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Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.

Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.
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Mohegan Lake, NY


Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.






Episode 404: Error

Shakin’: Alaska was hit with a pretty big earthquake shortly before this episode was recorded. / Food Fight: When you group the best restaurants by tier, you are bound to spark controversy. / Radio Radio: Howie Carr is a mumbling oaf who steals office supplies. / How Fucking Dumb Are You? If you name your child Abcde, then people have every right to make fun. / This Week In…: Big Red is depressed over the lackluster reception to the PlayStation classic, as well as Stephen Hillenburg’s...


Episode 403: Thank Me

“Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving” is Talk Radio Meltdown’s new “Alice’s Restaurant.” / Doctor, there is something wrong with my methamphetamine! / Donald Trump is thankful for himself. Ivanka Trump is thankful for private email hosting. / Every motion picture coming out in 2019 is pretty much owned by Disney. Ice-T also tried coffee and bagels for the first time. / BONUS PODCAST! A simple question from Jack to Big Red leads Jack to go berserk, having realized how out-of-touch he is. Listen...


Episode 402: Long Dick

If you are going to market your product to a specific city, at least try to correctly pronounce that city’s name. / Which type of cranberry sauce is best? Canned, or goop-in-a-bowl? / Acting Attorney General Matt Whittaker wants to travel through time with Bigfoot. / Dumb Things Our President Did This Week. / The reviews of Fallout 76 are not great. Also not great was the news of Stan Lee’s passing. -


Episode 401: I Am a (PR) Nightmare

Be warned, Abby’s microphone has a low hum that persists through the first half of this episode. / Jack completely forgot Daylight Saving is over. / Please vote on November 6th. For local listeners, remember: You’re Massholes, not assholes. / The last-remaining Blockbuster has its own beer. Appropriately, it tastes like Twizzlers. / Blizzcon 2018 is upon us. Also upon us, the unfolding of a PR disaster. / What do people in Scotland do when they’re bored? Put peanut butter on their...


Episode 400, Part 2: Hey, Zeus!

Kate is missing most of a fingernail due to a food-related accident. / Grandma doesn't have time for your cup of tea. She does, however, have time to play Jesus Christ GO! / Big Red stands during concerts, whether or not you want him to. / Will Kate use a dildo with Marilyn Manson's face on it? / Because we can no longer have fun or nice things in this day and age, Apu is being written off The Simpsons. -


Episode 400, Part 1: The Ballad of Arthur Morgan

The most important thing to know about the biggest video game release of the decade is horse testicles shrink in the cold. / A mentally ill shit-dick from Florida spent this past week mailing explosive devices to high-ranking Democratic officials. Shortly before this episode was recorded, he and his propaganda-plastered van were taken into police custody. / NBC cancels Megyn Kelly Today for being just a terrible show. / The Boston Red Sox are back in the World Series. Rightfully so, nobody...


Episode 399: Old Times

Chris “Acc” Acciardi, Jack Gill, and “Black” Zach Ward reminisce about their pre-Talk Radio Meltdown podcast. / Acc explains why it’s crucial that you vote on November 6th. / A woman from Pennsylvania died after pumping gasoline up her ass. Meanwhile in Florida, a shop owner has asked patrons to stop warming up their piss in her microwave oven. / Melania Trump claims she is the most bullied person “on” the world. -


Episode 398: Boof

Brett Kavanaugh, who was officially sworn in as U.S. Supreme Court justice right after this podcast was recorded, likes beer. He also enjoys boofing, ralphing, and getting close with the ladies. / In celebration of Mean Girls Day, Lindsay Lohan will accuse you of trafficking. She will also try to kidnap your child, for free! / “Grandma No Teeth” scares off a pervert by removing her dentures. / Toys R Us should be the new Spirit Halloween. Also, corporate bankruptcy can apparently be...


Episode 397: Accident Prone

The computer on which the show is recorded has been presenting issues. Due to those, the video version of Talk Radio Meltdown is taking a break. / Jack previews Red Dead Redemption II in all of its horse testicle-shrinking glory. Elsewhere, famed developer Telltale Games is shutting down. / Somehow, Kate is dominating the TRM Fantasy Football league. Meanwhile, in Malden, two local doormats find the Red Sox’ 2018 division title banner and hold it for ransom. / Scientists studied the...


Episode 396: BasiKate

Jack, Kate, and Big Red absolutely despite the Salmon Sisters Microsoft Surface ad. / Kate was in charge of an extra basic bachelorette party. / Massachusetts caught fire. Don’t light a match! / Massachusetts experiences its first shark fatality in over 80 years. / A woman gives birth in a moving vehicle. She insisted her husband film the entire thing. -


Episode 395: Ape Tit

The price of school milk is too damn high! Also, Spider-Man is a game what is good. / What Would You Have Done? A couple raised over $400,00 for a helpful homeless man, most of which they kept for themselves. / Remember that time Burt Reynolds and Marc Summers duked it out on The Tonight Show? / How Fucking Dumb Are You? This candle feels like a stick of dynamite! -


Episode 394: Why is Gamora?

Nothin’ But: According to former New York City mayor Rudy Guliani, the truth is not the truth. / Red Flag: Our Commander-in-Briefs Ronald Thump has no idea what the colors of the American flag are. / A Hero: Senator John McCain has passed away. Regardless of your opinions on his policies, he was a stand-up guy and a true patriot. / Good Things Do Not Come in Threes: James Gunn is no longer directing Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3. Appropriately, the production is now on hold. / Blown-Job:...


Episode 393: Scream and Light Up the Sky

Dog Metal: Nothing is more soothing than small dogs playing death metal. / Leavin’ on a Jet Plane: An airport worker in Washington stole an airplane, took it on a joyride and ultimately crashed it. Shockingly, his demeanor was pleasant the entire time. / All Starz: For some reason, the Smashing Pumpkins and Smash Mouth are feuding. / Brah: A scientific study reveals that behavior is significantly impacted by Red Bull and vodka. Also, the sky is blue. / Dumb News: Fox News believes Aretha...


Episode 392: People You Knew

Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports: NFL players continue to take a knee during the National Anthem. Meanwhile, our Cheeto-in-Chief continues to be outraged. / Pokemon Stop: A Taiwanese man loves Pokemon Go. He also loves spending a lot of money on Pokemon Go. / How Fucking Dumb Are You? A Worcester man tries to plow his truck through a puddle. The "puddle" is actually a sinkhole. / There Are Too Many of Us: Ronald Thump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame multiplies, briefly. -...


Episode 391: People You Know

Bless the Rains: Toto release their cover of Weezer's "Hash Pipe." Elsewhere, a U.K. Burger King plays "Africa" on a loop for an entire day. / Wacken Off: Two elderly men escape their nursing home to attend the Wacken Open Air festival. Spoilers, though - that's not actually the story. / How Fucking Dumb Are You? Barstool Sports' Twitch channel receives a ban after its host threatens to swat a fellow streamer. -


Episode 390: Chemical Latte

Snip-snip: Thanks to a medical procedure, Jack is one step closer to not being able to procreate! / Candle-flame in the Wind: On the East coast, tornadoes are hitting small towns. Meanwhile, on the West coast, fire tornadoes are engulfing cities. / Dumb News: A literally shitty story, almond milk mismanagement, and chemical-laced coffee round out this segment of "Dumb News!" -


Episode 389: Bullshit Savior Complex

Dumb News: Jack presents a plethora of dumb news. Unsurprisingly, half of this news comes from Russia. / A Goddamn Psycho: Roseanne Barr continues to defend herself, but her attempts are forever fruitless. -


Episode 388: N.E.R.D.

How Fucking Dumb Are You? A McDonald’s employee goes on a lengthy rant, but not before realizing their drive-thru microphone was still on. / Nerdgasm: Jack recaps the top moments from San Diego Comic-Con 2018. / Teather: “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is a bad game, largely due to bad A.I. Correcting a typo in the game’s code does not make it any better. / Red Previews a Movie: Big Red not only reviews “Avengers: Infinity War,” but he previews M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass!” -...


Episode 387: CornHub

Rape-Blox: Parents are outraged over Roblox, a popular online game where kids’ avatars can be gang raped by other players. / Porn for the Deaf: PornHub now offers subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, covering both vocal and “non-vocal” audio. / Red Previews Reviews a Movie: Big Red revisits his preview of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and discusses his accurate predictions. Also, be warned that this entire segment spoils the movie. / McArtifact: A Canadian man posts on eBay a...


Episode 386: Thanos Did Nothing Wrong

Marveling: Discussing the passing of Spider-Man co-creator/Doctor Strange creator Steve Ditko, and setting off Jack purely by mentioning the name “Iron Fist.” / Thanos Did Nothing Wrong: The snap of a finger could wipe out half of a popular Marvel-themed subreddit. / How Fucking Dumb Are You? A kid from China shoved a USB cable up his junk because why not? / US Air Guitar Championships 2018: Mike and Big Red recap this year’s US Air Guitar Championships for Jack, who still has yet to attend...