actress (38:00), Supporting Actor (44:14), Supporting Actress (49:17), Original Screenplay (52:53), Adapted Screenplay (56:35), Animated, Documentary & Foreign (58:23), Score & Song (61:04)


Obtain This Grain | Group Chat S2E1

We're Back! On this Episode Nate sits down with Shannon & Taylor to discuss Marie Kondo (2:56), The Soulja Boy / Drake beef (14:53), Bohemian Rhapsody / Can a good stats bad team player win MVP (24:00), "You" and romanticizing bad behavior (51:41)


Spoiler Alert: Shannon Needs More Friends (Because We're Idiots)

Nate gets put in a weird spot at the local film festival (00:16), Shannon's Fantasy Draft (24:18) , Lebron James for President (36:50), A Star is Born Hype / Is Bradley Cooper Actually Good? (42:00), TV Shows and when to Give up on them (51:43)


Choke Me Harder Tony Danza

This one went off the rails real quick. We are joined by our friends Jordan, Taylor and Alex who impart some wise and not so wise wisdom. Have you seen Pirates Of The Caribbean though?


Random Access Memories AKA The Clip Show

9/20/2018 finally all great sitcoms we have to succumb to the clip show. Tune in for bits and stories from our unreleased archives.


Here's Catfishing You, Kid

The gang sits down to discuss sims torture (0:00-5:30), fantasy sports follies (5:30-24:00) before debating whether grand romantic gestures are cute or creepy (24:00-46:10). Then we talk favorite rom coms (46:10-52:30) and get heated over Casablanca and whether or not one should seek out older movies (52:35-1:00:09).


To All The Hot Presidents I've Loved Before

It's September! The team gathers to give some back to school advice, discuss the attractiveness of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and other politicians. Then Astrid teaches us about the wild sport of orienteering.


Nostalgic Dreams In The Dark

This week we reminisce on the late 90s - early 00s, dissect our dreams and Shannon remembers getting catfished (before catfishing was a thing). Also, special guest Astrid joins us all the way from Denmark to teach us about Scandinavian culture and how to properly pronounce Lars Von Trier.