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TG11: Vulnerability & fearless leadership (with Corrinne Armour)

In this episode, Angelo and James spoke with Corrinne Armour, a Gippsland born-and-bred leadership specialist and author of Leaders who ask: Building a Fearless Culture by telling less and asking more. We spoke to Corrinne about fearless leadership, how vulnerability makes for better leaders, and how to tell if you may be the leader your community or organisation needs right now. Subscribe to The Gloaming. Stuff we talked about in this episode: Corrinne Armour is a Gippslandian and...


TG10: Social capital: tough ties for tough times (with Professor Daniel Aldrich)

In this episode, Professor Daniel Aldrich of Northeastern University in Boston joined us to discuss how social capital can help get communities through tough times, be it earthquakes, economic crises or flooding. We so are excited to bring you this conversation because it excavates some of the foundational ideas on which The Gloaming rests: As Gippsland strides forward into an uncertain future, Professor Aldrich reminded us of the unparalleled importance of caring for the ties that bind us...


TG9.5 (BONUS): Reflections on Binary Shift 2018 @ the Hogget Kitchen afterparty

BONUS! Here's a little prezzie for you all! Angelo joined the Binary Shift after party at Hogget Kitchen for a chinwag with some of the good folk who attended the conference. In between chowing down on some of Chef Trevor Perkin's finest work and maybe a splash of vino courtesy of local winemaker, William Downie, Angelo got a download on the conference from its participants, speakers and founders. Subscribe to The Gloaming.


TG9: Hackers, hustlers & hipsters (with Erika McInerney & Elena Kelareva)

In this episode, Angelo & James continued their conversation with Erika McInerney (Mac & Ernie Social Media Training) and Elena Kelareva (GippsTech), two of the founders of the Binary Shift conference. Elena and Erika mapped out Gippsland's digital technology and innovation landscape for us - it turns out it doesn't all hinge on ones and zeros, but also some very human skills and connections. We talked all things startups, technology, artificial intelligence and education. We even dabbled...


TG8: Binary Shift 2018 conference - Can you hack it?

In this episode, Angelo & James spoke to Erika McInerney (Mac & Ernie Social Media Training) and Elena Kelareva (GippsTech), two of the founders of the Binary Shift conference, due to take place on 27 August at Lardner Park. Binary Shift is all about supporting the growth of Gippsland's startup community, building our capacity to ‘hack’ problems and innovate, bring talent together to generate and synthesise ideas, and use appropriate technology to deliver real solutions to real...


TG7: Weaving a web of stories across Gippsland

The Gloaming's own cohost, Angelo, gives the low-down on what went down at a recent public conversation hosted by Gippslandia and Creative Victoria. The theme was 'Shaping a new narrative for the region', and featured special guest Aaron Foley, the Chief Storyteller for the City of Detroit (USA). Subscribe to The Gloaming. Stuff we talked about in this episode: The public conversation was called 'Shaping a new narrative for the region: a conversation with Aaron Foley'. The event was held...


TG6: Connecting soil to plate (Baw Baw Sustainability Festival - Part 2)

Angelo & James continue meandering through the Baw Baw Sustainability Festival, this time focusing on food. They spoke with Terry Avery from the West Gippsland Permaculture Group, and Yvonne Noble, a volunteer with the Baw Baw Food Hub. Subscribe to The Gloaming. Stuff we talked about in this episode: 1) 3:54 - Terry Avery, a leading member of the West Gippsland Permaculture Group. Terry explained what permaculture is and how it can benefit your health and your community. You can learn...


TG5: Powering up with renewables (Baw Baw Sustainability Festival - Part 1)

Angelo & James take a wander through the Baw Baw Sustainability Festival and chat all things renewable energy in Gippsland with Imogen Jubb from Beyond Zero Emissions, Lorraine Bull from the Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group, and Anthea Merson from the Baw Baw Sustainability Network. Subscribe to The Gloaming. Stuff we talked about in this episode: 1) 3:22 - Imogen Jubb, National Manager of Zero Carbon Communities program with climate think tank, Beyond Zero Emissions. We talked about...


TG4: Fortifying our food systems (with Liz Meggetto & Nikki Robinson)

Liz Meggetto & Nikki Robinson from the Central West Gippsland Primary Care Partnership join us for a chat about food security in Gippsland, the real price of food, and the many projects underway that are building resilience into our food systems. Subscribe to The Gloaming. Keep up to date with some of Liz and Nikki's efforts to raise awareness of food security and promote the richness of the Baw Baw food bowl by following the Baw Baw Food Movement on Facebook. Stuff we talked about in...


TG3: With their own two hands (with Leni & Paul Mirams)

Leni & Paul Mirams live and breathe the philosophy of being the change you want to see in the world. We spoke with Leni and Paul in their home in Hill End where they are building an off-grid homestead, and doing it in ways that strengthens their connections with community. Subscribe to The Gloaming. Follow Leni & Paul Mirams on Facebook on the Willow Grove Natural Home Garden page. You can buy fresh veggies and seedlings from Leni & Paul from Warragul Farmers Market (3rd Saturday of every...


TG2: Cows, courage and collaboration (with Gippsland Jersey)

In our first ever interview, we speak to Steve Ronalds and Sallie Jones, the co-founders of Gippsland Jersey. We discuss the genesis of a new and more resilient dairy business model, founded in the wake of the 2016 dairy crisis, the risks of farming start-ups, and the wealth of opportunities that still exist across Gippsland. Subscribe to The Gloaming. Follow Gippsland Jersey on Facebook or Instagram. Stuff we talked about in this episode: For background on the 2016 dairy crisis, watch...


TG1: Crisis, resilience & the future of Gippsland

In the first episode ever, Angelo and James discuss the origins of The Gloaming podcast and what you can expect in future episodes. Subscribe to The Gloaming. Stuff we talked about in this episode Here’s a bit of background on the range of crises we referred to that may become sources of shocks in the future. If you want to learn more about the future of energy, The Post Carbon Institute is bursting at the seams with interesting material. A recent article by Richard Heinberg discusses...