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Episode 119 - Avengers: Endgame + the Game Awards

Wow. What a week!! We breakdown the trailers for Avengers: Endgame & Captain Marvel (along with the Game of Thrones teaser), give our impressions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & recap the entire 2018 edition of the Game Awards!! We list our top 3 most anticipated things of 2019 & speculate the future of Daredevil after Netflix cancelled it. We also have a huge announcement about the podcast, albeit temporary. Celebrity Deathmatch is returning to MTV & Greg played the Devil May Cry 5 demo &...


Episode 118 - Rocky Hangs Up His Gloves

This week, we record two days early, so no Titans talk & the news about Daredevil being cancelled happened about an hour after we wrapped the episode, so all of that will be broken down next week. Rocky hangs up his gloves, Aquaman is tracking very well, Young Justice S3 got an awesome trailer & we rank our LEAST favorite Christmas songs. An iconic anime is also getting a live action Netflix series... listen to find out which show it is!! VISIT THE WE PODCAST & WE KNOW THINGS MERCH STORE:...


Episode 117 - Happy Thanksgiving... Ya Filthy Animal

This week, Sam & Greg talk about all the goodies they picked up on Black Friday 2018, what we are thankful for in the nerdy world & how our Thanksgivings went overall. We each review a few new movies we've seen & games we've played, including Creed II & Searching. The Lion King had an epic trailer, Pokemon: Let's Go continues to crush it & we have our weekly dose of Titans Talk. VISIT THE WE PODCAST & WE KNOW THINGS MERCH STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/WePodcastAndWeKnowThings CHECK...


Episode 116 - Remembering Stan Lee + A Whole Lotta Pokemon!!

This week, Greg & Sam remember the legendary Stan Lee, who passed away at 95 this week. We break down the Detective Pikachu trailer & give our initial impressions of Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee! on Nintendo Switch (spoiler free, of course!). Sony is skipping E3 for the first time in 24 years & after also not having a PSX this year, we won't hear from PlayStation potentially until December 2019... the PS5 announcement, perhaps? Titans continues to kick butt & we have a bunch of movie...


Episode 115 - Do We Need Breaking Bad & The Walking Dead Films?

This week, Sam & Greg debate the need (along with their incessant hype levels) for AMC's announcements of feature films in both the Walking Dead & Breaking Bad universes. Is it too late? Do people still care? Will they be any good? We discuss it all. The runtime for Avengers 4 has been rumored, the Disney streaming service gets an official name & we give our top 3 wishes for the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighters. Also, Titans continues to kick ass. We break down episode five...


BONUS EPISODE - Origami Crane Interview

In this very special bonus episode, we are joined by two-thirds of the indie-pop band, Origami Crane. Jake Fine & Max McEwan receive a heavy dose of RAPID FIRE questions, get real nerdy with anime & Bioshock talk, &, oh yeah, they make some kickass music, too! The band just released three singles (listen below) & even a really unique opportunity with Leesta Vall. If you like to dance, put on Origami Crane & let the record spin... but enjoy our interview with them first. Pre-order a...


Episode 114 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct + a New Attack On Titan Film?!

This week, Greg & Sam break down the entire final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, including the final roster of fighters! The PS1 Classic had all 20 of its games announced; do we still think it is worth it? Andy Muschietti will be directing a new live-action Attack on Titan film for North America & two more Marvel heroes are getting a spinoff series on DisneyPlay. We also hype up a super fun interview we had with the amazing dudes in Origami Crane; that BONUS EPISODE will be dropping on...


Episode 113 - Some CRAZY WWE Updates + Red Dead Redemption 2

This week, we share initial impressions of Red Dead Redemption 2, update the latest in Roman Reigns' fight against illness (& the subsequent WWE Crown Jewel controversy), run down GDQx & gush over DC Universe's Titans. Sam also shares his full opinion on Daredevil Season 3 & we argue about the Meg for a few minutes. VISIT THE WE PODCAST & WE KNOW THINGS MERCH STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/WePodcastAndWeKnowThings CHECK US OUT ON THE WE BE GEEKS PODCAST NETWORK:...


BONUS EPISODE - Backstage Interview with MAE at the Foundry in Philadelphia

We welcome the incredible band MAE back to the show for their second interview with us of 2018. This time, we got a chance to catch up with them before their set at the Foundry in Philadelphia about the 3.0 EP they just released & their highly-anticipated full length coming in November! We would reccomend checking out our first interview with Dave, Jacob & Zach before listening to this one because we ask a lot of follow up questions from our February conversation. We also got to stay for...


Episode 112 - Are Marvel & Netflix Breaking Up?!

This week, Netflix cancels another Marvel series; will the Heroes for Hire reunite on DisneyPlay or is this just the beginning of the end for Marvel on Netflix? The CW may also be bringing Superman back to the small screen. Sam talks more about Titans & Daredevil...spoiler free of course! Red Dead 2 is almost here; how will Greg approach its 60+ hour campaign upon release? VISIT THE WE PODCAST & WE KNOW THINGS MERCH STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/WePodcastAndWeKnowThings CHECK US...


Episode 111 - James Gunn + DC = A Damn Good Idea!!

This week, James Gunn has been announced as the writer & director of the Suicide Squad sequel!! We do a very deep dive into what that could look like. Iron Fist is the first Marvel show on Netflix to be cancelled & we give our in depth impressions of Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch. Sam also talks about the series premiere of Titans on the DC Universe. VISIT THE WE PODCAST & WE KNOW THINGS MERCH STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/WePodcastAndWeKnowThings CHECK US OUT ON THE WE...


Episode 110 - Is Venom Any Good?

On this week's episode, we discuss if the Venom film is worth seeing, if Nintendo will really drop a new Nintendo Switch next year & a full breakdown of the new Aquaman trailer. Greg finally saw Ant-Man & the Wasp, but did he like it?! Mega Man 11 also gets a full review. VISIT THE WE PODCAST & WE KNOW THINGS MERCH STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/WePodcastAndWeKnowThings CHECK US OUT ON THE WE BE GEEKS PODCAST NETWORK: www.webegeekspc.com ...AND THE ESO PODCAST NETWORK:...


Episode 109.2 - Sam is Hosting!! + Our Spider-Man on PS4 Mini SPOILERCAST

What's that?! Sam is taking over hosting duties for a few different segments this week!! After our technical difficulties over the weekend & losing all of episode 109, we re-recorded it, added all the breaking news of the last few days AND since we both beat Spider-Man, why not give our full review, spoilers & all (8:35-34:50). Just skip through the timecode if you don't want spoilers just yet. We also break down the Captain Marvel, Creed II & Bumblebee trailers, give our opinions on the...


Episode 108 - Breaking Down The 9/13/18 Nintendo Direct + Henry Cavill OUT as Superman?!

This week, we react to the entire Nintendo Direct from 9/13/18, where Luigi's Mansion 3, details for the Nintendo Online Service & Animal Crossing for Switch were all announced. Warner Bros may have parted ways with Henry Cavill as Superman in the Worlds of DC. We talk about the future of DC films & potential replacements. From concerts to stand up comedy, we have been to a bunch of fun events this past week, so we talk about our experiences. Stephen Amell's wife joins the Arrowverse &...


Episode 107 - Spider-Man PS4 SPOILER FREE Impressions

This week, we dropped the episode on a Monday, which is weird enough, but this is one of our favorite main series episodes in recent memory. We give our completely spoiler free impressions of Spider-Man on PS4. Is it worth a web sling or should it stay grounded? Brie Larson kind of trolled the entire internet; what did Captain Marvel drop last week? Sam gives his spoiler free impressions of Iron Fist season 2; both guys talk about their time with Mega Man 11 so far & we dedicate our top 3...


BONUS EPISODE - Taylor Morden of the Last Blockbuster Documentary Interview

On this very special bonus episode of the podcast, Greg & Sam are joined by Taylor Morden, director of the Last Blockbuster, an upcoming documentary about the final Blockbuster in the world located in Bend, Oregon. The film is being funded on Kickstarter & needs your help to reach its stretch goals!! CHECK OUT THE LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER BELOW TO HELP FUND THE PROJECT! The Kickstarter campaign ends on Monday, September 10th, so hurry up & help make this film a reality. We talk about the...


BONUS EPISODE - Frank Stanchek Jr. of Classic Game Junkie LIVE Interview

We traveled back through time in the best way possible for this bonus episode as we got to interview the owner of Classic Game Junkie in Glenside, PA, Frank Stanchek Jr. We talk about the history of the store, the delights of owning a retro video game store & the backstory of Free Video Game Day! Yes, FREE Video Game Day! Frank also dives into his latest business venture, Escape Junkie!! We unveil a new segment that we'll be doing for all of our interviews, RAPID FIRE! Frank is on record...


Episode 106 - Streets of Rage 4!!!! + A Nickelodeon Streaming Service

This week, the DC Universe streaming service gets a release date & it is VERY SOON! Microsoft announces Xbox All Access, which nets you an Xbox One X (or S), Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Live Gold all for one monthly rate! It is another great move for the Xbox brand while they revamp their exclusive game library. Emmy Rossum announces that she is leaving Shameless after this season. DotEmu reveals Streets of Rage 4 & Nickelodeon announces NickSplat, a new streaming service available NOW on VRV for...


Episode 105 - Gamescom 2018 + Some HUGE Changes Coming to Amazon Prime

In this episode, Sam & Greg discuss everything that happened over in Germany at Gamescom 2018, along with new trailers for Jump Force, Devil May Cry 5 & many more! Amazon Prime are making some big changes, mostly for the negative. We break them down & give their impact on the consumer. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has officially been put on hold by Marvel & Disney. We discuss what this means for Phase 4 of the MCU & beyond. The DC CW crossover schedule has been announced & Veronica Mars may be...


Episode 104 - SummerSlam 2018 Predictions + James Gunn to DC???!!

This week, Greg & Sam talk about Say Anything saying goodbye & the impact the band had on our lives over the last 14+ years. We rank our top 3 Say Anything songs as well. WWE's SummerSlam is right around the corner & we give our predictions. SORRY, WE FORGOT ABOUT ROUSEY v BLISS!! Apologies. Also, James Gunn will not be returning to Marvel/Disney for Guardians 3; will he go over to DC? Ewan McGregor says there is no Obie Wan film that he'll be starring in. Disenchantment has hit Netflix; is...