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Episode 108 - Breaking Down The 9/13/18 Nintendo Direct + Henry Cavill OUT as Superman?!

This week, we react to the entire Nintendo Direct from 9/13/18, where Luigi’s Mansion 3, details for the Nintendo Online Service & Animal Crossing for Switch were all announced. Warner Bros may have parted ways with Henry Cavill as Superman in the Worlds of DC. We talk about the future of DC films & potential replacements. From concerts to stand up comedy, we have been to a bunch of fun events this past week, so we talk about our experiences. Stephen Amell’s wife joins the Arrowverse &...


Episode 107 - Spider-Man PS4 SPOILER FREE Impressions

This week, we dropped the episode on a Monday, which is weird enough, but this is one of our favorite main series episodes in recent memory. We give our completely spoiler free impressions of Spider-Man on PS4. Is it worth a web sling or should it stay grounded? Brie Larson kind of trolled the entire internet; what did Captain Marvel drop last week? Sam gives his spoiler free impressions of Iron Fist season 2; both guys talk about their time with Mega Man 11 so far & we dedicate our top 3...


BONUS EPISODE - Taylor Morden of the Last Blockbuster Documentary Interview

On this very special bonus episode of the podcast, Greg & Sam are joined by Taylor Morden, director of the Last Blockbuster, an upcoming documentary about the final Blockbuster in the world located in Bend, Oregon. The film is being funded on Kickstarter & needs your help to reach its stretch goals!! CHECK OUT THE LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER BELOW TO HELP FUND THE PROJECT! The Kickstarter campaign ends on Monday, September 10th, so hurry up & help make this film a reality. We talk about the...


BONUS EPISODE - Frank Stanchek Jr. of Classic Game Junkie LIVE Interview

We traveled back through time in the best way possible for this bonus episode as we got to interview the owner of Classic Game Junkie in Glenside, PA, Frank Stanchek Jr. We talk about the history of the store, the delights of owning a retro video game store & the backstory of Free Video Game Day! Yes, FREE Video Game Day! Frank also dives into his latest business venture, Escape Junkie!! We unveil a new segment that we’ll be doing for all of our interviews, RAPID FIRE! Frank is on record...


Episode 106 - Streets of Rage 4!!!! + A Nickelodeon Streaming Service

This week, the DC Universe streaming service gets a release date & it is VERY SOON! Microsoft announces Xbox All Access, which nets you an Xbox One X (or S), Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Live Gold all for one monthly rate! It is another great move for the Xbox brand while they revamp their exclusive game library. Emmy Rossum announces that she is leaving Shameless after this season. DotEmu reveals Streets of Rage 4 & Nickelodeon announces NickSplat, a new streaming service available NOW on VRV...


Episode 105 - Gamescom 2018 + Some HUGE Changes Coming to Amazon Prime

In this episode, Sam & Greg discuss everything that happened over in Germany at Gamescom 2018, along with new trailers for Jump Force, Devil May Cry 5 & many more! Amazon Prime are making some big changes, mostly for the negative. We break them down & give their impact on the consumer. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has officially been put on hold by Marvel & Disney. We discuss what this means for Phase 4 of the MCU & beyond. The DC CW crossover schedule has been announced & Veronica Mars may...


Episode 104 - SummerSlam 2018 Predictions + James Gunn to DC???!!

This week, Greg & Sam talk about Say Anything saying goodbye & the impact the band had on our lives over the last 14+ years. We rank our top 3 Say Anything songs as well. WWE’s SummerSlam is right around the corner & we give our predictions. SORRY, WE FORGOT ABOUT ROUSEY v BLISS!! Apologies. Also, James Gunn will not be returning to Marvel/Disney for Guardians 3; will he go over to DC? Ewan McGregor says there is no Obie Wan film that he’ll be starring in. Disenchantment has hit Netflix;...


Episode 103 - Recapping the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

This week, Greg & Sam break down every single thing that happened in the recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct & give our top 3 favorite things about the presentation. We also recap all the drama surrounding the James Gunn & Guardians of the Galaxy drama, including a potential directorial return for Gunn to the project. Family Guy, the Simpsons & Bob’s Burgers are all getting movies & IGN is in some major hot water after their review of Dead Cells. This is the longest two-man...


Episode 102 - Fantasy Football & the new Venom Trailer

This week, Sam picks the draft order for Greg’s Fantasy Football league. We also break down the new Venom trailer & the news that even after the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy rallying by his side, James Gunn will most likely not be back to direct GoG Volume 3. The Nintendo Switch passes 20 million units sold & the PS4 passes 80 million. Alf is being rebooted & we give our top 3 blooper reels from film & tv. SUBSCRIBE FOR EPISODES EVERY WEEK! Leave a rating & review; we read them all on...


Episode 101 - Recapping All of San Diego Comic Con

This week, Sam & Greg recap all of the trailers that dropped during San Diego Comic Con while ranking the top 3 best of the best! The WWE announced their first ever all-women pay-per-view, Evolution, & we recap what that means for the present & future of the women’s division. Sam gets pissed at IGN’s review of Mission Impossible: Fallout & Greg gives his impressions of the Mega Man X Legacy Collections. Ryan Reynolds wants to do an R-rated Home Alone reboot & Family Guy makes a huge...


BONUS EPISODE - Frank Zummo (Sum 41) & Mike Ciprari (SJC Custom Drums) Interview

SURPRISE!! We’re joined for this very special bonus episode by Frank Zummo, drummer of Sum 41, & Mike Ciprari, co-founder & owner of SJC Custom Drums, just ahead of the Loyal to the Craft Tour, a FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC two week drum clinic hosted by Frank, SJC Drums & Vans. We chat about Frank joining Sum 41 in 2015, winning the Alt Press Music’s Best Drummer award in 2017 & filling in for Tommy Lee on tour with Motley Crue! Mike shares his story of starting SJC & what it’s like to call...


BONUS EPISODE - Mick Waites of Game Developer/Publisher Four Horses Interview

We were honored to be joined by the 3DS & Switch developer of Kid Tripp & the man behind the Switch version of Miles & Kilo, Mick Waites of game developer/publisher Four Horses. We talk about the development cycles of Digger Dan DX, Kid Tripp & Miles & Kilo, if Mick prefers frame rate over graphical fidelity & even Mick’s top 3 games of all time!! Greg gives Mick some of his favorite achievements from Kid Tripp & Miles & Kilo before being given the reason or a fun story behind each one. We...


Episode 100 - Wall To Wall San Diego Comic Con + A HUGE THANK YOU!!!

We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us through 100 main series episodes!! We are so grateful for everyone who has ever listened, subscribed or downloaded our podcast. We do this for you! In fact, our top 3 this week is our favorite films in the MCU & we read every listener top 3 that left us a list on our social media!! We also cover all of Thursday & Friday’s San Diego Comic Con news, with Saturday & Sunday’s news being tackled next week. James Gunn is OUT as Guardians of the...


BONUS EPISODE - Con Etiquette Interview

In this special MID-WEEK bonus episode, we interview three very cool dudes from Connecticut, that’s right, the band Con Etiquette. No, that is not a typo, just a rad band name. We talk about the band’s humble beginnings in a local tatoo shop, their most famous (or infamous) shows, a hilarious experience they went through during their most recent tour & what is next including music video shoots & studio time! Of course, we dive deep into Game of Thrones, the Legend of Zelda & so much more!...


BONUS EPISODE: Phil Moore, Host of Nick Arcade, Interview

On this extremely special bonus episode, Greg & Sam are joined by Nickelodeon legend & former host of Nick Arcade, the hilarious Phil Moore! We talk about the wacky wardrobe of 90’s television, what Phil studied in college & how he landed on TV. Of course, we spend a ton of time covering everything Nick Arcade, including a potential reboot!! Now a producer, Phil talks about some new projects he is involved in & even his itch to get back in front of the camera. We’re not joking when we say...


Episode 99 - Our Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons

This week, Greg & Sam wax nostalgic about their top 3 Saturday morning cartoons, thanks to our Patreon backer Thomas Chisum, who gave us the idea!! He also provided us his top 3 as well! Nintendo said they would like to put out 20-30 indie games per week on the Switch; we debate how much is too much. Also, two amazing bands, Post Season & Real Friends, released new records this week; we give them the We Pod treatment with full reviews. JOIN THE WE POD SQUAD ON PATREON, VISIT OUR NEW MERCH...


BONUS EPISODE - The Worst Humans Interview

If you have never heard of the Worst Humans, a Brooklyn-based jazz-grunge-punk trio, you need to change that & we think this interview will help! We had the opportunity to have a lengthy conversation with guitarist & lead singer Ian Holubiak about the band’s new single “What I’m All About,” but the conversation quickly went much deeper. We talk about why desk jobs can be miserable, the effects that boredom can have on the human psyche & most importantly, Philly cheesesteaks & New York-style...


Episode 98 - Are Streaming Services Better Than Traditional Cable?

This week, Greg & Sam debate which video streaming service reigns supreme & if any of them top what traditional cable TV still has to offer. Sam saw Ant-Man & the Wasp; he gives us his SPOILER-FREE impressions, along with a rapid fire comparison to other films in the MCU. We also give our opinions on our top 3 film sequels that were better than the original!! Greg reads two gaming reviews he wrote for our show’s relaunched website, www.Wepodcastandweknowthings.com!! First is Miles & Kilo, a...


BONUS EPISODE - Shawn Dorsey of Know Hope Records Interview

In this special bonus episode, we got to hang out the office of Know Hope Records in South Philadelphia with one of the owners of the label, Shawn Dorsey, to get a different perspective into the music business. Also hanging out with us was returning guest, Shane Henderson from Promise of Redemption & Valencia. We talk about forming Know Hope Records & how the team goes about finding new artists (& how artists can find Know Hope). Shawn delves into why he started the independent label, along...


Episode 97 - The Halo TV Show Has Been Greenlit!!!

Supported by Castbox, this week we break down the Halo TV series that was officially greenlit for Showtime; what era will it take place in? What will the target audience be? How much CG versus practical effects? But at least we know it’s coming! The NES Classic Edition is back in stock! We tell you where we can get one. We go over everything we know about the DC Universe streaming service to see if Sam is concerned about it at all. Jared Leto is confirmed as a villain in a Marvel film, Jim...