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Episode 54: Hold Me, Steve

This week's big question is: if a tree falls in the woods, are you banging your own mum? But before that: Avengers Infinity War (whole bunch of spoilers, including a spoiler for which Avenger Nathan is in love with), and Netflix series The Rain. Infinity War trailer, if you haven't already seen itVanity Fair longread on Kevin Feige's reign over MarvelWatch The Rain on NetflixSarah's review of Natalie Hayne's novel Children of Jocasta (that's Jocasta in the right of the image)Where to find...


Episode 53: An Army of Thatues

Sarah and Nathan saw Mary Stuart at the Theatre Royal in Bath, and Nathan saw a lot of films on a plane - some of which were good, some of which were not terrible, and some of which were made by Ridley Scott. Plus, Age of Answers! More about Mary StuartTonya Harding profileexplains Where to find us: iTunesStitcheriHeartRadioTuneInAcastGot a question for The Age of Answers, or just want to say hi? Email us!


Episode 52: Ready Player Bum

Don't say we didn't warn you. Ready Player One is really, really bad, so it sucks to be Sarah who only got to see that this week. Better times for Nath who also saw Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark with live soundtrack, meaning that we can delve into the mysteries of good Spielberg vs poor Spielberg. There's no Age of Answers this week because there were, shockingly, NO QUESTIONS - make us happy and send us some! Seriously don't botherWhat Nathan sawMolly Ringwald's...


Episode 51: God of Woof

Why is the new Lara Croft movie like a plastic cup? Can a family annihilating demigod achieve character development? And just how should a person be? All these questions and more (including the ones you put to us in Age of Answers via the email below) WILL be answered in this amazing episode of The Mispronounced Item. The trailer for Tomb Raider if you mustbut tbh everything looks good at Cinerama so it doesn't matter that the movie is nonsenseMeet daddy Kratos in the God of War...


Episode 50: Hoist By Our Own Wetard

We're back from Seattle, and here we are with the aural equivalent of your neighbours coming over with the slides from their holiday. This week: things we learned in Seattle (mostly about aircraft, please trust us that this is very interesting), Annihilation the book and the film, Ursula Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness, and (of course) THE AGE OF ANSWERS. Seriously, the Museum of Flight is VERY VERY GOODThe Figuring History exhibition at the Seattle Art MuseumWatch an amazing...


Episode 49: All Good Examples

We went to see Flight of the Conchords! It was great! We listened to loads of Britpop on the way! It was... variable! We watched Murder on the Orient Express! It was exactly what we hoped for! And Nathan has been playing Burnout Paradise Remastered! It has been consuming! Plus, we answer a long overdue question in the Age of Answers. No Mispronounced Item next as we're on holiday, so see you when we get back. Conchords website magnificent article Burnout Paradise Remastered Where to find...


Episode 48: Dog-Related Content

Apologies for being a day late on this due to Nath being ill. Still, we're here now with thoughts on Black Panther (MANY SPOILERS, you have been warned) and You Were Never Really Here (about which we try to say as little as humanly possible, leading to a pretty weird section TBH where we talk about Britpop for ages for some reason), plus The Age of Answers which is of course the best bit. Black Panther is in cinemas nowcolumnAnd so is You Were Never Really HereQueer Eye is on Netflix Where...


Episode 47: Better With Bean

We watched Mute. We thought it couldn't be as bad as people said, but it is if anything much, much worse. So bad that Sarah argues it should have been more like Mr Bean, and actually has a point. Maximum spoilers here so avoid if you want to watch Mute (but you don't want to watch Mute). Plus a quick rattle through a novel inspired by the life of surrealist artist Leonora Carrington, and Nathan getting excited about The Swapper. Age of Answers includes some career advice and thoughts on...


Episode 46: Hold On to Your Hot Take Horses

Here's the Great Lost Episode from last year! And by "Great" we mean "Really Quite Long", but for EXCELLENT REASONS, mostly relating to the brilliance of Get Out, here discussed extensively (and with spoilers all the way). We originally recorded this in March 2017, but it's OK because we were right about basically everything. Some links: Get Out Oscar-nominatedwatch itI Am Not Your Negro home release nowread Baldwinreview of the Charlotte Rampling memoirThe Rules Do Not Apply compulsory...


Episode 45: There Are Dozens of Us!

"It's the intellectual equivalent of separate beds!" says Nathan, meaning he's watched a film that Sarah hasn't and Sarah has read a book he hasn't this week. Cloverfield, Shirley Jackson, and dietary advice for dogs, let's go. The Cloverfield Paradox is on Netflix nowGhostwatch/Stone Tape DVD double billWe Have Always Lived in the Castledeluxe edition This apparently trustworthy websiteSarah on Nadine DorriesWhere to find us iTunesStitcheriHeartRadioTuneInAcastGot a question for The Age...


Episode 44: Philip K Dicks

Where does Napoleon keep his immortal disembodied soul? Up his sleevies! That's a joke that's only explicable if you've been watching Altered Carbon like Nathan has, but remains terrible either way. Luckily it's not in the actual podcast, but chat about Jon McGregor's Reservoir 13 and Dear Esther live is. Plus: the Age of Answers is back! Email your questions to Reservoir 13 out now in paperbackIn the Moment magazineDear EstherDear Esther Jessica Curry on...


Episode 43: Raging Sex Blobs

Somehow we manage not to wang on further about Hamilton this week though that may change due to popular demand (i.e. if someone asks, which they already have, thank you Deya on Twitter). This week! Walking sims are great, humanity is terrible, and comedians are chatty. What Remains of Edith FinchOxenfreeCrossing SoulsDear EstherEverybody's Gone to the RaptureGone Home TacomaEdith Finch Eurogamer hereRolling Stone hereWinchester Mystery HouseThe Book of Joan by Lidia YuknavitchPeach by Emma...


Episode 42: Not Throwing Away My Clem Fandango

We went to see Hamilton! It was predictably amazing! Plus a bit about Star Trek. Hamilton cast recording on Spotifyarticle about HamiltonStar Trek: Discovery


Episode 41: Deutschemordzeitgehen

The fun twist this week is that we've been doing completely different things, making for some classic repartee along the lines of "what are you talking about?" and "I don't understand". Dark is on NetflixRed Oaks is on Amazon PrimeIan Leslie's article on the golden age of televisionPulpheadThe Long Way to a Small Angry Planet A Closed and Common Orbit Becky ChambersLight Climbers All the Pretty Horses Questions to @sarahditum or @nathanditum on Twitter are very welcome, and we'll answer...


Episode 40: Two Idiots In An Office, Bath

Well it's been ages, hasn't it? Let's try to make this thing more regular. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriWatch the trailer hereThe Shining at The WrapSignificant Zero: Heroes, Villains, and the Fight for Art and Soul in Video Games Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made


Episode 39: Open That Drawer

What's in the drawer? It's the mystery of whether Nathan's sexuality was formed by a Two Ronnies sketch! Open if you dare. Testosterone Rex by Cordelia Fine is out now from IconSarah's review for the Guardian is hereThe Power by Naomi Alderman is out now from PenguinSarah's review for the New Statesman is herethe Two Ronnies' sketch The Worm that Turnedthe Society's Exhibition Sancerre 2015Concha y Toro Corte Ignacio Rapel Sauvignon Blanc 2015Will Adams memorialWikipediaNioh is released on...


Episode 38: Begins and Ends With Mogwai

Last week's good intentions to focus on the positive come awry as Sarah and Nathan talk about war (it's bad), Sherlock (pretty bad also), and why Sarah is biased against American fiction. Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? on BBC iPlayerNew Statesman column about the programme Innocents and Others by Dana SpiottaThe Bed Moved by Rebecca SchiffAround the World With Orson WellesThe Daylight and the DustSherlock is on BBC iPlayerturn to personal relationships in dramaYou can subscribe to us on...


Episode 37: The Essex Chicken

2016 is gone but we are back! With a new theme tune! And we've put together a list of everything worth redeeming from the smoking trashpile of last year. Sarah picks books by Sarah Perry (above left) and Susan Faludi, and albums by Carly Rae Jepsen and Angel Olsen; Nathan takes on film and games, with props for Hunt for the Wilderpeople (above centre) and Dishonored 2 (above right). See, it's not all completely apocalyptic. Just mostly. You can subscribe to us on iTunes and we'd love for...


Episode 36: Red Jez Detention

Things have taken a turn for the really quite bad, haven't they? Join us in our search for ten reasons not to worry even though everything is terrible. Nathan's been revisiting Red Dead Redemption, Sarah's been reviewing Susan Faludi's memoir of her father's life and gender transition, and there are some superb new stings to feed your misery. "Seamus I'm not sure this supercut of D:Ream and George Galloway is a great idea either." TOO LATE SEAMUS WE'VE DONE IT ANYWAY.


Episode 35: Jetlag Radio Future

You know how much fun hearing about other people's holidays is? Well listen to us talk about our holiday for a whole hour. Los Angeles! Disneyland! Yosemite! San Francisco! All the things we did and you didn't! Plus, Sarah on why The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry might be the novel of the year, and Nath's amazing behind-the-scenes revelations about Chatham Historic Dockyards.