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Collateral Damage is a 30-minute news and chat show dealing with local and state politics, how national issues affect the region and what role the media plays in determining how reality is perceived in Metro St. Louis. Regular guests include members of the mainstream media as well as bloggers, politicians and activists

Collateral Damage is a 30-minute news and chat show dealing with local and state politics, how national issues affect the region and what role the media plays in determining how reality is perceived in Metro St. Louis. Regular guests include members of the mainstream media as well as bloggers, politicians and activists
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Collateral Damage is a 30-minute news and chat show dealing with local and state politics, how national issues affect the region and what role the media plays in determining how reality is perceived in Metro St. Louis. Regular guests include members of the mainstream media as well as bloggers, politicians and activists




144: Cara Spencer - St. Louis Alderman

DJ Wilson talks with Alderman Cara Spencer about various issues including airport issues and about her experiences as an Alderman.


143: Les Sterman - Former Executive Director of East - West Gateway Council of Governments

Host DJ Wilson and Les Sterman, former Executive Director of The East - West Gateway Council of Governments, discuss previous efforts to raise funds through the gas tax and otherwise to repair the roads. Other issues are discussed as well.


142: Mike Jones - Missouri State Board of Education

Mike Jones, member of the State Board of Education joins DJ in studio to talk about various issues of the day, including the proposed new soccer stadium.


141: Virvus Jones and "Stalking Horse"

Host DJ Wilson talks with former St. Louis City former comptroller Virvus Jones and about his new novel "Stalking Horse."


140: Dr. Jian Campian Discusses Immunotherapy

DJ Wilson sat down with Dr. Jian Campian from the Siteman Cancer Center to discuss immunotherapy and how it has helped DJ in his own battle with brain cancer. The two talk about the ways in which immunotherapy and its awareness has progressed and the ways in which it differs from chemotherapy. Throughout the discussion, they explore the idea of everyone's journey with cancer being unique.


139: Jason Sibert: Executive Director of The Peace Economy Project

DJ Wilson talks with Jason Sibert, Executive Director of the Peace Economy Project, about his letter to the editor in the Post Dispatch, and about the Peace Economy Project in general.


138: Steve Ehlmann, Executive Director of St. Charles County

St. Charles County Executive Director Steve Ehlmann has been involved in local and state politics in numerous roles, and wrote the book Crossroads: A History of St. Charles County, Missouri. DJ Wilson hosts this conversation about the similarities and differences between St. Louis and St. Charles, historically and currently, and the state of public schools, in the region.


137: West Lake Landfill Community Advisory Group

DJ hosts this conversation with Harvey Ferdman, chair of the West Lake Landfill Community Advisory Group (CAG), and Susan Folle, also with the CAG and STL Toxic Aware. Ferdman and Folle are actively working for public awareness of the multitude of problems related to top secret Manhattan Project work, conducted in the St. Louis area, and the lack of toxic waste management in area landfills and dump sites. After years of CAG pressure, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7...


136: DJ Talks Media and Journalism with Post Dispatch Enterprise Editor Roland Klose

Roland Klose's first paid writing gig was right here in St Louis in the early days of the Riverfront Times; he is now the Enterprise Editor for the St Louis Post-Dispatch. Working inside and out of the St Louis area over the course of his career has provided Klose with great insights into the business of media and journalism. The conversation went a little something like this: Chapter 1. Journalism has been in a state of decline for 30-40 years, but so have other industries. The media...


135: DJ Returns with Frequent Guest, Prof. Todd Swanstrom

After some 5 months battling brain cancer, DJ Wilson returns to the studio with a friend of the show, Professor Todd Swanstrom. DJ starts his interview by discussing a conversation he had with Swanstrom just hours before the St Louis region learned that there would be no trial for Officer Darren Wilson (no relation), who had killed Mike Brown in Ferguson some three months earlier. You can read a piece DJ wrote the next day, reflecting on the protests and his recorded conversation with...


134: Guest Host Hank Thompson Discusses Urban Education with Pat Washington and Richard Gaines

"I have some great guests this evening," host Hank Thompson texted to Collateral Damage Engineer Andy Heaslet. "Richard Gaines of the SAB for the St Louis Public Schools and Pat Washington, former aid to Charlie Dooley and mayor Freeman Bosley Jr, and a candidate for the University City School Board of Directors." This lively, fast-paced, and educational conversation will change the way you look at urban schools in the St Louis Region. Vocabulary for the day, psychometrist - a professional...


133: Guest Host Hank Thompson Talks Civic Engagement and Volunteerism with Hattie and Ronald Jackson

While Hank reads much of these bios within the show, it's worth checking out the full bios of both Ronald and Hattie Jackson (Click on each name to read more about their backgrounds). From civil rights to poverty to education to black empowerment, the Jackson's have spent their lives fighting for those in need. As Hank likes to say, these are, undoubtedly, two of St Louis' Finest. Here's a glance at how the conversation went: Chapter 1. Background and inspiration for a lifetime of...


132: St Louis Director of Public Safety, Judge Jimmie Edwards, Joins Guest Host Hank Thompson

As the City of St Louis' website explains, "Judge Edwards earned an undergraduate degree in 1978 and a law degree in 1982 from St. Louis University. He rose through private and public legal positions to the legal staff of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1990. From there he was appointed to the St. Louis Circuit Court. He was the Administrative Judge of the Family Court and Chief Juvenile Court Judge from 2007 to 2012." Edwards was appointed as Public Safety Director by Mayor Krewson...


131: Progressive St Louis Alderwoman, Megan Green Joins Guest Host, Hank Thompson

Alderwomen Green, according to the website that bears her name, "first was elected in represent the 15th Ward in a Special Election in October of 2014 and was later re-elected in March of 2016." "Since assuming office, her bio continues, "Alderwoman Green has become the progressive champion of St. Louis, fighting for a $15 minimum wage, civilian oversight of our police department, reproductive rights for women, and responsible development with community benefits. She has been an outspoken...


130: Jamala Rogers of the Organization for Black Struggle Explains the Difference Between Protest, Activism, and Organizing

Jamala Rogers, according to the website bearing her name, grew up in a working class neighborhood Kansas City, MO, coming "of political and cultural age during the tumultuous 60’s... She’s been organizing and raising hell ever since." "Jamala currently resides in St. Louis, MO where she has devoted all of her adult life to creating a child-centered, family-oriented community–one that embraces, celebrates and protects human rights for all citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, class,...


129: KMOX's Mike Claiborne Talks St Louis Sports and More with Guest Host Hank Thompson

According to his bio, Mike Claiborne is "a 30-year market veteran, including more than 10 years at KMOX, has done pre- and post-game shows for the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues over the years." Mike shares great stories about Cardinals heroes including Bob Gibson, Willie McGee, Mike Shannon, and Tommy Pham. But he also talks about what it was like growing- and coming-up in St Louis. Here's a glance at how the conversation went: Chapter 1. "Volunteered to take a...


128: The Bosman Twins Make Guest Host Hank Thompson Roar with Laughter

Liner notes from the album, When Lions Roar read: "Classrooms & clubs, symphony & social halls, workshops & record shops... all are part of the Bosman's dossier of elegance... in pursuit of their aim: 'educate to elevate.'" - Dr. Eugene Redmond This is one of the liveliest conversations featured on Collateral Damage in some time. You'll get a sneak peak into the lives of these musical geniuses and into several of the tracks on their latest album, which, by the way, you've got to pick...


127: Rev. Starsky Wilson Joins Guest Host Hank Thompson

As described by his church, "The Reverend Starsky D. Wilson is a pastor, philanthropist and activist pursuing God’s vision of community marked by justice, peace and love. He is president & CEO of Deaconess Foundation, pastor of Saint John’s Church (The Beloved Community) and former co-chair of the Ferguson Commission." To learn more about the ongoing work of the Ferguson Commission, now called "Forward Through Ferguson," check out this organization's impressive, dynamic report. Here's a...


126: The Black Rep's Linda Kennedy and Ron Himes join Guest Host Hank Thompson

Ron Himes founded The Black Repertory Theater Company in 1976 and he continues to serve as the company's Producing Director. Linda Kennedy has been an accomplished actor for 40 years, spending much of that time performing with the Black Rep. Get tickets for the next performance by calling the Box Office: 314-534-3810. Here's a look at how the conversation went: Chapter 1. "How do you compete with the instant gratification of social media?" asks Kennedy. Get to know the guests and the...


126: Guest Host Hank Thompson Talks Politics, Protest, and Sexual Harassment with Art Perry and Dr. Malaika Horne

This week on DJ Wilson's Collateral Damage, Hank Thompson and his guests tackle the difficult topic of sexual harassment and misconduct. Dr. Malaika Horne, is the founder and Director of the Executive Leadership Consortium at the University of Missouri, St Louis (UMSL). The consortium seeks "to prepare students and a cross-section of career professionals to become effective leaders to meet current and future demands in response to regional, state, national and international needs." Art...