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021 5 Practical Ways To Embrace 11:11 Magick

Forget “11:11, make a wish”… We are WITCHES, and witches don’t “wish,” we “decide.” In this episode, I’m sharing with you my personal spin on the meaning of the number 11:11, along with 5 practical ways to use 11:11 magick in your everyday life. Links From This Episode


020 About That Glow Life With Martina Fink

In this episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with Martina Fink about how to live your most glowing life. We both believe that “health” is so much more than just what you eat! We’re shining some light on how a holistically healthy lifestyle permeates every aspect of your life, from food to body love to personal development and career choices. The glowing life is not just for entrepreneurs either! Martina is sharing some incredible wisdom on how you can start living your most...


019 How A Real Witch Celebrates Halloween

In this solo episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with you about the themes of the Halloween season that will actually help you along your manifestation journey. Learn a bit about how Halloween came to be, followed by three of my best witchy hacks for using this time of year to evolve into your best self. And don’t miss the exciting free gift I’m offering you at the end! Links from this episode


018 Owning Your Best Life With Trish Golderer

In this episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with Trish Golderer, muli-biz boss babe and total magical sweetheart. We’re getting real about how even the most successful boss ladies have to tap into their vulnerability to fully feel the feels as they navigate through their journey. We’re also acknowledging that you actually don’t have to become an entrepreneur to be living your #bestlife. Trish is all about crafting a holistic lifestyle where you’re being your true ideal self in...


017 Upleveling Through Karmic Cycles

In this solo episode of Work It Witch Radio,we're touching on the darker side of the manifesting journey. In the Law Of Attraction community, everybody likes to show off the awesome things they've manifested, but does anyone ever stop to show their vulnerability and touch upon how it feels to navigate through the super hard parts of up-leveling? I do! I believe our greatest strengths come disguised as our biggest weaknesses, and it's up to us to ask for the support we need to learn now to...


016 Financial Love With Sonya Highfield

In this episode of Work It Witch Radio, I'm interviewing Sonya Highfield, CEO of Real World Creatives. We're chatting about how being a creative, intuitive person is no excuse to not "know your numbers," and how powerful it is to be in control of your money while also being magickal AF! Links from today's episode


015 My Manifestation Journey Since 2014

I found an old journal entry from when I first started learning about the law of attraction, and I've manifested almost every single intention on my list of desires from 2014! In this solo episode of Work It Witch Radio, I'm sharing with you my experience and tips on manifesting your biggest goals in a fraction of the time it took me! Links From Today's Episode


014 Practical Magick For The Modern Witch With Tenae Stewart

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with Tenae Steward, AKA The Witch Of Lupine Hollow! We’re discussing the importance of drawing inspiration from your ancestry to explore ways to incorporate the wisdom of your heritage into your modern magickal practice. We’re also digging deeper into lunar wisdom to uncover more layers of meaning that can help you make better decisions in your daily life. Click HERE For Links From Today's Episode


013 Harnessing The Harvest

In honor of the Autumn Equinox (coming in hot on September 22), I'm sharing with you my story of how learning to plan my life around the seasons made me a badass boss witch, and I'm sharing with you the wisdom of the season so that you can leverage the harvest energy to live your #bestlife! Show Notes HERE!


012 Embrace Astrology Like A Magical Soul Bitch With Nikki Brocco

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with Nikki Brocco, head bitch in charge at Magical Soul Bitches! We’re discussing how feeling into your emotions and having an inquisitive attitude are the natural “gateway drugs” into spirituality and magic. We believe that astrology has very deep messages in it for the soul seeker, and we’re sharing some epic wisdom on how you can harness that power in your own life. Click HERE for the show notes.


010 Working Water Witchcraft With Thuja Clearwater

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with water witch, Thuja Clearwater! We’re shining light on what it’s like growing up First Nation, and watching her elders be shamed out of their culture, and how she was able to rediscover her spirituality by partaking in powwows and ceremonies herself. We’re also diving into the powerful practice of speaking intention into water in ritual bathing, and the importance of making homes in both the light and the darkness of...


011 Chakra Chic With Amber-Lee Lyons

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with the Chakra Girl, Amber-Lee Lyons! We’re getting real about how wine and designer bags can be just as spiritual as chakra balancing and Kundalini yoga. We believe that one of the most powerful ways to be compassionate and spiritual is to get rich doing what you love, and we’re sharing our witchy, wealthy ponderings with you! Click Here for The Show Notes


009 Awaken The Goddess Within With Flora Ware

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with biz witch extraordinaire, Flora Ware! We’re touching upon the collective “witch hunt” wound that witches today are still processing through, and how it can manifest as online haters. This episode is packed with valuable tips on the importance of owning your power and gaining strength by teaming up with other kindred spirits. Show Notes


008 - Ritual Self-Worship With Sistah Don

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with witchy wild woman, Sistah Don! We’re shining light on what it’s like to come from a highly religious family when your career path is a public display of witchcraft, sensuality and sex positivity. We’re talking about a whole other level of self-love… a practice which Sistah Don shamelessly calls Self-Worship. Grab a bottle of sultry red wine, and join us for this juicy discussion! The Shownotes


007 Diving Deep With Mermaid Activist Emily Shuff

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid? This week's guest on Work It Witch Radio can teach you a thing or two about what it's like to embody the true meaning of diving deep! Emily Shuff (AKA Gassy Damsel) are talking about the importance of ocean conservation from the perspective of a psychedelic mermaid performance activist... all this while living a zero waste lifestyle out of a minimalist van! Pour yourself a tall glass of H2O and get ready for this deep dive! The Show Notes


006 Catching The Muse With Sean Marciniak

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, meet Sean Marciniak, our show’s first dude, and first non-internet witch! After a rabbit hole conversation at the local watering hole, Sean and I decided to get together for a recorded chat about how artists are the vessels through which the disembodied energies of the Otherrealms manifest into human experience. We’re going way off the rails (and into a magickal forest) in this episode, so pop yourself some popcorn, pour a drink and cozy up...


005 - Reclaiming the Wild Woman Archetype With Rayne Lew

Meet Rayne Lew, a badass wildwoman priestess who helps women heal their inner Feminine! We're diving deep into the topic of how certain Divine Feminine archetypes have taken a back seat to others in our society, and how money is like magick; it's an energy that can be used for good or evil. We're also gabbing about the awesomeness of Miyazaki films, faerie lore, and being unapologetic about our witchy ways! Show Notes Follow Rayne: Website Facebook Instagram


004 - Marrying Energy With Strategy with Kristen Jett

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, meet my mentor, Kristen Jett, the Profit Priestess! Kristen and I are getting real about the importance of doing your energy work in addition to using practical business strategies to manifest your “10 Of Cups” life. We’re also giggling about wisdom from our favorite movie, Practical Magic, having story time about that one time when Kristen was visited by the goddess Kali on a Bali retreat, and so much more! Connect with Kristen: website FB...


003 - Feminine Embodiment With Srimati Arya

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, meet Srimati Arya, your guide to the Divine Feminine Mysteries! Srimati and I are talking about everything from the awesomeness of Sailor Moon to the way we believe artists are vessels through which spirit makes magick tangible to the human world. We’re touching upon what it’s like to go through a magickal name change, cosmic romance, and womens’ menstrual moon mysteries! You’re not going to want to miss this Divinely feminine discussion!


002: One Foot In the Broom Closet and the Other on the Broom

In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, meet Rose, Instagram’s favorite Intuitive Tarot reader! We’re chatting about what it’s been like to go from doing free readings on Tumblr to quitting her 9-5 to read Tarot professionally! We also shed light on the struggle of having people in your life who don’t understand your magickal path, leading a double-life with one foot in the broom closet and the other on the broom! All this magickal musing along with a savvy discussion on the...