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020 Male Supremacy and the Psychedelic Patriarchy: oppression, repression, and abuse in ritual and research

This episode is the audio of a discussion that took place in February 2018 at the Alchemist's Kitchen in NYC. The event was hosted by Katherine MacLean, PhD with panelists Sitaramaya Sita, Dimitri Mugianis, Britta Love, Lily Ross, and Oriana Mayorga. This is a wild ride from academia to the Amazon, as these panelists share from their personal and professional experiences to illuminate and critique the current atmosphere of cis-male domination within psychedelics. The episode starts with a...


019 From Cocaine to Cacao: AJ Wildey of El Cacaotal

For AJ Wildey, what started as a two-month adventure working on a cacao farm in the central Amazon of Peru quickly became a quest to share Peruvian chocolate—and the stories of the people dedicated to making it—with the world. AJ has been traveling to cacao farms throughout Peru since 2013 to bring together cacao producers and chocolate makers. These experiences became the foundation for El Cacaotal, a shop that offers a permanent collection of the finest Peruvian craft chocolate from all...


018 Cosmic Sisters

This episode is a riveting mashup of three short convos with women I had the pleasure of meeting on Cosmic Sister’s trip to Peru this March! Dawn is a Biochemist and Ecologist with a passion for sustainable agriculture development and bees! Her heart lies in entheogenic plant medicines and she is building skills to bring conservation through technology to this world of ethnobotany and pollination! @hivelend Chioma is a Nigerian-born, Detroit-raised massage therapist, RYT 200+ yoga...


017 Peace through organic farming at Costa Rica's Finca Amrta

In this episode Leia interviews Suzanna from Finca Amrta, a small nature reserve and sustainable farm located in the foothills of the Talamaca mountains in Costa Rica’s southern zone. Since it’s conception in 1989, the Finca has been dedicated to creating a model farm, which demonstrates the goals of sustainability and ecological land use. We discuss some of the wildest things that have happened on the farm in its 28 years, how Suzanna dealt with the trauma of a near death experience,...


016 An Audio Journal of My Iboga Experience

This episode is an audio journal of my journey to take Iboga to address my lifelong problematic relationship with food and body dysmorphia. Part I was recorded in the car on the way to the ceremony. Part II was recorded 5 days after the experience- it’s a conversation with one of my partners, Matty, who brought me to and from the ceremony. Part III are my reflections at two months post-ceremony. Between the sections we have included recordings of the Bwiti songs which were played during my...


015 Fungi Academy

Fungi Academy is mushroom education center, a creative and educational co-living space, nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. This episode, I interview two pairs of amazing folks from Fungi Academy in San Marcos on Largo de Atitlan, Guatemala. In the first conversation, with Tabea and Leo, we discuss the Academy, their backgrounds, and what they have experienced and learned from joining the core team at the school. The second conversation with Alessandra and...


014 All In a Day's Sex Work with Blair Hopkins

For three years, Blair Hopkins travelled the United states, interviewing and photographing escorts, exotic dancers, adult film performers, dominatrixes, professional submissives, phone sex operators, and webcam performers. Her aim: to fill in the holes in our cultural narrative about sex work. All In a Day’s Sex work is a photographic investigation into the lives of the intriguing, oft-maligned, and dedicated professionals who occupy our fantasies and indulge our deepest erotic urges. In...


013 Gina Tacconi-Moore: Gender, leadership, mind-body connection, and dog feet

In this episode we talk Crossfit Lowell, Bodywork and Gina’s teacher, Tom Meyers - Anatomy Trains, Being a female in the Crossfit world, Flow states, Norms in western allopathic medicine and physical therapy (treating the symptom), intuition in healing work, posture and how its affected by things like trauma, Kids, & the process of unlearning how we’ve evolved to move through life, Paleo living, Modern culture’s alienation from death (read Anne Neumann: the good death), the idea that it’s...


012 The Wizard of Monadnock: The Dead, Microdosing, Holy Cigarettes, and ADHD

In this episode we discuss a trip to see Dead and Company with friends at the TD Garden! This is a bit of a continuation of the first interview episode of The Psychedologist with the Wizard of Monadnock. The Wizard of Monadnock: https://wizardofmonadnock.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheWizardOfMonadnock/ Set list: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dead-and-company/2017/td-garden-boston-ma-2be0f886.html


011 Elizabeth Gibson

http://www.dreamshadow.com/ Elizabeth Gibson, M.S., holds a bachelor’s degree in literature and a master’s degree in biology from The University of Tulsa. She has completed Herbert Benson’s Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Previously she worked as a consultant at Arthur D. Little, Inc., and Radian Corporation in the areas of environmental protection and food research. She is a writer, editor and homemaker with interests in environmental literacy, yoga,...


010 Britta Love

Britta Love is a writer, somatic sex educator and multi-dimensional healer based in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate of the London School of Economics and Goddard College, she wrote her thesis in Consciousness Studies on the healing and spiritual potential of altered states, specifically those induced by conscious sexual practice and the ritual use of psychoactive plant medicines. She writes for Alternet, Psymposia and Reality Sandwich, gives regular talks at Tarot Society and the Alchemist’s...


009 Jonalyn Blaha

In this episode, we talk about Intuitive Entheogen Dance Experiences, “excavating emotions,” sexuality, dancing, repression and being a woman, kundalini, microdosing and integration, and the concept of treating the relationship between two people as though it were a client in conjoint MDMA therapy. Choice quotes: “The mind is learning about the spirit through the body” “Listen to yourself. In order to listen, you have to be quiet.” Jonalyn Blaha, PsyD, is committed to a life of...


008 A Trip to the Past: Boston’s Psychedelic History

This episode is a recording of three talks and a panel discussion from the Sunday portion of our Boston Entheogenic Network (BEN) event, A Trip to the Past: Boston’s Psychedelic History. The speakers, in order, are Carl Ruck, PhD, Wendy Chapkis, PhD, and Rick Doblin, PhD, followed by a panel discussion with the three speakers plus authors Don Lattin (Changing Our Minds, the Harvard Psychedelic Club) and Bill Richards, PhD (Sacred Knowledge), moderated by yours truly. The theme of this...


007 Hannah Jermstad

Contact Hannah Jermstad: http://www.hannahjermstad.com/ https://www.facebook.com/hljermstad Bio: Deep inquiry and meaningful connections have guided Hannah down a marvelous and ever unfolding road of enchantment, healing, wonder, and purpose. A blend of contemporary studies and non-traditional experiences have created a dynamic combination :: a bachelors degree in human development and ongoing graduate studies in eco-psychology combine with a number of rich explorations in folk...


006 Shira Netanya of Moon Mountain

Moon Mountain is an earth based and ancestral arts skills gathering that supports our roots in village living, connects us deeply with our mother earth, and fosters the growth of the collective feminine consciousness. Shira and I talk about the forces that led to the creation of Moon Mountain last year, which in the words of Gaia, another organizer and the primary steward of the land, was its “seed” year.. This summer it grew to over twice the size. We also discuss some of the work she...


005 Neal Goldsmith vocalizes a variety of psychedelic experiences

Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D., is a social psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, public speaker, and author of Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development. Dr. Goldsmith has extensive experience working with individuals seeking to fully benefit from and integrate the lessons gained during psychedelic experiences. In this episode, a misunderstanding leads to serendipity. Neal M. Goldsmith’s website Neal’s FB


004 Oregon Eclipse Talk: A new psychedelic renaissance

Recording of Leia’s live 2017 talk at the Oregon Eclipse festival: A new psychedelic Renaissance, shifting perspectives from drugs to medicines.


003 Neal Goldsmith on Drugs, Sacraments, and Medicines

Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D., is a social psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, public speaker, and author of Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development. Dr. Goldsmith has extensive experience working with individuals seeking to fully benefit from and integrate the lessons gained during psychedelic experiences. J.P. Harpignies - Plant Consciousness Random Rab interview: Exploring the Formless Edge Neal M. Goldsmith’s website Neal’s...


Wizard of Monadnock - Grateful Dead as Ritual

Show Notes The Wizard of Monadnock: https://wizardofmonadnock.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheWizardOfMonadnock/ Psychedelics Today: http://www.psychedelicstoday.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1337577459658196/ Article about medicines and discomfort: https://psychedeliccultures.com/2015/08/06/rape-sananga-kambo-psychedelics-why-spiritual-seekers-seek-pain/ written by Ido Hartogsohn, not Zahrah Sita Boston Entheogenic Network: www.facebook.com/BENtheogenic A Trip to the...


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