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Episode - 20 - Jeremy Royce

USC Film teacher, independent film director/writer and great friend Jeremy Royce stops by the Why Even Care Podcast to talk about his life and journey in cinematography. He explains what let him to pursue his dreams in film, how he got into teaching and what he looks for moving forward. You can see his work at his website www.jeremyroyce.com. Thank you for listening don't forget to leave a like and subscribe.


Episode - 19

After 2 1/2 weeks of being gone, the Why Even Care Podcast returns. I give detail of what happened and speak about life moving forward. Once again thank you for all the support. Don't forget to share and repost, follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Subscribe on Youtube and iTunes.


Episode - 18 - Eugene Cacho

Eugene Cacho is an MMA fighter/coach out of Los Angeles, California. Follow him @theeugenecacho on Instagram, and don't forget to check out True Warrior Fitness and get you training on. Follow the podcast @whyevencarepodcast on instagram, @whyevencarepc on twitter and subscribe on iTunes and Youtube. Thank you for all the support.


Episode - 17

Finally back to recording after 3 weeks, I discuss why I was out so long, how people find out about news. Sports and the state of the sports world. And special shoutouts to the listeners everywhere. Don't forget to subscribe on Youtube for video content, and pictures on Instagram - @whyevencarepodcast and Twitter - @whyevencarepc. Thank you for all the support.


Episode - 15 - Pedro Rivas

In studio we have none other than the legend himself, Pedro Rivas. We discuss his on going battle with anxiety and what he is doing to overcome, what he calls, a war with himself. The Why Even Care Podcast would like to help anyone in need, thus we are opening the comments section on the website for anyone that would like to leave any questions or comments for future or past episodes. Don't forget to follow on instagram @whyevencarepodcast and subscribe on youtube at Why Even Care Podcast....


Episode - 14 - Eugene Cacho

Mid City's own Eugene Cacho stops in the Why Even Care Podcast. We discuss his roots, how he got into MMA and future plans and goals. Eugene fights out of True Warrior Fitness MMA where he coaches and trains constantly. Any one interested in training in any aspect of mixed martial arts can go to www.truewarriorfitness.com. Also follow Eugene on Instagram @theEugeneCacho. Don't forget to leave a like and review and follow the podcast @WhyEvenCarePodcast on Instagram.


Episode - 13 - Dennis Ojogho

Dennis Ojogho drops in to discuss his work with Community Coalition, giving back to society, and his journey from small kid in the Los Angeles area to Harvard Alum. You can find out about all of Dennis' work at his website, dennisojogho.com. Follow him on Instagram @dennisojogho and don't forget to subscribe, leave a like, review on iTunes, and follow us @WhyEvenCarePodcast on Instagram, and Why Even Care Podcast on Facebook. Also don't forget to check out Dennis short story/book on amazon...


Episode - 12

Solo episode where I discuss upcoming events, my crazy week, and the story of me trying to help out the opossum. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a like. Follow the podcast @WhyEvenCarePodcast on Instagram for more updates.


Episode - 11 - P Jay Korleone

On this episode I am happy to share the mic with one of the most talented people I know, P Jay Korleone. He is a rapper and CEO of the record label Dopess Alliance Records. He comes on to talk about his journey in life up to this point. Keep a look out for his new mixtape "The Oddfather 2" dropping very soon. There is also a special 2nd track sneak peak at the very end of the episode. So enjoy and don't forget to rate and leave a review. Follow P Jay @realkorleone, and everyone else...


Episode - 10 - Mr. Felix

New to the Twitch world but an elder statesman in the world of online gaming, I am glad to share the mic with Sergio Felix aka El_Senior11 or as many of he close friends know him by Mr. Felix. We discuss his love for gaming and what started it all. Catch him playing PUBG and other online PC games, in his growing channel The Gentlemen's Room. Again its never to late to go to FindFocusGroups.com, even though the holidays have past it is never to late to make money for you opinion. Also don't...


Episode - 9 - Jay Lopez

Jay Lopez drops by to tell us a little on what really happened to him and his college situation. Also we discuss our thoughts on the newly announce JBA (Junior Basketball Association), greatest basketball player of all time and he explains to me the obsession there is with buy expensive shoes. Thank you to FindFocusGroups.com, the best place to make money for your opinion. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you like the podcast and follow us on instagram for more updates...


Episode - 8 - Chuy

We are finally back together to bring you guys this episode of the Why Even Care Podcast. We get into conversations about life, primarily our thoughts on motivation, opportunities and success. Hope you guys enjoy and again don't forget to subscribe and leave a like and a review. Again thank you to the sponsor of the Why Even Care Podcast, FindFocusGroups.com. The best place to make some money for your opinion.


Episode - 7 - E. Tovar & Walter L.

I am fortunate to share the recorder with 2 people I enjoy hanging out with, Tovar and Walter. It was a fun episode where we cover a lot of baseball and our thoughts on the greatest rivalries in sports. I hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and leave a like or comment. Also follow the podcast @WhyEvenCarePodcast on instagram for updates. This podcast is brought to you again by FindFocusGroups.com, the easy way to make some cash for your opinion.


Episode - 6 - Danny D.

Today I'm lucky to share the mic with the great Danny DiGiovanni. We discuss his upbringing and the crazy ride that brought him to this point in his life. We also discuss his hobbies and his passions in life (LA Galaxy), and plans for life moving forward. This podcast is also brought to you by our first sponsor FIndFocusGroups.com. Its a website that allows you to make money for your opinion. Don't forget to rate and subscribe, Enjoy.


Episode - 5 - Gabriel M.

Today's guest is none other than Gabriel Medina. (Not to be confused with the surfer). He is a amazing video editor, whose work spans from simple Instagram stories to viral videos, prime example being "Whats it like being a Raider Fan". He also does promotional videos for anyone interested in helping there brand or company reach the next level. If you would like to get a hold of Gabriel you can reach him on his Instagram page @GabMedina101, or email me for more info. Hope you enjoy.


Episode - 4 - Е. Tovar

On this episode I'm join by one of my very good friends, Tovar. We discuss UFC 218 and our thoughts on Conor McGregor and if he should retire. Our thoughts on social media and much more sports. This episode is one of my favorite ones so far so hope you enjoy. Don't forget to follow the podcast on Instagram (@whyevencarepodcast)and Subscribe on Itunes for notifications on future episodes.


Episode - 3

My first solo Podcast episode, I talk about my Thanksgiving thru Sunday, looking forward towards Christmas, a newly discovered documentary on Batman, and thoughts about things going around that I was dumbfounded by. Also I get into sports, Eagles, Prescott, AFC West, and I also present the first installment of the "Sucks Segment". Don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment.


Episode - 2

On this episode we discuss the Netflix documentary Icarus, The Punisher (no spoilers), why I (Mauricio) haven't seen a couple very popular old shows. Also we discuss the NFL and who we think will make the Super Bowl, plus what is considered a bust and is Lonzo Ball a bust. Enjoy. Intro (Nirvana - Come As You Are)


Episode - 1

Our first podcast. Chuy and I (Mauricio) are glad to bring you the "Why Even Care Podcast" where we discuss anything and everything. In this episode we talk about why we want to start the podcast, what do we want from it, or don't, personal beliefs and give you a little more insight about why we feel how we fill. First of many (hopefully), hope you enjoy.