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Trans Mental Health and Prevention - Social Work as Super Power

This week's episode is with two incredible friends, community leaders, and super heroes aka social workers. We hope you enjoy this conversation about mental health and substance abuse prevention/suicide prevention for trans folks, what's its like to do that work, and so much more! We hope you enjoy this week's episode! Remember to rate and review us on your podcasting app of choice! Please follow us on Facebook at please subscribe or follow us...



The holidays are over, 2019 is here, and we are back in your ears! This week's episode is all about selfcare - a topic that may be of central importance after potentially spending time with folks through the holidays that may not be 100% supportive, on-board with your life, or in-line with your values. Selfcare means many things (listen to the episode to learn more about what we think about selfcare and trans folks in particular) - here are some additional resource that might be...


Religion and Faith

On Today’s episode, we are thrilled to get an opportunity to talk with M Barclay. They are the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Enfleshed ( and the first openly nonbinary clergy of the United Methodist Church. We talked about M’s journey to becoming clergy, how they understand God, where trans folks fit in religion, and making churches safe and welcoming for the LGBTQ community. If you have ever thought about faith and how being trans fits with that, this is an...


Internalized Transphobia Part 2

We’re back with the second and final part of our episodes on internalized transphobia. This week we focus on what we have each done to work on our own internalized transphobia, some suggests for ways to start working on it, and an important ally moment. In the episode Sam offers up Dr. Brené Brown's TED talk as a great place to start, so I went to include a link to that TED talk – and two TED talks came up, so I’ve linked to them both below. I think he was referencing the first one in...


Internalized Transphobia Part 1

Internalized transphobia is a subject rarely discussed in the Trans community, but is a subject critical to understanding the ways that shame and social expectations, and the ways we have soaked those up (whether we want to or not) have an impact on our lives. This is the first in a two part episode, ‘cause there’s a lot to cover! Here are a few articles about internalized transphobia that might be helpful to...


Send Us Your Questions - Mid-Season Break

This fall is flyin' by and we need a minute to get caught up after the election and recent holidays. We'll be back in your feed with a 2 part episode next week. In the mean time, please send us the questions you've always wanted to ask, questions you think others would learn from, and questions you've been asked about being trans and need some answers for - you can submit your questions here: Please follow us on Facebook at...


Transgender Day of Remembrance - What it is and Why it is Important

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) takes place every November 20th. It is the day when the trans community memorializes those we have lost to violence, discrimination, neglect - to all forms of anti-trans violence over the past year. In this episode we explore the history of TDOR, what it has become over the years, and why this day is so important to the Trans, LGBTQ, and other social movements. For trans folks today can be difficult and emotional. Please remember to reach out if you...


An Epic Love Story with Ben and Parris

Ben and Parris tell us their love story; from their beginnings working in a restaurant together, to co-parenting, getting sober, transition, and their wedding this month! Theirs is a story of loving one another through all of life's twists and turns and choosing one another each day. We are so appreciative to them for sharing so openly! Please follow us on Facebook at and please subscribe or follow us on your favorite podcasting app. You can...


Interview With Mara Keisling- Go Vote!

On this very special election day podcast, we interviewed Mara Keisling, the founder and Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. Mara took her valuable time to share her stories and experiences of being on the front lines of policy work to protect transgender folks and we were so grateful to learn from her. You can check out the work of the NCTE at She mentioned getting involved with their 501C4 advocacy organization, which can be...


Growing into Yourself

In today's episode we explore the idea of growing into your identity and life via an interview with Ashton Skinner. Ashton talks about how they have grown into their identity and life that feels comfortable and authentic by pursuing their passions, coming out, and personal reflection. This is an interview you don't want to miss so tune in and give a listen to Ashton's story! Please follow us on Facebook at and please subscribe or follow us on your...


Trans News: We Wont Be Erased

The Trump Administration’s attacks on the trans and gender non-conforming community continue. Today we discuss the proposed change to the legal definition of sex (and gender, since the two are conflated legally). This change would be incredibly harmful to trans and gender non-conforming people. Please note, we’ve recorded this less than 24 hours after the release of the information – so the emotions are raw and we’ve done our best to process this as quickly as possible and bring you...


Trans, Out, and Running for Office

Today's episode is an interview with Brianna Westbrook about her run for Congress and the AZ Legislature in the 2018 primary election here in Arizona. Learn about her experience being out and trans while also being a progressive Democratic candidate in a red-state. You can follow Brianna @BWestbrookAZ8. You can also learn more about trans and LGBQ candidates in your state or nationwide at,,, and...


Welcome Back for Season Two

We're back! Season Two of Transform has officially begun! Our first episode is a little recap of our time off and intro to the second season. Listen to hear what we've been up to while not recording, and to learn more about what you can expect for our second season. Please follow us on Facebook at and please subscribe or follow us on your favorite podcasting app. You can contact us at with questions or anything you would like...


Season One is a Wrap

The first season of Transform: Beyond the Transition is a complete! This week's episode is a quick thank you, a little of our favorite things about the show, and some discussion of what's to come in season two. Thank you to our incredible listeners for supporting the pod, for subscribing, for sending us your thoughts and feedback - it has been wonderful to get to know y'all a little bit and we hope to continue to do so in season two. A big shout out to all of our guests - y'all are amazing...


Stealth and Passing

On this week's podcast, Sam and I talk about stealth and passing for trans folks. Both passing and stealth are terms that describe common experiences for many (but not all) trans folks. We discuss them today without judement, providing some definitnions, some historic context, and our personal experinces. We hope you find today's show interesting and helpful! Articles on stealth and...


Bonus Episode: How Sam Became a Dad

Sam presented a story this week at Vinyl Voices, hosted by the Coronado Cafe in Phoenix. It was a great event and we are excited that we were able to record and share this story with you as a bonus episode. Check out Coronado Cafe and their great events here. To listen to the full song Sam chose for this story, go here. Info about apps and websites that can help you take action as an ally are below. Keep resisting...



On this week's podcast, Sam and I talk about being trans and dating. We cover a lot of ground about dating being a trans person and as you'll see, it's not the easiest topic for either of us to talk about. Join us for a discussion of dating and what changes after coming out and transitioning; about dating apps; about how expectations around behavior changes after coning out and transitioning; about all those questions we get about dating; and of course about sex and intimacy. This episode...


Justice for Roxana - End ICE Detention of Trans Folks

Today's episode is our contribution to last week's Day of Action - Justice for Roxana. Sam and I offer a brief timeline and explanation of why we think its vital to engage in the discussion about justice for Roxana Hernandez, a trans woman who died in ICE custody at the end of May, and why a fair and just immigration and assylum process is an important LGBTQ issue. After our introduction, we shift to interivews with trans women who attended the vigil. These interviews have english...


Trans Intersectionality

On todays' episode Sam and I talk with two amazing guests about the trans and queer community and intersectionality. Our guests today, Dago and Vern, talk about their own intersectional identities, their communities, and how that informs their work in the trans and queer communities. This is only our first episode about intersectionality and the trans community. Here are some resources pertinent to this conversation. Janet Mock discusses intersectionality at UC Davis:...


Trans News

On this week's episode, Sam and I discuss current events that impact trans folks. Below you'll find links that relate to the different events we discuss. Gavin Grimm California Congressional Candidate Harrasses Trans Woman in a Public...