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Podcast by What's Really Good with Nathan Allebach






#65 The Washington Post's TikTok Takeover with Dave Jorgenson

Dave Jorgenson is a producer, writer, and creative video guy at The Washington Post where he’s most known for their viral TikTok account. He also produces “Department of Satire” and “Short Takes” with them, which can be found on YouTube, Facebook, or their website. But most importantly he hosts a podcast called Survivor Top Ten where he recaps Survivor episodes. In this episode we talked all about his experience on TikTok, working in journalism, the state of online media, zoomer trends,...


#64 Boomers, Zoomers, Abusive Relationships, and Being A New Mom with Victoria Cucé Overton

Victoria Cucé Overton is a personal friend, new mom, and one of the funniest people in Quakertown, PA (at least top 40). We talked about her relationship with her family, parenting online, living in small towns, abusive relationships, mental breakdowns, humor as a way of life, being a new mom, Ryan Cabrera, Aaron Carter, Snoop Dogg’s ankle, and more. Enjoy! Follow Victoria on Twitter: @torilazerbeamz *note - I recorded this episode on October 9th so sorry that some of the cultural references...


#63 A Rambling AMA with Nathan Allebach

I finally got around to this AMA! I'm planning to do more solo episodes soon so if you like or dislike them please let me know. Questions answered: Why a podcast versus other forms of media distribution? Which industry do you think is most notorious for the worst/most boring social media? Why do you hate books so much? Has running a successful brand account changed, if at all, your perception of general human nature? Best insult from a troll? What is your biggest accomplishment so far?...


#62 Online Sports Culture, Twitch Streaming, and Crippling Anxiety with Matt Allaire

Matt Allaire is an online sports commentator, content creator, twitch streamer, and streaming editor. In this conversation we talked about how he got into online sports, what the landscape looks like, the problems with DMCA takedowns and copyright laws with user content, how the industry is shifting to e-sports, the world of twitch, how Matt has dealt with anxiety and a quarter life crisis, what he's up to now, and more. Enjoy! Follow him on Twitter: @AllaireMatt Follow him on Twitch:...


#61 Untangling Arguments Against Leftism with Ben Burgis

Ben Burgis is a science fiction writer, philosophy professor, and author of the book "Give Them An Argument: Logic For The Left," available through Zero Books. He also does a segment called "The Debunk" every week on The Michael Brooks Show. In this conversation we talked about how he got into philosophy and leftism, some common arguments against leftism, how heritage, culture, and identity play into these arguments, current cultural and political movements, how to productively converse...


#60 Local Music Struggles, Losing a Friend, and Being a Teacher with Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox is a math teacher at the Frankford Friends School, songwriter, and longtime friend. In this conversation we talked about our local Philly music scene, growing older as songwriters and having to make adult decisions, Kevin losing his best friend Brad who was killed by a drunk driver, death, hope, life as a teacher, and more. Enjoy! Follow Kevin on Twitter: @KevinZCox Follow him on Instagram: @KevinZCox Listen to his music on Bandcamp: https://kevinzcox.bandcamp.com/album/friendship...


#59 Meme Insider, Meme Economy, Memes Everywhere with Noerdy (@TheNoerdy

Noerdy is the Managing Director of Meme Insider and a moderator of several high profile subreddit communities, including Wholesome Memes, Meme Economy, Political Humor, Westworld, and South Park. We talked about how he got into Reddit, moderating, the landscape of meme culture, how Meme Insider got started, and more. Enjoy! Follow him on Twitter: @TheNoerdy Follow him on Reddit: www.reddit.com/user/noerdy Donate to Meme Insider on Patreon: www.patreon.com/memeinsider Follow Meme Insider on...


#58 Political Twitter, Nuanced Identity Politics, and Being Extremely Online with Anjali Bhatt

Anjali is the social media editor at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a nonpartisan think tank based out of DC, and she’s also a photographer and designer. In this conversation we talked about being a public facing person while also being someone representing a brand, how tweets affect politics, growing up on the internet, how she got into marketing and working in the political sphere, how to balance nuanced takes online, privilege, free will, identity politics, and a lot...


#57 A History of 4chan and the Online Culture Wars with Dale Beran

Dale Beran is a writer, artist, and author of the new book “It Came From Something Awful: How A Toxic Troll Army Accidentally Memed Donald Trump Into Office.” In our conversation we talked about the early internet days and how various subcultures have evolved into the culture wars, the history of 4chan, Gamergate, the emergence of new leftism, incels, provocateurs, fascism, and more. Enjoy! Follow him on Twitter: @DaleBeran Purchase his book “It Came From Something Awful” here:...


#56 Bringing Whale Facts To Twitter with Preston Williams (@awhalefact)

Preston Williams is an actor, joke writer, and creator of the viral twitter account, Whale Fact. We talked about how he started the account, his creative process of coming up with jokes, inserting political humor into the feed, the loose community of Joke Twitter, a twitter conspiracy, riding the tension of being online, and more. Enjoy! Follow Whale Fact on Twitter: @awhalefact Follow Preston on Twitter: @PrestoVision Follow Whale Fact on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/awhalefact/


#55 Down The Rabbit Hole with Fredrik Knudsen

Fredrik Knudsen is an internet culture researcher, streamer, producer, and YouTuber most known for his "Down The Rabbit Hole" series where he takes deep dives into obscure online and offline corners of culture with subjects like Furries, Anime, Sonichu, Plague Doctors, TempleOS, Neopoets, and much more. In our conversation we talked about how he started his channel, his creative process, what it's like being a popular content creator, personal identity conflicts, responsible platforming,...


#54 The Politics, Problems, and Culture of YouTube with Chris Stokel-Walker

Chris Stokel-Walker is a journalist, writer, and author of the book "YouTubers: how YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars." His work has also been published in the New York Times, BBC, Wired, and The Economist. In this conversation we talked about how the culture of YouTube has evolved over the years, how it's become more corporatized, politicized, at odds with its creators, and more. Enjoy! Follow Chris on Twitter: @stokel Purchase his book "YouTubers" here:...


#53 Early Internet, Tumblr Culture, and Becoming A Meme Librarian with Amanda Brennan

Amanda Brennan is a meme librarian (internet culture researcher), tumblr fandom and social expert, and blogger. In our conversation we talked about growing up on the internet in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, local music scenes, how she got into meme research and working at Know Your Meme, the ins and outs of Tumblr, fandoms, work-life balance, and more. Enjoy! Follow her on Twitter: @continuants Check out her blog: https://memelibrarian.com/ Follow her Tumblr work: fandom.tumblr.com


#52 A Day In The Life As Satan On Twitter with @s8n

@s8n is a viral parody account on twitter that writes jokes about hell and all sorts of fun, wholesome, bizarre mischief. In our conversation we talked about how the account came into being, how @s8n was shadow banned on twitter for no reason, how he got trolled by pizza gate conspiracy theorists, and just living life as Satan online. Enjoy! Follow Satan on Twitter and Instagram: @s8n Buy his merch here: https://teespring.com/stores/s8n-store


#51 A Leftist Critique of Identity Politics, Reactionaries, and the Culture Wars with Ralph Leonard

Ralph Leonard is a writer, Secular Humanist, and “Conservative Marxist” who regularly commentates on politics, economics, and the culture wars online. In this conversation we talked about the differences in how leftists (marxists, socialists, etc.) view class struggle and identity politics versus progressive neoliberals (free market capitalists). We also covered how topics of class, race, gender, and nationality have to be addressed in more all-encompassing ways than solely class or...


#50 The Internet vs. The Education System and Life as a Songwriter with Jason Ager

Jason Ager is a songwriter and college professor with a a PhD in German Literature. In this conversation we talked about the state of the education system in contrast to how people learn from the Internet, political identity, the future of technology, songwriting for a living, being a dad, and a bunch more. Enjoy! Follow his music here: https://www.jasonager.com/ Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5C7xdzlsSZYGGeghzxg0Cj Follow Jason on Twitter:...


#49 Cultural Upbringings, Game of Thrones, Politics, and Songwriting with William H. Travis

William H. Travis is a songwriter and teacher. We talked about him growing up in a small town and being raised culturally Catholic then how he’s eventually come back around to faith through meditation and seeing through a more modern framework, we spent some time critiquing the end of game of thrones, talked about how depressing politics can be, and got into a bunch of banter on songwriting. Listen to his new song "Aloha:" https://williamhtravis.bandcamp.com/track/aloha Watch his MaTones...


#48 Growing Up Adopted From Honduras, Identity Conflicts, MMA, and Alcoholism with Jon Moyer

Jon Moyer is a TSS worker for Foundations Behavioral Health, an athlete, and longtime personal friend. In this conversation he shared what his childhood was like being adopted from Honduras and growing up in our majority white, religious, affluent community. He got into the tensions of identity and race he's dealt with over the years and how his perspectives have evolved on politics and religion. We also talked about mixed martial arts and culture, then Jon got into his struggle with...


#47 Exploring Personal Identity, Songwriting, and MMA with Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards is a musician and songwriter. In our conversation we talked about how she got into songwriting, how her writing has evolved over the years, balancing music with other aspects of life, different styles of musical branding, and some good banter on mixed martial arts as well as media representation. Follow her work and find her music here: http://www.kimedwardsmusic.com/ Follow her on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/kimedwardsmusic/ Follow her on Twitter here:...


#46 Spirituality, Loss, Mushrooms, Hunting, And Becoming A Chef with Kenneth Worstall

"Homechef" Kenneth Worstall is a chef, hunter, mushroom forager, kombucha conctoctor, spiritual teacher, construction worker, and all around eccentric human being. In this conversation we talked about his upbringing and how he got into cooking, the power of food, the loss of his father, suicide, mental health issues, addiction, discovering spirituality, hunting, veganism, mushrooming, the problems with technology, and more. Enjoy! Follow Kenneth on Instagram at @homechefkenneth