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Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.

Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.
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Melbourne, VIC


Rank and File Worker and Trade Union Show, covering current affairs, progressive issues and news and events from the labour movement.




Gronn Place II CARF II Capitaliam a crime Scene

Gronn Place, Brunswick West report on rally in support of Public Housing.Coalition Against Racism and Facism outside Melbourne Magistrate Court on Thursday where 3 members face charges over events at December 2017 Demonstration against Milo YiannopoulosHarry Glasbeek, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University in Toronto, Canada. In his new book (part of a trilogy) Capitalism: A Crime Story, Harry makes the case that if the rules and doctrines of...


Save Public Housing: Walker St Estate II Road building in Melb II The Basic Wages Case

Walker St Estate rally report around #Save Public Housing against the State Government's #Public Housing Renewal program. What are the facts? Go to #Public Housing Defence Network for details to voice concern.State Government program of big roads to deal with transport problems in Melbourne are questioned.The Fair Work Commission's Friday decision to raise the minium wage by .64c per hour described as peanuts. We talk to Don Sutherland for a background to the decision.


Socialist Candidates for Vic Upper House II Walker Estate Save Public Housing II Do Robots Dream of Being Time Poor?

#Socialist Candidates for Vic Upper HouseII #Stephen Jolly, #Sue Bolton and #Collen Bolger at the #Victorian Socialist Launch for the Northern Metropolitan Seat in Vic elections. II @ Walker Estate Save Public Housing rally May 26th 12noon : a member of #Defend & Extend Public Housing talks about the Vic Govt sell out of Public Housing.II Do Robots Dream of Being Time Poor? #Humphrey McQueen talking at #New International Bookshop talks series on what #Marxism has to say robots work places


Sally McManus talks change the rules II Counihan Gallery artists talk human rights II Kevin Healy sums up the week II Bill Mitchell: the Left & neo liberalism

Sally McManus talks change the rules II Counihan Gallery artists talk human rights II Kevin Healy sums up the week II Bill Mitchell: the Left & neo liberalism


Organizing against Robots II Unions & Refugees? II Centrelink & Serco II Communist Manifesto with Humphrey McQueen

Organizing against Robots II Final part of speech from Marxism 2018 talking about organising workers against a robotic take-overUnions & Refugees? IIThe Refugee Action Collective (RAC) have started the Change the Rules for Refugee campaign and had a speaker from the Victorian Trades Hall (VTH) to talk about how unions can be involved if at allCentrelink & Serco II Ann Davies from Fair Go For Pensioners (FGFP) This is the Week that WasCommunist Manifesto with Humphrey McQueen II With the...


Robots are coming for your job? II Kangaroo the film II Mass Delegates Meeting Change the Rules

Are robots coming for your jobs? This speaker from Marxism 2018 argues no.Kangaroo a film that gives Australia a damning report card when it comes to our national symbol.Voices from the Mass Delegates Change the Rules meeting Tuesday 17 at Melbourne Town Hall


Israel killings II UBI II Right to strike

Israel killings - the use of live bullets on unarmed Palestinian demonstrators by Israelie snipers is bringing attention to the slow motion state sanctioned genocide in process. We give some background.UBI - Universal Basic Income is it a good thing?The Right to Strike - Don Sutherland gives us a low down.


Socialists for Vic Upper House II Stolenweath Games Update II Agency Inc. II This is the Week that Was II The Red North

Socialists for Vic Upper House: Stephen Jolly's speech at the Marxist Conference about why a coalition of Socialists deserve your support in their campaign for a upper house seat in the November Victorian election.II Stolenweath Games Update II Agency Inc. Curator Catherine Connolly and artist Jessica Knight talk feminism and art.II This is the Week that Was- Kevin Healy sums up the weekII The Red North - Jim McIIroy talks about the new edition of The Red North that uncovers the unlikely...


Time2Choose rally II Safeguarding the end of the Rainbow II this is the week that was II Humphrey McQueen

Time2Choose rally IISafeguarding the end of the Rainbow II Sally Goldner from Transgender Victoria has a chat about the new resource to safeguard end-of-life for LGBTI Victorians.this is the week that was II with Kevin HealeyHumphrey McQueen II talking about the progress of Marxism as we approach Karl Marx's birthday on May 5th


Personal is Political Counihan Gallery II Strike at Melb Wharf II National Wage Case

Counihan Gallery in Brunswick's latest exhibitions honour the work of women in print media and video. Wendy Black from Red Letter Press remininces about the political work the collective was involved in during the 70's onwards.Strike at Melbourn Warf at Qube we talk to a stevedore involved in the dispute.We go to Herring Island memorial for Ellen Jose. The Ellen Jose Memorial Foundation for a female indigious artist was launched.This is the Week that WasDon Sutherland talks about annual...


Outside Martin Foley's Office about Public Housing II Filmmaker David Bradbury's America & Me II IWD rally

Friends of Public Housing & Fair Go For Pensioners outside Minister Martin Foley's office demanding answersAmerica & Me a film from David Bradbury showing at Nova on March 16 made in the lead up to Trumph's electionThis is the Week that WasIWD speakers at Women's march 2018 in Melbourne


Abdul & Jose II Raising the Pension Age II Australian Unemployed Workers Union Campaign Day

Abdul & Jose: We hear from Luigi Acquisto co-director of Abdul & Jose, a film about children taken to Indonesia from Timor Leste during the occupation.Raising the Pension Age: We hear from Todd Morris, Melbourne University Phd student, who has investigated the effects of raising the pension age for women.Australian Unemployed Workers Union Campaign Day: the AUWU members came together to discuss the campaign against the attacks on Social Security by the LNP Federal Government. We hear from...


WRAW II Cuba & the National Wage Case II Humphrey McQueen

Women's Rights At Work (WRAW) events leading up to Iternational Working Women's Day on March 8thDon Sutherland just back from Cuba talks Cuba and the National Wage CaseHumphrey McQueen talks Historical Materialism v Philosophical Idealism - yes you heard!


The Apple in Fed Square Grows Roots II Fair Go For Pensioners II What cutting Foreign Aid Means

The Apple in Fed Square Grows Roots - John Tribe (CEO Fed Square) why they want Apple followed by the President of Citizens for Melbourne Tania Davidge why we don't.Fair Go For Pensioners' Lew Wheeler talks about the fight back against the Victorian Public Housing Renewal Plan. Demo March 2 11am Martin Foley's Office 54 Rouse St Port Melb This is the Week that wasWhat cutting Foreign Aid Means. Alice Quinn just back from volunteering in Cambodia gives a first hand view of what happens when...


Apple in Fed Square? II AUWU National Day of Action II Socialist in Vic Parliament? II Rebalncing the work landscape

Apple Building for Fed Square? We talk to Citizens for Melbourne Action Group.Australian Unemployed Workers Union (AUWU) National Day of Action against dracoian Welfare Reform Bill in Senate at moment - exerptsStephen Jolley talks about the Left coalition working towards getting a Socialist into Victorian Parliament in the November election.This is the Week that Was - Kevin HealyDon Sutherland talks about what faces workers in a system that needs rebalancing.


Public Housing II National Day of Action Against Welfare Reform Bill

1st Half hour: Tony Nicholson gives an idea where the $45 mill will go to combat homelessness in Victoria Ascot Vale Public Housing Residents take a letter to the Minister saying they won't go.2nd Half hour: Friends of Public Housing report on meeting Federal Senators investigating public housing 3rd Half Hour: National Day of action called by the Ausralian Unemployed Workers Union


Grassroots USA II Setting Sun Film Festival II Race Horses on the Beach?II Humphrey McQueen on Australia Day

1st half hour - Grassroots USA a report from Vince Emmanuel2nd half hour - Anna Bourzourkas Setting Sun Film Festival director talks about the festival that brings the celebrates the Western Suburbs in film - Chris Smyth from Victorian National Parks warns that the report from the Vic Government that will allow up to 250 Race Horses on the Beach between Port Fairy & Warrnambool for training is the start of a massive assault on public spaces and environmental heritage.3rd half hour -...