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Podcasting A Conversation in Beverage






Ep.68: Reopening Bars, Politics and Bitcoin

Business owners in Texas have been grappling with the safest way to reopen. Most, not all. Bars, in particular, appear to be left out of the conversation. Guidance to help bar owners prepare for reopening has been little to none. So all we have left now is to defy the state and city orders to...


Ep. 67: Let’s Talk Politics, Health and Our Future

Politicizing a medical emergency is irresponsible. Medical professionals that study public policy are trained to better asses the dangers a pandemic has on large population-based on may factors. Therefore, we should be listening to their recommendations instead of the recommendation of politicians. Let’s break some of the bar rules and talk politics in the age...


Ep. 66: Roaring 2020, TWC, and The Wait for Relief

During this down time you should be working on developing a sustainable program for your bar. The ginnie is out of the bottle and it is blatently exposed that restaurants and bars operate on a tight margin. Worst of is the employees that have been left out in the cold because big government prefers to...


JOJO Martinez, The Creative Process and the CARES ACT

Having a lot of time on your hands is both a blessing and a curse. During the down time of the pandemic of 2020 many on FB have taken to spreading conspiracy theories about the pandemic and it origin along with many other wild ideas. Instead we should look at the destruction of Labor Unions,...


Ep. 64: Help, Haters, & Hospitality

In a time of need good people get involved. However, there is never a shortage of terrible people looking to make things worst. For hospitality professionals getting involved to help others is simple a reflex. That said, there are some that find it more pleasing to make matters worst by biting the hand ready to...


Ep. 63: Take Advantage of Time

Normally we don’t have time for anything! As of last week, we have time for everything. Given the shift that is occurring in our industry, we have to prepared for big changes. One way to do that is to learn a new skill while in hiatus mode. It is important to keep you ming occur[pied...


Ep.62: Now is the Time To Take Action

In the past week, the entire world has experienced an unprecedented pandemic that has changed the way we live. To the people that work in the bar and restaurant industry, life has all but come to a complete halt taking with it our income and possibly a predictable future. Covid-19 can be contained but everyone...


Ep. 61: Texas Governer steps in, Warm Weather & Cancelled St. Patties

Update: I recorded on March 17th but given developments in Texas pertaining to COVID-19 and delivery of alcohol I had to make some adjustments. Normally you don’t have a pandemic at your doorstep, what do you do when it knocks?! Welcome back to The Open Bar Experience! I was in a hiatus that had a...


Ep. 60: Ben McPerson of BOH Pasta

I finally had the timing right to sit and chat with Chef Ben McPerson. He shares his plans for BOH and how he’s planning on keeping a menu that changes while staying grounded.


Ep. 59: Building Community In downtown Houston

Having the chance to work with many talented chefs is a treat I relish in. As one of the three bars at Bravery Chef Hall, I have the opportunity to collaborate with five chef-driven concepts. Currently, I’m working with Master Chef winner Christine Ha to develop a cocktail for her menu. I find it fascinating...


Ep. 58: New Menu @ Lockwood STN

What is cachaca? You probably haven’t thought or heard the word cachaca or caipirinha since the last World Cup in Brazil. However, the spirit of Brazil has lingered for some who discovered it then and found they had a taste for it. Putting together a new menu is always a process of discovery. In the...


Ep. 57: Lockwood Stn...The Grind

Shaping your business is a process of self-discovery and growth. A bar is such a communal space that personalizing is a matter a lot of DIY. It is a steady rise of moments that build and crumble into fulfilment.


Ep. 56: Bartender Chris Morris

Chris Morris is a Houston bartender with a lot of curiosity and a flair for storytelling. We talked about some bartenders instinct to take ideas to the outer limit and back.


Ep. 55: Itty Bitty Menu & Incubation

Having a small menu has its advantages. Housing an incubator space demands that you’d be unique.


Ep.54: Making Your Dreams Come True

Your dreams, your concept, your chance…


Ep. 53: So You Wanted to be an Owner...?

Owning a bar or restaurant is an extremely busy schedule. Bravery Chef Hall has been open for only two weeks yet it feels like a year. The long hours and the demanding need to do it better have everyone at the hall in a zone.


Ep. 52: Genever with Linda Salinas

The second week of Bravery Chef Hall and a big thank you to all of our guests and downtown residents! Linda Salinas talks about Genever.


Ep. 51: Houston! The Wait is Over!!! Bravery Chef Hall

After a long and grinding two years, downtown’s new food hall finally opens. Bravery Chef Hall is a unique take on the food hall evolution by putting five chefs under one roof each with their own concepts. Every chef has their own kitchen, staff and menu that showcases their passion. Alongside these talented chefs are...


Ep. 50: Tales of the Cocktail with Nathan Raffell

Tales of the Cocktail (TOTC) is the premier event for any beverage professional! It is a place to learn, meet and share ideas with the very best in the industry as well as with many other novices looking to up their game. Houston Grey Goose brand ambassador Nathan Raffell shares with me how he first...


Ep. 49: Patrick Abalos, MAD, & Fat Washing

This week I spoke with Patrick about his experience at World Class as well as his favorite bars in Houston. Photo by Todd Quackenbush