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Nicole Ayers - @madlabpost

Nicole Ayers, writer and director, joins me to discuss her new film Abyss: The Greatest Proposal Ever. The movie is about a marriage proposal during the taping of a reality show audition that goes wrong. I loved the concept of the film and enjoyed speaking with Nicole. Purchase Nicole's film here! Twitter: @cameronavant


Easter - Bill Hicks & Sam Kinison

I discuss Easter and my experience growing up in "The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith" and their beliefs on Easter, Christmas and separating men and women during church services. Also, audio clips from comedians Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison. Hicks and Kinison give their views on Easter. Funny stuff! YouTube Clips: Bill Hicks on Easter Sam Kinison on Easter


Inspiration! - Inspire Someone or Learn From Something

Today's episode is on Inspiration and what inspires me and what we should do to inspire iothers and allow people to inspire us. I’m going to play two clips at the end of today’s podcast. The first clip is from 2011 that was recorded at my house. I was sitting here with my best friend Locksley Vann. She is a gospel singer with a South Jersey group called Bubby Fann and Praise Beyond. She has the voice of an angel. I asked her to sing the first part of a gospel song called Total Praise. So...


Fixed! Best of Clips - Cameron Avant Show

Episode is fixed, my apologies. Working at being the best Podcaster in Philadelphia. Help me spread the word. Share this best of clip with your friends and enemies. Twitter:@cameronavant


Candid Cameron - "Rhythm Of Life"

Cameron Avant is "charged up" in this episode. He was actually jumping around his house before recording this episode on his iPhone. He discusses following the rythm of life and feeling the vibrations under your feet that can move you into the place you want to be. His recent philosophy on life has been "Life is Short, so let's get moving". Don't forget to listen to previous podcasts from this Philadelphia Podcaster. He discusses his food addiction, life, philosophy, depression and...


Chinese Buffets Are Killing Me!

Went to the local Mongolian Grill/Chinese Buffet last night. Big mistake! Song Credit:The Chinese Buffet Song


Candid Cameron - "Good Morning"

Say Good Morning to a handful of people as you walk pass them! Teh change starts with us! Let's GO! Credits:Good Morning Song


What Do You Believe?

In this episode of Teh Cameron Avant Show Cameron is going on and on about how small we are here on Earth in comparison to the vast universe that surrounds our planet. Also, Cameron discusses the book he wants to write. Quotes from today's episode:"All white people are rich""All young black males are criminals""We get stuck in the weeds discussing small issues that really do not have a consequence on our daily lives" Website: @cameronavant Recorded from Philadelphia, PA USA


Which Rat Am I?

I recently realized that many of the struggles I deal with in my life, have come from a lack of understanding. The lack of understanding about my place or position or purpose on this planet and in this life on Earth, causes me stress. So while walking home from work today, I began to expound on the life topic, in my head, about how I should view life. What I think about life and which character I Want to play in life was a critical idea, that I had to think through. Yes, I said play a...


Episode 012 The I'm Sick Show

I'm sick and aggravated. Put on your seat belt. In this episode: Show starts off with a brief discussion on preconceptions.Cameron's iPod Notes:- Would women (or MEN)get nails done by a non-Asian woman at an Asian nail salon?- Men, stop staring at women. Stop being creeepy. You're too damn old for that! Say something if you're interested in her!- Should corner trash canshave a broom and dust pan?- "I Love You. I Hate You" - Philadelphia CityPaper Next Podcast Teaser: The Feminism of Gangsters


Episode 011 Chess Is Like Life

Universal Thinking is working! How I met Al on the corner of Broad & Chestnut Streetsin Philadelphia, PAand howwe ended up spending four hours playing chess together.


Episode 10 Open Mind Allows More Connections

Having an open mind and stepping outside of my comfort zone is helping me tremendously. In this episode I discuss how stepping out and not being my normal self allowed me to meet and share ideas witha podcaster namedAutumn Simmons. Autumn is the host of Talk Fuzion Don't Call It Radio podcast ( has beenverysupportive of me and you may see us working together in the future. Listen as I end up talking about her for some time. Didn't realize it was going in...


Episode 009 Labor Day Weekend

I should really stop giving each episode a name and just stick with one title; me complaining about myself and my eating habits. I went "off the wagon" with my eating this weekend. I didn't do horrible, but I didn't do great. Also, I do get to a couple of other topics that don't involve me complaining about my obese situation. I discuss some of the nice people I met at a picnic I attended during the Labor Day weekend. Also, I discuss how hard it is for me todiscern between a woman that is...


Episode 008 Don't Feel Like It Today

Thisepisode has a much slower pace than the other episodes.You will hear many "thinking pauses". The "thinking pauses" show my struggle with continuing to record on a day that I don't feel like being bothered, but I force myself and this episode is the result of that force. I dopush through a few topics on this episode. I discuss the "Rev. Dr. Martin Luther the King's" ( quote from "Coming to America")speechtitled "American Dream" that was given at a Lincoln University commencement three...


Bonus Episode 006.5

Enjoy a bonus episode of the show. Follow me on a journey through my mind.


Episode 007 Ni**a Is Played Out

My only episode dedicated to the Ni**a word. The word is taboo almost everywhere except in the black and rap communities. I give a solution to making us free from the word and putting the word in the past. Let's move forward to a new level in the rap culture and the black culture.


Episode 006 Think Universal

In episode 006 of the Cameron Avant Show I speak about how we're all related and part of the Human Family. Also, I brielfy mention (not so brief) the view of life we should all take, and that view is a bird's eye view above all the little things that cause stress and problems in our lives. Don't sweat the small stuff! Others may have spoken about not sweating the small stuff, but you have not heard my view on this topic. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening!


My Favorite Things

In today's episode I discuss my favorite movies, actors, and movies that get me emotional (cry). Also, how did popcorn and movie watching come together? All of that and MORE in this episodeof The Cameron Avant Show.


EPISODE 004 - 13 Aug 2013

Today's episode includes:-Stuttering and Stammering.- Do kids know about house phones.-List of beliefs and structure for life.-You ARE in a group.-Life cycles.-Reaching maturity, but not fully. Show's website:


EPISODE 003 12 Aug 2013

Hello, I'm not sure why I was so angry today, but I will try to figure out why in today's episode. Also, the following topics were discussed: -Eating a meal to get me to my next meal-Flag on security guard uniform-Guy asking for money Note: Please visit the show's website: