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This is a podcast for individuals young and old, from all walks of life, to share their ideas, stories, jokes, facts, and opinions. Tune in every Friday. •Hosted by: Film Director Michael Mcduffie & A.V. Technician Kelley Kemp

This is a podcast for individuals young and old, from all walks of life, to share their ideas, stories, jokes, facts, and opinions. Tune in every Friday. •Hosted by: Film Director Michael Mcduffie & A.V. Technician Kelley Kemp
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This is a podcast for individuals young and old, from all walks of life, to share their ideas, stories, jokes, facts, and opinions. Tune in every Friday. •Hosted by: Film Director Michael Mcduffie & A.V. Technician Kelley Kemp






CROSSOVER EP: Episode 13 of @MostPatrioticPod

Originally posted on “The Most Patriotic Podcast in the History of America Ever” Episode 13: Salute to the patriots! Pat and Drew are back in the Liberty Lounge talking some real American bullshit with our friend Kelley (@Warlock.ED on instagram) from the Podcast and Chill Show! Here’s your weekly breakdown: Tekashi69 rap beef and the sad reality of the possible outcomes of young rappers acting the way they do (recorded before the fatal shooting of XXXtentacion. RIP.) OF COURSE we talk about...


#36: Greg Holdsman: A New Window Opens

Greg Holdsman, a current student of #Temple University, is a former collegiate athlete and the host of “Philly Famous Podcast” (@PhillFamousPodcast). Greg told his story of having his #basketball career ended after being on the receiving end of four concussions. The concussions were so severe that as a result, Greg couldn’t watch tv until his brain recovered. During that period, Greg began listening to various podcasts and eventually starting his own. Other Topics in this episode:...


#35 - Back in my Day.. (Ft. @MostPatrioticPod)

Collab Alert: "The Most Patriotic Podcast in the History of America Ever" (@MostPatrioticPod) is a new jersey based podcast hosted by Pat L. and Andrew B. Each week, Pat and Drew give a rundown about what is happening in America. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and everywhere podcasts are found. Topics in this episode: Ye Drake VS Pusha T Social Media VR Porn Kim K meets trump Life in the 1890's Human interaction before cell-phones.


Woah Blicky / The NFL's new Rule

In this episode, we got together at Rec Philly to discuss the nfl’s new ruling on players kneeling during the National Anthem, and if it’s time to boycott. Then, we got the chance to sit down and talk to up & coming rapper “Rell Havoc”. Rell told us stories of getting cat-fished, and other hot topics in todays society. Topics in this episode: -The NFL’s STANCE on KNEELING. -will you boycott the nfl? -should players boycott? -What does this say about the owners? -Casinos -New Studio at...


PBS Mind Tricks

Topics in this episode: -Jordans vs Yeezys -Is child support unfair in some cases? -PBS Lowkey the illuminati -Would you date someone with kids? -Would you let another man spank your child? -Fashion nova...For men. -AND MORE.


All Prophets Matter (Ft. Dom Sharpe)

Dom Sharpe is a rapper from East Oak Lane. His upcoming mixtape “Uncle Dom” will be releasing soon, probably on Soundcloud. He came by today though to talk about the following topics: -Childish Gambino -Kanye West -Religion/Agnosticism -Diaper Consent -Meek -Avengers Infinity War -Trying Acid -Cudi, Chance, Gambino, or Frank Ocean? -Ex’s -Losing his virginity + More Follow Dom on IG/Twitter: @DomSharpeXL


Gimlet Sound Bite - Podandchillshow

Gimlet Sound Bite - Podandchillshow by KM


Country Cookin (Ft. Gifted)

Gifted is a 22 y/o rapper originally from Philadelphia. He talks about managing other artists while being a high school student in Jersey, and why he wasn't feeling J. Cole's recent album KOD. Also, Justus, a blogger/writer from the DMV joins in via IG Live to give his thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War w/ @Warlock.smrc. Follow Gifted on IG and Twitter: @DatBoyGifted Follow Justus on IG: @Justusxjermaine Visit Justus' blog: Find us on: Website:...


Uncle Kanye (Ft. WomanOnTheMove)

WomanOnTheMove is an entrepreneur originally from New Jersey. She specializes in event coordinating and will be one of the creative minds behind the 2nd annual Philadelphia Met Gala (July 28th). WOTM also has a Youtube channel dedicated to uplifting viewers with weekly vlogs. Topics in this Ep: -Kanye West -Bill Cosby -South Carolina prison riot -Waffle House Shooting. (Gun Reform) -Politics Follow WOTM on IG: @WomanOnTheMove16 Subscribe to WOTM’s Youtube Channel: WomanOnTheMove16


KOD / End Gun Violence..

This episode was recorded shortly after we learned about the passing of a friend, though we didn’t speak about the situation specifically to respect the privacy of his family and friends, we did discuss gun violence and our disdain for cowardly criminals in this city and across the country. Put an end to gun violence.. Also, J, Cole Released a new album on 4/20 titled "KOD" @duffnobeer and @warlock.smrc give their thoughts on that. Other topics in this episode: -Upcoming music from Drake...


Invasion of Privacy

The long awaited album of rap's newest star, Cardi B, has finally arrived. @DuffnoBeer and @warlock.smrc give their take on it. Plus, new music from Drake, and Nicki Minaj were topic of discussion on the internet as usual. Also, in shocking news, Tristan Thompson becomes the first nba player ever to average 5.8 points and cheat on a Kardashian in a single season. Other Topics in This Episode: -Starbucks -Mark Zuckerberg -Young MA Porn director -Lowdown Pedos -Stan Lee -Syria Find us on:...


The Finessaveli Interview

Shizz, aka Finessaveli is the prestigious manager of @Podandchillshow, and currently attends Wheeling Jesuit University. Finessaveli talks about: his political and cultural views, stories of trips from different states, and his goals for the near future. Follow Shizz on IG/Twitter: @Finessaveli Find us on: Website: Apple Podcasts:


The @Warlock.Smrc Interview

@Warlock.Smrc a.k.a Kelley is a 3x podcast rookie of the year, originally from South Philly but raised in West. Kelley opens up about the death of his father and how it impacted him, his thoughts on today's political climate, and various personal things about his life. Other topics in this episode include: -Fabolous -Cardi B, The Weeknd and other recent music thoughts -The Weeknd VS Michael Jackson Follow Kelley on IG: @Warlock.smrc


The DuffNoBeer Interview

DuffNoBeer is a director/podcaster from "Da Bottom" section of Philadelphia. "Duffie" currently co-hosts a podcast called "The Podcast and Chill Show" and has many other ventures in the works, including short films and musical projects. Other Topics in this episode along with our interview of DuffNoBeer -Sacramento shooting -Austin Bombings -Trump vs Biden MMA Match Follow DuffNoBeer on IG/Twitter: @DuffNoBeer Follow The Podcast and Chill Show on IG: @Podandchillshow Follow us on: Website:...


The Najee Duwon Interview

Najee Duwon (@jeeduwon) is a singer who currently attends ESU. His most recent song, "Candy Pt. II", is available now on all music streaming services. Along with the interview of Najee, other topics in this episode include: -Bruno Mars -Teachers with firearms -Juelz santana (lol) Follow Najee on Instagram: @JeeDuwon Song featured in this episode "Candy Pt. II" Apple Music:...


The Curious Case of MJ's Jeans (Ft. @SnootieDeadly)

@SnootieDeadly (Aka Rodney) is that bul. That's all you need to know. He makes beats as well. Topics in this episode: -Michael Jordan's Jeans -Random music thoughts -Rick Ross -Anime/cartoons Follow Rodney on Instagram: @SnootieDeadly Find Us On: Apple Podcasts: Google Play:


CokeBack Mountain (Ft. Sonia Janae)

Sonia Janae is an aspiring actor and former model. Briefly, Sonia acted in live theater before making the transition to commercial gigs and cinema. Recently, Sonia was apart of the short film "Valentine's Day: Complications", Produced by Liberty Entertainment, currently on Youtube. Topics discussed in this episode: -Acting/Actors: lifestyle, skills -Flat Earth/Moon Landing -Gun Control -Black Panther/Marvel/DC -Brokeback Mountain Follow Sonia on IG: @QxeenSony Find Us On: Apple Podcasts:...


"A (Brief) Black Panther Review

Directed by Ryan Coogler, 'Black Panther' (2018) starring: Chadwick Boseman and mad black people, is a one of a kind film by way of Marvel Studios. The main character, T'Challa (Black Panther) returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to take his rightful place as king. When a powerful enemy suddenly reappears, T'Challa's mettle as King and as Black Panther gets tested. Find Us On: Apple Podcasts:...


Vibranium Dashikis (Ft. Noel Scales)

Noel Scales is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. Her first and most recent musical project, "Beautiful Bad", is currently streaming on all major platforms. Topics discussed in this episode: -Florida School Shooting -Food Stamps -Turn on's, & Turn off's -And More. To follow Noel, find her on: Instagrm: @NoelScales Soundcloud: @NoelScales Songs Featured in this episode: -Picky -Tune in -4Never Ft. Wes Find Us On: Apple Podcasts:...


Host KickBack #1: Philly Special

FLY EAGLES FLY ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY BLAH BLAH BLAH E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES Find Us On: Apple Podcasts: Google Play: Stitcher: TuneIn: Instagram:...