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60. Jamie Maddison; Adventurer and Ultra Runner on Nomad Life in Kazakstan, Camel Life in Uzbekistan and Eagle Hunters in Mongolia

Adventurer and ultra runner Jamie Maddison has run 100s of miles through vast deserts, lived with a nomad in Central Asia, raced on horseback with a crazy herder on the remote old postal roads in Kazakstan, pulled a camel through 100 miles of desert in Uzbekistan and lived with eagle hunters in Mongolia. With fascinating stories about how expeditions can challenge and change you and have a surprisingly lasting effect on mental and physical health. Jamie stars in the short film “All That’s...


59. Kris Hallenga; Coppa Feel Campaigner on Travel Plans Scuppered and Created, Beijing, Iceland, Australia and Disney

Aged just 22 Kris Hallenga returned from a trip to Beijing to be told she had incurable cancer. Ditching plans to travel the world she threw herself into building Coppa Feel, her wonderful charity. ‘Passion can take you to some incredible places’ she says, and her message HAS taken her to wonderful places - literal and metaphorical. She recently celebrated her ten year 'cancerversary' and has some inspirational words for us all about enjoying travel, enjoying life, enjoying every...


58. Elli Radinger; Living with Wolves, the Transformation of Yellowstone National Park and the Beautiful Bond Between Humans and Dogs

When in Germany in the 80s Elli Radinger was refused a job in space law because it was supposedly man’s work she gave it all up to dedicate her life to wolves and is now a world expert on the subject. In this fascinating episode I talk to Elli about watching wolves in the wild in America’s vast national parks, close encounters with bears, the incredible bonds wolves share in the pack and about some of the really lovely stories in her book the Wisdom of Wolves. On this episode we...


57. John Simpson; Over 50 Years as a Foreign Correspondent, Revolution in Iran, Bombed in Iraq, Jacuzzis in Belgrade and Hallucinating in the Amazon

Foreign correspondent and world affairs editor John Simpson has risked life and limb reporting for the BBC for over 50 years. The Tiananmen Square massacre, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Zimbabwe, Bosnia – you name it he was there. He’s been punched by a UK Prime Minister, bombed by US 'friendly fire', met Gaddafi in Bedouin tents across Libya, watched Saddam Hussein’s execution in court and whilst experimenting with some hallucinogenic offerings in the deepest Amazon was once hugged by a six...


56. Megan Hoskin; Rowing from the US to Hawaii, Falling Off A Mountain in Ecuador and Climbing in Nepal in During the Earthquake

Imagine rowing all the way from California to Hawaii, 2,400 miles over 62 days across the Pacific with nothing but two friends and some oars. Team Pacific Terrific broke records and came second in the Great Pacific Race. Megan Hoskin has such wonderfully evocative stories about what it feels like to be in the middle of the ocean when you’re closest fellow humans are the ones passing over in the plane and also about her mountaineering in Nepal, Ecuador and much more. Her short film Why Row...


55. Bookish Bronte: Instagram Book Photographer on Mary Queen of Scots, Tuscany, New York State’s Lake George and Championing Creative Introverts

Over on instagram a reading revolution has spurned many #Bookstagram stars, including the delightful Bookish Bronte aka Bronte Huskinson, 22 year old author, visual storyteller and creator of beautiful book photography. A self-appointed champion of creative introverts she loves finding the best book-friendly villages wherever she travels and finds her happy place in a picturesque beach town on Lake George in New York State. We talk Instagram ethics, magical realism, feminism and feminine...


54. Monisha Rajesh; Around the World by Train, the Siberian Galapagos, the Death Railway from Bangkok, Fascinating North Korea and Tibetan Nuns with iPhones

After writing Around India in 80 Trains Monisha Rajesh decided to tackle the whole world in 80 trains and left London on a journey that took in 45,000 miles across Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Canada and America. Stopping at the world’s oldest lake in Siberia, taking the ‘death railway’ from Bangkok to Nam Tok and meeting Tibetan nuns with iPhones she has some wonderful, inspirational and entertaining stories for you in a conversation...


53. Levison Wood; Walking the Nile, Walking the Himalayas, Walking the Americas and a 5000 Mile Trek Around the Arabian Peninsula

Levison Wood is a British explorer, writer and photographer who’s travelled to over 100 countries, many of them in war zones, typically thought of as hostile or off the beaten track. His documentaries, best-selling books and photographs have enchanted people the world over. He’s walked the whole length of the Nile – the world’s longest river, walked the Himalayas where he survived a terrible car crash, diced with gang leaders when walking the Americas and recently returned from his most...


52. Liz Johnson; Paralympic Swimmer on Athens, Beijing, London 2012, Berlin, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and more

Paralympian Swimmer Liz Johnson often she says how fortunate she is. She IS of course fortunate in many ways, she’s won golds, silvers and bronzes all over the world, competed for her country and been able to turn her passion into her life. But it hasn’t been without its challenges and heartaches from being born with Cerebral Palsy to the sad loss of her mum. A truly inspirational conversation about the challenges and joys of travel with one of the UK’s most impressive athletes. On this...


51. Sarah Breen and Emer McLysaght; Co Authors of the ‘Aisling’ books on the Irish Celtic Tiger, Crazy Nights in Berlin and Vegas and Creating the Irish Bridget Jones

A hungover conversation one day in Dublin between two best friends Sarah Breen and Emer McLysaght led to the creation of a loveable character called Aisling, who quickly became a Facebook phenomenon, then two best-selling books is now being made into a film by an Oscar winning production co. This episode explores the quirks of life in every small town, moving to the big city, the wild days of the Irish Celtic Tiger, crazy nights in Berlin, even crazier ones in Las Vegas and so much...


50. New Year's Special; New Year's Eve Across the World

From a haunted hotel in the Cambodian jungle to a dry New Year's Eve in Kuala Lumper it's Lisa's New Year's Eve special. Taking in Belgium, Holland, London, Malaga in Spain, Goa in India, Koh Samui in Thailand, Sydney in Australia, Fiji, Cambodia, Vietnam and random musings on Prince, Shane MacGowan and various characters met along with way. Happy New Year from the Big Travel Podcast!


49. Giles Coren; The World’s Best Restaurants, Roast Guinea Pig in Ecuador, Terrifying Tiny Planes in Kenya and Randy Whales in Tahiti

As the UK’s best-known food critic, writing columns for The Times newspaper and many other outlets as well as presenting TV programmes like BBC2's 'Amazing Hotels', Giles Coren has travelled to over 100 countries. He is, in his own words - an icon of foodie ponceyness so don’t ask me how we get on to McDonalds, Nandos and frozen fish blocks in Billericay. A highly entertaining episode in which we discuss the world's best restaurants, plastic boobs in Nice, roast guinea pig in Ecuador and so...


48. The Big Travel Podcast Christmas Special; Edith Bowman, Giles Coren, Jane Garvey, Kirsty Wark, Helen Zaltzman and much more

In this wonderful collection of Christmas stories from Big Travel Podcast guests of the latter part of the year Edith Bowman goes from swimming to skiing all in one California Christmas, Jane Garvey gets stoned on Christmas Day with an elderly relative in Liverpool, there’s Helen Zaltzman and the lady in heels and plastic bags at the Grand Canyon, author Isabelle Broom getting punched in the nose in Lake Como, Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark getting her crackers confiscated at the airport on the way...


47. Lizzie Carr; Paddleboarding Adventurer and Plastic Patroller on NYC Via The Hudson River, Paddling Britain and Overlanding Asia

Being diagnosed with cancer at just 25 changed the course of Lizzie Carr’s life, ditching her corporate career to become an adventurer and taking on challenge after challenge on her paddleboard to battle plastic pollution worldwide. She’s the first person in history to solo paddle board the length of England, the first woman to solo paddle board the English channel and in 2018 paddle boarded the whole of the Hudson River from Albany to New York City. Her app Plastic Patrol already has over...


46. The Man in Seat 61, Mark Smith; 1m Visits a Month and Travelling the World by Train

Warning: After listening you might just find yourself booking a ticket and heading off on a train adventure. One murky afternoon in 2001 London station manager Mark Smith, browsing the bookshelves for something to read on the train home, found a teach yourself HTML' guide. The resulting train travel website ‘The Man in Seat 61’, now gets over 1 million visits a month. Mark has wonderful stories and trips for train travel to Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Albania, Tunisia, Syria, Marrakech,...


45. Sharon Latham; Music and Football Photography, Movie Stars and Rock Stars and Selfie Guide World Travel

If you love music, love travel and even like a bit of football you’re in for a treat because music and football photographer Sharon Latham has the most brilliant stories about travelling with some of the world’s most famous footballers, rock stars and movie stars. She’s just published a book with Noel Gallagher, has worked with Bruce Springsteen and was even recognised Bradley Cooper on the red carpet. Her latest venture is the Selfie Guide for which she explores the world’s best...


44. Tom Hall; Lonely Planet’s Travel Ethos, Preconceived Images of Ethiopia, Ferrying Chilean Fjords and the Beauty of Syria

As Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director, travel is a rather fortunate occupational imperative for Tom Hall, who started off packing boxes in the warehouse 20 years ago and now has the top editorial job at the world’s favourite guidebook publishers. Tom tells us about breathtaking rock-carved churches in Ethiopia, exploring Chilean Fjords on a ferry, conquering crusader castles in Syria and we discuss the nomadic spirit in all of us that makes travel part of our very being. On this episode...


43. Vivien Godfrey; The World’s Most Iconic Travel Bookshop, Cartography & the Great Age of Exploration and Commuting from Florida to London

The world’s most iconic, historic travel and map bookshop, Stanfords in London’s Covent Garden, is a magical place that has delighted visitors for over 165 years with one of the world’s largest collection of maps, globes and travel books - creating cartography for everyone from the British Army to James Bond. The lady at the helm, Vivien Godfrey, is the granddaughter of the family who took over 100 years ago and joins us on this episode to talk about the wonders of books, maps and...


42. Gillian Walnes Perry; Anne Frank’s Amsterdam, Chased by the KGB in Soviet Russia, Obama’s Sister in Honolulu and World Cruising

The founder of the Anne Frank Trust and author of The Legacy of Anne Frank, Gillan Walnes Perry, talks about the incredible legacy left by Anne and her famous diary, written when hiding from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam. Gillian's travelled all over the world spreading Anne’s message to help combat prejudice, was once chased by the KGB for her human rights work in Russia and now has the cushiest job in the world giving lectures on luxury cruise ship across the globe. On this episode we...


41. Daliso Chaponda; Malawian Comedian on Life in Exile, Anti-Apartheid Education in Swaziland, Hair Touching in Thailand and Britain’s Got Talent

The son of political refugees, Malawian Comedian Daliso Chaponda had a truly fascinating upbringing in exile in Kenya, Somalia, Swaziland, Thailand, Bangladesh, Austria and Switzerland following his UN Diplomat father. Returning to Malawi was a culture shock as were the sexually liberated comedians in Canada who inspired him! He came third on Britain’s Got Talent and says Simon Cowell is a actually a really nice guy. On this episode we cover: Being on the move from birth His Malawian...