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Episode 17: Following Your Intuition

Do you struggle to hear your own intuition? On this week's episode we answer a listener question about trusting your gut, and why it can be difficult to leave challenging situations. We also talk about how to find the right healer for you, and the signs that a practitioner is the right fit. We end with things giving us life: teas, afrofuturist novels and floral tattoo artists. Have a question for a future show? Send us a voice memo to [Help us cover our costs for the...


Episode 16: Suppressed Emotions

We're back ya'll. On this week's episode we catch up on what's been going on for us since our live episode--including challenges, an engagement, silent meditation retreats and speaking gigs. Then we get into our deepest question yet, which touches on substance use, fear, isolation, disclosure and dealing with difficult emotions. It's a brave question and our answers offer many different ideas for intervention and support. We end with what is giving us life--ukelele dharma songs, Wakanda...


[Encore] Episode 4: Anxious Sleep

This week, we're bringing you back one of our early and most popular episodes. Does anxiety interfere with your sleep? Do you struggle with letting the day go in order to rest? On this week's episode we answer a question from a listener who has trouble going to bed, and thinks it might be related to anxiety. We've got a lot of suggestions for this issue, from sleep hygiene and rituals, to dealing with electronic and ambient pollution, to herbal assistance. We also talk about staying centered...


Episode 15: Tonic Live!

On this week's episode we share our very first live show, recorded in Washington, D.C.! It's a special one, where we talk about our own self-care practices post-election, get updates from four callers whose questions we answered on previous shows, and answer new questions live. We even get audience input for our what's giving you life? segment. Thanks to everyone who joined us at Potter's House! Have a question for a future show? Send us a voice memo to Show notes:...