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The podcast show all about Spain – culture, travel, lifestyle, work, special guests and much more!

The podcast show all about Spain – culture, travel, lifestyle, work, special guests and much more!




The podcast show all about Spain – culture, travel, lifestyle, work, special guests and much more!






Spain’s secret beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons & caves with Lola Culsán & John Weller

Let's banish the winter blues with a trip around some of Spain's most beautiful and secret swimming locations. Forget the packed beaches of the stereotypical 'costas' and let's transport ourselves to secluded coves, white sand beaches, emerald pools, craggy canyons, wild waterfalls and relaxing rivers... Guiding us around these of the beaten track slices of watery wonder are Lola Culsán & John Weller. Lola and John live in London and both are avid swimmers. So much so that they have written...


How to buy property in Spain

Planning to buy a property in Spain? Maybe it's a future ambition to own your dream Spanish home. Whatever the case, this episode will give you a detailed insight into buying a house or apartment in Spain and is packed with practical advice on buying in Spain. It's a meaty subject so I decided to enlist Spanish property consultant Felix Joseph who shares his expert advice. Felix runs his own property consultancy on the Costa del Sol called Property Under One Roof. He's also written a book...


Seville and slow, sustainable travel with Aldara Arias Saavedra

Sit back and join us for some armchair travel to the capital of Andalucía. That's right we're of to the 2,200-year-old city of Seville or Sevilla if you're feeling Andaluz! Our guide for the journey is native Sevillana, Aldara Arias Saavedra. Aldara produces and hosts her own podcast about food and slow, sustainable travel in Seville called Slow Tasters Podcast. She also works as a tour guide in Seville and the wider Andalucía region of Spain and has a passion for promoting slow and...


Starting from zero in Spain at 70 – The personal story of Hollywood director & author Marsha Scarbrough

Thinking about moving to Spain? Think it's too late? Join me to hear the inspirational story from Marsha Scarbrough who proves it's never too late to say yes to a new life in Spain. Marsha left her native California to start afresh in Madrid when she was 70 years old after losing everything in the 2008 financial crisis and declaring herself bankrupt. Marsha spent 20 years working as an assistant director on films and network TV shows in Hollywood but by the time she hit 50 se knew she wanted...


Sephardic Roots – Jewish History in Spain & Sephardic Ancestry Citizenship

In this episode of The When in Spain podcast we're talking about Jewish history or Sephardic history - to use the Hebrew word - in Spain. We'll also be talking about a law that Spain passed in 2015 that has laid a pathway for people of Sephardic descent to reclaim Spanish citizenship – and one of those who is going through the process joins me in the episode. I'll be chatting to Nichole Martínez Kruse who relocated from San Diego in the US to Zaragoza in the Spanish region of Aragon after a...


The Basque Country with David Bumstead

Drizzle, green hills, pintxos, cider, pelota & bull running. We must be talking The Basque Country! Tucked into the corner of northeastern Spain, País Vasco, or as it is known in the regional Basque language, Euskadi is one of the lesser-known Spains for many. To talk us through the landscape, cities, beaches, language, traditions and food and drink is David Bumstead. David moved to San Sebastian from the UK in 1983 and never left. Join us as we explore this unique corner of Spain and...


Covid – a mixed blessing for Spanish politics, economy & society? With Alan McGuire

Madrid-based British writer and podcaster, Alan McGuire joins the When in Spain podcast to talk about Spanish politics, society and the economy since the 2008 financial crisis and the struggles that Spain has faced since then. Alan also talks about how Covid-19 has affected Spain and highlights the problems the pandemic has exposed. We also look at how Spain could or should use the vast pandemic recovery fund that is being made available from the EU. Where should Spain spend the money? And...


Ernest Hemingway’s Madrid with historian Stephen Drake-Jones

In this episode I look at the American writer, Ernest Hemingway´s relationship with Madrid and wider Spain and how Spain and the Spanish capital inspired and influenced his writing. Ernest Hemingway is commonly associated with a handful of places around the world, most notably Paris, Pamplona, Havana, Key West and Ketchum, Idaho, where he took his own life in July 1961. But, Ernest Hemingway also had a lifelong love affair with Madrid and many of the city´s locations inspired his works such...


Spain: today’s issues & future challenges with William Chislett

In this second episode talking to writer & journalist William Chislett we look at current economic, societal and political problems that Spain is dealing with and the future challenges the country faces. William talks us through the education system, unemployment, the Spanish economy, pensions and the implications of the EU’s €140 billion pandemic recovery fund that Spain is set to receive. William is a former Madrid correspondent for the UK´s Times newspaper. He was based in Madrid and...


The death of Franco & Spain’s transition to democracy with William Chislett

In this episode we look at a fascinating and monumental period in Spanish history – The death of Franco in 1975 and Spain's transition to democracy that followed in the late 1970s. In this part one of a two part podcast I had the great pleasure of talking to writer and journalist William Chislett. William is a former Madrid correspondent for the UK´s Times newspaper. William was based in Madrid and reported first-hand on Spain’s transition to democracy from 1975-1978. He even interviewed...


Charming Chinchón – Garlic, Goya, Anis, John Wayne & a picture-perfect plaza

Join me for a walk around a little slice of deep Spain, right on Madrid's doorstep. Located on the Tagus-Jarama river basin, Chinchón is just 45km from Madrid but worlds apart. Although it has grown beyond its village confines, visiting its antique heart is like stepping back into a charming, ramshackle past. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, Chinchón has an iconic Plaza Mayor, flanked by 15th-17th century galleried houses, staggered roofs and 234 green wooden balconies and even...


Aranjuez – A day trip to Spain’s Petit Paris

Join me for a day out to the Royal City of Aranjuez, a worthwhile day trip from the Spanish capital. I hop on the Cercanías light-rail commuter train from Madrid's Atocha Station and make the 45 minute train ride through the middle of the harsh Castilian plateau, to the haven of peace and tranquillity of Aranjuez, which lies in a green fertile valley between the rivers Tagus and Jarama. Wander with me as I explore this opulent, former Royal Spring retreat and walk its grand boulevards,...


The world of Sherry with culinary adventurer Annie B

This week I've got a great guest for you Spain lovers – I'm going to be chatting all about that famous Spanish wine, Sherry with Annie Manson – aka Annie B! Annie is a foodie, food writer, Sherry expert and qualified Sherry educator. Annie who hails from Scotland, ran her own successful catering and corporate hospitality company in London for 15 years before falling for, and deciding to stay in the beuatiful white-washed Adaluz town Vejer. Annie runs Annie B´s Spanish Kitchen, where she...


Ask me anything! Part 2 – Your questions on food, places, washing machines (!) & culture

Part 2 of "ask me anything". I answer more of your questions about life in Spain from my point of view. In the second part I answer your questions about my favourite Spanish food and restaurants, moving to different parts of Spain, washing machines and Spanish culture.


Ask me anything! Part 1 – Your questions on my story, moving to Spain, Covid & the podcast

I asked you guys, the listeners to "ask me anything"! (About Spain that is - and my life here) In part 1 I answer your questions about how and why I came to live in Spain, where to live in Spain, the situation with Covid-19 and why I decided to start the When in Spain podcast, how I make it and the journey it has taken me on.


Spain side trip special: When in Portugal – Lisbon & Madeira

In this episode we take a mini break from Spain as I take you with us on a trip to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon and on to the magical sub-tropical island of Madeira. This summer Karina and I booked our holiday to the Portuguese autonomous island of Madeira to visit our friend who is from there. The only way we could fly to the so-called "island of eternal spring" was by stopping off in Lisbon. So we decided to spend a few days there too, incidentally known as the "the city of the seven...


Spain’s scrap cathedral – An ex-monk’s 60-year labour of faith, devotion & castoffs

About 20 km east of Madrid, in the small town of Mejorada del Campo, stands a building that testifies to a former monk's lifetime of devotion to the Catholic faith. After eight years in a Trappist order at Soria‘s Santa Maria de la Huerta monastery, Don Justo Gallego Martinez was ordered to leave, for fear of infecting the other monks with tuberculosis that he had been diagnosed with. When his mother died in 1963 and bequeathed to him a large plot of land, including an olive grove in the...


Living in La Mancha – Valdepeñas, Wine, Quixote & small town life in Spain

In this episode of the When in Spain podcast I take a weekend trip two hours south of Madrid to the town of Valdepeñas with three friends, one of whom spent a year living the Spanish small town life in deep Castilla la Mancha before moving to the Spanish capital. With the help of Matt Jennings, friend and fellow Hispanophile - who incidentally wrote his masters thesis on Miguel de Cervantes´ most famous work The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha - we talk about what Valedepeñas...


20 things you should and shouldn’t do in Spain – Insights for an authentic Spanish experience!

A round up of do's and don'ts to make your experience in Spain as authentic and enjoyable as possible. Spain, like any country when we're not too familiar with it at first, can feel complicated and overwhelming. Especially when we don't have any kind of cultural compass to guide us along the way. Whether you visiting Spain on holiday or coming to live and work here, I share my personal insights and experience gained over the years of living in Madrid to help you get the best out of Spain....


Madrid Secrets by bike – Masonic mysteries, an assassination, pelota & fishy streets

Hop on and ride with me as I cycle Madrid's streets to uncover some curious secrets and hidden gems of the Spanish capital. In this episode of the When in Spain podcast I sign-up to Madrid's BiciMadrid public cycle scheme and dodge the traffic to check out some fascinating locations which hide some surprising stories in the Spanish capital. More at https://www.wheninspainpodcast.com/post/madrid-secrets-by-bike I puzzle at the Masonic symbolism on the Ministry of Agriculture building next to...