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Lunch With A Bad Bitch epi 2

On the second episode of Lunch With A Bad bitch, we had Awo Sade and Owuraku from Taste Tales and Ato Kwamina of 8 Volta Workspaces come in and talk about their respective ventures: what made them start it, their vision for the future, the Taste Tales Market that is being done in collaboration together on 2nd June 2018, and finally their take on the food in Ghana.


Lunch & Bad Bitches

AccraWeDey and Omkar "@OmiTheHomie" Kamalapur present to you Lunch With A Bad Bitch. A podcast on all things food and drink in Accra. The first episode sees Jonny Stone, a popular events host and Joey Chase, founder of AccraWeDey join Omi as they talk about Oriental in Labone, the impact of social media on restaurants and how a review can make or break an upcoming place. Uncensored and unfiltered, the first episode is straight up balls to the wall craziness. This is just the beginning and...


PodakPurple Press for Progress

Episode Title: Press for Progress We celebrate International Women’s Month a week late, but at Podak Purple, every month is women’s month. It’s three times the trouble when Siran and Mansa join Pokuaa to talk Cardi B’s blow up, the combined nightmare of Ghanaian healthcare and childbirth, and sisterhood. It’s more or less a gushfest between 3 friends, but if you want a dose of girlpower, block off an hour or so and hop into this episode.


PODAK PURPLE Fit Girls & Jelly Shoes

It's a thickums convention at Podak Purple headquarters with Helen (@FlavaFlavswife, IG: ordinaryfitgirll) and Mame (@mamestastes). We discuss creative outlets, being an intentional asshole and going vegan. Helen loves her 9-5 and definitely ISN'T tweeting her way through her way through her breakup with Idris Elba during working hours. Mame shares her discoveries about the linkage between food and her body in a passionate speech about nkontomire. There are a lot of gems in between the...


Live At The Process

The Process Summit kicked off at the BBNZ space in Nima this year, organized by Juls and Signatures outfit, the AccraWeDey team were invited to host a live podcast which featured industry players like Kofi BeatMenace, Seven, JaySo, Official Kwame and Kemist. There wasn't enough time to finish the conversation but this was a very good episode, especially if you work in the creative space. Enjoy!


Ghana's first forLoopAfrica event

forLoopAfrica is an independent community of software developers and enthusiasts across Africa. The organization has, in the last 18 months of operation, spawned into a fundamental fabric of the African tech ecosystem. The first forLoopAfrica Ghana event was organized at iSpace Ghana on November 11 2017. We were there and fortunate enough to have a conversation with two of the speakers, Neo Ighodaro, and Micheal Agbo-Tettey Soli. Our conversation ranged from why it is necessary to have...


Stargate Hanson

The super talented Hanson Akatti makes a second appearance on AccraWeDeyThePodcast to talk about his first exhibition ever. Nii Mo does not make an appearance on this episode so Joey Chase and Pokuaa held the show down for the crew. Topics addressed range from inspiration for the exhibition to comics to areas in Accra to BBNZ. you are going to thoroughly enjoy this one.


Podak Purple Episode 3

A girl walks into a bar; in this episode, we discuss how normal everyday activities can become a nightmare for women, the need for a change in how we view sex workers and power struggles with law enforcement. Josie explains how androgyny does nothing to prevent sexual harassment and Rita tells us when she realized that a little cleavage pushes her below bar food on the social hierarchy of Accra nightlife


building a startup community with Josiah Eyison of iSpace

What do you need to look out for to ensure you create a sustainable and successful startup in Ghana? This is the premise of our conversation with Josiah, co-founder of iSpace. Our conversation meanders to include the Ghanaian startup culture, mindsets of Nigerian vs Ghanaian startups and the importance of capacity building in the tech community. iSpace (, a technology hub, is created for and by the local tech community. They welcome talent, ideas and also champion the...


The Gafacci Episode

The guys from #ACertainRapPodcast are back with another episode and this one features the "kpokpo o body" hit maker, Gafacci. The conversation moves from Drumroll's controversial tweet to Nigerians stealing Ghanaian music waves. Bread9fe admits he hates azonto music and Joey hates how much Juls and Sarkodie featured a lot of Nigerians on their respective albums. Also Gafacci tells us his problem with Sarkodie, how to own your own music and also his new partnership with B Brave called Joowa...


the Freelance episode

In this episode (using our own experiences) we discuss what a freelancer is, why community is necessary as a freelancer and the challenges that face freelancers. Agbogbloshie is a collaboration between AccraWeDey & TechNovaGH. Find out more about TechNovaGH here - We love to hear from you so send us your tips, suggestions & opinions.


the SMWAccra episode

For our 3rd episode we provide a breakdown of the just ended #SocialMediaWeekAccra week. Agbogbloshie is a collaboration between AccraWeDey & TechNovaGH. Find out more about TechNovaGH here - We love to hear from you so send us your tips, suggestions & opinions.


Episode 1

Welcome to Agbogbloshie - a tech podcast. The name agbogbloshie is a nod to a section of Accra's commercial district tagged as "the world's largest digital waste dump". We're reclaiming the name to bring you news on the tech community in Ghana, opportunities available in tech, reviews, gadget "un-boxing" and ICT policy breakdowns. Agbogbloshie is a collaboration between AccraWeDey & TechNovaGH. Find out more about TechNovaGH here - We love to hear from you so send...


Advertising Works

Frank Gyimah is a marketing executive at Stratcomm Africa, he joins us to talk about advertising in Ghana, work culture at Stratcomm, their annual events and the most important the Ghana Flower and Garden Show. Enjoy!


PodakPurple BlackGirlsGlow

Podak Purple is a podcast series that celebrates unapologetic womanhood; an ode to the hit song "Bodak Yellow" by the queen of "Being Yourself" Cardi B. Each episode features host, Pokuaa, and a panel of diverse guests, as they pick apart different issues that women encounter daily, especially the ones that get stuffed into a bag, put in a box, locked in a safe, buried underground .... you get the picture. The first episode which features Asantewa, Ria Boss, Fu, Cina Soul, Adomaa and...


The Month In Review

On it's first episode, Pokuaa, Nii and Joey get together to review the month of July in Accra. They talk about the new places to be at, the places making bad business decisions and etc. Catch up with them and tell us how you feel about it.



Right after the success of his first mixtape, Magnom has released a second mixtape called "We Speed". Joey Chase and Bread9fe catch up with him in the studio and do a mini listening as he takes them through his creative process of each song. Enjoy.


Indian food and Osu landlords

Omkar, an Indian birthed in Ghana tells us about life as a Ghanaian immigrant in Ghana. we also have Dylan the owner of Serallio, tell us about his place.


hennessy and wild thoughts

Guys from Unartiste join us to talk about art and the fashion industry booming in Accra. Mind you Denzel was gone off the Hennessy.


#ACertainRapPodcast the Kay-Ara & Kojo Cue episode

Bread9fe and Joey Chase had a chance to talk to Kojo Cue and Kay Ara about their chemistry, frustrations with the industry, future projects and oh yeah the infamous Kay Ara and Bra Kevin Beats beef.