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SmartHER News Podcast Ep.17- An American Christmas Story - The untold story behind the American Christmas tree industry with some unique perspective (and tree buying tips) by Doug Hundley of the National Christmas Tree Association

An American Christmas Story - The untold story behind the American Christmas tree industry with some unique perspective (and tree buying tips) by Doug Hundley of the National Christmas Tree Association.


SmartHER News Podcast Ep. 16--Jocko Willink

Retired Navy SEAL, Entrepreneur, and Best-Selling Author Jocko Willink shares the story behind his new children’s book “Mikey and the Dragons" with Jenna Lee, founder of SmartHER News. Jenna’s husband Leif Babin served with Jocko and together they wrote two best-selling leadership books and launched “Echelon Front” - a company that builds and trains high performance teams across every industry.


SmartHER News-Episode 15-Jonathan Schanzer

3 major nations and one big mystery. What’s at stake behind the alleged murder in Turkey of a Saudi Arabian journalist working for an American newspaper.


SmartHER News -Ep.14-The True Story Behind “The Miracle on Market”

A SmartHER take on a story that made international headlines. Several years ago a sick baby girl, given nearly no chance at survival, was randomly chosen from a crowd in Philadelphia and kissed by Pope Francis. Shortly after, Gianna Masciantonio suddenly started making an astonishing recovery that many called a “miracle". But that’s not the real story. Gianna celebrated her 4th birthday this week. Hear about her incredible journey as told by her mother, Kristen Masciantonio. An...


Smarther News-Ep.13-Marisa Wayne

To anyone who embraces their "inner geek" data rules. Yet, this week's news cycle offers a reminder that even the strongest data can only tell us so much; often, it ironically highlights the unknown. Here's 3 stories you should know, from the week, plus, a conversation with John Wayne's youngest daughter Marisa Wayne on her life with the Hollywood legend and how she's building her own empire: Grit Cycle.


SmartHER News Podcast-Ep.12-Taliban Peace Talks with Tom Joscelyn

Cut out the noise. Here’s the top 2 stories of the week plus the truth about the Taliban (and why peace talks with them may not be “peace talks” at all) with Tom Joscelyn of The Long War Journal.


SmartHER News Podcast -Ep.11-A Courageous Voice

A Nicaraguan man risks his life to tell us what's happening inside a country he loves, and why instability in Nicaragua should matter to us all. Plus, two facts that matter about the Special Counsel Investigation.


SmartHER News-Ep.10-Adventurer Bryce Carlson

Bryce Carlson tells SmartHER News about the life lessons he learned rowing, solo, across the the North Atlantic.


SmartHER News-Ep.9-Dr. Kevin Campbell

The 3 top things we learned this week on SmartHER News - from violence in Chicago, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and just how much PURE alcohol Americans drink a year. Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Campbell joins us to explain why he walked away from his successful medical practice to lead a medical mission to one of the most rural places on the planet. He had an incredible adventure and learned so much about himself, AND healthcare. An inspiring heart-racing story we hope you love!


SmartHER Podcast Ep 8 - A Remarkable Invention & News To Know

3 must-know news stories from the week (a look at wages, a warning for Apple and why we need to watch the Russians when it comes to our electricity as much as our elections). Also, a profile on a company that confronted tragedy and turned the experience into a product that saves lives. Meet the family behind "Katchakid".


SmartHER News Ep.7-White House Photog Paul Morse

Dear Friends, While we cover current event headlines on (and this week is no exception), taking a break from the back-n-forth and listening to someone like our next guest can offer invaluable insight, not only for what we see and read on a regular basis, but how to live our best lives. You might have seen the above “family photo” at Former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral. The attendees all recognizable to us, and ironically, the man behind the camera familiar to...


Smarther News Ep.6- Independence Day

Happy July 4th! Did you know the American Revolutionary war lasted 7 years?….7 years.... And by a simple twist of fate or luck or divine intervention…America didnt lose…but we had a few very near misses of almost losing it all. And that’s why the story of Washington’s Crossing marks a pivotal moment in all of our fates. Because it changed the momentum of the war. Listen to the story as told by Clay Craighead, marvelous historian, at Washington Crossing State Park. I had to got there in...


Smarther News- Ep.5 -Historian Barry Moreno

SmartHER Summary As we prepare to celebrate America's independence, we reflect on the power of choice. A simple choice to rebel gave birth to our nation. And this week’s news reminds us how choices (both big and small) *still* shape our course. At the highest court of the land, a choice can change the outcome for an entire nation. Justice Anthony Kennedy's choice to retire (and choice to deliver his resignation letter to the White House in person) – sets in motion a shake-up at the...


Smarther News Ep.4 - Where We Started vs Where We End Up

Where We Started vs Where We End Up We started this week with news of the government separating children from those who illegally crossed the U.S. southern border and ended the week with new orders by the government to reunite them. A lot happens in a week. How did we arrive at this point? For a better understanding, let's travel back in time. The government says illegal border crossings spiked in March – so what happened before/after that? The President announced in his...


Smarther News Podcast Ep. 3

SmartHER Summary We often perceive absolutes as facts. But the truth often exists in shades of gray, rather than black or white. This week’s news on the historic Singapore summitbetween America & North Korea serves as a prime example. In the aftermath, the debate over what the summit means or what it doesn’t vacillates between an epic moment in time OR a just a drop in the bucket. All or nearly nothing. We humbly suggest the summit can, in fact, be both. And THAT’S why it’s powerful...


Smarther News - Episode 2

The onslaught of news can feel like the daily grind of life – the core often gets ignored. After taking in the peripheral facts, this week's news stories have an interwoven theme at their center: How can we help each other? How can we help teach our children? A new studysays Catholic school students outperform public and private school students when it comes to self-discipline. One of the reasons why? God. How can we help abolish poverty in America? Stockton, California will hand out...


Smarther Summary-6/1/18

Just like cleaning out a refrigerator, this week's news cycle raises the question: how do you know when something has truly passed its prime? Sometimes it's by date; other times it's simply by feel. Let's start with the American economy. Mining and manufacturing, two industries thought "past their prime" had job gains in the latest unemployment report, defying a belief by some that the "new normal" of the American economy didn’t include these sectors. The unemployment rate continues to...