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Episode 012: Your Future's Safety, Today! sponsored by VTC

Today's flight is a very special one, passengers. It will be completely automated, courtesy your friends at "Vault-Tec." However, hosts Sean Bukowski and Andrew Stickler will still be communicating with us, from the ground, as they prepare for the release of Besthesda Software's newest, 'Fallout 76'. That's right, with the release date of 'Fallout 76' being right around the corner, two days from this release, in fact, we're taking you on a journey into the potential of a Fallout staple, the...


Episode 011: The Would It Die Halloween Horror Land Spooktacular

Attention passengers, please buckle your seat belts and prepare for the ‘fright’ of your life. With co-pilot Andrew the Fear Boner Abbott, we’re taking off on an extended flight for our very special and spooky Halloween episode. We’ll be discussing a way to keep the frights going all year round, with a 365 horror amusement park. The SPOOOOOOKY sound effects we used in this episode provided by SoundBible.com.


Episode 008: Inmate Entertainment Part 3- Human Target

Good news, listeners. We just received confirmation from the ground crew that our flight is cleared for take off. So please, climb aboard so that we can finally reach our final Inmate Entertainment destination. With co-pilot, Andrew Stickler, we're using this episode to workshop the potential of our newest game show, the Human Target. The only gameshow were getting out alive is not only a struggle, but a literal fight for survival


Episode 010: Sex Sells

We apologize for the delay, WIF listeners. Due to unforseen circumstances, control of our flight has been 'surrendered' to this week's co-pilot. So please relax, and don't panic. I repeat, do not panic. This is not a hijacking; we at WIF Airlines are allowing rookie co-pilot Rick to take control and take us on this week's flight. We will be discussing the concerns surrounding the safety and security of legalizing prostitution, within our country.


Episode 009: Sexual Harassment Solutions

Attention, Would It Fly listeners: Due to some technical issues, WIF Airlines has been forced to ground flight 008, to final destination Inmate Entertainment. However, that's opened up the runway for flight 009 as we offer a Final Solution...(to sexual harassment in the worplace). This week, we're joined once again by co-pilot Paddy Bukowski, and we're discussing the proposal of using a government-regulated 'office line-backer' workforce, as a means to combat sexual harassment in the...


Episode 007: Inmate Entertainment Part 2- Brawling Behind Bars

Attention WIF flight 007 passengers. This is your Captain with just a little announcement. It was brought to my attention that we have overbooked this flight, and as WIF Airlines pride's itself in only serving the deserving, seating will be determined by survival of the fitest. So please, take this opportunity to look around for your belongings that may be able to be weaponized as you fight for your survival, and a seat n this flight. Once that issue has been resolved we'll be taking off on...


Episode 006: Inmate Entertainment Part 1- Pedal to the Shackled Metal

Reluctantly crouched at the starting line. Engines pumping and thumping in time. The green light flashes, the flags go up. Churning and burning, they yearn for the cup. Join us this week, listeners, as we deftly maneuver and muscle for rank on the popuarity boards of internet podcasts. For those of you who did not recognize the lyrics of Cake's 'The Distance', I highly recommend a listen to get you in the mood for this journey on WIF Airlines. And where exactly are we headed? On the first...


Episode 005: iConsciousness

Attention listeners, this is your Captain speaking. I would just like to take this opportunity to remind you that while flying WIF Airlines is indeed the safest means of transport, it never hurts to back-up your mind prior to any long distance travel. Once you've done so, you'll have peace of mind knowing that if your body is destroyed, WIF Airlines insurance policies will provide you a new sleeve in which you can then be downloaded. On today's episode were blasting off to a hypothetical,...


Episode 004: Crouching Tiger Hidden Handgun

Passengers, please ensure all selt belts and Nines are strapped, because where we're headin, you're going to need both. On today's episode we discuss Christian Bale's life as a Cleric, in the movie 'Equilibrium' and just how realistic it would be to implement the Cleric's Gun-Kata teachings, into the tactics of military and law enforcement today. Gun Kata, or Gun Fu, is a form of martial arts in which firearms are used as an extension of ones self in order to defeat ones oppenent(s), not...


Episode 003: Build-A-Boom Workshop

Although we may be experiencing some turbulence and some technical difficulties with our in-flight speaker systems, we're still pushing ahead in order to land an episode on time. This week, I'm joined by a vetern pilot, who will be coming out of retirement, for a single flight aboard WIF Airlines, in order to help navigate us through the 4th of July-centric topic of fireworks. Since Independence Day happened less than a week ago, we're making a retroactive flight to a themed destination to...


Episode 002: Cinematic Fallout

Alright videogame fans, we may have recorded this episode prior to Bethesda Game Studios announcing their plans for Fallout 76, but that doesn't change our expert opinions in how we would make our ideal Fallout Movie. That's right! In Episode 002 of Would It Fly, I, your brave and only slightly tipsy Captain, am joined by a returning co-pilot, as we take off to discuss the potential of the Fallout videogame franchise coming to the big screen. One important bit of information before we get...


Episode 001: Deathstroke the Movie

In this episode, we're taking off into a rather niche topic of DC comic and film fans alike. However, if your nerdy interests differ than our own, and don't necessarily fall into either of those categories, don't let that deter you. Joining our regular WIF host is first time co-pilot, Andrew Stickler, as we discuss the potential of a standalone film in the DC cinematic universe; a standalone film...for Deathstroke the Terminator!


Episode 000: Would It Fly Podcast

This is the release of the Would It Fly Podcast teaser episode, in which you listeners are introduced to the type of listening pleasures to expect from full-length episodes to follow. Join this Pilot Episode's host, Sean Bukowski, along with this week's co-host, Andrew Abbott, as they discuss the very podcast itself in the same 'Fly or Fail' manner of every future topic.