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052 Bett Williams

In this hilarious, wise and heart-filled episode, Bett and Leia share some back and forth on the current climate of psychedelia. Bett graciously reads us two amazing excerpts from her upcoming book, The Wild Kindness, and we reflect on the moments that draw us to ask ourselves, "what do I stand for?" Bett Williams is the author of The Wrestling Party and Girl Walking Backwards, recently named in Vogue Magazine as one of the top ten young adult queer novels. In 2015, she spoke at the first...


051 Danielle Negrin of the SFPS on Psychedelic Support and Recovery

Danielle Negrin of the San Francisco Psychedelic Society comes on the show to talk about the SFPS and its current events, including the Psychedelics and Recovery support group. Danielle Negrin is one of San Francisco Psychedelic Society’s community organizers and social media manager specializing in addiction recovery and personal journey work. In this episode we explore the new happenings of SFPS, her profound transformation overcoming dependency to substances and personal experience...


050 The Magnificent Lady Buggs

In this episode, Lady (Sophia) Buggs and I have a juicy and inspiring conversation about spirituality and work, transparency, showing up as your full self, creating and sharing our own content and rituals, growing a business, urban farming, self care and self love! Sophia L. Buggs, also known as Lady Buggs or Mama Sophia, is the proprietor and operator of Lady Buggs Farm, a 1.3 acre urban farm located on the South Side of Youngstown, Ohio. She is reclaiming the sacred roots of farming...


049 Leonie Joubert of The Psychonauts

Cape Town-based science writer and author Leonie Joubert has spent the better part of 17 years writing about climate change, energy policy, invasive species, and the hunger/obesity poverty-paradox in African cities. She’s now turning her pen towards two new home-made journalistic “beats”: the likely decline in mental health as communities face the existential threat of societal breakdown and climate-capitalism collapse; and “solutions” journalism, because she’s tired of spending her days...


048 Sea Glassman, Humanitarian Philosopher and Creative Entrepreneur - The Benevolent Net

Sea Glassman is a visionary performance artist, director, playwright, painter and conceptualist whose belief in the better and infinite nature of humanity makes for lots of talking to strangers and fallings down rabbit holes. She is on her 14th of 50 Living Rehearsals of a new original rock opera and hopes to tour in 2019. She is in development on two humanitarian projects with historical and literary themes. Follow or contact her on Instagram or Twitter @seaglasswoman This episode is a...


047 Fenix Grace

"What does it mean to be alive during these times?" In this rich and sincere episode, fēnix grace comes on the show to discuss gender, sex, and consent; ancestral healing and connection work; dismantling binaries; colonization and right relationship to the land; fēnix's relationship to their whiteness; traumas of the oppressor; fragility, intersectionality and building resilience from a body-centered perspective. *Please Note* -Ableism and speciesm are not named explicitly in this...


046 Duncan Autrey: Conflict Transformation and Fractal Friends

In this episode we talk about the three (actually 4) rules of conflict, the ARC of conversation, the psychedelic movement and approaching conflict as an opportunity for transformation, the drug war, police stops and rights, the prison strike in summer of 2018, and Duncan's podcast and website, Fractal Friends. Links:


045 The 2018 Detroit Psychedelics Conference

Matty and Leia talk about the Detroit Psychedelic Conference they attended in August, 2018!


044 Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan "Djinn" Thompson is a parent of 3, a special education teacher, and professional space holder. They have been involved in the psychedelic renaissance since 2011 and has been an explorer of hyperspace since the late 1990s. Jonathan has been the host of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast since 2013. On Thanksgiving 2016, Djinn had a mushroom journey that profoundly changed the nature of their understanding of self and came out as genderqueer soon after. Today, Djinn is an activist for...


043 Tantra Punk Episode: Psychedelic Sexuality

In this episode, originally aired on Tantra Punk (, Matt and Leia engage in a round table discussion on responsible psychedelic sexuality with Ben. We discuss: Links:


042 Dawn D. Davis, Peyotist

Dawn D. Davis is a mother, a wife to Dr. Cleve Davis, a micro-farmer, a Ph.D student at the University of Idaho and an Indigenous researcher. Dawn continues to discuss endangerment levels of peyote and perpetuation of wild peyote populations among peyotists. She exercises laughter and practices humor often. Dawn will be presenting about her research in Peyote at Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics this October, 2018.


041 Building psychedelic power - A conversation with Oriana Mayorga

A conversation with Oriana Mayorga, community organizer dedicated to building power by dismantling structural oppression, promoting racial justice and revolutionizing electoral politics. She is longtime advocate of psychedelic medicine and the newest member of the Psymposia team! In this episode, Oriana and I talk about her initial introduction to the psychedelic community, and her realization soon after that access would be an issue for marginalized people. She talks about the way that she...


040 Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy with Jessica Petrone, LPC

Jessica Petrone, LPC, has a passion for the natural world and a heart for being helpful. She has been lucky in her path to find the field of Ecopsychology, through which she has been able to blend her worlds of interest into her work as a Holistic Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Ecotherapist, and Psychadelic Integration coach. Contact: Links: Jim Carey on...


039 Psychedelic Summer School - Week 10: Integration

How can one begin to convey the messages from visions and experiences in states of altered consciousness? Is there a way that these revelations can live on in my daily life? Yes! It's called Integration. In this episode we hear from three folx in the community on the topic of post-journey work. Sheree Malcolm Godasi, the Psychedelic Integration coach and founder of PsychedeLiA; Kyle Buller, of Psychedelics Today and Rising Sun Wellness; and Jessica Petrone, LPC. What is integration? When...


038 Psychedelic Summer School - Week 9: Navigating the Difficult Experience

Is there a such thing as a "bad trip"? How can I handle a difficult psychedelic experience? Listen to this week's episode with The Psychedelic Integration Coach and founder of PsychedeLiA: Psychedelic Experience Integration, Los Angeles, Sherree Malcolm Godasi, M.A. Learn more about Sherree and monthly events:


037 David Nickles and the Dire Need for Systemic Critiques in Psychedelic Communities



036 Centering Voice with Gaby Esensten

A deep, playful, real heart sesh with one of my earth sisters, Gaby Esensten. We talk about realities of oppression, interdependence and intentional community, giving and receiving, unlearning patterns, and celebrating this magical existence. Gaby is exploring the identities of queer visual artist, intersectional eco-feminist, spiritual activist, and divine witness. She is honoring and healing her Western and Eastern European lineages as a Jewitch, a shadow realm guide, and an earth-based...


035 Psychedelic Summer School - Week 8: Psychedelic History Class

Cody Johnson, creator of Psychedelic Frontier and author of Magic Medicine, comes on the show to discuss Psychedelic History. Links:


034 Exorcising Jesus and reclaiming spirituality with Andrew Jasko

This episode is a conversation with Andrew Jasko, a former Pentecostal Minister. After a slow, painful process of awakening and denial, Andrew quit his ministry job, left religion, and moved to California to start his life over. "I began to study religion from the perspective of trauma and started working with people healing from religious trauma by coaching and facilitating workshops. In my own healing journey, I awakened to an authentic and powerful experience of spirituality through...


033 Psychedelic Summer School - Week 7: Legal matters and more - a conversation w Mitchell Gomez of DanceSafe

Mitchell Gomez, Executive Director of Dance Safe and a passionate advocate for reality-based drug policy, comes on the Psychedologist to talk about legal matters, harm reduction, the drug war, MDMA dangers and myths, NBOMes, reagent testing, and Dance Safe. Links: