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What Nobody Tells You About Rape (Season 9, Ep 4)

Martha Adam was raped. For a week afterwards, she couldn’t even say the word. Couldn’t tell her parents what had happened to her. But she did report the assault - and faced hours of courtroom questioning that both embellished and undermined her trauma. In this wide-ranging conversation with Olly, Martha explains how these events restricted her lifestyle, affected her relationships, and made her question her own sanity. It’s what nobody tells you about rape. Elsewhere, for this week's...


The Only Way Is Up (Season 9, Ep 3)

Suspended from 100 helium balloons, Tom Morgan flew 15.5 miles across South Africa, seated in a collapsible camping chair. And now he wants YOU to do it, too. Could this hare-brained scheme really be the future of adventure travel? Or is there more hope for his other concept - getting travellers to build their own biplanes out of plywood, to fly over the Pacific? In this chat with Olly, Tom explains how his serendipitous, risk-taking approach to travel begat the Mongol Rally - an event now...


The Downing Street Heckler (Season 9, Ep 2)

Shouting at Prime Ministers was off-limits at BBC Westminster before Paul ‘Gobby’ Lambert. He was the Producer who cried, ‘ANY MONEY IN THE BOX, CHANCELLOR?’ at George Osborne on Budget day and got Bill Clinton to talk to the News Channel by shouting, ‘OI, BILL!’. In this interview with Olly, Paul recalls how his inspired pursuit of Cherie Blair made several front pages, bemoans the current crop of journos who’d rather seek out sources on Twitter, and reveals how the murder of Milly Dowler...


My Head Is Killing Me (Season 9, Ep 1)

Dr Stuart Farrimond was a disillusioned Junior Doctor. Night-shifts, the grim reality of hospital life and emotional exhaustion were all taking their toll - but he was in denial about what might be killing him. In this extraordinary interview with Olly, he explains how an eating disorder and an unexpected diagnosis derailed his career and his marriage - but also how, in the most desperate of circumstances, his life could still change for the better. Stuart’s latest book, The Science of...


The Inseminator (Season 8, Ep 10)

Sperm donors are anonymised in British clinics. Recipients don’t even get to see a photo of the man who will father their child. Donor-conceived kids can only discover the identity of their biological father upon reaching adulthood themselves. But Mitch Kennedy is a private donor. His sperm has been used by 23 couples - and he’s met them all. In most cases, he’s slept in their spare room during the conception. He has around 40 children. In this fascinating interview with Olly, Mitch...


Hannah Witton: Stomasexual (Season 8, Ep 9)

At 25, YouTube star Hannah Witton suffered acute abdominal pain. She’d had a decade in remission from ulcerative colitis, but the episode was so severe she opted to have surgery to remove her colon. Now, she’s readjusting to life with an ileostomy bag. As she reveals to Olly in this open-hearted interview, that means recalibrating her attitude to sex, body confidence and her role in the YouTube community. You can see and hear more of Hannah at Elsewhere this episode,...


Cruising With Mickey (Season 8, Ep 8)

Working aboard Disney’s cruise ships requires a commitment to customer service, a never-fading smile, and a mastery of ‘the Disney point’. But for Andy Young - a twentysomething bartender on Disney Wonder in 2002 - it also served as an introduction to excessive drinking, clandestine romps and a salary of just $26 per fortnight, plus tips... Elsewhere this week, Ollie Peart travels to Paris to investigate the trend for ‘floating’ Bird scooters - dockless adult scooters hired via smartphone...


Diving to Adventure! (Season 8, Ep 7)

Smuggling marijuana from Thailand to Alaska; trading illicit fuel in Nigeria; evading the law in France - Robert Stone did it all. From one small fishing boat in the Bahamas he built up a veritable fleet of vessels - including a 6000-tonne oil tanker - devoted to his businesses empire. In this globetrotting interview with Olly, Robert reveals what it was like to be making a million dollars per month, switching between dozens of aliases and risking his life on the high seas. Elsewhere on...


The Cop Who Went To Prison (Season 8, Ep 6)

Michael Bunting always wanted to be a police officer. He qualified aged 19, with his Dad’s old Constabulary collar number. Then, one Summer Sunday evening, his life changed forever. Whilst attempting to detain a violent suspect, he was severely beaten. He kicked out - and was charged with common assault. As he recalls in this compelling conversation with Olly, this one moment lead to a two-year ordeal, culminating behind bars at HMP Armley, where his fellow inmates chanted ‘Slaughter The...


Inside RT's Newsroom (Season 8, Ep 5)

Russia Today is one of Britain’s most controversial TV networks. Backed by the Kremlin and based in Moscow, its London newsroom portrays Russia more positively than the mainstream media, and broadcasts an alternative take on current events generally. But RT has been accused of distributing propaganda and ‘fake news’, and has been found in breach of broadcasting rules. Joana Ramiro worked for RT’s web-team, hoping she could originate meaningful journalism aligned with her left-wing...


I Am A Gazelle (Season 8, Ep 4)

What does it take to be an Olympic champion? Performance Scientist Dr Steve Ingham knows: he’s supported over 1000 athletes, including Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent and Jessica Ennis-Hill. In this insightful interview with Olly, he reveals how the tiniest details of an athlete’s training programme, the words and music used to motivate them, and even the occasional exposure to injury and failure combine to create a world-class performance. Meanwhile, in The Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart...


The Unlucky Ones (Season 8, Ep 3)

Miscarriages are the most common form of pregnancy loss - yet are rarely talked about in public. Jo and Steve Peck suffered not one, not two, but recurrent miscarriages over the course of four years, before seeking private treatment. In this searingly honest, compelling interview with Olly, they reveal the toll this took on their marriage, their work and their mental health - as they watched their friends begin families - gradually realising it may never happen for them. Elsewhere, in...


So, You Have A Fear of Flying (Season 8, Ep2)

Claustrophobia, panic attacks, and hyperventilation can feel even more acute at 35,000 feet. Perhaps that’s why some aviophobics never get as far as buying plane tickets, and spend a lifetime making awkward train journeys instead. Anna P - Team Leader on Virgin Atlantic’s Fear of Flying course - says she can help passengers with even the most debilitating nerves overcome their fears. And she should know. As she reveals to Olly and journalist Rebecca Gillie in this candid chat, she once...


A Restaurant Ruined My Life (Season 8, Ep 1)

With zero experience running a professional kitchen, home cook Robert Maxwell poured his life savings into his passion project: a gastropub-inspired Toronto restaurant. It became a crash-course in coping with stress, managing his cashflow, and curbing his ego. In this funny, forthright interview with Olly, Robert reveals how chasing his dream led to him selling his house, hitting the bottle and falling out of love with the thing he loved the most... cooking. Meanwhile, in this week’s...


Hands-on Dad (Season 7, Ep 10)

Ben Ryan’s two year-old son, Sol, was born with a blood clot in his arm. Following amputation, the medical advice was to wait until Sol’s third birthday before fitting a prosthetic that grabs. But former psychology teacher Ben saw the developmental benefit of acting much sooner... In this astonishing interview with Olly, he recalls his rollercoaster of emotions when Sol was born; the sponge ‘arm’ he initially botched together with cotton wool and Micropore tape; and how he learned to use 3D...


The Declutterer (Season 7, Ep 9)

Former investment banker Nicola Lewis likes to organise. Which is just as well, because the demand for decluttering has never been higher. Her clients might be coping with a bereavement, and the resultant truckload of unwanted furniture; or just moving house after decades of unintentional hoarding. As she explains to Olly in this laid-back chat, Nicola's skills lie in helping folks decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw out… You can discover more at...


Cloudspotting (Season 7, Ep 8)

Professional dancer Raquel Meseguer had back surgery at the age of thirty, to treat chronic neuropathic pain. But it didn’t alleviate her symptoms. In this insightful interview with Olly, she explains how this bombshell has impacted upon the daily practicalities of her life, why she doesn’t feel welcome in our ‘vertical culture’, and how well-meaning members of the public have repeatedly shamed her for committing the cardinal sin of... lying down. If you’d like to find out more about...


The Ten Commandments of Touring (Season 7, Ep 7)

Being in a band - on a world tour - is the stuff rock n roll dreams are made of. But the modern reality is a corporate concern, involving hundreds of people, all separated from their families. Surviving is an art in itself. Tom Meadows is a freelance drummer who's worked with Girls Aloud, Duffy, Leona Lewis, and - for the past nine years - Kylie Minogue. What are his top tips to keeping your cool when you're out on the road? And to what extent does he think Pink Floyd's 'Ten Commandments of...


Inside Amazon's Warehouse (Season 7, Ep 6)

Demeaning, poorly paid and tedious: life as an Order Picker in Amazon’s ‘fulfilment centre’ in Rugeley, Staffordshire was a draining, revelatory ordeal for writer James Bloodworth, who worked there undercover in 2016. In this enlightening interview with Olly, he reveals how being an ‘associate’ in Amazon’s warehouse meant enduring ten-hour shifts, tethered to an electronic device, walking up to fifteen miles per day; treated with suspicion, and effectively paid under the minimum...


Closure and Disclosure: Surviving Abuse (Season 7, Ep 5)

Manny Waks was 11 years old when he was first sexually abused. Raised in the ultra-Orthdaox sect of Judaism known as Chabad, he lacked the education or vocabulary to understand what was going on. By the time he was studying for his bar mitzvah, he was molested by a second perpetrator. Both men were members of staff at his school - the Yeshiva Centre in Melbourne, Australia. In this searingly honest, compelling and sometimes angry conversation with Olly, he recalls how he was groomed,...