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S3 E9 Autumn Equinox: Harvesting Your Blessings

The Autumn Equinox is the portal of abundance that takes place September 20-23 in the northern hemisphere, or March 20-23 in the southern hemisphere. I’ve created this episode to help you easily open yourself up to receive the maximum harvest this year by embracing a few simple magickal practices. Enjoy! Watch video version: Join Alchemy Of Affluence Academy:...


S3 E8 The Magick Of Thinking Outside The Box With Luchiana Lyra

For this podcast interview, I'm joined by Luchiana Lyra, the head of The Possibility Department, a Society of Spiritual Seekers & Self-Development Company dedicated to shifting the mindset of its clients through cards, meditations and programs specifically designed to push the limits of perception by opening to infinite possibility & practicing reverence for our current reality. Luchiana is a Wealthy Witch Biz Bootcamp graduate, and in this chat, we're getting real about what it's really...


S3 E7 How To Enchant Any Object Into A Talisman

One of the EASIEST and most natural forms of magick is the use of enchanted amulets and talismans… In fact, whether you’re new to witchcraft, or have been practicing for some time, chances are you’re already using talismans that you’re not even fully aware of!⁠ In this episode, I’m sharing with you my thoughts on how and why one might want to enchant ANY kind of object to use as a talisman along their manifestation journey, and giving you some real life examples of how this type of spell...


S3 E6 From 9-5 To Witchcraft and Thrive With The Witch Of Lupine Hollow

This episode of the Alchemy of Affluence podcast is a real talk with T.C. Steward (AKA The Witch Of Lupine Hollow) all about what it's like to quit your day job to become a biz witch. About one year ago, Tenae contacted me for a branding session, and went on to join me for Wealthy Witch Biz Bootcamp. In that time, she's gone from a blogger with a few low end products/services to quitting her nine to five and reaching her income goals with her witchy business! We're talking about the...


S3 E5 Fire Spells and Intuitive Candle Magick

As with all things, I practice candle magick as a means to reprogram the subconscious mind, which (let’s be real) is where the magick REALLY happens. In this week’s episode of the Alchemy of Affluence podcast, we’re continuing our Witchcraft 101 series with an empowering, intuitive approach to crafting your own candle spell. Links from this episode Watch on Youtube


S3 E4 Wealth Through Wellness With Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers is a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She helps female entrepreneurs optimize their health for sustained energy and mental focus using functional lab analysis. Michelle believes that health as our foundation and our ceiling. In this episode, we’re talking about how biological females (entrepreneur or not) can tap into the wisdom of their body to experience a better quality of life through her WELLthy Woman Method. Links from this episode


S2 E3 Water Magick For Self Love

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast we’re continuing the witchcraft 101 series with water element magick, and bath spells for self love. Episode Links Join Me On Instagram


S3 E2 Eco Friendly Lifestyle Hacks With Martina Fink

Podcast episode about eco friendly lifestyle hacks for the modern spiritual girl without necessarily going zero waste or getting overwhelmed. Links from this episode IG: @AfuraNeferiti


S3 E1 How To Discover and RECLAIM Your Desires

Sometimes, the HARDEST part of manifesting your desires is even figuring out what your desires are! …But the good news is, there’s an easy formula for discovering, uncovering and RECLAIMING our unrequited desires just by asking ourselves a few simple questions. Links From This Episode Instagram @AfuraNefertiti


S2 E22 Gateways Into Witchcraft With Magical Moon And Sage

Meet Rachel and Michele, who are new to the path, but no strangers to magick! They're the two enchanting personalities behind Magical Moon and Sage, their brand which is brininging ritual tools to Buffalo, New York and beyond, made with love. They believe intuition often starts with curiosity, and they're bridging the gap between curiosity and the full-on spiritual awakening for those who are just starting to dabble. Links From This Episode


S2 E21: How To Sell Your Soul For Wealth

Solo episode of the Way Of The Wealthy Witch Podcast Confession: I Sold My Soul for Money. ...But before you freak out and unfollow me, hear me out! Once you hear the method to my madness, you just might be convinced to sell yours too! Come Hang Out On Instagram Join Alchemy Of Affluence Academy Other Links From This Episode


S2 E20 Fill Your Own Cauldron First With Laura Deligan

Meet Laura Deligan, one of the very first witches I looked to as a teacher many years ago when I was first finding my witchy path! She’s a fine art painter, tarot reader and witchy teacher immersed in the magick of all things art, witchcraft, nature, faerie, sacred landscapes, celtic & norse deity, animals, dragons and fire! Links from this episode


S2 E19 Be A Lighthouse, Not A Tugboat

Confession: I used to try to do magick ON people... ...All in good faith, of course! But that's the thing... the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And trust me, "hell" is a life where everyone around you is relying on YOU to pull their weight in life. In this episode, I'm chatting with you about the importance of pouring from a full cup, rather than draining your energy trying to help people who aren't willing to help themselves. Join Me On Instagram Hang Out In Our Facebook...


S2 E18 How To Slay With Soul With Hayley Tapper

Meet Hayley Tapper, a Manifesting and Lifestyle expert, your go-to girl for slaying with soul, and the founder of Hayley Tapper Co., a company on a mission to change the spiritual status quo, from crunchy granola, to unapologetic wealth. Hayley believes that the combination of feminine woo, and masculine assertiveness, creates the energetic magnetism to live a life by design! Links From This Episode Join Me On Instagram Hang Out In Our Facebook Group Get Your Discounted Elemental...


S2 E17 Can a Witch Lose Her Powers?

Catch the full episode and connect with this week’s guest HERE. Subscribe to Way Of The Wealthy Witch podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite digital radio app to be the first to hear new episodes, and listen on the go! Subscribe on iTunes HERE Subscribe on Spotify Connect with me on Instagram


S2 E16 The Money Mapping Manifestation Method With Genicca Whitney

Meet Genicca Whitney, soul-shaking miracle manifestor, who is obsessed with mastering her mental wealth to create riches in all areas of her life. She teaches ambitious women how to have it all, with complete ease, gorgeous alignment and flow. With three kids under three, she’s manifested over six figures in her online coaching biz, working only three days a week, plus her miracle million dollar home with the man of her dreams. In this episode, she shows you how to get in the zone to become...


S2 E15: The Perfect Manifesting Tool

Confession: The last 2 years of my life has been a magickal experiment.⁣ Two years ago, I declared to the Universe that I would for one moon cycle (28 days in the spring of 2017) I would use divination to make all of my decisions, and see what would happen.⁣ I upleveled in MAJOR ways, and decided I was going to continue following my inner guidance system indefinitely, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that it was the only way to fulfill my highest calling AND highest desires in this...


S2 E14 How To Live A Life That Makes People Wonder If You Even Have A Job With Kelly Marcyniuk

Whether you're building a freedom based business or striving for a life filled with wine + dining and first class travel, Kelly's got you covered. Kelly believes you shouldn't have to compromise your freedom to run a thriving business or upgrade your life - you can have it all. Links From Today's Episode Join Me ON IG


S2 E13: 10 Most Impactful Material Manifestations Since Starting My Wealth Journey

About two years ago, it really hit me that although I'd begun scratching the surface of the whole "wealth consciousness" concept, clearly I still had a lot of deeply rooted issues around material manifestation... and the evidence was all around me in my home, my closet, and my bank account! A series of fortunate events led me to really start making abundance mindset and material manifestation one of my TOP priorities in mid-2017, and this episode is all about the key things I manifested...


S2 E12 How To Be A Hot Rich B!tch With Sofie Von Marricks

Meet Sofie... Life Coach for Millenial Women and Entrepreneurs and the founder of Love Your Life Bitch, a website that is focused on helping today’s modern woman get from where she is now, to the woman she really wants to be (without apologizing for it). Sofie believes that we are meant to feel hot, rich and happy – it’s our purpose on this planet, and when you feel better you do better. She's really passionate about helping other women (and herself) to stop waiting, stop making excuses...