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Alex Jones Ban and 10 year old Tweets

This weeks episode of the Joey P Podject takes a look at the insanity that is or should say was Alex Jones and his Info Wars insanity. Was his ban long over due and what is the fine line between Alex Jones and James Gunn's old Tweets. One ban justified , one firing not so much. Enjoy!!!


Cyber 9/11

In this Episode of the Joey P Podject we dive into the horrific reality of a Cyber 9/11 in the United States of America. Not wasting time with email hacks and fake social media posts, we dive into what would happen if a Cyber attack took down the infrastructure of the Nation.


Trumps European Vacation and 12 kids in a Cave

In this episode of the Podject Joey P discusses Pig in a Poke Grand Prize winner Donald Trumps European vacation, why would a person bring 12 kids in cave, Ed's Shiria Law and the Mental Illness plaguing Americans, as well as his tip of the week. Don't miss out on the controlled chaos that is Joey P's look into the human condition .


Independence Day Jibberish

Welcome back Podjectors . This week Joey P just rambles on during the 4th of July holiday. Remembering the fateful Alien attack of July 4th 1996 and why white people need to stop always calling the cops for no reason and of course more Ed stories. So fire up whatever device you use and enjoy the further look into the human condition.


Space Force and the Time I Punched an Alien

In This weeks Episode of the Joey P Podject The one known as Joey P takes a look at Trumps idea for a Space Force which he got from none other than Joey P. He also will go into the time he punched a Alien in the face. A story that was truly a close encounter of the 5 knuckle kind. Enjoy


Freedom Lost for Free and A.G.Sweetchuck

This weeks episode the Podject previews the Independence day Holiday as it approaches along with the theory that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is former Police Academy Cadet Sweetchuck all grown up. Fire Works to the devaluing of heroes mixed in with A.G. Sweetchucks bible idiocy and the willingness to give our freedom away for free come enjoy some Pre Independence day fun.


Stop Complaining People

This episode of the Joey P Podject focuses on the petty things people constantly complain about. Joey P continues to dive into the human condition in an attempt to once again bring to light the stupid things people of this planet do. So feel free and take a listen . I'm sure you are guilty of at least one of the things mentioned in this episode.


80's Movies and the P.C. Police

This weeks episode of the Joey P Podject we take a look back at some 80's comedy movie classics and how they could never be made today. As the over whelming size of the population's addiction to being offended growing a record rates , Their is no way these films would be made without heads literally exploding. Serious folks get the sticks out Ya Asses!!!!


Random Thoughts

This week Joey P and the Podject take a quick break from the usual and just go into some random thoughts of the week that passed. A School shooting, Stupidity of a Royal Wedding, a dog that turned out to be a bear and the beginning of the Super Guy of the Month award. So kick back and do whatever you maniacs do when you enter the Podject zone and enjoy the good times.


Birthdays are Stupid

Welcome back to the Joey P Podject. This week come along on Joey P's birthday rant. Why are they the ultimate participation trophies? why do people bother us with bridal and baby showers ruining our weekends? Why do we have parties for the dumbest things ? Humans , why do we do what we do? Enjoy Ya Scallywags....


Banned In The U.S.A

In this episode Joey P talks about how in 2018 America's severe case of the Stick up the ass. Why do Americans want to ban and boycott everything and anything they don't like or hear? In today's America when every one is suffering from emotional extremism and new levels of softness Joy P tries to figure out why ? Hope all you "Snow Flakes " enjoy.


Paradise Lost

In this episode of the Joey P Podject we take a look at all the lost traditions of childhood. From Joey P's childhood in the 1980's to the Children growing up now, many time true traditions have been lost. Egging houses to Building fort ,all the way to just being outside all day with no parental supervision.The life of a kid today is missing so much that has made America what it is. So come along on this journey as we jump in the DeLorien , hit 88 mph and go back to what life was like...


Island Prison

With over crowded Prisons and record numbers of inmates. Joey P returns with his idea on how to house and rid our society of the worst criminals that plague our world. In this episode The Joey P Podject explores the idea of creating a remote and quarantined Island prison. No walls. No guards. No warden. Just a island, the open ocean, its psychopath inhabitants and their ability to survive far away from civilization. Along with the parachute/war zone sentence for mass shooters and...


The Hive Mind

Welcome once again back to the joey P Podject as we continue our adventure through the human condition, we begin our look at the history of the human hive mind mentality. On full display here in The United States of America , now more than ever we display the collective consciousness of the Hive mind mentality. Take a listen and start to see how plugged into the Matrix you are and how your behavior and beliefs have been hard wired into you by the Queen Bee's of your reality.


Hurricane Hoax

On this episode of The Joey P Podject we continue our journey into the arrogance of man. As Hurricanes continue to tear through the western hemisphere and parts of the United States are submerged under the raging oceans, why is it we still think we control Nature and everything on this Planet. Why are we still wasting time fighting over what's causing our changing planet and when we we start to adapt to it. Is it so crazy that the Earth and Nature act on their own accord and not ours.


Climate Change. The Scary Version

The science is in and the majority of the world has agreed with 99% of climate scientists that our planets climate is rapidly changing, and that humans are to blame. But is it that simple/ or is it painfully simple that something else besides us is at work. AS we continue our study of human arrogance are we giving ourselves to much credit and ignoring the truly terrifying culprit? Who is said culprit? Well take a listen and find out.


Artificial Intelligence. Our Salvation or Destruction

The Joey P Podject begins it's Arrogance of Man series with a look at the Pro's and Con's of Artificial Intelligence. Will A.I. be our greatest achievement or our worst Nightmare. Come take a journey with Joey P as he discusses the good and bad that can come with Man's greatest invention. Will our Arrogance blind us? We will be able to control something far superior to us? This episode is the first step in a long journey into the Arrogance of Man? Buckle up and enjoy .


How Phones and Social Media makes us Lie.

Welcome back to the Joey P Podject, The place where Science and Myth collide. This weeks adventure into the human condition we look at how texting and social media makes us lie to each other. The introduction of texting and social media into our lives has brought us much . A way to easily stay more connected to each other . The ability to grow a business or just share photos with family and friends at the push of a button. But more than anything else it has enabled us to more easily lie to...


Human Extinction. How it could Happen

As Humans beings, we live with an arrogance that we are the end all be all species of the Earth. That we created and control this planet, and that our time here is infinite. We couldn't be more wrong. In this episode of the Joey P Podject ,we take a look at a few ways that the human race could be wiped off the face of the earth, and sent to the trash heap of history. Could it happen? Will it happen? Why do we say save the planet knowing the planet will be fine. We are the ones who won't...


Protect Net Neutrality

In 2015 the internet was ruled to remain free and neutral. Yet of course Corporate America and the Republican party couldn't let that be able to stay. As the media and cable companies watch their monopoly, and control of information dwindle to the streaming and alternative media of the internet, these Major corporations and Republicans in the senate need to get back control of the information narrative and the profits of the information we view. They will stop at nothing to take the...