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Jeff Morgan Convenant Wines Featured Interview

FEATURED INTERVIEW Listen in June 5th as I interview Jeff Morgan, winemaker of Covenant Wines. His journey to become a winemaker started from his passion for food and music. Listen in as Jeff shares his wonder life journey from musician to winemaker.


DJ Powers Christmas Emo 2018

Having some fun. I wanted to produce something that celebrated David Bowie, Bruno Mars and Lenny Kravitz.


Roberto Comincioli Featured Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing Roberto Comincioli from Comincioli Wines. Listend in to our Podcast to learn more about Roberto as a person, winemaker, and how he grew up as a kid in the wine industry.


Columbia Crest Winery Featured Interview

Welcome back to Uncorked Monthly, everybody. Today I have a special guest with me, Juan Muñoz-Oca. Juan is the head winemaker at Columbia Crest Winery in Paterson, Washington. And Columbia Crest, as many of you may or may not be familiar with, though, but they're recognized as the leading producer of acclaimed high-quality wines from Washington State. www.UncorkedMonthly.com


Overland Wines Featured Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Dick Keenan of Overland Wines and Kick Ranch Vineyards. Dick is a Notre Dame and Yale Law School graduate and former trial lawyer. After 31 years as a litigating attorney, Dick Keenan says there are three major things that have carried over into his second career: “What I most enjoyed in my law practice was working with great partners – bright, decent people you can rely on to do good work and back you up,” Keenan says. “Also, litigation...


Theopolis Vineyards Featured Interivew

I had the absolute privilge of speaking with Ms. Theodora Lee of Theopolis Vineyards, also known as Theopatra, Queen of the Vineyards. I learned that Theo is a successful partner and trial lawyer at Littler Mendelson where she defends employers in complex wage and hour class actions, discrimination class action lawsuits and general employment litigation. When I asked Theo why she pursed the wine industry, she responded "well, I guess I wasn't satisfied just practicing law full time and I had...


Vitalie Taittinger Featured Interview

While touring Champagne a few weeks ago, the region of France all the genuine Champagne wines come from, I had the pleasure to stop by at one of the most famous of local Houses: Taittinger, and meet with owning family member, brand ambassador, and marketing director, Vitalie Taittinger. After visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of the crayères, the limestone underground galleries used to age Taittinger Champagne wines underneath their headquarter in Reims, I sat down with Vitalie to get...


Big Table Farm Featured Interview

When Clare Carver first met the man who would eventually become her husband and business partner, she didn’t like him. Carver was living in San Francisco at the time. She hosted a party and a friend brought along Brian Marcy to meet her. He was a winemaker with a degree in fermentation science from the University of California at Davis. Hey, who opened my bottle of wine? www.UncorkedMonthly.com


Bruno Rocca Featured Interview

Listen to the full podcast interview to meet Francesco and Luisa and hear from them all the details about their region, their wines, their family, and their passion. www.UncorkedMonthly.com


Pedroncelli Winery Featured Interview June 7 2016

When a passion for life, community, and wine bring together a family. Julie’s grandparents found this piece of property in what would become known as Dry Creek Valley later on. Just a couple of miles west of the town of Geyserville, located in the northern corner of Sonoma County. What is most interesting about this purchase, was that Julie’s grandparents bought it in the middle of prohibition. Not many people did that back in those days. This was an established vineyard that and was planted...


Ripe Life Wines Featured Interview

The Visionary - Mary McAuley As a seasoned “clambaker,” sommelier, and culinary school graduate, our Founder and CEO, Mary McAuley, had an “ah-ha” moment when charged with the task of selecting the wine for a (rather raucous) clambake she threw with her friends back in August 2011 in her seaside hometown of Mantoloking, NJ. Mary set out to help consumers who are lost when it comes to selecting a good wine to pair with certain foods, especially the coastal cuisine she grew up eating with her...


Sisi Carroll Of Richard Bocking Podcast Featured Interview May 23 2016

I recently had an opportunity to interview Sigrid Zirkle Carroll (Sisi), Managing Director at Weingut Richard Bocking (Traben Trarbach, Germany). Sisi is responsible for import and sales in North American of all wines and products produced by Weingut Richard Boecking, located in Traben-Trarbach, the heart of the Middle Moselle in Germany. Weingut Richard Bocking is a family run winery operating for close to 400 years. Sisi is the 15th generation of the family to be involved in this venture...


Purple Heart Wines Featured Podcast Interview May 18 2016

Welcome back to Uncorked Monthly, today we have a special Memorial Day featured interview for you. Memorial Day is a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered and today, I have three special guests, Ray Coursen, winemaker for Purple Heart Wines, Paul Englert (VP of Sales & Marketing at C. Mondavi & Family) and Jeff Roy (Chairman at the Purple Heart Foundation). Listend and read the full interview at www.UncorkedMonthly.com


Podcast Featured Interview Isabelle Pangault Les Vignobles Foncalieu

Isabelle Pangault is the new winemaker and brand ambassador at Les Vignobles Foncalieu.Les Vignobles Foncalieu, a co-operative of 1200 winegrowers that spans several regions of Southern France: Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, Gascony, and the Rhone Valley.


Featured Interview Joe Freeman Ed Morris

Oak Barrels: The Winemaker’s Spice Rack, featuring Joe Freeman and Ed Morris from The Rubin Family of Wines. Ed Morris, associate winemaker for Rubin, has a background in coopering. (“Coopering”, or barrel making, comes from the Middle Dutch/Middle Low German term kūpe for tub or vat, based on the Latin word cupa.) Before going to work for Rubin in 2010, Morris was a cooper in Sonoma County. “Looking back on it, it was a long time in the making,” he reflects. “I’m a fourth generation...


Featured Interview: Julio Saenz, Winemaker of La Rioja Alta SA

Coming soon will be another wonderful featured interview. This time Julien Miquel interviewed Julio Saenz, Winemaker of La Rioja Alta SA. Look for his article and podcast at www.UncorkedMonthly.com


Featured Interview Giuseppe Sala From I Selvatici March 1 2016

Winemaker Giuseppe Sala of I Selvatici: Respecting the Past and Relishing the Present. Winemaker Giuseppe Sala of I Selvatici: Respecting the Past and Relishing the Present Winemaker Giuseppe Sala never had the chance to meet the man after whom he was named. Growing up working on the winery that his grandfather founded, however, Sala would sometimes sense the old man’s presence among the vines. When Sala and his father might grumble about the less-than-ideal weather, it seemed the departed...


Castrucci Vineyards Featured Interview

David Castrucci of Castrucci Vineyards: Wise Words and Deeds from Dad. t’s inevitable. As children, we learn by watching the adults in our lives. We pick up on clues without realizing it’s happening. We’re like blobs of Silly Putty being rolled over the funny pages and picking up images and dialogue along the way that get kneaded into the stuff we’re made of. Sometimes history repeats itself as one generation internalizes the examples of the one before it. Sometimes parents are self-aware...


Featured Interview Brian Loring Loring Wine Company

Brian Loring of the Loring Wine Company: No Labor Where There’s Love. Starting his own wine business wasn’t easy, but it was a dream come true for Brian Loring and he wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, if the entire zany process could be summed up in a movie montage, he says the soundtrack would be “Mint Car” by The Cure on account of these happy-go-lucky lyrics: Listen and read the full featured interview at www.UncorkedMonthly.com


Featured Interview Tres Goetting Winemaker, Robert Biale Feb 16 2016

Talking Taste with Tres Goetting, Winemaker for Robert Biale Vineyards. Razor sharp palate When I read that Tres Goetting, winemaker for Robert Biale Vineyards, had a “razor sharp palate”, I decided to open a dialogue with him on the subject of wine and taste. Even if my questions were impossible to answer, I still thought it would make for an interesting discussion. Tres_Original_smallGoetting had never heard such flattering words about his own palate before, so the “razor sharp”...