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Ep 81: (Special Conference Edition): My First Year as a Professional Speaker w/ Darryl Bellamy Jr.

In this episode we kick off the road to the Minority Trailblazer Conference series with Darryl Bellamy Jr. He returns to the podcast to talk the speaking business, his first year as an entrepreneur and so much more. This is an actionable podcast episode fill with takeaways, stories, and real moments that will get you excited about 2018! Find Darryl Here: Web: Facebook: Instagram:...


Ep 80: How One Senior Turned Rejection into 11 Job Offers & $40,000 Hackathon Prize w/ Brandon Long

On this episode I share the story of North Carolina A&T Senior Brandon L. Long. Who has worked for NASA, Apple, Sams, Oracle and now Microsoft. We share the good, bad, and the ugly of one of Americas future leaders in Technology. Find Brandon Here: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin:


Ep 75:(Special Live New York Edition): Get What You Deserve w/Abu Fofanah & Ariel Lopez

This is an exclusive Monday edition of the Minority Trailblazer Podcast featuring Abu Fofanah & Ariel Lopez. This is the first ever live podcast and we hold nothing back. No fluff just value about starting a brand, getting funding, staying agile, and growing consistently. I guarantee this is a classic episode. Find Abu Here: Web: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: Find Ariel Here: Web:...


Ep 74: Value over Visibility:The Unapologetic Truth about Brand Building w/Andrew Nyugen

Hold on tight because this is one of the most powerful podcasts that I have ever recorded. Had the privilege to bring my brother Drew on the show and have him share his story. Andrew is the founder of the O Agency and the Build Your Own Brand company. This summer went on a national tour hitting over 12 cities helping entrepreneurs build and cultivate their brand. When I tell you this podcast is for all the authentic hustlers, I am not playing. Enjoy! Find Andrew Here: Web:...


Ep 73: From West Point to Wall Street: Building Financial Wellness the Right Way w/Benjamin Pitts

Ben shares his journey from West Point to Wall Street to building his own company from scratch. This interview we discuss practical and proven principles on building busienss, relationships and finances through a lense of someone who has worked with a wide range of clients. This podcast is relavant, detailed, and one of the best shows of 2017. Find Ben Here: LinkedIn: Twitter: Company: Free Rapid Review:...


Ep 67: From Rural City to Duke to NASA to BBQ Pitmaster w/Rocket Scientist, Dr.Howard Conyers

Exclusive Interview with Rocket Scientist/Pitmaster Dr.Howard Conyers, sharing his rural upbringing from South Carolina all the way to North Carolina A&T. He also shares his experience getting his Ph.D. at Duke and eventually NASA as a Rocket Scientist. Most importantly he is a pitmaster who will be making his Natural Television debut Tuesday 20th on the Cooking Channel at 9pm. Find Dr.Conyer's Here: Web: Facebook: Twitter:...


Ep 65:The Power of Purpose mixed with Passion & a Princeton Degree w/ Rana Campbell

Rana is a breath of fresh air. Princeton Grad (Check) Podcaster (Check) Expert Conversationalist (Check) Brilliant Storyteller (Check) This was one of my funniest interviews of Season 3 Find Rana Here: Web: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


Ep 64: Elevated Politics: Owning Your Responsibility to Greatness w/Lauren Bealore

Lauren Bealore, shares her unique journey to becoming one of the only black environment lobbyist in the world. We talk politics, entrepreneurship, self-care, and Migos. This is an organic, dynamic conversation curated for you. Find Lauren Here: Web: Facebook: Instagram:


Ep 62: (Special Edition) Black America, Where to Now? w/ Marcus Bass, Part 1

This is a special episode featuring Marcus Bass, organizer, activist, servant leader. We talk education, politics, and a plethora of conversations we don't have as a culture. This is one of the most direct conversations about race that we have had on this podcast. Find Marcus Here: Twitter: Linkedin:


Ep 61: Conversations We Never Have? Creating Events That Matter w/Gabrielle Jones of Rielle Events

Gabrielle Jones, founder of Rielle events opens up about woman's right, education, and proper event planning. In this interview we touch on failure, resilience, and what happens when you do everything you supposed to do and still come up short. We also dive DEEP into the world of event planning and all thew does and donts. This is one of my most thought provoking podcast to date. Find Gabrielle Here: Web: Facebook: Twitter:...


Ep 60:Healthy Looks Different on Everybody: Building Brands, Health & Confidence w/Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams, Wellness blogger, health communicator, and all thing natural shares her journey from suffering with hypothyroidism to a plant based diet. We talk natural hair, popping skin, getting exposure for your brand, and all things in between. This is one of the most complete shows of season 3 with the right amount of humor, information, and real talk. Find Chelsea Here Web: Pinterest: Facebook:


Ep 59: How to Stay Motivated Regardless of The Results w/Justin Shaifer of Fascinate Sci

Justin Shaifer, founder of Fascinate Sci Youtube Channel shares his story from an introverted Science geek from South Side of the Chicago to SGA president of Hampton University and beyond. We focus on maintaining motivation regardless of results, building a brand after college and life. This is a humorous, direct, and informational podcast from one of the new change agents in Science. Find Justin Here: Youtube: LinkedIn:...


Ep 58: Don't Limit Your Expectations: From NCCU to Harvard Medical School w/Dr.Stephen Allsop

Dr.Stephen Allsop, researcher, future Harvard MD Graduate, Musician, and Activist shares her journey from Trinidad to Boston. His passion, wisdom, and tenacity are infectious as we talk getting into Med School, Black culture, and Life. This is a sharp, thoughtful, and diverse interview that aims to encourage and empower. Find Dr.Allsop Here: Web: Twitter: Instagram:


Ep 57:Are You Just Existing? 7 years of Risk, Film & Discovery w/ Cinematographer, Dominic Jones

Dominic Jones, budding Cinematographer, Camera Assistant, Photographer, Storyteller shares his unique journey from Bowie, MD to Los Angeles. We discuss his swift transition from engineering to Film Production as well as his experience with working on videos for Kanye West & Beyoncé. This narrative and direct dialogue is refreshing and needed, as the new wave of black film and art is among us. Find Domo Here: Web: Twitter: Instagram:...


Ep 56: Say Less: Finding your Niche in a Crowded Place w/Liane Membis, Founder of Bauce Mag

Liane Membis, Founder of Bauce Magazine shares her journey and vision which took her from Yale to Culture Change Agent. We talk Goosebumps, confidence, and finding your uniqueness in an ever crowding digital space. Very easy listen and fun episode. Find Bauce Mag & Liane Here: Web: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Personal Website:


Ep 55: The Art of Failing Forward w/ Rebecca Jones, Founder of Munchin Cupcakes

Rebecca Jones, Founder of Munchin Cupcakes shares her journey from experience as an East Londoner in love with cupcakes, culture, and travel to an international entrepreneur. Her accent, humor, and sense of purpose will inspire, encourage, and challenge you to fail big, fail fast, and fail forward. Find The Munchin Cupcakes here: Web: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:...


Ep 53:From the Stoop to Forbes 30 under 30 w/Evin Robinson & Jessica Santana, Founders of NYOT

Evin Robinson & Jessica Santana, share their story from Brooklyn, NY to Forbes 30 under 30. As the leaders of one of the countries emerging social enterprises we dig into their stories & business. This highly practical interview is humorous, direct, and a must listen for entrepreneurs and free thinkers alike. Find NYOT Here: Web: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:...


Ep 52: Secure Your Bag: From NY to Investment Banking to Harvard Business School w/Triston Francis

Triston Francis shares his compelling story from almost getting held back to Investment Banking to Harvard Business School. We discuss money, careers, wall street stereotypes, and much more. This is a direct, humorous, and tactical interview with the one of the next generation of Business Leaders. Find Triston Here: Web: Instagram:


Ep 51: Secret Vs Private: The Difficult Conversations We Don't Have w/Kimberly Knight

and her search for self. This unique episode sheds lights on conversations we don’t have with loved one and the conversations we need to have with ourselves. We also speak on her emerging platform which showcases North Carolina Music, style, food, and show much more. This is a great episode to kickoff 2017! Find Kim Here: Web: Twitter: Instagram: Business:


Ep 45:Tell a Story Nobody Else Can Tell:Creating Side Hustles & Owning Your Truth w/Nicaila Matthews

Nicaila Matthews, founder of one of the top ranked business podcast "Side Hustle Pro" shares her unique journey through life, career, and school. This is a hilarious, honest, and actionable interview from the Side Hustle Queen herself. Find Nicaila Here: Web: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Linkedin: