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42. Gillian Walnes Perry; Anne Frank’s Amsterdam, Chased by the KGB in Soviet Russia, Obama’s Sister in Honolulu and World Cruising

The founder of the Anne Frank Trust and author of The Legacy of Anne Frank, Gillan Walnes Perry, talks about the incredible legacy left by Anne and her famous diary, written when hiding from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam. Gillian's travelled all over the world spreading Anne’s message to help combat prejudice, was once chased by the KGB for her human rights work in Russia and now has the cushiest job in the world giving lectures on luxury cruise ship across the globe. On this episode we...


41. Daliso Chaponda; Malawian Comedian on Life in Exile, Anti-Apartheid Education in Swaziland, Hair Touching in Thailand and Britain’s Got Talent

The son of political refugees, Malawian Comedian Daliso Chaponda had a truly fascinating upbringing in exile in Kenya, Somalia, Swaziland, Thailand, Bangladesh, Austria and Switzerland following his UN Diplomat father. Returning to Malawi was a culture shock as were the sexually liberated comedians in Canada who inspired him! He came third on Britain’s Got Talent and says Simon Cowell is a actually a really nice guy. On this episode we cover: Being on the move from birth His Malawian...


40. Isabelle Broom; Escapist Fiction Author on Travel-Novels from the Greek Islands, Prague, Lake Como, Andalucia, Sri Lanka and More

Sitting in a piazza in the sunshine, coffee at hand, writing your latest novel is a dream for many of us and a dream our guest this episode has made a reality – with best-selling books based on Greek Islands, Prague, Italy’s Lake Como, Andalucia, Sri Lanka, Canada, New Zealand and more as well as a career in popular magazines. As well as exotic location expect heart-melting romance and maybe even a few tears – author Isabelle Broom always takes readers on a beautiful emotional journey and...


39. Phil Nichol; Canada-Grown Comedian on Strange Encounters in Dutch Toilets, Nazi-Themed Folk Bars in Bangkok and Manila’s Famous Hobbit House

Life’s not always been full of laughs for comedian Phil Nichol, for a start he was born in Britain’s number two crap town, banned by Born Again Christian parents from wearing jeans until 17 and once had a terrifying encounter with wild dogs whilst searching for a Nazi –themed-socialist-folk-music bar in a dark field outside Bangkok. And don’t even ask about ‘Trough Man’… I will let him tell you all about that himself. Talking Canterbury, Aberdeen, Brighton, Newcastle, Toronto, Asia, Oslo,...


39. Phil Nichol; Canada-Grown Comedian on Strange Encounters in Dutch Toilets, Nazi-Themed Folk Bars in Bangkok and Manila’s Famous Hobbit House

Life’s not always been full of laughs for comedian Phil Nichol, for a start he was born in Britain’s number 2 crap town, banned by Born Again Christian parents from wearing jeans until 17 and once had a terrifying encounter with wild dogs whilst searching for a Nazi –themed-socialist-folk-music bar in a dark field outside Bangkok. And don’t even ask about ‘Trough Man’… Taking in Canterbury, Aberdeen, Brighton, Newcastle, Cumbernauld, Toronto, Oslo, Stockholm, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,...


38. Femi Oluwole; Anti-Brexit Campaigner on Nigel Farage, Chips in Brussels, Wealth v Poverty in Nigeria and a French Summer of Love.

Femi Oluwole is a spokesperson for Our Future Our Choice, a group of young people campaigning to stop Brexit. He’s gone head to head with key pro-Brexit figures including Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins and it’s only a matter of time before he’s invited onto Question Time. The son of Nigerian doctors he grew up in the North East of England and had moved 14 times by the age of 14, later studying EU law in Brussels and Vienna. On this episode we cover: His busy life trying to block...


37. Eddie Nestor MBE; BBC London Icon on Hackney, Windrush, Idris Elba, the Caribbean and Not Going to America

From a council estate in East London, the son of Afro-Caribbean immigrants, BBC London’s Eddie Nestor talks Hackney hipsters, Windrush, tracing his African roots, hanging out with Idris Elba, getting accosted in a dark alley in Thailand and – in his own words ‘being the first black guy to do a Persil ad in South Africa’. Covering Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, Dominica, St Lucia, The Gambia. Ghana, Thailand, Goa, British Colonialism, racism, DNA tests, Brexit, football, why he won’t...


36. Kirsty Wark; From Newsnight to the Sleeper Train, the Collapse of the Iron Curtain, Mallorcan Cowboy Boots and New York State in a Convertible.

As the presenter of one of the UK’s most important news programmes, BBC2’s Newsnight, journalist Kirsty Wark is famed for her no-nonsense attitude. She’s arranged her working life around her love of Scotland, was inspired by the Isle of Arran to write novels, accidentally stumbled into the fall of the iron curtain on honeymoon and feels her spirit soar when speeding along in a convertible in New York State. A passionate advocate for working smarter, she feels that overnight trains are the...


35: Helen Zaltzman; Podcasting from a Tasmanian Hospital, American Road-Trip Spreadsheets, Taxidermy Hot Tubs and Big Pointy Red Rocks

Surprisingly for a conversation that includes death, intensive care, cannibalism, colonial guilt, poverty, fleeing the Holocaust and being kicked in the shin by small children Helen Zaltzman and Lisa manage to laugh their way through this episode with one entertaining story after another from ‘The Benign Dictator of the Podcasting Republic’. Travel highlights include Hawaii, Australia, Tasmania, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Peru, Utah, Vegas and a hot tubs-taxidermy...


34. Felicity Morse; Journalist and Life Coach on Super-Yachting with Beyoncé, Native American Forced Adoption and Strangling Chickens in South Dakota

Spending much of her teens wiped out with Chronic Fatigue meant when Felicity Morse DID get better she wanted to get out and travel, first working on super yachts in the South of France - from which time she has the craziest of stories. From sailing with the world’s richest, to travelling solo and finding discovering a surprising Native American heritage Felicity is all about the human connection. We talk travel, mental health and her book Give a F**K – on how to care without burning...


33. Raynor Winn; From Homelessness to Author, Backpacking the South Coast Path and the Power of a Long Walk

The bailiffs took their family home in the same week Raynor Winn and husband Moth were told – completely out of the blue – Moth had a terminal illness. Destitute and homeless, they decided to backpack along the windswept cliffs of the South West Coast Path that runs the length of the west coast of England. 630 miles of steep, unforgiving terrain. With very little money for food and only a tent for shelter they began to walk and walk and walk… this is their story. On this episode we...


32. Paul Stidolph; Towing Ice from Antarctica, Mission Medicine in Nepal, Conservation in Uganda and Hurricanes in Florida

Antarctica stores enough frozen water to raise global sea levels by 58 metres. Why wait for this to melt when it could provide much needed water to drought-ridden areas and save lives? This is a question doctor-turned-author Paul Stidolph asks in his new book Forests in the Sahara. On this episode Paul talks harvesting ice, surviving mudslides in Nepal, the Japanese Hiroshima survivor he worked with in the monsoon, Cape Town, Australia, Sri Lanka, Uganda and singing sweet nothings on a...


31. Kait Borsay; Presenter and Podcaster on Riots in Marseilles, Biking in Bali, Balls in Brazil and Women in Football

Whether reporting on the Brazil World Cup, the Canada Women’s World Cup or dodging tear gas in a football brawl in France Kait Borsay takes everything in her stride. Her podcast – the Offside Rule – has been voted one of the best sports podcasts in the UK and she’s travelled extensively - Brazil, Canada, Bali, Kenya, Australia all over Europe and much more. On this episode we cover: Kait’s podcast The Offside Rule with Lynsey Hooper and Hayley McQueen Normalising women working in...


30. Anna Hart; Traveller and Writer on Ice Road Trucking, Los Angeles Mystic Shamanic Haircuts and the Transformative Power of Solo Travel

A funny, raw and honest chat with traveller and writer Anna Hart. A Vicar’s daughter from Belfast, Anna’s adventurous spirit was ignited by her childhood in the back streets of Singapore and been untameable ever since. She’s seen Shakespearean scenes amid gorillas in Rwanda, lived as a digital nomad in Bali, New Zealand and California, been transformed by a shamanic haircut in LA and even been an ice road trucker. For Anna, travel has the power to heal and transform, fuelled not only by...


29. Jane Garvey; BBC Radio 4 Presenter on Reluctant Travel, the Liverpool Irish, the Atlanta Suburbs at 2am and Greek Tavernas

BBC Radio 4’s Jane Garvey has travelled extensively, albeit under duress. She went backpacking as far as Belgium, didn’t have a great time reporting from the Olympics in Atlanta and really doesn’t fancy going anywhere exotic like India. She does however have some brilliant stories to tell about her surprisingly extensive - taking in Ghana, South Africa, seeing her beloved Liverpool play in Istanbul and plenty of Greece. A lively and entertaining conversation with one of the UK’s best...


28. Sunsets, Stitches and Swimming with Dolphins: Kids' Holiday Special

School’s out for summer and for kids that means fun, sun, getting locked in a kids club and left behind in Mexico, falling off a slide and needing stitches in Turkey, free Pringles in Greece and going to Spain because 'we can't afford to go anywhere else'! This is travel from the kids’ point of view, recorded with a bunch of neighbourhood kids in South East London. We travel to Belgium, France, Spain, Wales, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, India and more. What they like about their holidays might...


27. Paul Blanchard; Media Masters Podcast Host on Fast PR, Life Between London-NY-LA and Donkey Rides in Tajikistan

Based in London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco award-winning reputation management consultant and host of the popular Media Masters Podcast Paul Blanchard has the dream life of business travel. He loves driving across the USA, listening to podcasts, notching up 26 states and counting. When he’s not hot-footing it around the globe (Tajikistan, Pakistan, Tblisi Georgia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda...) or hanging out with the rich and famous he lives on a farm near Milton Keynes. On...


26. Andrea McLean; Loose Women Host on Sugar Plantation Life in Trinidad and Tobago, Hitchhiking in the Kakamega Forest and Partying in Ibiza

As one of the most famous women on UK TV, at the helm of one of our most poplar daytime shows, Andrea McLean is the Glasgow girl with the accent that no-one can quite place. Witty, warm and highly entertaining, Andrea grew up on a sugar cane plantation in the Caribbean, has hitchhiked through remote forests in Kenya and is so well travelled she started her career as a travel writer. On this episode we cover: Loose Women go wild in Ibiza Loose Women V Question Time How to have the...


25. Giles Paley Phillips; Award-Winning Author on the Wonders of the White Cliffs, Glastonbury Festival and the Gardener in Syria Who Inspired His Next Book

Growing up in a small town on the Sussex coast was idyllic for children’s author and musician Giles Paley Phillips until tragedy struck and changed the course of his life. As a teenager in a small town he found the dodgiest clubs, yet soon learned his guitar was his ticket to ride. He’s travelled the breadth of the UK playing in Paul McCartney’s studios in Liverpool, at Glastonbury and his latest book is inspired by the gardeners of Syria. On this episode we cover: How Lisa and Giles...


24. Simon Calder; Mr Travel Expert Himself on…EVERYWHERE

Travel guru, guide-book author, journalist and the man to the whom world turns for anything travel related; Simon Calder is the Man Who Pays His Way, has hitchhiked all over the world and is also the man who over 12 years ago gave podcast host, Lisa, her first official travel writing commission. So we owe him everything. As an impoverished travel podcast we can’t offer him money but we CAN bring him onto The Big Travel Podcast and share his wonderful wisdom on this travel packed...