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011: Stop Sweating The Small Stuff….Getting Into Arguments Over Nothing

Dealing with other people isn’t always easy. Arguments and disagreements happen all the time when two people with different life experiences, views and perspectives reach a point when they don't agree on something. But, we find ourselves taking it overboard at times, and entertaining an argument to the point it escalates to a HUGE argument when it could have been settled in a much easier way. Tune in to the episode and hear our breakdown of why people get into arguments over little things,...


010: Setting Boundaries In Your Relationship pt.2

Thanks for tuning in TPG family. We are in pt. 2 of the Setting boundaries topic. As we mentioned before, setting boundaries, especially early in a relationship, is crucial because the other person maybe in your most intimate spaces, from a physical, emotional and sexual standpoint depending on the relationship. They will be all up in your business. So, without boundaries you leave room for assumptions to creep into your relationship and break it down little by little before it even has a...


009: Setting Boundaries In Your Relationship

Setting boundaries early in a relationship is crucial because the other person will most likely be in your most intimate spaces from a physical, emotional and/or sexual standpoint depending on the type of relationship. They will pretty much be all up in your business. Without boundaries, you leave room for assumptions to creep into your relationship and break it down little by little before it even has a chance to grow. To many people now a days live off assumptions. They expect the person...


008: How Important are Titles In A Relationship?

Are titles like boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, husband or wife necessary in a relationship? Should you consider your partner as your best friend, and do you know what that should look like? Is there a certain timeframe you should expect to move on to the next title? Maybe there is….Maybe there isn’t, but we definitely have an opinion on that and other topics dealing with titles in a relationship, so listen in and hear our thoughts on titles in relationships. Don’t forget to subscribe,...


007: Settling In Your Relationship...Can You Do Better?

Settling In Your Relationship....Can You Do Better? We know, FOR A FACT, that question runs through our minds all the time. What about you? Do you wonder if you are settling in your relationship, and have the gut feeling that you can do better? Have you been in a relationship for a while and feel like you put in way more time, money, and energy than your partner? Or, do you feel like you’re in a relationship and you have the feeling that your significant other thinks they can do better...


002: Love Languages Are Legit Part 1 - Words Have Power

Love Language: Words of Affirmation Building a relationship with someone and making that relationship stand the test of time is never easy. But anything worth having should be worth the hard work you put into achieving that goal. One of the most powerful things we've seen in our life is when someone has a parent, friend, spouse, lover, or coach who constantly pours words into them that are inspiring, encouraging, kind, forgiving, and overall just-in-time to uplift their soul. Tune in to...


003: Love Languages Are Legit Part 2 - Good Times

Love Language: Quality Time How many of you would feel weird if you had no phone, no TV, no cars, no books, and nothing else to distract you while you were sitting next to ____________? We know alot of names are probably going through your head right now, some good, and some definitely not so good haha. We all could do better at figuring out how to spend more time with the ones we care about. This is Nicole's favorite love language, so tune in to her her why. Don't forget to subscribe...


004: Love Languages Are Legit Part 3 - Gifts Are Overrated

Love Language: Receiving Gifts Throughout our relationship, before we were dating and even while we were dating/married, we never really got each other a lot of gifts. We were just never those type of people to focus on giving gifts. For us, it's hard to say how valuable giving gifts are to people. Listen in as we talk about our thoughts on giving and receiving gifts. What we discuss Don't forget to take the love language quiz if you haven’t done it yet! Don't forget to subscribe...


005: Love Languages Are Legit Part 4 - Actions Talk

Love Language: Acts of Service We are keeping the love language series rolling with our next topic "Acts of Service." We really enjoyed putting this episode together because Wale apparently has this strong opinion that Acts of Service will save all relationships. Tune in and see if you agree! What we discuss Take the 5 Love Language quiz…….It’s a MUST! Click to Subscribe! Thank you to our producers Sayo Sokari and Kadidjha Traoré from WeVibeNetwork


006: Love Languages Are Legit Part 5 - PDA or Nah

Love Language: Physical Touch The final episode of the 5 love languages is here. We appreciate each and everyone of you for listening to each episode. We hope you gained at least one thing through our love language series. After this series we plan to release a new episode every other Friday. We will have guest interviews, and much more. Look forward to you joining us in the episode. What we discuss Last Chance to take the quiz!…….Don’t be mad when nobody is spending time with you, and...


000: Elementary School Sweethearts

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning into the playground 95! The Playground '95. We hope you enjoy. Click to Subscribe! Special thanks to our producers from WeVibeNetwork Kadidjha T. and Sayo Sokari. To learn more about what they do visit WeVibeNetwork!


001: Don't Be Fooled By Love

Hey TPG family! In this episode we dive into how many people confuse what it means to be in-love with what is necessary to keep love. Thanks for tuning in and please don't forget to subscribe and get notified as we put out more episodes. Click to Subscribe! Special thanks to our producers Sayo Sokari and Kadidjha T. from WeVibeNetwork! Check them out at.