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The Radio DePaul Podcast is the very best of what Radio DePaul has to offer compressed into weekly 30-minute chunks. Subscribe to enjoy highlights from live shows and brand new feature segments that are unique to the podcast.

The Radio DePaul Podcast is the very best of what Radio DePaul has to offer compressed into weekly 30-minute chunks. Subscribe to enjoy highlights from live shows and brand new feature segments that are unique to the podcast.
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Chicago, IL


The Radio DePaul Podcast is the very best of what Radio DePaul has to offer compressed into weekly 30-minute chunks. Subscribe to enjoy highlights from live shows and brand new feature segments that are unique to the podcast.




Episode 78: Critiquing the Critics

In this episode of The Radio DePaul Podcast, John and Amy analyze the world of film critics, their credibility, objectivity and subjectivity, the diversion of taste in the media landscape, and so much more. HUGE thanks to Dan Bashura and Brian Tallerico for participating in interview for this podcast. Brian's Twitter: Music: Hard Boiled Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons:...


Episode 77: Slam Dunk

In the 77th episode of The Radio DePaul Podcast, Amy and John step onto Chicago's slam poetry stage and learn about the community impact it has. From its humble beginnings, slam poetry has been a form of spoken word performance that has become increasingly relevant and integral to voicing Chicago's social issues, with slam poetry being a unique, multi-modal performance art that lives and breathes the culture of the city. A huge thanks to Kwyn Riley, Davon Clark, and Caroline Watson for their...


Episode 75: Greatness

This is Episode 75 of The Radio DePaul Podcast, where Amy and John discuss and analyze what greatness is and how it differs from a multitude of fields of work. This analysis is assisted by two interviews: one with director Gabe Polsky surrounding his new documentary "In Search of Greatness" (in theaters November 1st) as well as director Jimmy Chin and free solo climber Alex Honnold for their documentary "Free Solo (in theaters now). Thanks to our interviewees and Allied Integrated Marketing...


Episode 74: Level Up

The League of Legends Worlds 2018 finals are taking place on November 3rd, with a 2.25 million dollar prize pool. But what exactly is eSports? In this episode, Amy and John are introduced to various levels of engagement in this exploding franchise. From the head of eSports at Riot Games to Amy's little brother, join them as they explore the ever-growing world of gamers. Special thanks to Chopper from Riot Games and Tyler Do for the interviews. Music- Incompetech


Episode 73: Hand-Me-Downs

In the 73rd episode of The Radio DePaul Podcast, John and Amy take a closer look at the thrifting and vintage culture that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Thanks to Duane Scott Cerny and ChiCityThrift for participating in this podcast. Make sure to leave us a review on Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts if you enjoyed! Thanks for listening. Duane's website: ChiCityThrift's Instagram page: Music...


Episode 72: M0d3rN 4RT

The Radio DePaul Podcast returns for a new year with a new team. John Cotter and Amy Do begin a mini-series on the unexpected ways the internet has impacted everyday life. This episode examines how contemporary art has been affected by digitization. Special thanks to EXPO Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Information on how to attend both of the features mentioned in this episode can be found on The Radio DePaul Podcast Facebook page. "Backbay Lounge" Kevin MacLeod...


Episode 71: Full Circle

This past year has been filled with many changes, for me and for many of you out there. A year is a long time. However, there is a group of people who are finishing this school year who have arguably faced the most changes so far in their entire lives. This week, we’re going to sit down with our freshman podcast producers to see how they have evolved into their current selves this past year on our final episode until next quarter. Music:


Episode 70: Twenty Things To Do At DePaul Before You Graduate

It’s graduation season! One of the benefits of having a couple extra weeks for school is that you get to experience all the things you might not have done during the last few years here. This week,we adventure into some hidden treasures that you may not have discovered in your time here at DePaul University. Music:


Episode 69: The Course of True Drag Never Did Run Smooth

After the 3rd annual DePaul Drag Show, as well as all the recent controversey surrounding RuPaul, we here at Radio DePaul asked: what is drag? This week, we aim to answer that very glittery question, and the answer may not be as complicated as you think. Music:


Episode 68: Enough

This weeks episode contains discussion on sensitive topics. Listener discretion is advised. Today marks the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. Today marks the anniversary of kids figuring out that school wasn’t as safe as they always thought. Today, thousands of kids across the country walked out in protest, to honor those who have died in tragic school related shootings, showing that just thoughts and prayers isn’t going to fix anything. Today, we’re here to talk about the genuine...


Episode 67: Societal Abrasions

This week, we aim to break down the social dynamics of tattooing and how it has evolved into the industry that it is today. Special thank you to Metamorph Tattoo Studio for letting us speak with you all. Derek: Edgar: Music:


Episode 66: Socialism V.S. Capitalism

Did you happen to miss the debate between the DePaul Socialists and College Republicans two weeks ago? Don't worry, we've got you covered. This week, we highlight the topic: Socialism V.S. Capitalism, and break down arguments made during the debate.


Episode 65.5: Musician Highlights

Have you ever wondered who that random musician is playing in your local Potbelly's? Well, here's your chance to meet local musician Jory Avner. In this week's episode, we talk to Jory about his musical process, and why exactly he wound up playing music at a local restaurant. We will be back again next week with Episode 66: Socialism vs. Capatalism. You can check out Jory's music here:


Episode 64: Stand Up

For this week's episode we have two wonderful stories about resistance, perseverance, and how you can make a difference within whatever community you happen to be a part of. This week, stand up for whatever you believe in. Music:


Episode 62: Sweet Dreams

Tired? Well, sit back, relax, and learn some ways to get a good nights rest in this week's episode of the Radio DePaul Podcast. We’re going to talk about the ins and outs of sleep, and why being well rested is such an important concept that our overworked society seems to dismiss. RKG Psychotherapy: Music from and


Episode 61: A Bump In The Night

Why do people enjoy scaring themselves? What's the reason behind this weird holiday phenomenon? This week's episode is all about understanding Halloween, where people dress up as monsters and ghouls to beg strangers for candy, and actively choose to put themselves in frightening scenarios all October long. You can watch the full Max Headroom broadcast hack here: You can find the full interview with Margee Kurr here:...


Episode 60: Constants

There are some things in this world we don't appreciate enough, even though they are right in front of our noses. This week, we take a look at two very different constants within our lives as students of DePaul, as well as citizens of Chicago. Music: Poisoning Pigeons In The Park © Tom Lehrer


Episode 59: A New Perspective

Welcome back to the Radio DePaul Podcast. This week, we dive into past issues over the summer, and what we can do now to help avoid them in the future through a new perspective. Music was supplied by Incompetech, and Also, this year, the Radio DePaul Podcast will be posting every other week. On our off weeks, be sure to tune in to Mistake and Eggs, the other podcast we have at the station. You can tune in here:


Episode 58: Wrapping Up

It's been another great year of putting together the show, and this week our team is wrapping things up for the summer by reflecting on some of the show's work. We also listen to two of Radio DePaul's best shows, Conspiracy Corner and Good Vibes with Hami Arain.


Episode 57: Can't Fight This Feeling

As a young adult growing up in this world, you may feel something lingering over you. It could be that email from your professor you just ignored, or that person you swiped on that just matched. You may be Netflix and chilling with a "friend", or Netflix and stressing with a late assignment. On this episode we delve into why this feeling can't be helped.