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When in Spain offers practical advice, real-life observations and travel ideas for anyone figuring out Spain and Spanish life

When in Spain offers practical advice, real-life observations and travel ideas for anyone figuring out Spain and Spanish life




When in Spain offers practical advice, real-life observations and travel ideas for anyone figuring out Spain and Spanish life






Documenting Madrid’s Romani community with photographer Michael Damanti

In this episode I talk to Mike Damanti, a professional photographer from the United States who moved to Madrid five years ago. While on a quest for artistic inspiration, Mike came across Madrid’s Romani community. Photographing them over many years and documenting the Romani community’s lives living on the streets of Madrid, he slowly became accepted into their circle and soon developed deep friendships. Being allowed into their lives and sharing their moments of happiness along with their...


Treading Toledo’s 2000-year history: Mosques, Monasteries & Synagogues

In this episode I pound the steep and winding cobbled streets of the former Spanish capital, Toledo to discover its incredibly rich and varied history. Once a city where Moors, Christians and Sephardic Jews all lived side by side. Capital of Spain until 1563, when the honour passed to the backwater village of Madrid just 46 miles away, Toledo, in Castilla-La Mancha, has become a classic day-trip destination, just a half-hour hop from its neighbour by high-speed train. But with its huge haul...


Zipping around Zaragoza – a weekend in the capital of Aragón

Join me for a whirlwind wander around Zaragoza, the beautiful capital of the Spanish autonomous region of Aragón. I zipped up to Zaragoza on the AVE from Madrid to meet an old friend who lives in Barcelona. It´s the perfect half-way meeting place. In this episode I explore the city and visit some of Zaragoza´s most famous sights, including the magnificent Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza, the elegant Moorish palace, Palacio de la Aljafería as well...


Comedy as an antidote to the frustrations of living in Spain – Laughter is the best medicine with Richard Marshall

British comedian Richard Marshall from Madrid Stand Up Comedy talks to me about the frustration and isolation we can face when moving to Spain. Richard shares with us how he’s used comedy as an antidote to overcome the anxieties of immersing himself in a new culture and language. We also had lots of laughs examining the little cultural differences we’ve noticed and we also attempt to compare the Spanish and British sense of humour. Yes, laughter really is the best medicine! Catch Richard at...


Moving to Spain a little later in life – a journey of personal growth & reinvention with Cepee Tabibian

Are you thinking of starting a new life in Spain but feel like you've left it too late? Do you want to break free of your routine and start a journey of reinvention, self-discovery and personal growth? Is it too late to change your life when you're already in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond? This week I talk to Cepee Tabibian about these issues and doubts that many of us have when considering making a big change in our lives. We talk about starting a fresh and relocating to a new country a...


12 Favourite Madrid Streets – Exploding Markets, Weddings, Poodles, Pride, Tapas, Art & Piss!

According to the Madrid City Hall, El Ayuntamiento de Madrid the Spanish capital has 9,139 streets. This week I explore a handful of them with Spain travel consultant, Karen Rosenblum. No, we don't walk all 9,139 of them, but on our wander around the Spanish capital between us we compile a list of our top 12 favourite streets. We chose the them based on their quirky character, physical beauty, interesting history and curious and amusing stories behind them. (Think famous writers peeing in...


Secrets of the Menú del Día – The history & future of Spain’s lunchtime meal deal

Join me and journalist, Fiona Govan from The Local news website as we eat our way through a Menú del Día - Spain's great value fixed-price lunch menu which you can find in pretty much any restaurant in Spain, although often tourists and visitors are not sure what it is or what it includes. Find out about one of Spain's traditional foodie phenomenons as we talk about the format of El Menú, what it usually includes and how much it usually costs. We also examine some intriguing history behind...


A nation of gamblers? – Spanish lotteries, bingo, casinos & their history

Did you know that Spain´s Lottery is the second oldest in world? Did you know that Spaniards bet a whopping 1.9 billion euros each year? And did you know that one of the most popular lotteries in Spain was set-up by General Franco to help people who had been blinded during the Civil War? Join me in this episode as I put gambling in Spain under the microscope. Yes, betting is big business and there LOTS of way to gamble in Spain. I´ll be looking at the numerous Lotteries, Bingo culture and of...


Madrid’s comedy scene with comedians Tricia Audette & Juan Dávila

This week the Madrid comedy scene and a look at bilingual sense humour and how Spanish life inspires comedy, all brought to you by professional funny people Tricia Audette and Juan Dávila from TYF Comedy. In this episode Tricia and Juan talk about how life in Spain as a non-local (Tricia is from Canada) and local provides the perfect inspiration for much of their comedy material, think mistranslations, mispronunciations and general misadventures. They also share how they got into the Spanish...


Winter warmth in Gran Canaria – Exploring Canary Island life with Alex Bramwell

In this episode I take you with me as I escape the winter blues and head to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria with Karina in search of winter warmth for the New Year. I meet up with Gran Canaria-born photographer and all-round Canary Island expert, Alex Bramwell to explore what Gran Canaria and the other Canary Islands have to offer. Alex tells me about the Islands´history, the best beaches to visit, the most dramatic hiking routes to take, and what food to try. We also touch on Gran Canaria´s...


Comparing casas: the Spanish home & its curiosities

Since living in Spain I've discovered new kitchen contraptions, I've used household items that I never used in the UK (mop & bucket comes to mind) and developed an affection for dated furniture, confusing door bells and bidets. I've got used to literally hanging my laundry out in public, albeit clean of course! But I still miss a good wall to wall carpet when winter arrives. Having lived in five different properties during my years in Spain I've noticed many interesting little idiosyncrasies...


Moving to Spain checklist with relocation coach Molly Piccavey

Are you thinking about making the move to Spain? Wondering where to live and how to buy or rent a property? Do you want to look for work or retire to Spain? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then this episode is for you. I chat with Molly Piccavey who runs the award-winning Spain blog Piccavey.com and also works as a relocation coach. Molly has spent more than two decades living and working in Spain and she explains all of the important factors to consider ahead of a permanent...


Eat Out Madrid – Talking about Spain’s food lover community with Valentina Ruffoni

I talk about the Madrid restaurant scene and foodie community in the Spanish capital with Eat Out Madrid founder Valentina Ruffoni. Eat Out Madrid is a Facebook community where food fans can share their personal reviews, recommendations and photos. I talk to Valentina about Madrid's restaurant scene, dining culture and culture shocks and favourite foods we miss from back home. DID YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE? PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING THE WHEN IN SPAIN PODCAST BY BECOMING A PATRON AT...


Moving to Spain with Children with Lisa Sadleir from Family Life in Spain

I talk to Lisa Sadleir who runs the Family Life in Spain blog about the practicalities of moving to Spain with children. Lisa has spent more than 20 years in Spain and has raised her own two children here and she's also helped many other families make the move. We examine all of the factors to consider when relocating as a family including which type of school to choose, state, private or bilingual. We run through the Spanish State education system and look at the pros and cons for the...


Madrid vs Barcelona – comparing the incomparable with Daniel Welsch

The great Spanish city face-off. Yes, it's the question so many people ask - which city is best, Madrid or Barcelona? And it's a difficult question to give a definitive answer to! To help me compare these two amazing Spanish cities I speak to Daniel Welsch who has the great privilege of actually living in both cities simultaneously. Qué Suerte! or Que Sort! After living in Madrid for 14 years Daniel recently relocated to Barcelona when his girlfriend landed a new job there. But that doesn't...


When in Spain TV Guide: 14 Top Spanish TV shows to entertain, educate & exasperate

I have a flick through the best of Spanish TV to bring you 14 of my favourite TV shows and series. I've rounded up a bunch of programmes that I find entertaining, useful for learning and practicing Spanish and that have given me an insight into Spanish culture, society and history. Put your feet up and join me as I have a zap though some lunchtime trash TV and then sit down to review a selection of drama, comedy, history and reality TV shows that I've really enjoyed over the last couple of...


Costa de la Luz Road Trip: From Cádiz to La Doñana & beyond to Portugal

Road trip number two of 2019. Join us for as we holiday across Spain's Costa de la Luz. First stop, Cádiz, one of my favourite Spanish cities. I describe the faded grandeur of this once-powerful city, soak up the atmosphere of its squares and streets and contemplate the city's history and geography. Then on to Conil, a bustling resort with a beautiful but windy beach popular with young Spaniards. From there we head to Vejer de la Frontera, named as one of Spain's most beautiful towns. Then...


Vegan & Vegetarian Spain with The Alternative Travelers

This week I explore the vegan and vegetarian food scene in Spain with vegans, bloggers and full-time travellers Sam and Veren. Sam and Veren run a sustainable vegan travel blog, alternativetravelers.com and have spent time living, working and travelling and of course eating vegan in Spain. They've recently published The Madrid Vegan Guidebook and have put together extensive vegan city guides for Madrid and many other Spanish cities. We talk about becoming vegan, what the vegan and vegetarian...


Murcia Road Trip: Cartagena, Coves, Cathedrals, Cicadas & a Roman Theatre

Lots of sights and sounds from Murcia as I make a last minute trip to the region in southeast Spain. Using Murcia city as our base we explore the city of Cartagena and its Roman Theatre ( The second largest in Spain), wander around the city's harbour and go for seafood. Back in Murcia city I look at the beautiful and architectural eclectic Santa Iglesia Catedral de Santa María, walk through the city's park, The 'Huerto de los Cipreses' and contemplate the sounds of the cicadas and the city...


Happy as a Partridge – Author Kate Boyle on Life & Love in Madrid

Author, Kate Boyle talks about her novel Happy as a Partridge - Life and Love in Madrid. Kate spent two-and-a-half years living and teaching English in Madrid. Kate recounts her own experience of living in the Spanish capital which inspired her to write her first book whose protagonist is Evie Fuller, a girl approaching her thirties looking for a change of scene and renewed zest for life. Kate shares the ups and downs of finding herself in Madrid after winning a competition, what made her...