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#13 Parkers & Daly - Laughs, Survivorman & Two-Bar-Funtime

Parkers and Daly are hosts of their own Comedy Podcast, "The Campfire with Parkers and Daly". Check them out at or on Social Media. On today's episode, Konner joins Parkers and Daly around their proverbial campfire for a banter filled hour and a half where they discuss fear of flying, sex toys, tattoos, hunting, survival, Bear Grylls, cannibalism, masturbation, the end of the world and a stack of other stuff.


#12 Marty/Queenie - Drag Queens, Comedy & Emotional Outlets

“For me, drag is like a superhero costume. I feel that I can get away with so much more and be more filthy, disgusting and offensive.” Marty/Queenie is a drag performer and stand-up comedian who performs out of the Rabbit Hole in Seoul, South Korea. In today’s episode, Marty discusses the unconventional path he has followed that began with his career in the medical industry in the US, that then led to becoming a comedian and drag queen all the way in Seoul, South Korea. Konner quizzes...


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#11 Julia Cockram - Greyhounds, Gambling & Forever Homes

"Who gambles? It's the people that can't afford to do it. Promoting Greyhound Racing is morally reprehensible". Julia Cockram is a campaigner for Greyhound Welfare, a Gambling Industry critic and operates as the Behaviour Coordinator within the organisation 'Gumtree Greys', a not-for-profit group whose work attempts to rescue and re-home Greyhounds rejected from the industry. For more information about adoption or their cause, go to In this episode of the...


#10 PT Hirschfield - Oceanography, Apex Predators & Seizing the Day

"None of us know how many days or how many years we have. But we all have today". PT Hirschfield is an Oceanographer, Diver and Award-Winning Underwater Photographer whose work has been featured on National Geographic, The Dodo and BBC's Blue Planet. Check out her work on social media and at In today's episode of the podcast, PT Hirschfield discusses her many conservation projects as well as some of her knowledge and opinions on the issues facing our oceans today; such...


#9 Torty McManus - Jiu Jitsu, Drug Reform & Personal Pilgrimages

"You don't even have to speak the same language, once you've got Jiu Jitsu in common, you're brothers". Torty McManus is a Jiu Jitsu practitioner, advocate for drug reform and host of the Herbalized Podcast. In today's episode of the podcast, Konner and Torty talk on a shared passion: the grappling sport of Jiu Jitsu. They discuss Torty's travels through the Jiu Jitsu Meccas of Southern California and Brazil. They also discuss some of the major factors in Jiu Jitsu that plays a big role in...


#8 Mark Spencer - Fossil Fuels, Climate & Mobilizing Change

"If things go on with our climate; business as usual, by even a couple more decades, we are going to start fighting over resources because there won't be enough for us". Mark Spencer is a Climate Change activist and host of the "Climactic" podcast. In today's podcast, Konner and Mark explore some of the ties between our current climate woes and how climate change has played a major factor in extinctions throughout history. They also deliberate on whether or not society truly can mobilize...


#7 Dean Wright - Psychedelics, Mental Illness & Misconceptions

"We as a society could progress so much if we listened to the fringe a little bit more". Dean Wright is a Neuroscientist, Therapist and one of the founding members of the Australian Psychedelic Society which advocates the medicinal and therapeutic usage of psychedelic drugs. In this episode of the podcast, Dean discusses some of the research surrounding psychedelics, showing that these drugs could be safer and far more effective than current mental health treatments. Not only that, we...


#6 Ryan Collingwood - Tradition, Privacy & Fear of the Unknown

“Those mythologies and values that we grew up with and that society has been growing up with for a long time; maybe we are outgrowing them a lot quicker than we would like to admit." Ryan Collingwood is a South African born IT and Data nerd who has been involved in a variety of projects across his career. In this episode of the podcast, Ryan visits for the second time to provide an update on the Facebook data scandal to see what changes have been made as a result. Konner and Ryan also...


#5 Simon Goode - Morality, Money & the Philosophy of Life Elsewhere

"The important thing about being a good human, is just to 'think'. And it sounds so obvious and simple. But when you think about it, we don't really do it enough" Simon Goode is an Astrophysics researcher who looks at unexplored data that exists between large scale structures in the universe in hope of better understanding how galaxy clusters group together within the cosmic web. In this episode of the podcast, Simon briefly explains his research, as well as other concepts in physics such as...


#4 Hannah English - Identity, Cosmetics & Our Self-Relationships

"I think being protective of yourself and the space you've carved out; as well as your energy, is important". Hannah English (On Instagram at ms_hannah_e) is a skin-care junky with a background in pharmaceutical science who commits herself to uncovering the hard science behind cosmetics in an effort to separate fact from fiction regarding effectiveness and possible side effects of products on the market. In this episode of the podcast, Hannah discusses legitimacy and some potential...


#3 Sara Webb - The Universe, Education & Physics in the Afterlife

“The cool thing about the universe is that all of the energy that existed at the beginning just continues through to the end. It’s transformed into energy, back into matter. It’s this ever flowing beautiful thing” In episode 3 of The Blunt Report, Konner speaks with the Astrophysics researcher, Sara Webb, who is part of the deeper, wider, faster astronomy program. She explains the significance of this program in which they search for the coolest, fastest and most unknown events in the...


#2 Deng Akuei - Culture, Circumstance & Motivation's Source

"In order for you to not get lost, you need to remember your identity and where you came from" In episode number 2 of The Blunt Report, Konner speaks with the Sudanese-Australian health and fitness enthusiast, Deng Akuei. With Deng's background in exercise science, he discusses some of his health and exercise philosophies; ranging from why you should be eating more fat, to the importance of where the source of your motivation is in training. Deng was also born in Sudan and migrated to...


#1 Ryan Collingwood - Big Brother, Emotions & the Human Animal

"Education is the slow solution, but I honestly think it is the one that sticks" In this very first episode of The Blunt Report, Konner speaks with the South African born IT and Data nerd Ryan Collingwood where he describes in laymen's terms the Facebook data scandal, as well as what that means for companies like Facebook and Amazon that aim to utilise massive amounts of our data. They also touched on Ryan's experiences and views on the evolution of South Africa during the removal of...