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Bittersweet Moment #29: INTERVIEWING

How do you conduct a successful interview? What are the best tricks for organizing and carrying out an effective interview? And what are some things that you should definitely NOT do? On this week’s Bittersweet Moment, Katy shares her considerable knowledge and experience on the matter after nearly two decades working in public radio and over five years on this podcast, interviewing everyone from Mary Beard to Anthony Doerr to (most recently) Paul Theroux. Whether you do your interviewing...


Episode 282: ROMANCE

How do you flirt in a foreign language? What if you barely speak the language in question? Is it easier to flirt with a foreigner than with someone from your own culture? What happens when cultural miscommunication crops up? And how do you manage to be witty and charming in a foreign language? On this week’s episode, we delve into Tiffany’s (many) experiences dating and flirting with foreign men, her bad dates, misadventures, and embarrassments. She shares why she finds foreign accents so...


Bittersweet Moment #28: ITALIAN

Want to kickstart your Italian language learning? On this week's mini-episode, Tiffany offers five practical tips for learning Italian fast, with specific tricks for building a vocabulary and learning to conjugate verbs. Aurelio also stops by to share his thoughts on learning Italian. ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send us an email to get the conversation started. BECOME A PATRON: Pledge your...


Episode 281: LANGUAGE

Fifteen years of living your life in a foreign language can change the way you think in your own native tongue, or at least that's the case for Tiffany. This week, we chat about the unexpected side effects of speaking your second (or third) language more than you speak your first, and how it can be especially hazardous if you're a writer. Also, we talk about how couples from different countries will naturally settle into only one language to speak together, to the point that it feels...


Bittersweet Moment #27: BUDGET

Longing to visit Rome but don't want to dip into your life savings? On this week's mini-episode, Tiffany shares her tips for visiting Rome on a budget. Everything from eating, drinking, sleeping, and sightseeing. You never knew Rome could be this cheap. A few links for places mentioned on the episode: Alice pizza by the slice I Nasoni di Roma water fountain app BiciBaci Bike Rental Collalti Bike Rental The Beehive Hostel ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US:...


Episode 280: NO, Part 2 (with Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala)

Oprah Winfrey's former executive producer Sheri Salata and her cohost Nancy Hala from The Sheri + Nancy Show podcast, join us again this week to continue their fascinating conversation! On this episode, Sheri delves into the title of her new book, The Beautiful No. She explains how a devastating professional rejection at a time in which she was in a difficult period in her career became for her "the beautiful no," that is, the best thing that could have happened to her. That rejection...


Bittersweet Moment #26: READING

"Are we brave enough to want our heart's desires?" One of the best parts about hosting this podcast is getting to meet amazing authors and talk about their books with them. A bonus is when the author agrees to read you your favorite excerpt from their book. On this mini-episode, our most recent author guest, Sheri Salata, reads one of the quotes that Katy appreciated and promptly highlighted during her reading of Salata's The Beautiful No. Be sure to listen to the previous Episode 279: NO...


Episode 279: NO, Part 1 (with Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala)

The executive producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Sheri Salata and her cohost Nancy Hala on the popular podcast, The Sheri and Nancy Show join us on this very special episode! Sheri is the author of the new book, The Beautiful No, And Other Tales of Trail, Transcendence, and Transformation. They discuss the inevitable question that arrives somewhere in your 50s: what's next? In the midst of a major career, an enriching family life, or other successes, how to you find inspiration for your...


Bittersweet Moment #25: UNFORGETTABLE

On this week's Bittersweet Moment, Katy takes to the streets of Seattle to ask passersby if they've ever had a brief encounter with someone and never forgotten that person. Why was that? Why do some people stay with you even if they are not physically there? What makes some people stand out in your memory, despite the brevity of their time in your life? ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send us an...


Episode 278: LISTENER

Today Katy recounts her relationship with a long-time listener, someone she never met but communicated with often, and how finding out about his death brought up unexpected emotions. Digging back through his emails, she finds an invitation to cherish memories without bemoaning the passage of time—perhaps the exact message that her nostalgic soul needed to hear. ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send...


Bittersweet Moment #24: ILLUSION

In this week’s mini-episode, Tiffany takes you on a virtual tour of one of the most fascinating and little-known sites in Rome, which also happens to be one of the greatest optical illusions in the world. ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send us an email to get the conversation started. BECOME A PATRON: Pledge your monthly support of The Bittersweet Life and receive awesome prizes in return for your...


Episode 277: TRANSITION

SEASON 7 is opening with an announcement from Katy. Another move is in store for her! In fact, part of this episode captures some of the highlights of her journey to her new home. Where will it be, you wonder? I guess you'll just have to listen to find out. ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send us an email to get the conversation started. BECOME A PATRON: Pledge your monthly support of The...


Episode 276: FAREWELL

Every year on Labor Day, we take the day off to enjoy the fruits of our labors, and post one of our favorite episodes from the archives. Today we take you back in time to the summer of 2014, on Katy's very last morning as an expat living in Rome. She and Tiffany spend 20 minutes in walking the streets of Trastevere at dawn before Katy has to hop on a bus and make her way to the airport, where a plane is waiting to take her back to the US. We hope you enjoy one of our most emotional...


Bittersweet Moment #23: FICTIVE

On this mini-episode, Katy takes us back in time to the the Golden Age of radio, by re-broadcasting a piece she produced for the Radio Retrospective. In it, she looks at the way the news was manipulated and dramatized leading up to and during World War II, in segments that were aired at the cinema, right before the feature. ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send us an email to get the conversation...


Episode 275: STORY, Part 2 (with Anthony Doerr)

This episode is Part 2 of an interview with bestselling writer Anthony Doerr, author of Pulitzer Prize-winning All the Light We Cannot See, and Four Seasons in Rome. Be sure to listen to Part 1 if you haven't already! As the conversation continues, Anthony tells the story of finding out he had won the prestigious Rome Prize literally the same day his twin sons were born, and what it took for he and his wife to make the monumental decision to pack up their newborns and move to Rome for a...


Episode 274: STORY, Part 1 (with Anthony Doerr)

In this very special episode, we are joined by the award-winning, best-selling writer, Anthony Doerr, author of All the Light We Cannot See, and Four Seasons in Rome, among others. Anthony shares his writing journey with Katy, from his earliest beginnings as an amateur writer to the challenges of writing from the perspective of a young blind girl in All the Light We Cannot See. He also shares how he got the idea for this book that would become a world-wide sensation, and why it took him a...


Bittersweet Moment #22: OBSERVATIONS

This mini-episode finds Tiffany sitting on a bench on a crowded street corner in Rome's Prati neighborhood, observing the world around her—without her smartphone on hand. In a follow-up to last week's episode ADDICTION, Parts One and Two, Tiffany carries out Katy's assignment of spending some time alone without looking at her phone, and to notice the world around her instead. She points out five things she noticed, and explains why not being glued to your phone all the time has its...


Episode 273: ADDICTION, Part 2

In part two of this week's double-header, we continue our discussion of addiction, this time focusing more on physical addictions, and specifically cigarettes. Katy reveals her struggles with smoking from a young age, and how she finally managed to quit. She also compares the physical and chemical addiction of something like a cigarette to the more psychological addiction of a smartphone. And what does it actually take to kick these addictions? Lastly, what do you do if the thing you are...


Episode 272: ADDICTION, Part 1

How do you know you're addicted to your phone? And more importantly, what can you do about it? Tiffany recognizes the signs of a looming problem and asks Katy for some advice. This leads to a conversation about addiction in general. Be sure to stick around for Part 2 of this conversation when Katy opens up about struggling with a very different kind of addiction. ---------------------------------------- ADVERTISE WITH US: Reach expats, future expats, and travelers all over the world. Send...


Bittersweet Moment #21: OWL HOUSE

Swiss cabin meets medieval hamlet meets art nouveau glass? As crazy as it sounds, this unlikely mash-up is not an abomination, but rather one of the most charming, yet little visited, museums in Rome. Tucked away among the greenery of Villa Torlonia north of the city, la Casina delle Civette, or the Owl House, was built in 1840 for an Italian prince, and added to over the decades that followed. It's most famous for its exceptional glass art, specifically the detailed works of flora and...