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Get ahead catering for Christmas by Trufflhound Catering's Jo Buckingham with Donna Freed

Jo Buckingham's first career was in management consultancy but her passion was always food. She combines all the organisation, efficiency and client care from her first career with her love of cooking in her client-led, soup-to-nuts service. Her team comes in, meets and greets, serves and then does all the clean up. Happy guests, happy hosts! She gives tips on how to (micro) manage your kitchen organisation and get ahead at Christmas. Last but not least, she announced Trufflehound's very...


Helen Brocklehurst's love of an alternative route brings you the road lover's Puzzle Book

The AA British Road Map Puzzle Book: These highly-addictive brain games will make you a mapping mastermind, by Helen Brocklehurst with Donna Freed If the telly breaks at Christmas, have no fear, you do NOT have to go on that long, cold walk: gather round with the British Road Map Puzzle Book. Packed with history and the past glory of hand-drawn maps and directions sent to subscribers. The puzzles will challenge eagle-eyed children, the mental maths genius' and cryptic crossword lovers (Times...


YES will make your VAGINA happy! Organic lubricants, moisturisers & washes - meet the founders on GORGEOUS WELLBEING with Josephine Pembroke

Sarah Brooks and Susi Lennox are the founders of Yes, the organic intimacy company. The company was founded in 2003, Sarah is the chemist and Susi is the English graduate and together they have created groundbreaking certified organic products to give us better sex, more comfort and extra safe cleansing. They tell us about their products, their story and how to use Yes! Yes ( Yes in the USA: #RadioGorgeous #Sex...


The Field Guide to (some of) The Peoples of the British Isles by Chelsea Renton Artist GORGEOUS LIVES with Josephine Pembroke

Cartoonist Chelsea describes to Josephine her hilarious illustrations in her new book featuring accurate observations of ladies who lunch, cougars, a single mother and the lifestyle shopkeeper. Chelsea's amusing book is stuffed full with all different types of people, which will keep you tickled for hours. Chelsea also tells us about her life as an artist in Lewes, East Sussex and how red wine is usually the answer to everything. Insta:...


December Rose, Singer/Songwriter on #MeToo & girls do get passes, when they wear glasses GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT on Radio Gorgeous

Singer/Songwriter December Rose chats with Victoria Pearson about her single 'Raise your voice' which raises awareness of the 'Me Too' movement. December and Victoria also talk about how beautiful women who wear glasses are. #WomeninMusic #RadioGorgeous #GorgeousEntertainment


Priyanka Lugani's Alma Deli unites body and soul with plant-based, organic, sustainable and seasonal foods.

Walking into Alma Deli, Elizabeth Kinder thought she was entering a friend's kitchen. There is a central table, no cold foods on display - with the exception of a sumptuous blueberry cheesecake - and each and every dish is cooked to order. This sums up the ethos of Priyanka, her cafe, the children's activity areas and the research lab: 80% of immunity in in your intestine. She has learned, through personal experience and extensive study that we must balance our guts (and souls) to promote...


Bestseller CATHY KELLY with Corinna McShane on her new novel, strong women, self-doubt & being a UNICEF Ambassador

Cathy talks to Corinna about her 20th novel The Family Gift and explains why her books always have strong female characters at their heart. Despite being a renowned bestselling author, Cathy speaks candidly about her own self-doubt and how “we read to know we’re not alone, that other people have felt pain and suffering.” Cathy explains why she is so passionate about her role as a UNICEF Ireland Ambassador and some of the heart breaking experiences she has had visiting a Syrian refugee camp...


Professor Michael Baum - Breast cancer Expert, explains all in the LATTE LOUNGE with Katie Taylor on Radio Gorgeous

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are also celebrating World Menopause Day, is on so who better to chat in The Latte Lounge with but Professor Michael Baum who not only is an eminent British surgical oncologist who specialises in breast cancer but also happens to be the father of Latte Lounge Founder, Katie Taylor. Today, Michael talks about Breast Cancer, HRT, Screening and his new book that has just been published, called The History & Mystery of Breast Cancer (There is a...


The Mother of the Brontes - When Maria met Patrick by Sharon Wright AUTHOR OF THE WEEK with Josephine Pembroke

Who was the Bronte's mother? How much influence did she have on them? Was she a writer herself? These are the questions I asked author, journalist and native of Bradford, Sharon Wright. Sharon talks to Josephine about her illuminating book. Buy the book: Follow Sharon: #Brontes #RadioGorgeous


A basketball playing young woman finds her way through 90's New York in Dana Czapnik's The Falconer with Donna Freed

Dana chose the early 1990's to set her novel of a young woman athlete coming of age in New York City. These were the first women who were the full beneficiaries of the first wave of feminism. But, as we know, it wasn't a perfect world. Seventeen year old Lucy, secretly in love with her best friend, privileged Percy, looks around her for positive female role models with little luck. Steeped in the pick-up basketball games on the edges of the city, Central Park and the gritty club scene... you...


Shakespeare is a flavour you can - and should - taste every day of the year, so says 'Poetry Powerhouse' Allie Esiri

Allie Esiri is desperate for you to fall in love with poetry, one day at a time (A Poem for Every Day of the Year & A Poem for Every Night of the Year) and she has now set her sights on Shakespeare. Don't be afraid, dears, take your literary medicine, one loving Shakespearean spoonful at a time! Her latest beautiful anthology Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year features poems, excerpts from the plays, soliloquys, and much more. Shakespeare speaks to the very heart of the human condition,...


The original wondrous women from down under who won full suffrage in 1902 and then came over here to show how it was done

AUTHOR OF THE WEEK: You Daughters of Freedom: The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World, Dr. Clare Wright Clare Wright is on a mission to remind us of the that it was due to some courageous women who, at the very birth of the Australian nation, demanded and achieved the vote and the right to stand for parliament for (exclusively white) women. Australia was watched by the world and considered the leading beacon of democracy. These suffragists then took to the seas to bring their...


Isabel Vincent's delicious friendship with nonagenarian gourmet Edward GORGEOUS LIVES Dinner with Edward by Isabel Vincent

Dinner with Edward by New York Post Journalist Isabel Vincent Edward had just lost the love of his life and his reason for living. In walks Isabel and their friendship blooms over his carefully and artfully prepared dinners. His extraordinary love affair - ongoing even after death - highlighted the cracks in Isabel's faltering marriage. A beautiful book about an exceptional man and the wonder of friends. @isareport @PushkinPress @Radio_Gorgeous #GorgeousLives #Food #RadioGorgeous


Do you suffer from Vaginal dryness/Atrophy? My Menopausal Vagina with Jane Lewis and Josephine Pembroke GORGEOUS WELLBEING

This podcast will change your life if you suffer from Vaginal Dryness/Atrophy 70% of women suffer from Vaginal Dryness/Atrophy in their lifetime. Imagine having a condition that is so agonising that you cannot sit down? That the only relief is to place covered ice cold cans against your vagina and that sex is so agonising that you avoid it all together? Jane Lewis has suffered from acute Vaginal Atrophy since the start of her menopause and she has had to come to terms with this life long...


Canadian/Chinese punk and Oi Project singer Jenny Woo talks MUSIC Gorgeous Entertainment with Victoria Pearson

Victoria Pearson chats to Canadian/Chinese punk and Oi singer Jenny Woo about her music and how she has toured over sixty countries performing. Jenny also talks about her take on positive thinking and the obstacles she has overcome to achieve the rightful respect she has in the music business. Follow: #Punk #GorgeousEntertainment #RadioGorgeous


Distinctive style with a comfort soul: Esska Shoes by Souraya Karami Gyves

Gorgeous Entrepreneurs: Souraya Karami Gyves with Donna 'Imelda' Freed We all know Donna loves shoes so when she spotted a local shoe shop on her way home, she had to stop in and meet former architect turned shoe designer Souraya. A business grown as organically as her design process: hands on! If you can't make it to the shop, the online shop provides just as much personal service. @esskashoes ( @Radio_Gorgeous


Lady Lazarus - singer & musician from California GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT with Victoria Pearson

'Lady Lazarus' aka Melissa Ann Sweat. Melissa talks to Victoria Pearson about road trips, her music influences and her thoughts on addiction and on writing. She also talks about her new single 'I know what it feels like' and album 'Impossible journey of my soul tonight.' #Gorgeous Entertainment #Music #RadioGorgeous


Stephanie Calman confesses that she is the worst teenager in her house! CONFESSIONS of BAD MOTHER - The TEENAGE YEARS

Confessions of a Bad Mother, The Teenage Years is Stephanie Calman's realisation that her really rather nice children were growing up faster than advertised and not only would they be witheringly more clever than their parents but then they would have the temerity to leave home. Don't worry, the nest isn't entirely empty: Stephanie can always conjure the stroppy, sulking teenager she was. @Calperson @picadorbooks @panmacmillan #Author #RadioGorgeous #Lifestyle


A story of obsession, desire and violence for Elle Nash's debut: Animals Eat Each Other with Donna Freed

A girl on the margins of a small town, so desperate for love and attention, falls into a relationship with a couple, tattoo artist and satanist Matt and his girlfriend Frankie. She is so willing to belong, to be a focus, even when it hurts and even if they call her by another name. She erases herself to fulfil the role of 'Lilith.' @saderotica @404Ink @Radio_Gorgeous @Freed_Donna


A dystopian tale set in the near future and a distant Highland past: A Superior Spectre by AUTHOR Angela Meyer

Angela Meyer has worked as an editor bringing other books to life meanwhile, she's been toiling away to produce her own breakout debut, A Superior Spectre. Jeff is dying, his body and mind rotting with disease and shame, he uses a shady bit of tech to dip into the mind of a young woman - alive and well before he came along - living in the Scottish Highlands in the 1860's. His game of virtual reality becomes an internal haunting in her reality. @LiteraryMinded @SarabandBooks