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The Disgruntled Geeks episode 12: The Return

The geeks return after a two week hiatus! This week they discuss X-Wing 2.0, The Forest, the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame debacle, and more!


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 11: Dungeon Delve

This week the geeks discuss pen and paper RPGs, narrowing in on D&D, while talking about some of their favorite characters and one of the biggest flops in D&D history. Two special guests join us this week with the return of both Malcolm and Jamey!


The Disgruntled Daily episode 6: The Last Jedi Part 1

Strong opinion warning! Today Ronnie starts his discussion on all of the failings of episode 8 of the Star Wars saga. Whether you are a fan of The Last Jedi or not, this episode shines a light on some of the glaring issues that has caused The Last Jedi to be a divisive installment of the legendary franchise.


The Disgruntled Daily episode 5: Fallout 4

Strong opinion warning! Today Ronnie discusses his favorite Fallout game. He hits on multiple facets that make the game feel incomplete, as well as some of the repetitive quest mechanics.


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 10: The Milestone

This week the geeks celebrate their first major milestone by discussing GenCon, the upcoming Venom movie, television, X-Wing and Legion announcements as well as much more!


The Disgruntled Daily episode 4: Pokemon Go

Strong opinion warning! Today Ronnie discusses the insanely popular mobile "game." He tells us why he believes it can't really be classified as a game, and why that may not be a good thing for mobile gaming overall.


Disgruntled Daily episode 3: Ant-Man

Strong opinion warning! Today Ronnie tackles the diminutive hero himself, Ant-Man. Join us as he discusses giant continuity errors, as well as some of implications of Pym Particles, and how it hurts the film.


Disgruntled Daily episode 2: Hearthstone

Strong opinion warning! Today Ronnie tackles the most popular digital card game on the market! He discusses the RNG elements in the game, as well as the new player experience and power creep. Come listen to why he believes Hearthstone is beginning to die.


Disgruntled Daily: Peter Jackson

Strong opinion warning! Why doesn't Ronnie like Peter Jackson? Find out here as he discusses his issues with Peter Jackson's directing style, the Hobbit movies and yes, even his problems with the Lord of the Rings.


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 9: Comic Relief

This week the geeks discuss all things comics! Comic books, comic movies, comic TV shows, comics everywhere! Even if you don't like comic books, you don't want to miss this episode as it also contains a big announcement about more content coming your way soon!


The History of The Disgruntled Geeks

In this special episode Ronnie walks you through the entire history of The Disgruntled Geeks Podcast from initial conception until the current iteration of the show. This raw and unprecedented look into the story of the show will guide you in understanding the vision and the trajectory of the podcast!


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 8: Infinity

This week the geeks discuss the Skyscraper, the WWE, Hulk Hogan, and the absurd standards put on Pop Culture stars!


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 7: The Means

This week the geeks discuss the Halo TV series, Assassin's Creed, Peter Jackson and more. Our guest this week is seamstress extraordinaire and cosplayer Ada Gray!


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 6 Hobby Games

This week the geeks discuss Hobby Games, including games that are suitable for beginner board game players, as well as discussing Ant-Man and the Wasp in a spoiler free mini-review


The Disgruntled Geeks interview with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock!

Ronnie sits down with the legendary wrestling manager Jimmy Blaylock! No subject was off limits as they discussed unruly fans, Jerry Lawler, Scott Steiner and more.


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 5 Jurassic Wreck

This week the geeks discuss movies including Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, filmmaking and various upcoming movies. The guest host this week is filmmaker Chris Copesky. Tell us what you like! Tell us what you don't like


The Disgruntled Geeks episode 4: The Long Con

This week the geeks discuss conventions, cosplay, the possibility of a FOX and Marvel deal, as well as a little more about E3. The guest host this week is Ashley Du, a cosplayer, podcaster, twitch streamer, and awesome human. Tell us what you like! Tell us what you don't like!


The Disgruntled Geeks Episode E3

This week the geeks discuss all things E3. They go over their likes, dislikes and the WTFs that came out of the legendary Expo. The guest host this week is Max, a video game enthusiast and all around awesome teenager.. Tell us what you like! Tell us what you don't like!


The Disgruntled Geeks Episode 2 Winter of Future Past

This week the geeks discuss the announcement of a Game of Thrones prequel, as well as the trailer for the new Spider-Man animated movie featuring Miles Morales. The guest host this week is Malcolm, an activist, PHD student and Walter White look alike. Tell us what you like! Tell us what you don't like!


The Disgruntled Geeks Podcast Episode 1 Fallout Boys

For the inaugural episode of The Disgruntled Geeks Podcast, the DGs discuss Fallout 76. The guest host this week is Jamey Nunley, creator and co-owner of Tupelo Con in Tupelo, MS. Tell us what you like! Tell us what you don’t like!