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Our Christmas special!

It's the holidays and we're getting merry. In our last episode of the year, we chat RuPaul's Holislay episode and the return of All Stars, our plans for the holiday period, gays of faith and our relationship to organised religion and how to look after your mental health at Christmas time. We’ll be back on the 13th of January, hennies! Subscribe (for free!), rate and review The Gays Are Revolting on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Follow The Gays Are Revolting on Twitter at...


LGBT+ elder Andrew Rogers on ageing & mental health

We're so excited to be joined by Andrew Rogers, LGBT+ elder and self described quiet activist to chat about ageing and ageism, the Coming Back Out Ball, multi-generational families and mental health. We go on to chat about making friends as adults, Netflix's Dumplin' (minor spoilers, soz!) and Lord Thomas pulls rank applause Wet on Wellington. Subscribe (for free!), rate and review The Gays Are Revolting on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Follow The Gays Are Revolting on...


Tumblr's war on porn & Ari's thank u, next

We're all here, queer and ready to spill on our favourite foreplay and non-penetrative sex, Tumblr's war on porn, Ari's 'thank u, next' video and what to do if you accidentally misgender a trans person. Book tickets to our live show in February! This episode of The Gays Are Revolting is sponsored by Koala. Visit for $150 off purchases over $1000 using code 'gaysrevolting' at checkout. This episode of The Gays Are Revolting is also sponsored by the Wine Gallery. Visit...


Cut vs. uncut, and why we're attracted to straight men

Mykiii's away this week so the rest of the gang unleash an hour of built-up reads about him in his absence. Jks, they talk about Shawn Mendes' straight declaration (poor straight boy) and why gay people are attracted to straight men, celebrate Labor's victory in the state election and remind you just how homophobic the Liberal Party are, dissect Dolce and Gabbana's recent racism scandal and, you asked for it frequently and loudly, cut vs. uncut shlongs. This episode of The Gays Are...


Tom Ballard on Victoria's state election, Melbourne Pride & Ezra Miller

In Luke's absence we're joined by funny man Tom Ballard to help us chat about the swift demise of White magazine, the possibility of a Melbourne Pride and Ezra Miller's recent glow-up. We're releasing this episode slightly earlier for those lazy Melbournian gays who haven't yet made it down to the polls - we also chat a lot about today's Victorian state election, so tune in as you're dawdling down! Tickets are on sale to our first live show in Melbourne in February! Head to


Your sexual and mental health questions with Dr. George!

We're joined by Dr. George (The Healthy Bear) for the entire show answering your submitted questions relating to general, sexual, or mental health. Dr. George is an Australian trained doctor and a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). He has a strong interest in male health, mental health and health promotion. Your questions came in thick and fast, we've got a jam packed episode! We chat moisturising a dick, ejaculating in the ass, coming off...


Misogyny in the gay community & unhealthy app use

Your hosts Thomas (camper than a row of tents but twice as accomodating), Luke (hopped off his high horse to be here today), Mykiii (with the reading skills of Helen Keller) and Kyle (had a team of comedians working on his reads) discuss unhealthy app use, misogyny in the gay community, dating as a gay person and what queer stories we should be telling on screen. This episode of The Gays Are Revolting is sponsored by Koala. Visit for $150 off purchases over $1000 using code...


Our best sex stories, makeup for men and Mardi Gras politics

Your hosts Kyle (his Scarecrow costume was quite apt considering how brainless his performance on the podcast is), Thomas (single handedly keeping the sex trade alive in Bali), Luke (no one threw a rock at him this week) and Mykiii (who's earlobes aren't the only thing thats stretched and worn out) discuss makeup for men, banning certain groups from marching in Mardi Gras, how LGBT+ people relate to horror films and their best sex stories. This episode of The Gays Are Revolting is sponsored...


We present Word of the Gay

Subscribe to Word of the Gay on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify. To members of the LGBT+ community words have been used to define our very existence, and much of our daily language is rooted in a deep-seeded history that most of us are completely unaware of. Some words in the queer vernacular that were once harmful slurs have been partially reclaimed and now act as verbal pillars of strength. Many words are rooted in stereotypes, but just as many allow LGBT+ people to express...


Is reading actually fundamental? Plus an interview with Gamble from Real Housewives of Melbourne!

While Kyle and his very pretty limbs live it up in Brisbane, your hosts Mykiii (Edward Scissorhands has nothing on this bitch), Luke (President of the Kyle Dowsett fan club) and Thomas (everybody's fifth favourite gay comedian) interview Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux and her step-son Luke to chat Adelaide's Feast Festival, online trolls and her status as an ally for the LGBT+ community. The boys go on to discuss reading (is it actually fundamental?), how queer people handle...


Are condoms cancelled?

Your hosts Thomas (our Balinese daddy fresh off the plane), Kyle (the only thing whiter than him are his Adidas), Luke (morphed into a basic white girl since joining F45) and Mykiii (and bittttch) discuss their plans for Halloween, gay teachers and students being expelled from religious schools, their worst break ups in light of Todrick Hall's recent social media mishap and whether condoms are cancelled in the wake of PREP. This episode of The Gays Are Revolting is sponsored by Koala. Visit...


Ghosting, sex positions and religious freedoms

While Tom celebrates his 60th in Bali, your hosts Kyle (back from the dead, much like Cher), Luke (his family tree is a very likely a circle) and Mykiii (the star of Miss Congeniality 3) are joined by Jarryd Bartle (#bottomsforbartle), a political candidate for Victoria's upcoming state election. He chats to the boys about drug laws in Australia and religious freedoms as a discrimination tool. They go on to discuss Taylor Swift renouncing her long-held political neutrality, ghosting in the...


Mental health special

Kyle's off seeing Cher, but your hosts Thomas (currently on his gay-Bali pilgrimage), Mykiii (leaves a hole in your heart bigger than the hole in his lobes) and Luke (has to take little steps so he doesn't prolapse) are joined by Micah Scott, CEO of Minus 18, a not-for-profitorganisation assisting queer youth in Australia. It's our first mental health special on The Gays Are Revolting, and we discuss the safe schools initiative and LGBT+ education in schools, using alcohol to silence the...


Bisexuality, Will & Grace and chemsex

Your hosts Luke (the nice one), Thomas (comedy equivalent of 'always the bridesmaid'), Mykiii (so bad at reading she might as well be illiterate) and Kyle (a Mass Effect character) discuss bi-visibility day and the political nature of the Will and Grace revival. They go on to chat raising a family after marriage equality and chemsex within the gay community. Subscribe (for free!), rate and review The Gays Are Revolting on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Follow The Gays Are...


Reclaiming slurs, sex toys and interview with comedian Joel Creasey

Your hosts Kyle (shocking shocked), Mykiii (too pure for this show), Thomas (trivia hostess with the mostess) and Luke (queen of the ping ping ball people) discuss reclaiming slurs and 'feeling' gay within a social scene. They go on to chat sex toys, butt play and finish with an interview with comedian and Tom's bff Joel Creasey about his new show, gay education, Eurovision and homophobia. Subscribe (for free!), rate and review The Gays Are Revolting on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google...


PC culture, non-binary & spitting vs. swallowing

Your hosts Mykiii (buzzcut beauty), Luke (JB's trophy wife), Thomas (Channel 7 Monarchist) and Kyle (werking his flab into fab) discuss PC culture, our safety and comfort zones as gay people and every day activism. They dive into the gender spectrum and how to open our minds to gender noncomformity, and their preference between spitting or swallowing. Subscribe (for free!), rate and review The Gays Are Revolting on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Follow The Gays Are Revolting...


Public sex, mental health and interview with writer Harry Cook

This episode discusses suicide and may trigger some listeners. If affected, please refer to the support lines below. Your hosts Luke (toe tapper), Thomas (creator, founder and subject of popular Facebook group 'I got porked by Thomas Jaspers'), Kyle (impressively lifelike Instagram algorithm) and Mykiii (unreadable, untouchable) discuss non-verbal ways in which gay people communicate on public transport, in toilet stalls and on social media. They examine bullying in schools in light of the...


ScoMo, sexual fetishes & interview with Takaya Honda from Neighbours

Your hosts Thomas (Fraulein Maria), Kyle (his flawless skin and chiseled jawline is only outdone by his Mario Cart score), Mykiii (sickening queen and hairdressing machine), and Luke (suggested Yentl as a good album to have sex to) discuss Straya's political lip sync battle with ScoMo coming out on top, controversial laws for LGBT+ people overseas and how to wisely use our pink dollar. They go hard in on sexual fetishes they do and don't engage with, and interview Takaya Honda from...


The joy of poppers, #LibSpill and hooking up with Uber drivers

Your hosts Luke (tells his third bleeding during sex story), Mykiii (that's three i's), Thomas (the amyl fairy), and Kyle (glitter beard) discuss hooking up with Uber drivers, Aretha Franklin's passing and the cooked Australian #LibSpill. They're mad poppers might become banned in Australia and finish with stories about the relationships they share with their parents. This is The Gays Are Revolting. Subscribe (for free!), rate and review The Gays Are Revolting on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,...


Losing our virginity, Hollywood casting decisions & gay club door policies

Your hosts Thomas (our very own masc 4 masc androfile), Mykiii (freshly loved up), Luke (old, wise lesbian), and Kyle (sends drunk Instagram messages to the cast of X-Men) discuss Hollywood's latest casting decisions and gay door policies at gay clubs. The boys fangirl over their favourite gay power couples, and chat about the time they popped their gay cherries. This is The Gays Are Revolting. Subscribe (for free!), rate and review The Gays Are Revolting on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google...