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The LanceScurv Show - Bold, Raw & Uncut! Is Masterminded by Lance Scurvin, a Culture Critic, Blogger, Political Illustrator & relentless Social Media Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!

The LanceScurv Show - Bold, Raw & Uncut! Is Masterminded by Lance Scurvin, a Culture Critic, Blogger, Political Illustrator & relentless Social Media Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!
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The LanceScurv Show - Bold, Raw & Uncut! Is Masterminded by Lance Scurvin, a Culture Critic, Blogger, Political Illustrator & relentless Social Media Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!






SPIT: The Secret Sauce Nobody Asks For! – The LanceScurv Show

A customer celebrating Father’s Day at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden yesterday got a nasty surprise when he looked at his receipt. Curtis Mays of Seacliff, Long Island had just finished his meal at the 29-19 24th Ave. restaurant when he noticed upon–receiving the check–that he was paying for a well-done burger with cheddar, mayo— and a glob of spit, abc7NY reported. SOURCE: Here is the...


Man’s Soul Draining Rat Race Will Never Fulfill Your True Purpose!

LanceScurv shares a chock full of hard earned insight chat on preserving one's mental, physical and spiritual resources in a time when so many misled people feel as though their salvation and life's purpose will be realized by running in the soul draining rat race of this wicked system of decadent transgression. The post Man’s Soul Draining Rat Race Will Never Fulfill Your True Purpose! appeared first on LanceScurv - Bold, Raw & Uncut!.


The Ancestors Are Awakening The Present Generation To Overthrow This Wicked System – Brother Keston

Brother Keston makes it very clear as to why today's younger generation has rejected religion and the engineered miseducation that has allowed us to remain in a state of mental enslavement that has thus far caused our ancestors to work through them to soon bring about a revolution like nothing else that has been experienced in recorded history. Can't you feel it? Like that pressure cooker that has gone on long passed the time that it took to prepare the meal, it will happen any day now...


88% Of Missing Sex Trafficked Kids Come From U.S. Foster Care! – The LanceScurv Show

When I found out today that 88% of all Missing Children had at one point been in the U.S. Foster Care System, I couldn’t help but heed to the red flags that popped up in my head that gave me the thought that there had to be a highly organized correlation between the two related components. I feel that with the extremely high numbers of children missing that a connection between the two was undeniable. I’ve always stated in my online expressions that missing children, organ harvesting & child...


Syracuse University Suspends Theta Tau Fraternity Over Racist Video! – The LanceScurv Show

Fifteen Syracuse University students who participated in fraternity videos described by the school’s chancellor as racist and anti-Semitic were suspended last week, according to their lawyer, the culmination of a six-week inquiry into the footage, which had ignited campus protests and a sit-in. Karen G. Felter, whose law office represents the 15 students who received formal disciplinary decisions, said in an email Sunday that some of them were suspended for one year and others for two...


Learning To Identify The Traps & Pitfalls Of White Supremacy! – Brother Keston

White Supremacy has permeated the entire planet destroying the natural order where every culture and race is empowered and rips it apart to force the world to bow down only to all things European and Caucasian as the epitome of superiority. Brother Keston breaks down how to identify the traps and pitfalls of White Supremacy whether it's covert or obvious. As always, this is a compelling, motivating and informative exchange that will help you construct your righteous armor in order to...


Please Do Not Politicize The Santa Fe High School Tragedy! – The Gelzer Report

Enjoy this rapid fire upbeat and very informative conversation on The Gelzer Report as host Lawanna Gelzer schools our listeners on the often hidden transactions that our local government executes to their comrades and inner circles which in other words most will refer to as "Corporate Welfare." But first and foremost we spoke on the unfortunate tragedy that unfolded at the Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe Texas where suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17 years old, shot up the Santa Fe High...


PRAYING & PREYING: Meet The PEDOPHILE PASTORS Of Toledo Ohio! – The LanceScurv Show

TOLEDO, Ohio -- A pastor accused of having sex with two minor girls has pleaded guilty to several charges, according to federal prosecutors. Kenneth Butler, 38, is one of three Toledo-area pastors accused of involvement in a child sex-trafficking scheme. Butler is expected to spend 17 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to one count of conspiracy to sex traffic children, two counts of sex trafficking of children and one count of obstruction of a sex trafficking...


Are Professional Sports Rigged? – The LanceScurv Show

Professor K returns to share his perspectives on what he feels is a mass deception in the world of professional sports. He believes that what many feel is the element of the unknown in who will be the victor across the various major sports that most enjoy has been well thought out long before the game or event. If his opinion is actually the truth then all of the betting and speculation is a waste of time and predestined if one is in the inner circle of who decides who will come out on...



Shawna N. Harrell, Esq., and her Sigma Gamma Rho sorority sisters were cleaning an "Adopt-A-Highway" stretch of Highway 83 near the 13th street exit in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when a State Trooper pulled up to question them as he was responding to a call and inquired if they were fighting. The officer asked for their identifications after grilling them as to who they really were and what they were doing out there as well as what their professions were. The State Trooper eventually left...


Deception, Destruction, Death & Domination: The 4 D’s Of White Culture! – Django & Brother Keston

Today we have a very powerful show with the lethal combination of Brother Keston, Brother Django Unchained & yours truly LanceScurv speaking on the 4 D's of White Culture: Deception, Destruction, Death & Domination! Be prepared to be enlightened, informed, empowered, inspired and for some of you agents and 'coons........your feelings hurt! The post Deception, Destruction, Death & Domination: The 4 D’s Of White Culture! – Django & Brother Keston appeared first on LanceScurv - Bold, Raw &...


ATTENTION AFFLUENT BLACKS: Denial Of White Supremacy Will Never Cause It To Vanish! – Brother Keston

Brother Keston shines the spotlight of truth on those affluent Black people who refuse to acknowledge the sad racist realities that are becoming commonplace in our communities while they push their condescending heads deep into the sands of denial fooling themselves into thinking that their accomplishments will isolate them from suffering them same treatment that their downtrodden Sisters and Brothers are suffering. This was a topic that was so desperately needed to be spoken on and our...


WARRIOR CONSTANCE: Nurturing Our Seeds Of Greatness! – The LanceScurv Show

Peace Beloved Family! I’m super excited to be joining Lance once again for another powerful conversation about nursing the seeds of greatness. We all desire to become wiser, stronger, and more powerful on a daily basis. On tonight we’ll share some tips and tools to help those seeds grow exponentially. Remember you have all of the power that you need within, don’t be afraid to access that power. On this beautiful journey in life we must be willing to fight for our freedom to live the best...


THE R. KELLY SEX CULT: How Was It Allowed To Come To This? – The LanceScurv Show

Whether or not R&B Singer R. Kelly is guilty of the decadence that he is accused of or simply man innocent of all allegations by gold diggers who want a "come up" to a life of luxury and fame, the fact of the matter is that these situations do exist and we are engaging in this discussion in order to see what can we do to avoid our daughters from falling victim to someone who has these twisted intentions on their innocence. An innocence, that is once stolen and utilized in an improper...


Escaping White Supremacy, Covert Jewish Control & That Generational Curse Called RELIGION! – The LanceScurv Show

This was a star studded and very powerful show that featured Sister Ordinari U, Brother Keston, Brother Hallah, Brother Nat Turner and Brother KhamisiFox that went in on a multitude of topics in a rapid style fashion which included Christian Mind Control Tricks, the devious methods of the Hollywood Jewish propaganda and beyond, the divide and conquer power of Religion and its hold over Black Empowerment and Independent Black Thought and Revolution and so much more! We spoke boldly in this...


A Thought Provoking Conversation With ORDINARI U! – The LanceScurv Show

Sister Ordinari U shares her very refreshing perspectives in a manner that gives the hope that all of us are not lost. Enjoy this laid back wisdom packed conversation that was nothing short of phenomenal because of the thought provoking intellectual mind food that she so deliciously and excellently offered. We need more conversations and free thinking Sisters like this in our world in comparison to the decadent buffoonery and religious mind control mechanisms that are the dominate...


Kanye West & Bill Cosby: The Dirty Games They’ve Played! – The LanceScurv Show

A very passionate panel chime in on the correlation and distractions that have come out of the Kanye West controversial "Slavery Was A Choice" comment as well as the legal railroading of Bill Cosby and his zero proof take down at the hands of the #metoo movement! The post Kanye West & Bill Cosby: The Dirty Games They’ve Played! – The LanceScurv Show appeared first on LanceScurv - Bold, Raw & Uncut!.


In The Age Of High Tech Surveillance: Are YOU On Someone’s List? – The LanceScurv Show

This show is so much more than surveillance as it is one of the most lethal discussions that have ever been experienced on The LanceScurv Show. Today we spoke on the often silent topic on who are the real chosen people of God. Most are terrified to touch this topic because they are afraid to boldly go there but as far as I see it, the only people who should be in fear are those who will be exposed for pulling off the absolute most blatant form of Identity Theft in history. Our dear Sister...


Bodybuilding Will Ruin Your Life! – The LanceScurv Show

In this segment I speak from experience on the effect that hardcore Bodybuilding has on one's psyche after the many years of observing the disastrous results in the lives of others. While many enter the gym with honorable intentions of building one's health and improving their appearance through bodybuilding, too many gullible and impressionable young men and women are seduced into a mindset that can be quite addictive as well as destructive as what was once a healthy sense of insecurity...


SHAW vs. RENO: Whose Fault Is It? – The Dr. Ramona Brockett Show

The case involved the redistricting of North Carolina after the 1990 census. North Carolina submitted to the Department of Justice a map with one majority-minority black district—that is, a district with a black majority. The Department of Justice believed that the state could have drawn another such majority-minority district in order to improve representation of black voters rather than including them all within one district. The state revised its map and submitted a new plan, this one...