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The Kevin & Nikee Show - Breon Pugh - Actor and Singer

Breon Pugh is an American Actor and Singer born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He started out acting in various theater productions in local plays, and then started to pursue acting full time, while acquiring his Associates Degree as a Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy. Hear how he never gave up on his dream to become an actor, though it was rough at times and how he worked very hard to achieve success.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Ernie B and the New Blend

Ernie B and the New Blend is an American Doo-wop music group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band consists of a group of friends, who not only have the perfect blend on stage but off well. The group members are: Ernie Bryant, lead and tenor, Edward Gabriel Jr. lead and tenor, Dean A. Marrow lead and bass, Lester Johnson lead and tenor, Jimi Ching lead and baritone and Calvin Brown lead and tenor. Hear this awesome group as they talk about blending, friendship and working...


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Les Wexler - Founder of Project Positive Choices

Les Wexler is the founder of Project Positive Choices, an education prevention program that is geared towards helping our youth who are battling substance abuse. Using 4 key components and the help of caring celebrities, hear all about how this program and its founder, are changing lives and giving hope. This definitely is an awesome program, that is designed with our youth in mind.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Marc Holladay - Actor, Model, Director and Executive Producer

Marc Holladay is an American 2018 Spiral Award-winning Actor, Model, Dancer, Director and Executive Producer. Marc portrayed the Legendary Peppi Jones in Carla Robinson's hit musical, The Uptown, a story about the legendary Uptown Theater. Hear how Macr got started in acting and how he came to learn 5he business and teach it to others.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - A.J. Franklin - Writer, Director, Producer and Actor

A.J. Franklin is an American, Multi Award-winning, Writer, Director, Producer and Actor from New York. He wrote, produced and starred in his multi award-winning film, Passing Stories and his forthcoming feature film, The Wright Path. Hear how he got started in acting and the many acting tips he gives to future actors.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Robert Hughes - Writer, Director and Actor

Robert Hughes is an American Writer, Director and Actor. He is the creator of the hit show MOBB DIARIES. Hear all about his love for God and the latest news on MOBB DIARIES


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Margaret Manousos - Singer, Songwriter and Actress

Margaret Manousos is an American Singer, Songwriter and Actress. Her hit song, Back To Life is on itunes and doing very well. Hear how she got started singing and acting, and the amazing way she divides her time as an artist and student.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Carla Robinson - Writer, Director, Actor and Playwright

Carla Robinson is an American Award-winning Director, Writer, Playwright and CEO of GoCar Productions. She is the writer and director of the hit sketch comedy play, Hoodish and she is the writer of the forthcoming tv series, Corner Boys. Carla is also the writer and director of the hit show The Uptown which highlights legendary singers.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Rodney L. Cherry - Writer, Director, Producer and Cinematographer

Rodney L. Cherry is an American multi award-winning Writer, Director, Producer and Cinematographer. He has written and directed over a dozen films which produced over 40 award-winning actors, actresses and nominees. He has won 3 Church Stars Awards and 1 Spiral Film & Music Award. He is also a Playwright and Casting Director. Emergency Landing, Spending Thanksgiving With The Moretties, Pharaoh's Bread and The Gift You Forgot To Open are just a few of this awesome director's work. Hear all...


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Jacole Fletcher - Writer, Director, Actress and Cinematographer

Jacole Fletcher is an American Writer, Director, Actress and Cinematographer. She is the writer and director of the film The Good Wives Club and the Director of the SPIRAL Film & Music Awards. Here how she got started in acting and her passion to save men and women all over, from poor hair maintenance.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Schalet Jackson - Actress, Producer and Writer

Shcalet Jackson is an American Actress, Producer, Writer and much more! Hear how she went from a teacher to an actress and how she channeled her teaching experience into a phenomenal performance in Jason's Letter. Check out her awesome performance in "Jason's Letter" premiering on STARZ Encore on Monday October 8th!


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Joyce Mitchell - Actress

Joyce Mitchell is an American Actress known for her role as Mom-Mom in the most talked about film, Jason's Letter. Hear all about how she got started in acting and how she felt portraying a character who is battling Alzheimer's


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Nadine Marissa - Actress, Writer, Director and Dreamer

Nadine Marissa is an American Actress, Writer, Director and Dreamer. She is best known for her role as Nabila on AMC's The Walking Dead. Hear how she got started in acting, her views on the importance of diversity on set and her love for teas.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Celeste Thompson Allen - Actress

Celeste Thompson Allen is an American Actress, known for her role as Ms. Gordon in the most talked about film, Jason's Letter. Jason's Letter is about a young man who wrote a letter that could end police brutality. Jason's Letter will be premiering on the STARZ Network, September 5th.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - LaCinda Trotter and Nyah The Artist - Actors, Publicist and Musician

LaCinda Trotter is an American Actress, Radio Show Host, Publicist and Assistant Director. Nyah The Artist is an American Rapper, Actress and singer. Check out both of these ladies in the forthcoming movie Jason's Letter, premiering on the STARZ Network. Hear all about their experiences is both music and film, their views on Jason's Letter and their work hard ethics.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Tyra and Taj Coleman - Mom-ager and Child Actor

Mom-ager Tyra Coleman and her talented 10 year old son, Child Actor Taj Coleman, known for "Facts of Life" webseries. Check'em out in "Jason's Letter" on the STARZ Net. Sept 22nd at 9pm EST.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Fritz Laporte - Actor and Model

Fritz Laporte is an American Child Actor and Model. You've seen him in the Multi-Award Winning Film "Color Blind" and check him out on the STARZ NETWORK premiere of "Jason's Letter" with its All-Star cast!! Hear how he got started in acting and how his mother plays a very important role in his career.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Romona & Kabera Miller - Author, Actress and Entrepreneur

Romona & Kabera Miller is an American mother and daughter team, burning up the acting circuit together. Romona Smith-Miller is a Actress, Author and Entrepreneur and Kabera Miller is a actress. Hear how they encourage each other on set and the awesome advice Romona gives all parents.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Bino lltimes Cobb - Rapper, Emcee and Lyricist

Bino lltimes Cobb is an American Rapper, Emcee and Lyricist from Southwest Philadelphia. Hear through his music his love for his family, his children and growing up in a neighborhood, that shaped his music into the hits they are today.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Terrance Arlyn - Author, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer and Comedian

Terrance Arlyn is an American Spiral Film & Music Award-Winning Director. Terrance is also a Writer, Producer, Actor and Comedian. Hear how he got started and about his feature film, Last Shot. Listen to the advice he gives to Philadelphia Directors and Actors.