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White Market is a radio show and a podcast about netaudio, Creative Commons-licenced music and free culture by Rute Correia.

White Market is a radio show and a podcast about netaudio, Creative Commons-licenced music and free culture by Rute Correia.
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Sunderland, United Kingdom


White Market is a radio show and a podcast about netaudio, Creative Commons-licenced music and free culture by Rute Correia.




Emergency Podcast - Save Your Internet

This is an emergency podcast. Next week, your MEPs will vote on the Copyright Directive in the European Parliament. You can still help out saving the internet. Here's what you can do: - join one of the many protests taking place tomorrow throughout Europe - sign the petition - call your MEP - share the word Podcast credits All songs licensed under CC BY-SA Lee Rosevere - "It Was Like That When I Got Here" & "We Don't Know How it Ends" Six Umbrellas - "Rise" & "Spark"


Session 4.02 – Sharing knowledge with Wikimedia

Back in August, I had the chance of talking to Dimitar Dimitrov, EU Policy Director at Wikimedia. On their website, Wikimedia is described as a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. By now, it is one of the top 10 websites traffic-wise globally and it is arguably the biggest community-driven project online. It all started with the amazing Wikipedia, but as knowledge kept getting compiled, their projects also kept on multiplying. Today, the...


Session 4.01 – Talking copyright with EDRi

WMP is finally back and what a way to start this fourth season! This week, I talked to Diego Naranjo, Senior Policy Advisor at EDRi, to know more about the copyright reform that is still in the making in the EU. EDRi (European Digital Rights) is an association of civil and human rights organizations that advocates for the protection of our rights and freedoms online. On top of working directly with high instances in the EU, they also work in public campaigns, providing ordinary citizens...


Session 3.20 – Happy Public Domain Day!

On this week’s show, WMP celebrated Public Domain Day. Public Domain Day has been happening as an initiative for some years now, being held on January 1st every year, as this is the date when each year new works go under the public domain. Except, of course, if you’re in the US – sadly, there won’t be any works going into the public domain there before 2019 at least. In the European Union, though, the rights of authors are protected within their lifetime and for seventy years after their...


Session 3.19 – WMP's Best Moments of 2016

As this is our very last show of 2016, I thought it’d be cool to do a recap of White Market Podcast’s best moments of 2016. In case you haven’t listened to all the episodes, this can be sort of your guide to go back and catch up with something you might have missed and be of your interest. With 8 interviews, a couple of special features and even a mini-documentary, I’m sure there will be something up your street. This has probably been probably the best season of White Market Podcast so...


Session 3.18 – Preserving cultural heritage with Europeana

This week, I had the opportunity to talk to Joris Pekel, Community Coordinator for Cultural Heritage at Europeana. On top of talking about their wider work of making artworks and cultural piece from all over Europe accessible to the public online. During the interview, we also talked about the Europeana Sounds Conference 2016, their Policy Recommendations for improving online access to audio and audio-related heritage in Europe and their brand new page on Soundcloud. On a side note, White...


Session 3.17 – Rain, technical issues and music

After many technical difficulties, a lot of travelling and a week of unstoppable rain in the North East of England, the show is finally online. Being very honest, I would have liked it to have some extra content, but it was impossible after a series of unfortunate events. In a near future there’s still a European Commons Assembly special to come and a Europeana special as well! For now, here’s this week’s free music mix for you. François – Bem-Vindo [ Sólo Le Pido A Dior ] // CC BY-NC-SA...


Session 3.16 – Music to Our Ears

This week we dive into yet another music-only session! From hip-hop to post-rock, from new music to great throwbacks, this episode come jam-packed with amazing tunes to suit all your needs. This episode also marks the beginning of a new feature called “ Starfrosch Hot Track of the Week “, which is a collaboration with Starfrosch. If you want to know more about their Creative Commons chart, make sure you listen to our interview with Markus Koeller. The Impossebulls – No Country for Old Men...


Session 3.15 – Starfrosch and the Hot100

After mentioning the project several times on the show ( and on the blog as well !), this week, I finally had the pleasure of talking to Markus Koller, the person behind the wonderful Starfrosch. Starfrosch is a Switzerland-based project that runs simultaneously as a podcast, a blog, an automated radio playlist and, last but definitely not least, as a Hot100 chart for Creative Commons music. Markus is a pioneer of Creative Commons music, having been an active member of the community for...


Session 3.13 – Exceptions are not the Rule

This week, I had the chance to talk to Maarten Zeinstra, from Amsterdam-based think tank Kennisland, to find out more about the project Copyright Exceptions. We already know copyright law is particularly complex, but things do get even more confusing once you look at the different regulations each one of the 28 European Union countries has. On a completely different side note, I would like to thank to Starfrosch and Musique Libre for helping me out in finding the CC licence of This Mess is...


Session 3.12 – Another Music Session

After two very special episodes, today we go back to a full music session. We have bedroom pop and undiscovered netlabels, as well as some older loves. As my dissertation is coming to an end, I will continue to release new epiosdes of White Market Podcast on a weekly basis. I have a few interviews and features planned, and I still have a White Market in Context I’d like to share about the show in relation to its community. For now, I would like to express my tremendous gratitude towards...


Session 3.11 – Experimentalism with Pilot Eleven

Pilot Eleven is a British netlabel that often swings its way towards also being a podcast about Creative Commons music. I found out about it last year, because of Netlabel Day and I was ever since quite intrigued with their work. This week, I sat down to talk to Graeme Gill, who is the person behind Pilot Eleven to find out a bit more about the project’s past, present and future. Of course, we also talked about music. Our Pilot Eleven special is also an experimental approach to the show....


Session 3.10 – All We Need Is Free Music Archive

This week, we dedicate some time and love to highlight the wonderful work of Free Music Archive. We only featured tracks that can be found on FMA, and we sat down to talk to Cheyenne Hohman, the Free Music Archive’s director. We talked about their current fundraiser, their work with curators and artists, the challenges they face and how anyone can help them. Support the Free Music Archive! Taseh – Caramella Peak // CC BY-NC-SA Broke For Free – Night Owl // CC BY BlunderBox – My Walls Ate...


Session 3.09 – EU Copyright Mess

Following the reveal of the EU Copyright Reform Proposal, this show had to feature it. The text is a disappointment, but there’s still a lot that can be done to make it change. The piece is available for separate download in a variety of formats, so make sure you share it, remix it, use it for whatever you need, just spread the word! We also went aboard the public domain ship, once again, and found a bit more about “The Little Prince”. Last but not the least, we brought you more than a...


Session 3.01 – Netlabel Day 2016

Today is Netlabel Day and we are, of course, celebrating it properly. This week's session featured exclusively music that was released for this year's most exciting netlabel event, and we even had an interview with Manuel Silva, from M.I.S.T. Records, who is the main person behind the initiative. ELYA - Chinese Calendar [La bèl] [CC BY-NC-SA] Small Colin - Program VCO [Rec72] [CC BY] Endocarb - Mindfactories [FutureDraht] [CC BY-NC-ND] Droopy Electro - Levitar [CeroUno Records] [CC...


Session 2.05 – Lessons on where to find CC music

On this latest session, there were a few lessons on where to find CC music, particularly beyond the netlabel scope. So, I talked a bit more about some places where you can easily find Creative... The post Session 2.05 – Lessons on where to find CC music appeared first on White Market Podcast.

Session 2.03 – Celebrating Netlabel Day 2015

We celebrated Netlabel Day 2015 with an exclusive playlist that only included participating netlabels. The real challenge was to pick the best ones! Nowhere Fast – &i [Sostanze Records] Break the Bans – People (I... The post Session 2.03 – Celebrating Netlabel Day 2015 appeared first on White Market Podcast.