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An over-the-road trucker tells it like it is. Truck driver restaurant reviews, movie reviews, political opinions, sound seeing tours and more.


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An over-the-road trucker tells it like it is. Truck driver restaurant reviews, movie reviews, political opinions, sound seeing tours and more.




2135 Deadly Failure To Find Meaning

2135 Deadly Failure To Find Meaning


2134 What Are Kids Entitled To?

2134 What Are Kids Entitled To? How much should a reasonable parent expect to pay towards their child's college education versus how much responsibility should be assumed by the child?


2133 Avoiding Moral Deterioration

2133 Avoiding Material Deterioration Are you worried about the moral decay of our society? Do you want to learn how to live with integrity, compassion and wisdom in a chaotic world? If so, tune in to Moral Matters, a podcast that explores the ethical challenges and dilemmas of modern life. Each episode, we invite experts, thinkers and activists to share their insights and perspectives on how to avoid moral deterioration and cultivate moral excellence. Whether it’s about politics, business, education, health, environment or personal relationships, we tackle the tough questions and offer practical guidance for living a moral life. Join us on Moral Matters and discover how you can make a positive difference in yourself and others.


2132 The Power of Symbols

2132 The Power of Symbols


2131 RIP Ron Stroope

2131 RIP Ron Stroope


2130 Ridding Yourself of Resentment

The podcast host delves deeply into the concept of resentment and how it can negatively impact one's life. He discusses how holding onto resentment can cause people to lose touch with their true selves, leaving them feeling empty and unfulfilled. The podcast also covers various strategies for letting go of resentment. Ultimately, the host emphasizes the importance of releasing resentment to live a more authentic life, free from bitterness and anger, and with a more positive and constructive mindset.


2129 5th Generation Warfare

Resentment can make a person highly suggestible and vulnerable to 5th generation warfare due to the emotional charge it carries. When an individual feels resentment towards a particular group, ideology or government, they may become more susceptible to manipulation and propaganda that reinforces their negative emotions. Fifth-generation warfare relies on psychological tactics that aim to influence and disrupt societies, often by exploiting existing divisions and grievances. Resentment can create a fertile ground for these tactics to take hold, as it can impair critical thinking and reduce one's ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. By preying on these vulnerabilities, individuals can be led to adopt extremist beliefs, engage in violent acts, or undermine democratic processes, ultimately leading to chaos and instability.


2128 AI Biased and Revolutionary

2128 AI Biased and Revolutionary In this audio podcast discussion, the revolutionary nature of artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology was explored, along with the downsides of AI being poorly trained on limited biased data. The conversation delved into the potentially alarming implications of AI exhibiting blatant far-left-wing woke political bias due to such limitations. The participants in the discussion also examined how AI, as a technology, will likely result in speeding up outcomes in much the same manner as email and the widespread adoption of the Internet ended up speeding up many elemental outcomes in the broader human society. Overall, the podcast served as a thought-provoking exploration of the ways in which AI has the potential to revolutionize the world while simultaneously requiring careful consideration and training to ensure that its use remains unbiased and ethical.


2127 Mediating Never Ending Chaos

2127 Mediating Never Ending Chaos Corporeal creatures, being physical beings in a constantly changing and unpredictable world, must constantly strive to bring order to chaos. This requires active effort and decision making to establish systems, norms, and habits that promote stability and predictability. Whether it be through forming social structures and relationships, building infrastructure and institutions, or simply creating routine and schedules, these actions allow for the creation of a more organized and controlled environment. However, this effort to establish order must be ongoing, as the forces of chaos are constantly at work trying to disrupt and destroy it. Thus, for continued stability and success, corporeal creatures must continuously adapt and refine their methods of mediating chaos and ensuring order. Examples of Stable Diffusion AI art on the topic of corporeal creatures mediating between order and chaos.


2123 ChatGPT AI Artificial Intelligence

2123 ChatGPT AI Artificial Intelligence The podcast discusses an incredible first encounter with the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence. The host, an AI enthusiast, shares their excitement and awe in discovering the ChatGPT model and how it has the ability to answer complex questions, engage in natural conversations, and even provide creative writing outputs. The host highlights how they were amazed by the model's level of understanding and how it could perform various tasks like translation, summarization, and sentiment analysis, just to name a few. They also discuss how the model's capabilities could impact industries like customer service, virtual assistance, and even education. The host concludes the episode by emphasizing the limitless potential of AI and how ChatGPT is a prime example of it.


2125 Your Happiness Depends On YOU

2125 Your Happiness Depends On YOU


2124 Epistemology

2124 Epistemology


2123 Toxic People

2123 Toxic People


2122 The Promised Land

2122 The Promised Land Panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret lake), from the east, Northern Israel


2121 Woke Doomsday Cult

2121 Woke Doomsday Cult "We'll be watching you," Thunberg told world leaders Monday, speaking at the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York City.


2120 I Got Covid

2120 I Got Covid


2119 New iPad

2119 New iPad


2118 Fossil Future

2118 Fossil Future


2117 Supply Chain Breakdowns

2117 Supply Chain Breakdowns


2116 Malfunctioning Humans

2116 Malfunctioning Humans