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It's the first episode of 2020 we have a dope conversation with LA Native, makeup artist Gabby the Strange. She shares her beauty tips, and we talk about how colorism and racism is very much alive in the beauty industry and she shares tips on how to love yourself. Hint: DON'T GIVE AF! This episode is like a slumber party and you are all invited. Grab a blunt and popcorn. xoxo Diosa


Vaya Con Diosa: Best of Music 2019

It's the last episode of 2019, and I want to share with you my favorite songs of the year. Something mellow to end this shitty year. Thank you for letting me part of your musical/audio journey this year. I appreciate you! xoxo DIOSA ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Voices- Blundetto, Hindi Zahara Make Up Your Mind- The Frightnrs (Produced by Ticklah) Find Someone Like You- Snoh Aalegra Chicago Boy- Ari Lennox Eternally 12- Melanie Faye Slide- H.E.R. feat. YG Afeto- Mayra...


Vaya Con Diosa Practical Magik

It's October and officially spooky season! On today's episode we talk to comedian/actor/writer/fellow bruja, Zenith Ander and explore the realms of creativity and spirituality. We debunk some mysteries behind witch culture, encourage going towards the light and share some scary stories. It's such a pleasure to talk to another fellow bruja and share ways on how to use magik to love ourselves. IG: @Zenith_ander xoxo Diosa



LOVE is in the Air. We talk to international writer/comedian Lorraine Lopez on her new podcast, "Lorraine Lope Loves." She gives us tips on the best ways to self love, the worst date she's been on and restaurants she loves. Lorraine is such a beautiful and hilarious soul. Check her out! xoxo Diosa


Vaya Con Diosa: Rock Episode

Hola! Time for another music episode! So roll the blunt, let's do some laundry and check out some new rock tunes. ______________________________________________________________ Ellos Quieren Sangre- Varsovia Pain-Boy Harsher Away- Hawaiian Gremlin I’m a Cult Hero- The Cure Give Me Back My Man- The B-52’s Teenage Kicks- The Undertones Anarchy in the UK-Sex Pistols Amoeba-Adolescents Hybrid Moments-Misfits Last Caress-Misfits Sex and Violence-The Exploited Alfabeto (Cold Version 1985)- Decada...



On this episode LA native, percussionist and all around funny dude, Richie Panta join us at the Radio Espacio studios. We discuss navigating different personalities in bands (cliques), the best places to go eat with large groups, and he gives us an amazing insight on shifting our energy into a sober mentality yet still being the life of the party. This interview gave us a lot of laughs and hope that life ain't that bad at all. Check it out Diosas!



Do you love hip hop?! We do! We love the blend of cultures, style and music it brings to not only our lives, but as it transcends through culture and lives. On today's episode we interview OG hip hop , OG Chino. Korean born, Colombian/Los Angeles raised and owner of Escala in Koreatown. We explore the originality of the city of Angeles and Bogota, talk about the beauty of community and how the menu of Escala came about. Check it out! xoxo Diosa Viva COLOMBIA Y LOS ANGELES HP!


De La Luna

Delicious food is hard to find...healthy food is even harder. On today's episode we talk to head chef and co founder of "De La Luna" catering, Erik Rodas. We explore the world of vegan/healthy food alternatives in the latin world, How food can heal, cannabis meals and how important presentation is in the food world. YUMMY! xoxo Khris



Losing hope is easy when your only friend is gone...luckily for me my friends are back in town and bringing me back to happiness. On today's episode we talk to writer/performer/artist/rapper GAL. She talks about her journey from LA to NYC. We compare both cities and their artistic endeavors, and why it's so hard to find a burrito in Williamsburg. We also discuss how important it is to be consistent, FAITH, having a strong team on your side and what's the craziest thing a guy has made us do....



The intergenerational militants, The OVAS, come on our show for a raw and candid conversation about their autonomous, anti-authoritarian space, "La Conxa,' and controversy surrounding them online. We talk about their work with the community, the future they are working on, and the question on everyone in Boyle Heights mind...why are they so fucking angry? Check it out Diosas!



On this episode, we talk to writer, actress, director and comedian Kat Toledo. She enlightens us on sobriety, magik, eating healthy and gives us the heads up on where to pick up on hot guys at...AA meetings! Check it out Diosas!



It's Black History and we have the founder of the Black Women in Comedy Festival, actor, comedian, writer, Marian Yesefu. We talked about historical Black comedians like Moms Mayble, how radical it is to be a mother, how to be an efficient ally and how in reality whether we are conscious or not, we are in fact Black women. Also, she teaches us what to order at Nigerian restaurants. Check it out! xoxo Diosa



Mesh from the LA band Buyepongo comes on our show and talks about group dynamics. We discuss how beautiful it is to be part of something bigger than ourselves, the origins of BUYEPONGO, and what they ate on their latest trip to China. *Hint: They ate like KINGS! Check it out Diosas!



CHAOS *WHAT CONTROLS YOU?* YOUR ANGER? YOUR EGO? Colombian writer/rapper Azomali, debuts his song "Itagui" on our show, as we discuss finding and creating in chaos. Check it out Diosas!



The first episode of the year Diosas! We are excited to have comedian J-Stir on the show. We talk about creating in chaos, channeling inner peace, give tips on how to improve your credit score and where to get a traditional Salvadorean chorizo burger. (Yeah you heard right) Funny ass foo'! Tune in Diosas. xoxo



This mini episode we have a conversation with creator/founder of "Fuck Shit Up" improv, writer and actor "J." We reflect on being grateful on a wonderful year, how . you can manifest losing weight and 1st generational problems. Thank you for a wonderful year, i'm grateful for the good, the bad and the beautiful. I love you Diosas. xoxo



On this episode we talk to musician/writer/rapper/native activist, Azomali. We discuss the sense of pride in being indigenous Colombian/American artists, growing up in the east coast and his beautiful journey in becoming "consciousness." Diosas, this episode is full of enlightenment jewels! check it out! xoxo Khris



Join me as I interview radical and innovative designer/artist, Jian, of the clothing brand/movement, "Brown Baby." We talk about evolving as woman, growing comfortable in our skin, rejecting tradition and of course share tips on where you can get the best "cochinita pibil" in L.A. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BROWN BABY! xoxo Diosa


Los Terrores de Liz y Diosa: Captitulo #1

Bienvenidos a nuestro primer capitulo! Los Terrores de Liz y Diosa, un podcast sobre malicia, terror y cultura en tu idioma. Hablamos sobre el (des) control de armas de fuego en los Estados Unidos, el mal de ojo y los narcos de Medellin. Pasamos de pelicula! Escucha nuestro primero episodio terrorarios! xoxo Liz Y Diosa



Waaasss Saaaaapening Diositas! On this episode we interview warrior Diosa, writer, actress, comedienne Pilar Valdes and the producer to her one woman show, Rebecca Aranda. Pilar explains to us how important it is to conquer our fears especially concerning death and to turn that fuel to fire creativity. Her one woman show, "My mother is dead: a comedy," explores colonialism, daddy issues and gentrification in a smart, eloquent and of course funny way, just like her. It was such a pleasure to...