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The podcast show all about Spain – culture, travel, lifestyle, work, special guests and much more!

The podcast show all about Spain – culture, travel, lifestyle, work, special guests and much more!




The podcast show all about Spain – culture, travel, lifestyle, work, special guests and much more!






Sounds that make you sound Spanish – ¡Buah! ¡Anda! ¡Hala! ¡Uy! ¡Puf!

Want to sound super Spanish? I run through ten useful and fun Spanish interjections that you can pepper your conversations with to help express yourself even more clearly when you're chatting en español. ¡Anda! When I first started learning Spanish and hanging around with native speakers I kept hearing these noises that popped up in conversations and always wondered what they meant. I'll look at some of the most common interjections and make comparisons with English and give you some...


Almería & Cabo de Gata – Cowboys, Pirates, Wild Beaches & A Sea of Plastic

In this episode I take you on a trip around Spain's most arid provinces, Almería. We explore the Tabernas Desert and its Spaghetti Western filming locations, the beautiful wild beaches of Cabo de Gata including the dramatic Playa de los Muertos (Beach of the Dead), and I guide you through Almería City's top sights including the imposing Alcazaba. We'll also wander the back streets of the hilltop village of Mojácar, officially one of Spain's most picturesque pueblos. Along the way I uncover...


Cycling Southern Spain with Chris Atkin

Chris Atkin, author of his new book, (Just As Well) It's Not About The Bike: A Journey Across Southern Spain, joins me in this episode to chat about his experience pedaling 1300 kilometres from Valencia to Gibraltar on a basic bike with only seven gears and barely enough room for panniers. Chris describes some of his favourite stops on his six week journey, including a grueling ride across Spain´s Sierra Nevada, Gandia´s ghost town vibe, picturesque Altea versus the untamed tourism of...


A day trip to Brihuega’s lavender fields and Guadalajara

Join Karina, me and friends, Adam and Ollie, for a day trip to the charming medieval town of Brihuega and its beautiful lavender fields. A slice of Provence right in the centre of Spain! Brihuega is famous in Spain for its lavender cultivation and surprisingly, it is one of the world's major producers of lavender products, including lavender oil which is used by one of the big Spanish perfume brands. But, away from the lavender fields, we discovered that Brihuega has much more to offer than...


Madrid’s public transport with Sarah Willats – Trains, Tickets, Tips & Trips

Sarah Willats joins me to talk about Madrid's public transport network, how to get the best out of it, tickets, passes and trips whether visiting for a holiday, business or making the Spanish capital your home. Sarah, aka Sarah la Viajera (check out her Spain travel blog!) has recently published her book, The Ultimate Guide to Madrid’s Transportation Networks which she spent two years researching and which involved riding every Madrid Metro line, many of the city's buses, commuter trains and...


Costa Brava road trip – Coves, Bikinis & Dalí

Join us for all the sights and sounds on a road trip along Spain's rugged Costa Brava. Discover the beautiful seaside towns and villages of Tossa de Mar, Calella de Palafrugell, Platja Fonda, Roses and of course Cadaqués, home to Salvador Dalí's former house, now a wonderful, eccentric museum. We explore the coves of turquoise waters, the back streets of fishing villages and the stunning medieval fortress village in Tossa. Tune in to hear about the Costa Brava's turbulent history and a slice...


The Walking Museum of The Spanish Civil War with Nick Lloyd

Writer, historian and guide, Nick Lloyd walks us through Barcelona to explore the history of the Spanish Civil War and the city's relationship with this dark chapter from Spain's past. Nick guides around the key locations in the Catalan capital which hold historical significance and reveals some chilling stories of death and destruction. He also describes the walking tour that he runs in Barcelona and how some of his guests inspired him to start collecting fascinating artefacts which help...


Speaking Andaluz & life in Andalucía with Adam Harrison from El Inglés Andaluz

Think you can speak Spanish? Think again if you move to Andalucía! Adam Harrison moved to Huelva province seven years ago and realised that the local dialect was very different to the Spanish he had learnt. So on a quest to share is observations and frustrations learning Andaluz Adam set up InglesAndaluz on TikTok and Instagram where he compares English, Spanish and Andaluz through humourous videos. His content recently went viral and he was invited onto a number of Spanish TV programmes to...


Loco for locos! Slow trains around Spain with travel writer Tom Chesshyre

Travel journalist and writer Tom Chesshyre joins me to talk about his slow train adventure all around Spain. As research for his latest book Slow Trains around Spain: A 3,000-Mile Adventure on 52 Rides, Tom spent 35 days on the tracks and clocked-up 95 hours and 20 minutes onboard all manner of different types of trains, from funiculars, cog trains, narrow gauge, metros and even an aluminium mine train. Tom shares his experience of going unprepared and traveling in an ad-hoc way with a...


Wandering Madrid and talking Cost of Living in Spain

Hola Spain fans! This is a kind of hybrid episode. Lots of sounds of Madrid as I wander its squares, shops and markets and stop off in a few cafes and bars. Along the way I talk all about the cost of living in Spain. I look at renting and buying property, utility bills, groceries, healthcare costs, running a car and average salaries. I make lots of comparisons between costs in a handful of different Spanish cities and also compare the cost of living in Madrid with London and New York. So...


Spain’s liquid gold: olive oil adventures with Lucas Soler

We transport ourselves to the majestic olive groves of Jaén to talk all about Spanish olive oil with special guest and olive oil aficionado, Lucas Soler. Lucas was born in Barcelona but even though he has spent nearly all of his life in the US, olive oil has always remained in his blood. Since a young age 'liquid gold' has been a staple of his diet. When Lucas's mother bought an olive grove for the family in Almería 25 years ago, his passion for olive oil was re-ignited. Faced with a lack of...


Mallorca with Gina Vasquez – Miró, Michael Douglas & Missionaries

In this episode of the When in Spain podcast I explore the Balearic island of Mallorca. Joining me to scratch beneath the surface of the island is guide and long-time Mallorca resident, Gina Vasquez who runs Visit My Mallorca https://www.visitmymallorca.com/ Gina talks us through the ancient history of Mallorca and recommends things to see in the island's capital, Palma, including the city's impressive gothic cathedral, La Seu. It has one of the world’s largest stained glass windows. We also...


Sketches of Menorca – deep water, mayonnaise, horses’ private parts, gin & Georgian palaces

In this episode we delve into the curious history, culture and untouched landscape of the balearic island of Menorca. Joining us to guide us around this lesser-discovered island is Lorraine Ure. For Lorraine, Menorca was love at first sight when the cruise ship she was working on docked in the port of Mahón. She has since had a 25 year love affair with the island and now proudly calls it home. Does Mayonnaise really come from Menorca? How did gin become the island's most famous tipple? When...


Spain’s secret beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons & caves with Lola Culsán & John Weller

Let's banish the winter blues with a trip around some of Spain's most beautiful and secret swimming locations. Forget the packed beaches of the stereotypical 'costas' and let's transport ourselves to secluded coves, white sand beaches, emerald pools, craggy canyons, wild waterfalls and relaxing rivers... Guiding us around these of the beaten track slices of watery wonder are Lola Culsán & John Weller. Lola and John live in London and both are avid swimmers. So much so that they have written...


How to buy property in Spain

Planning to buy a property in Spain? Maybe it's a future ambition to own your dream Spanish home. Whatever the case, this episode will give you a detailed insight into buying a house or apartment in Spain and is packed with practical advice on buying in Spain. It's a meaty subject so I decided to enlist Spanish property consultant Felix Joseph who shares his expert advice. Felix runs his own property consultancy on the Costa del Sol called Property Under One Roof. He's also written a book...


Seville and slow, sustainable travel with Aldara Arias Saavedra

Sit back and join us for some armchair travel to the capital of Andalucía. That's right we're of to the 2,200-year-old city of Seville or Sevilla if you're feeling Andaluz! Our guide for the journey is native Sevillana, Aldara Arias Saavedra. Aldara produces and hosts her own podcast about food and slow, sustainable travel in Seville called Slow Tasters Podcast. She also works as a tour guide in Seville and the wider Andalucía region of Spain and has a passion for promoting slow and...


Starting from zero in Spain at 70 – The personal story of Hollywood director & author Marsha Scarbrough

Thinking about moving to Spain? Think it's too late? Join me to hear the inspirational story from Marsha Scarbrough who proves it's never too late to say yes to a new life in Spain. Marsha left her native California to start afresh in Madrid when she was 70 years old after losing everything in the 2008 financial crisis and declaring herself bankrupt. Marsha spent 20 years working as an assistant director on films and network TV shows in Hollywood but by the time she hit 50 se knew she wanted...


Sephardic Roots – Jewish History in Spain & Sephardic Ancestry Citizenship

In this episode of The When in Spain podcast we're talking about Jewish history or Sephardic history - to use the Hebrew word - in Spain. We'll also be talking about a law that Spain passed in 2015 that has laid a pathway for people of Sephardic descent to reclaim Spanish citizenship – and one of those who is going through the process joins me in the episode. I'll be chatting to Nichole Martínez Kruse who relocated from San Diego in the US to Zaragoza in the Spanish region of Aragon after a...


The Basque Country with David Bumstead

Drizzle, green hills, pintxos, cider, pelota & bull running. We must be talking The Basque Country! Tucked into the corner of northeastern Spain, País Vasco, or as it is known in the regional Basque language, Euskadi is one of the lesser-known Spains for many. To talk us through the landscape, cities, beaches, language, traditions and food and drink is David Bumstead. David moved to San Sebastian from the UK in 1983 and never left. Join us as we explore this unique corner of Spain and...


Covid – a mixed blessing for Spanish politics, economy & society? With Alan McGuire

Madrid-based British writer and podcaster, Alan McGuire joins the When in Spain podcast to talk about Spanish politics, society and the economy since the 2008 financial crisis and the struggles that Spain has faced since then. Alan also talks about how Covid-19 has affected Spain and highlights the problems the pandemic has exposed. We also look at how Spain could or should use the vast pandemic recovery fund that is being made available from the EU. Where should Spain spend the money? And...