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The Kevin & Nikee Show - Keith Vaile - Multi Award-winning Filmmaker, Writer, Director and Producer of K.H.V. Films LLC

Keith Vaile is an American Multi Award-winning Filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer and so much more. He is the founder of K.H.V. Films LLC and he's a the writer and director of the Multi Award-winning Short Film, Luther. Hear how he got started and his advice to screenwriters looking to get started in the film business.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Debra Lamb - Multi Award-Winning, Hollywood Actress, Comedian, Writer and Screenwriter

Debra Lamb is an American, Multi Award-winning Actress, Comedian, Writer, Screenwriter and so much more. She has been taking over the screen for many years and is known as the Scream Queen of the 80's. Hear how Debra got started acting and her advice to new artist.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Willie James Brown Sr.- aka Wil Ease- R&B Hip Hop Artist with Spyder Entertainment Records

Willie James Brown Sr., aka Wil Ease, is an American R&B Hip Hop Artist with Spyder Entertainment Records. His debut album titled Feeling Some Kind Of Way, is making waves and people all over are feeling his smooth, relaxing sound. Hear all about how Will got started and his advice to young artist everywhere.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Michelle Anglin - Multi Award-Winning Producer, Writer, Director and Actress

Anglin Michelle is a Multi Award-winning American Actress, Writer, Producer and Casting Director. Not only did she star in the forthcoming hit feature film, KEYS but she has also written and directed her own TV Drama called The Bitch in 4B. Hear how she came up with the title and how she uses her films to empower woman


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Logan Jenkins - Multi Award-Winning Actor and Late Night Talk Show Host

Logan Jenkins is an American Multi Award-winning Best Actor and Talk Show Host. Logan won Best Actor for his role in The Multi Award-winning Short Film, Honor. You'll see Logan in the forthcoming feature film Second Chance and forthcoming T.V. Series Omega. Hear how Logan got started acting ans how he uses this technique to build his character


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Camiel Warren-Taylor - Multi Talented SAG Actress, Singer, Tap Dancer, Pianist, American, SAG Member, EMC Candidate

Camiel Warren-Taylor is an American Singer, Tap Dancer, Pianist, SAG Member and so much more! She's a Theater, TV and Film Actress, and she does commercials as well. She played an Orphan in the stage play Annie and Lavender in Matilda. This young lady got it going on! Here how she got started acting, and some of the awesome actors she's been on set with and hear how she encourages others to be confident!


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Charles D. Clark - Multi Award-Winning Actor, Social Justice Advocate and Transformational Speaker

Charles D. Clark is an American, Multi Award-winning Actor, Multi Award-winning Transformational Speaker and Multi Award-winning Social Justice Advocate. Hear his amazing story of how he got started acting and how he has used his story combined with acting, to help change lives.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Dr. Debby Olusa - Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Model

Dr. Debby Olusa is an American Best-Selling Author with Fearless Visionaries, She's a Model, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur. Check out her book Tear the Veil, Vol. 2 in stores . Hear all about her amazing journey and what she thinks about the word NO! Hear how she encourages people to dream big.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Catalina Ariel - Actress, Writer, Director and Model

Catalina Ariel is an American Actress, Writer, Director, Model and so much more. She does stunts, she's is an Art Director and Casting Director. Catalina will portray Jenina Gia Lewis in the highly anticipated Feature Film, Mulatto. Mulatto is based off three books that takes place in Harlem NY during the prohibition era. Hear Catalina talk about her character, the directors, how the story came about and the awesome cast the teamed up with her to deliver a hot, spicy story that will keep you...


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Andrew Hunsicker - Multi Award-Winning Actor, Writer, Director and C.E.O. of Noble F. Productions

Andrew Hunsicker is an American Multi Award-winning Actor, Writer, Director and C.E.O. of Noble F. Productions. You have seen him in films such as GLASS, House of Cards and Mercy (now streaming on Amazon Prime) and his own forthcoming film, Alone With Company. Hear his amazing story of how he got started acting and how he teamed up with his family, to form a production company that creates great films.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Antwon Temoney - Multi Award-winning Actor & Entertainer

Antwon Temoney is a Multi Award-winning, American Actor and Entertainer. He is the Writer, Director, Producer and the C.E.O of Temoney World Productions. Hear how he got started acting and his philosophy on becoming great and protecting your brand.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - David Benton - Founder and C.E.O. of Urban Elite Beauty LLC.

David Benton is an American Founder and CEO of Urban Elite Beauty, an online beauty supply store serving men and women in urban communities. Hear how a trip to the hair store, caused David to not only start the online store but make connections with superstar Rick Ross, which lead to an amazing partnership. Check out for all your beauty supply needs.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Live Broadcast - The 7th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival

The Kevin & Nikee Show broadcast live, at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, brought by the Philadelphia Podcast Society. Special thanks to our sponsors, Urban Elite Beauty and VIP Transportation, for making our live broadcast a success!


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Jessica J. Immanuel - Multi Award-Winning Actress, Writer, Director and Cinematographer

Jessica J. Immanuel is a Multi Award-winning, American Actress, Writer Director, Cinematographer, Voice Over Actress and so much more. She has been in TV shows such as Law and Order SVU, For My Man and House of Cards. Hear Jessica talk about how she got started, her grind and her plan to keep African Americans in front of the camera.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Christine Horn - Multi Award-Winning Actress, Writer, Director and Life Coach

Christine Horn is an American Multi Award-winning Actress, Producer, Writer, Director, Composer and Life Coach. Christine is the founder of the Booking Magnet Academy, the #1 training center for actors and the author of Playing Small. Get ready to learn, because Christine is ready to teach!


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Mike Sutton - Multi Award-winning Best Actor, Writer, Producer and Stunts

Mike Sutton is an American Multi Award-winning Best Film/TV Actor. He's also a Producer, Writer and Casting Director. You have seen him in House of Cards and From Boston 2 Philly as well as Who Killed Jane Doe. Hear how Mike got started acting and his advice to actors about being believable.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Pat Bartleson White - #1 Best Selling Author and Actress

Pat Bartleson White is an American #1 Best Selling Author, Actress, Songwriter and so much more. Her book Molly The Marine, rose to #1 as soon as it hit bookstores. With Ms. Pat being a Marine for 16 years and a member of the Air Force for 4 years, she's able to speak to young girls everywhere about reaching their goals.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Tirrick Obadiah Smith - The Universal Artist & Serial Entrepreneur

Tirrick Obadiah Smith is an American Multi Award-winning Film, Television, Theatre, Music Producer, Casting Director and so much more. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and has been called Hollywood's True Professional. Hear all about what Tirrick looks for when casting and hear how his book Road Trip 2 Success, has provided the blueprint for new entrepreneurs to become successful.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Dr. Charles E. Lee II - Speaker, Astro Spiritual Metaphysicist, Writer and Retired Bodyguard

Dr. Charles E. Lee II is an American Astro Spiritual Metaphysicist, Motivational Speaker, Self-help Author, 5th Dan Black Belt Master, Spiritual Clairvoyant and Retired Bodyguard to the Stars. Hear how he recounts his experience of working with Hollywood's biggest names and how he uses Spiritual Metaphysics to he!p people change the way they think.


The Kevin & Nikee Show - Timothy Tobias Sansbury - Actor, Model, Stunts and Talent Production Manager

Timothy Tobias Sansbury aka Tobias Armand is an American Actor, Model, Production Manager and so much more. Tobias Armand was a warrior in 2018 blockbuster feature film, Black Panther. Hear how he recounts his experience of being on set with Hollywood's biggest names and how he's using his experience to move his career forward.