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Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.

Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.
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Melbourne, VIC


Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.




West Papua Flag Raising Day II Language, Racism and Division II The Coming Back Out Ball

Women from the local West Papuan community talk about what December 1st and raising the Morning Star flag means to them.Dr Susie Latham talked about the divisive language used by politicians in the media following the Bourke St attack.Annie spoke with Director Sue Thomson about her film "The Coming Back Out Ball", showing in cinemas now.The Week that was - Kevin HealyDon Sutherland discussed the recent School Strike, Women's strike for equal pay and the Change the Rules rallies and noted...


Trigger Warnings !! Activist Single Mothers !! Govt & Taxes

Trigger Warnings !! Jeff Sparrow's new book. Here we hear Jeff talking with Roz Ward.Activist Single Mothers !! Jenny Davidson from the Council of Single Mothers and their children gives us a look at life from a single parents perspective and the role of activism in positive change.This is the Week that wasGovt & Taxes !! Dr Stephanie Kelton, senior economic advisor for Bernie Sanders and now Professor of Public Plicy and Economics at Stony Brook University in the US explains how a...


Silicosis II Spirit of Eureka II Women's Climate Justice putting women up frontt

Silicosis: the new asbestos? Dr Ryan Hoy gives a background to the serious health issue and Dr Gerry Ayers from the CFMEU gives an update on their campaign for change.Spirit of Eureka II the 164 annual dinner on Thursday 29th November 6pm at MUA Auditorium, Ireland St, West Melbourne.Women's Climate Justice Collective putting women up front - an event to increase climate change activists skills in media, speaking and holding their space.


#Sail4Justice II Grandmothers for Refugees II Defend Public Housing II This is the week that was II Workers & Environment

-Freedom Fortilla - Sail4 Justice (going to Manus) launch Thursday 1-11-2018-Clare Forbes from Grandmothers Against the Detention of Refugees.-Marcellene D’ Menzie from Defend Public Housing calling on people to meet at the State Library Steps on Friday 9th of November as part of the campaign to make Public Housing Sell-off an election issue.- This is the Week that was-Don Sutherland on workers' issues with an interesting talk about how workers' rights and the enviroment are often separated...


Rob Starry @ Peter Norman Human Rights Day II Education & Refugees II Suburbia photos of Melb II Workers & Woolworths

- Rob Starry, human rights lawyer, talk from the recent Peter Norman Memorial Human Rights Forum- Lizzy Kuoth talks about the difficulties of coming to Australia from South Sudan without English and performing in our Education system. What can be done to set the right course for the best results for these new students.- Warrne Kirk talks about his great new book Suburbia photos of Melbourne published by Scribe and available from all good bookshops.- Michael Aguilera a delegate from the...


Liep Gony Memorial II Palestinian film in focus II Is ineqality rising in Australia?

Liep Gony Memorial II Beaten to death for his skin colour 19 year old Sundanese Australian Liep Gony is remembered in a public memorial on the steps of Victorian Parliament. Palestinian film in focus IIWajid - the wedding invitations an intimate study of the stresses of Palistinian life under Israeli occupation. The only film to get a national release after the upcoming Palestinian film Festival. We speak to director AnneMarie Jacir. Is ineqality rising in Australia? II Economist Bill...


Industrial Manslaughter II Transforming Democracy II Anti- poverty strategy II

Dr Paul Sutton talks about the Victorian campaign for industrial manslaughter.Belinda from the Australian Federation of Community Legal Centres talks about their upcoming conferenne.Lew Wheeler from Fair Go For Pensioners talks about the facts about poverty with practical work for change.Senator Doug Cameron & Sally McManus give tribute to Laurie Carmichael.


Prague Spring II Suitcase of dreams II This is the Week that Was II Don Sutherland

Prague Spring - on the 50 year anniversary of Russian tanks rolling into Prague to quell a people's revolution we hear from Brain Aaron's from the Search Foundation about the significance of the eventSuitcase of Dreams - A public art photography project celebrating the history of Moreland's muliticultural and diverse community. If you want to be part of this email: natashacolangelollgmail.comThis is the Week that WasRegular guest Don Sutherland talks about Laurie Carmichael RIP and the...


Save Pepper Tree Place II Chat from Global Eco City Summit II The Week That Was II The next bust will be worse - Humphrey McQueen

Save Pepper Tree Place II Pepper Tree Place in Coburg is a community garden, nusery, meeting place that makes city life happier and more liveable - the community is fighting the closure.Chat from Global Eco City Summit II on the theme of sustainable cities Vivian Langford talks to author Andy Merrifield at the Global Eco City Summit.The Week That Was IIThe next bust will be worse - Humphrey McQueen talks on the 10th anniversary of the Global Financial Crisis.


LNP Energy Policy II Blue Stocking Week II Fair Go For Pensioners II The Week that Was II Corbyn's England

LNP Energy Policy II We hear Josh Fydenburg say cleanly that for the LNP their enegry policy is all about price and supply forget the Environmental.Blue Stocking Week II Robyn May & Professor Glenda Strawn talk about women at work.Fair Go For Pensioners II Roger Wilson talks about what FGFP is up to leading up to the Victorian Election in NovemberThe Week that Was II Corbyn's England II April Cummings talks about her work getting Corbyn on the Labour Party ticket that saw him become leader...

Thomas Frank & Wayne Swan II Greens Say No To Racism Event Melb

Thomas Frank, Wayne Swan & Denis Glover talk about inequality, politics and how to fight back at an event organised by the Chifley Research Centre and Per Capita.Kevin Healy brings us the Week that WasA report from the Melbourne Says No to Racism organised by the Greens in the present racist law and order campaign coming out out of Victorian Liberals leading up the Victoria's November 24th election.


US aggression - Iran II Aust Espionage laws attack Democracy II South Sudanese Australian's speak up

US aggression - Iran II Retired diplomat Richard Broinowski from International and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) talks about Australia's involvement in any war that may be insipired by Trump's sabre rattling.Aust Espionage laws attack Democracy II We speak to Fahim Khan, Senior Laywer with Criminal Defense Laywers Australia.South Sudanese Australian's speak up II The Victorian and Federal Liberals are beating up a fear and loathing campiagn around 'African Youth Gangs' leading up to the...


Roz Ward on Marx II Lisa Bellear Poetry launch II Somerton revisited

Roz Ward on Marx II Roz Ward gave a speech at the Alternative Left May celebrations of the anniversary of Marx's birth.Lisa Bellear Poetry launch II The great Lisa Bellear is honoured eleven years after death with a new anthology of her works edited by Jen Jewel Brown and published by UWAPublishing. Somerton revisited II Coalition Against Racism and Facism (CARF) member Chris di Pasquale talks about what really happened at protests against Lauen Southern, the mild mannered fascist, in...


Palestine II ACTU Congress II This is the Week that Was II The right to Strike

Palestine II Noura Eraka, American Palestinian scholar and human rights lawyer gives a powerful speech discussing how the human rights struggle of Palestine relates to all the struggles against post colonial power elites. Eraka was brought to Australia by the Australian Palestinge Advocacy Network.ACTU Congress II Don Sutherland reports on the ACTU CongressThis is the Week that Was IIThe right to Strike II Humphrey McQueen discusses the issue and its importance full text


Power out of corporate hands II Demerit points for Social Security II Older Age Pension II #DisarmUnis

Power out of corporate hands II Union project to reduce power bills and put the power back in the hands of workers.Demerit points for Social Security II Jeremy Poxons from Australian Unemployment Workers UnionOlder Age Pension II Roger Wilson from Fair Go for Pensioners #DisarmUnis II William Ross talks to us about the decentralised, synchronized demonstrations for environment, Refugee, against Militarism of our Unis and in support of Aboriginal Sovereignty across Melbourne on July 11.